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EVE! E""#T $%& 'EE( M%)E T# %**+%TE,! E-E&E(T T$.& -#)+*T %() .T/&
-#TE(T.%,. EVE( T$#+0$ T$.& .()+&T! .& #(E #" T$E "E1 1$EE #(E *%( 1.TE T$E.
#1( *$E*2 .( TEM& #" E%(.(0&, T$EE .& (# 0+%%(TEE T$%T !#+ 1.,, E%( %(!
M#(E! +&.(0 T$E TE*$(.3+E& %() .)E%& .( T$E&E M%TE.%,&. E4%M-,E& .( T$E&E
M%TE.%,& %E (#T T# 'E .(TE-ETE) %& % -#M.&E # 0+%%(TEE #" E%(.(0&.
E%(.(0 -#TE(T.%, .& E(T.E,!)E-E()E(T #( T$E -E&#( +&.(0 #+ -#)+*T, .)E%&
%() TE*$(.3+E&. 1E )# (#T -+-#T T$.& %& % 50ET .*$ &*$EME.6
%(! *,%.M& M%)E #" %*T+%, E%(.(0& # E4%M-,E& #" %*T+%, E&+,T& *%( 'E VE.".E)
+-#( E3+E&T. !#+ ,EVE, #" &+**E&& .( %TT%.(.(0 T$E E&+,T& *,%.ME) .( #+
M%TE.%,& )E-E()& #( T$E T.ME !#+ )EV#TE T# T$E -#0%M, .)E%& %() TE*$(.3+E&
ME(T.#(E), !#+ ".(%(*E&, 2(#1,E)0E %() V%.#+& &2.,,&. &.(*E T$E&E "%*T#&
).""E %**#).(0 T# .().V.)+%,&, 1E *%((#T 0+%%(TEE !#+ &+**E&& # .(*#ME
,EVE,. (# %E 1E E&-#(&.',E "# %(! #" !#+ %*T.#(&.
M%TE.%,& .( #+ -#)+*T %() #+ 1E'&.TE M%! *#(T%.( .("#M%T.#( T$%T .(*,+)E&
# .& '%&E) +-#( "#1%)7,##2.(0 &T%TEME(T& 1.T$.( T$E ME%(.(0 #" T$E
&E*+.T.E& ,.T.0%T.#( E"#M %*T #" 899:. "#1%)7,##2.(0 &T%TEME(T& 0.VE #+
E4-E*T%T.#(& # "#E*%&T& #" "+T+E EVE(T&. !#+ *%( .)E(T."! T$E&E &T%TEME(T&
'! T$E "%*T T$%T T$E! )# (#T E,%TE &T.*T,! T# $.&T#.*%, # *+E(T "%*T&. T$E!
+&E 1#)& &+*$ %& 5%(T.*.-%TE,6 5E&T.M%TE,6 5E4-E*T,6 5-#;E*T,6 5.(TE(),6 5-,%(,6
5'E,.EVE,6 %() #T$E 1#)& %() TEM& #" &.M.,% ME%(.(0 .( *#((E*T.#( 1.T$ %
)E&*.-T.#( #" -#TE(T.%, E%(.(0& # ".(%(*.%, -E"#M%(*E.
%(! %() %,, "#1%) ,##2.(0 &T%TEME(T& $EE # #( %(! #" #+ &%,E& M%TE.%,
%E .(TE()E) T# E4-E&& #+ #-.(.#( #" E%(.(0& -#TE(T.%,. M%(! "%*T#& 1.,, 'E
.M-#T%(T .( )ETEM.(.(0 !#+ %*T+%, E&+,T& %() (# 0+%%(TEE& %E M%)E T$%T
!#+ 1.,, %*$.EVE E&+,T& &.M.,% T# #+& # %(!'#)! E,&E&, .( "%*T (# 0+%%(TEE&
%E M%)E T$%T !#+ 1.,, %*$.EVE %(! E&+,T& "#M #+ .)E%& %() TE*$(.3+E& .( #+
The author and publisher disclaim any warranties <e=press or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any
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+,ill Email !or Cas%- a$l& O. Cont&nts/
C%a*t&r 0/ Introducing Email Mar)&ting
8.8The Evolution #f Email Marketing
8.D 1riting -owerful Emails 7 $ow Vital .s .t To !our 'usinessJ
C%a*t&r 2/ ,%at o Do 1&.or& #&tting Start&d ,riting 2our !irst Email
D.8 The &ingle Most .mportant -urpose of !our Email
D.D 1hat !ou (eed to 2now 'efore 1riting !our Email
D.K Tools !ou %bsolutely Must $ave
D.F &everal Types of -romo Emails !ou *an 1rite
C%a*t&r 3/ Cr&ating 2our All4Im*ortant Email Su$5&ct Lin&
K.8 The -urpose 'ehind !our &ubIect ,ine
K.D 1hat Makes an %ttention70rabbing &ubIect ,ineJ
K.K E=amples of -owerful &ubIect ,ines that 1ork
C%a*t&r 6/ %& 7ital Com*on&nts O. %& Email 1ody
F.8 Making !our #pening Email *atchy
F.D *omposing the 'ody of !our Email *opy
F.K .mportant Tips on 0etting !our Email ead
F.F Moving !our eader To Take %ction
F.: $ow to 1rite -owerful -ost &cripts
C%a*t&r 8/ Conclusion 4 A9oiding Mista)&s : ;&l*.ul i*s : E<am*l&s
:.8 *ommon Mistakes -eople Make when 1riting -romo Emails
:.D More Tips on 0etting !our Email ead L "ollowed Through
A !&= E<am*l&s of -romo Emails That 1ork 1ell
© 2007
C%a*t&r 0/ Introducing Email Mar)&ting
0.0%& E9olution O. Email Mar)&ting
Email marketing has come a long way since the way7back days when the first
email was sent out. This chapter is a very concise 5history6 of emailing right up
to today, where =& no= us& &mail as a 9ital mar)&ting tool.
&ince that fateful day in late (ovember or early )ecember of 89M8 when ay
Tomlinson sent the first email using a %-%(ET <the predecessor of what we
know as the .nternet today), email has definitely changed... a lot.
The email that ay Tomlinson sent was sent to himself. .t has been reported that
the message was 531ET!+.#-6 but he says that it was more likely to have
been Ntesting 8 D K F6. .t might have been the first email sent and possibly the last
one that wasnBt a marketing email. 
(ot really, of course but email is the primary communication choice of individuals
and businesses world wide.
.t became too popular for its own good. Everybody who had anything at all to sell
or any message they wanted to promote discoved mass marketing email. &oon
inbo=es all over the world were overflowing with unsolicited marketing emails
which came to be called 5&-%M6.
.n DEEK the problem of &-%M had become so big and so intrusive that the
*ongress of the +ntied &tates passed the CAN4SPAM Act.
.t became the law of the land in ;anuary of DEEF. *%(7&-%M is an acronym for
Controling the Assult of Non7Solicited Pornography And Marketing.
The *%(7&-%M %ct defines &-%M as unsolicited bulk email. 'ulk email isn/t
&-%M and neither is unsolicited email. To meet the definition re>uirements of
&-%M in the *%(7&-%M %ct, email must be both bulk and unsolicited.
The *%(7&-%M %ct made it illegal for businesses to send bulk marketing emails
to people who had not agreed to receive them. The opt7in list was born of the
necessity to gain that agreement.
The opt7in list is the backbone of email marketing today and opt7in list building
techni>ues are possibly the most discussed subIect among affiliate marketers.
© 2007
0.2 ,riting Po=&r.ul Emails 4 ;o= 7ital Is It o 2our 1usin&ss>
&o Iust e=actly %o= 9ital is it t%at your &mails ar& *o=&r.ul> ,et me count the
ways that powerful emails make a difference in your affiliate marketing buisness.
The most used and the most effective method that is available to you as an
affiliate marketer for contacting your opt7in list members and selling your
products and services to them is email.
!ou may have contact with your list by way of a webinar or a teleseminar and be
able to speak directly with them occasionally but that doesn/t happen very often.
!ou may well publish a newsletter that you send to your list, as well, but that isn/t
for the purpose of convincing the members of your list to buy a product or
(oG Email is the way that you contact the members of your list on a regular basis
and do so for the purpose of selling them a product or service for which you are
an affiliate marketer <or the creator of).
1. 1y =riting *o=&r.ul sal&s &mails you =ill ma)& a gr&at many sal&s
to your list. .n contrast, by writing weak and ineffectual emails you
won/t make sales to your list.
2. 1y =riting *o=&r.ul sal&s &mails you =ill incr&as& t%& $ottom lin&
o. your $an) account. .n contrast, by writing weak and ineffectual
emails you will watch the balance of your bank account dwindle.
3. 1y =riting *o=&r.ul sal&s &mails you =ill incr&as& your cr&di$ility
in t%& &y&s o. your list m&m$&rs. .n contrast, by writing weak and
ineffectual emails you will lose whatever credibility you had once
established with them.
4. 1y =riting *o=&r.ul sal&s &mails you =ill incr&as& your 9alu& as a
5oint 9&ntur& *artn&r in the eyes of other affiliate marketers and other
.nternet marketers. 'y writing weak and ineffectual emails you will lose
the respect of other marketers and become a less desirable Ioint
venture partner.
© 2007
C%a*t&r 2/ ,%at o Do 1&.or& #&tting Start&d
,riting 2our !irst Email
2.0 %& Singl& Most Im*ortant Pur*os& o. 2our Email
1hy is it that you send out a marketing email to the members of your opt7in listJ
Most likely you aren/t sending email Iust for the sake of sending email or because
you think that sending email is Iust a ton of fun.
!ou send email for Iust one purpose. That purpose is to convince those who
receive your email to act on it. !ou want the recipients to buy what you are
selling. !ou want them to click on the links you supplied, drag out those credit
cards and buy what you are selling.
.n plain English? t%& o$5&ct o. a mar)&ting &mail is to sell the products or
services that you are recommending in it.
There is a geometric theorem that says, OThe shortest distance between two
points is a straight line.O The obIect of a marketing email should be a straight line
between point % <!ou sending the email) and point ' <the recipient of the email
buying the product or service that you are selling).
!ou don/t want to send the members of your list by way of the scenic route. !ou
want them to get on the freeway and go as >uickly as possible from receiving the
email to buying whatever you are selling.
.f you lose sight of the main obIect of a marketing email that you send out to the
members of your list, you are very likely to send them on that scenic tour and
make them forget all about getting from point % to point '.
This is the reason that you need to keep your eye on your goal while you are
composing your marketing email. R&m&m$&r t%at t%& a9&rag& &mail us&r do&s
not actually r&ad t%&ir &ntir& &mail .rom you. They scan the email. Their
attention spans are notoriously short and you Iust don/t have the lu=ury of a long7
winded sales pitch.
,ong blocks of te=t will go unread. (ot only will it not be read it will be the cause
of your email being kissed by the delete button. -eople are not patient. The goal
is to get them to make a purchase and not bore them to death in the process.
© 2007
The very best marketing emails are short, one7page letters. They have short
sentence. They have short paragraphs and they have bullet points that outline
the top K or F top selling points of the product or service that you are promoting.
There is actually a good one7word description of a sales email that is directed at
the main purpose of making a sale. That word is /succinct/.
The dictionary defines /succinct/ as: e=pressed in few wordsP conciseP terse.
emember what your goal is when you are composing your marketing email
message and remember the definition of /succinct/. They go hand in hand.
There are several very important factors to consider when you are composing an
email that is succinct and on target. The first is, of course, convincing your list to
buy what you are selling but there are other factors as well.
!our marketing email always needs to be formatted correctly.... that is it should
only use %&*.. characters, have Q: characters per line <or less but not more) and
should not contain word7wrapped links. +sing this formatting makes your emails
readable in nearly all email programs.
%n attention getting subIect line is vital, as well. .f you can/t convince the
recipients of your email to open it, they can/t act on it no matter how great it is.
%dditionally, every word needs to be spelled correctly and the grammar needs to
be impeccable.
emember: The #(,! goal of a marketing email is to sell the product or service
being advertised.
2.2 ,%at 2ou N&&d to @no= 1&.or& ,riting 2our Email
1riting powerful marketing emails take practice. !ou will look back someday on
the first marketing emails that you write and not only laugh but wonder why
anybody ever bought anything in the first place.
%& .irst and most im*ortant t%ing to )&&* in mind =%&n you ar&
com*osing your mar)&ting &mails is t%at r&al? li9& *&o*l& =ill $& r&ading
t%&m...or at least you hope they will be reading them. !ou aren/t sending email to
email addresses. !ou are sending email to people.
The real people behind the email addresses on your opt7in list may not have a lot
in common with one another. % housewife in Toledo, a business e=ecutive in
© 2007
(ew !ork and a rancher in Te=as might not choose to have lunch together but
they do have at least two similarities.
They are all human beings and they all opted into your mailing list. .f you direct
your marketing message to any one of them, the message will go right over the
heads of the other two. *oncentrate on the two similarities of all of them and
direct your message to those commonalities.
S&condly, there is no doubt that you have heard this >uestion many times and
phrased many ways...O1hat/s in it for meJO That is precisely the >uestion that the
readers of your marketing email want answered... and they e=pect you to answer
it >uickly.
The members of your opt7in list want you to >uickly answer the /what/s in it for
me/ >uestion. They don/t want you to list reasons for them to buy what you are
%&y =ant to )no= %o= t%& *roduct or s&r9ic& can %&l* t%&m ac%i&9& t%&ir
goals? ma)& t%&m .&&l $&tt&r? loo) $&tt&r? ans=&r *r&ssing Au&stions? sol9&
t%&ir *ro$l&ms or ans=&r t%&ir Au&stions.
They honestly don/t care why !#+ think that they should buy the product or
service that you are offering. They want to know what is in it for them.
% simple way to keep your marketing email focused on the ways that the product
or service that you are offering is focused on the needs of the recipients of the
email is thisP t%&r& is no B I B in Bsal&sB .
e7read the marketing email that you have written. Every time you have said, O.O
change it to /!#+/ and rearrange the sentence so that it makes sense. .f the
sentence can/t be changed...remove it. .t/s counterproductive.
%& t%ird t%ing to r&m&m$&r when composing your marketing email is that you
need to always use the right /tone/ when you are speaking to your perspective
"or e=ample: !ou would not speak to your boss in the same tone of voice or use
the same words or phrasing that you would use if you were speaking to your
child or your spouse or a stranger on the street. Each person that you speak to
re>uires that you use a different /tone/ so that your words are effective and
The most effective tone for a marketing email is friendly but business7like.
!ou don/t want your emails to sound stilted and formal. #n the other hand, you
don/t want them to sound too familiar or too casual. Either e=treme would be a
© 2007
turn7off for some of the members of your list. *hoose words and phrasing to
convey your message in a friendly but business like tone.
%& .ourt% t%ing t%at you s%ould )&&* in mind when you are composing your
email messages is that spelling and grammar count. Misspelled words and poor
grammar make you sound dumb and uneducated.
!ou most likely have a spell check program on your computer. Most spell check
programs are very good but they are not infallible. The grammar check on
Microsoft word will not correct grammar gaffs like using /there/ when you should
have used /their/ or /your/ when you should have used /you/re/.
%nother big one is turning a word into a possessive that is (#T the possessor or
owner of somethingR such as using words like: -roductBs or 'logBs or "orumBs
in a navigation list. They would simply be -roducts and 'logs and "orums,
without the apostrophe.
2.3 ools 2ou A$solut&ly Must ;a9&
.f you are an affiliate marketer, you simply must send marketing emails to the
members of your opt7in list. There really isn/t any other better choice. !our
marketing emails will generate more sales for you than all of the advertising you
do put together.
%s you most likely know by now, your auto responder re>uires that your
marketing messages be in a specific format. There is a very good reason for this
formatting re>uirement. That reason is that not all email programs are created
&ome email programs will scramble lines of te=t that are longer than the
prescribed Q: characters. 1hat your members get is an email that is mostly Iust
gibberish. &ome email programs accept only plain te=t mail. That means that
your message must be made up of only %&*.. characters.
%&*.. characters are those that you see on your keyboard. 1hen email
programs that only support %&*.. script are presented with characters that they
don/t recogni@e, they often do strange things. % >uotation mark, for e=ample,
might be sent as the number /E/.
% program comes build right in on your computer when you buy it that will
produce te=t in only %&*.. characters. .t/s your /(#TE -%)/ program.
Not&*ad is not to $& =it% ,ord Pad. They are two different
programs. .n order to meet the %&*.. character re>uirement of your auto
© 2007
responder, type your email messages in your not& *ad program or the one . am
recommending belowR either will do nicely.
!ou can also choose to type them in another program first, if you wish and then
copy and paste them into a note pad document. The note pad program will
remove all formatting and all characters will become %&*... This is e=actly what
you want. !ou will then still have to shorten your lines to Q: characters or less.
There is a free program that will do this for you, too, and you can download it
from the .nternet at http:AAwww.notetab.comA called Not& a$. .t has tons of e=tra
features you will come to really appreciate the longer you use it, tooG
This program will produce type in only %&*.. characters and it will also allow you
to format your line length. There is a free basic (ote Tab program on the site.
+pgrading the free version of (ote Tab ,ight is ine=pensive and worth a lot more
because of the e=tras and the formatting ease it provides.
%nother point of correct formatting for auto responders is that full +,s must be
used rather than be word7wrapped. %s we all know, some +,s are
monstrous...especially affiliate links. They re>uire many lines. That turns into a
problem but there is a solution. ,ong +,s can be reduced to simple +,s at
http:AAtinyurl.comA. The service is free and you can link to the site if you wish.
.n order to achieve the formatting re>uirements set forth by your auto responder
you need to use the correct tools. The tools that you should use are:
0. Either the note pad program on your computer or the (ote Tab
2. The +, reducing program that you can find at Tiny +,.
%nother site that you might find very useful is http:AAfindv.comAsearchA #n this site
you can identify your best key words for use in your marketing emails. % paid
program that . belong to is 2eyword *ountry.
2.6 S&9&ral y*&s o. Promo Emails 2ou Can ,rit&
The beautiful thing about promotional emails is that they are limited only by your
own imagination. There are many different kinds of promotional emails and you
© 2007
can most likely think up many that won/t be listed here. These are Iust a few
types of promotional email that you can write and send to your opt7in list
0. Promot& your o=n *roduct.
.f you have a newsletter or a digital product that is your own, you can send an
email to your list promoting your own product.
2. Promot& a *roduct .or =%ic% you ar& an a..iliat& mar)&t&r.
!ou are, after all, an affiliate marketer. The more products or services that you
can sell to your list, the higher your income will be and the more valuable you
become as an affiliate marketer. Many times the percentages that you agreed to
when you became an affiliate for a product or service will be increased according
to the number of sales that you make.
3. O..&r a .r&& gi.t.
&ometimes you must get something in order to get something. 1ebsite traffic is
the key to success for affiliate marketers. !ou can entice your list to visit your
website by offering a free gift that can only be downloaded on your site.
6. Promot& a =&$inar or t&l&s&minar.
1ebinars and teleseminars are big right now. -eople happily pay for the privilege
of getting to participate in them.
8. S&lling m&m$&rs%i* acc&ss to a m&m$&rs%i* =&$sit&.
Membership websites that are dedicated to in depth information and the
e=change of ideas about a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of the
members of your list aren/t hard to sell.
C. S&nd a Aui( or sur9&y Au&stions.
-ost the answers on your website so that the members of your list will visit.
© 2007
C%a*t&r 3/ Cr&ating 2our All4Im*ortant Email
Su$5&ct Lin&
3.0 %& Pur*os& 1&%ind 2our Su$5&ct Lin&
!ou get a lot of email yourself, don/t youJ 1hat is the first thing that you look at
when you receive and mail in your own inbo=J The first information that you want
is to know whom the email is from, rightJ That/s what most people look at first.
The second bit of information that you look at is t%& su$5&ct lin&.
The subIect line is the determining factor of whether an email is opened and read
or whether it is simply deleted unopened and unread. !ou must al=ays
consid&r t%& im*ortanc& o. your su$5&ct lin& when you send marketing emails
to the members of your list.
Everyday thousands of affiliate marketers send marketing email to the members
of their opt7in lists that are simply deleted without ever being opened, read or
acted upon. Those emails are completely useless.
The purpose of the subIect line is to entice the recipient into actually opening,
reading and acting on the information in the email so you should never discount
the importance of those few words.
&ome magic subIect line words are /free gift/ /take the >ui@/ and /test your
knowledge/. !ou/ve probably been told that the word /free/ is ineffective, but it
isn/t. -eople like /free/.
#ften times the subIect line of a marketing email is Iust thrown in at the last
minute without much thought being given to it but that is a big mistake. Much
thought should be put into those :E words. Those :E words are the ones that will
determine whether the other K or F hundred are read or not.
Testing the effectiveness of variations of a subIect line on small segments of your
opt7in list is a wise thing to do. !ou can determine which variation is the most
effective one and actually produces the desired results.
3.2 ,%at Ma)&s an Att&ntion4#ra$$ing Su$5&ct Lin&>
© 2007
.s there a magic formula for creating a subIect line that is so attention7grabbing
that it will guarantee that recipients will open your marketing email every timeJ
.t would be niceG "n.ortunat&ly t%&r& is not a magic .ormula. There are,
however, some techni>ues that you can use that will help you create attention7
getting subIect lines for your marketing emails. *onsider the following:
&c%niAu& D0/ Pr&*ar& to com*&t&.
The first and most important piece of information that you need to have
permanently implanted in your brain is that you are not sending email to
email addresses. !ou are sending email to real, live human beings.
These humans that will receive your email are much like yourself. They all
are busy people who werenBt sitting there with bated breath waiting for
your marketing email message to arrive in their empty inbo=es.
(ot true at all. Their inbo=es overflow at the same rate that yours does. .f
you want them to open and read your marketing email, your subIect line is
going to have to complete with do@ens or even hundreds of other emails
for their attention.
&c%niAu& D2/ Ans=&r t%& E=%atFs in it .or m&F Au&stion.
!ouBve got :E words, tops, to answer that >uestion. !ou must give the
recipients of your marketing emails a very good and substantial reason for
taking their valuable time to see what it is that you have to say to them in
your marketing email.
Think about subIect lines that get your attention. %ll of the subIect lines
that grab your attention and entice you to open an email are the ones that
promise to help you in some way. They answer the >uesion, NwhatBs in it
for meB and they do it in the :E subIect line words.
&c%niAu& D3/ DonFt *romis& mor& t%an you can d&li9&r.
)onBt be overly @ealous in your subIect line. !ou canBt deliver world peace,
so donBt make a promise that you canBt keep. 2eep it real. 2eep it on point.
&c%niAu& D6/ Study n&=s*a*&r %&adlin&s.
© 2007
(ewspapers have headline writing down to a fine art. -ick up your local
newspaper and note how headlines are written. -ay attention to the ones
that grab your attention.
!ou will note that all newspaper headlines state the most important point
of the topic and do so in the fewest possible words. % newspaper headline
and the subIect line of your marketing emails are kissing cousins. The
obIect of your marketing email is to state the content of your email in the
fewest possible words and hit the most important part of the information
that your email provides.
&c%niAu& D8/ DonFt *ractic& r&cycling.
That may not sound very enviornmentaly friendly but we arenBt talking
about plastics or paperP we are talking about marketing email subIect
;ust because a subIect line that you used last month was effective, it
doesnBt mean that you can simply change a word or two and recycle it.
,anguage is a is not a solid. The bu@@ words that were hot last
month are this monthBs flat liners. 2eep your subIect lines fresh.
&c%niAu& DC/ &stG &stG &stG
The way to always outdo your competition is to take the time and put forth
the added effort to test your subIect lines.
.t will serve you well when you begin an email marketing campaign to add
an additional day or so to your time table that will allow you to test your
subIect lines for effectiveness.
&end two or three variations of your subIect line to selected members of
your opt7in list. ,ong onto your auto responder account and see which
ones have the best open rate.
3.3 E<am*l&s o. Po=&r.ul Su$5&ct Lin&s t%at ,or)
)o you remember the virus that went around through email several years agoJ
The subIect line was, O. love youO. -eople simply could not resist.
© 2007
They opened the email even though they did not recogni@e the sender and,
presto, their computers were infected. The sending of the email was deplorable
but the subIect line was pure genius.
1e all hate those kinds of emails and fortunately today/s anti7virus programs
catch and dispose of most of them before they ever appear in our inbo=es.
$owever, =& can l&arn a lot .rom t%&m.
The very best subIect lines are the ones that make a recipient feel that if they
don/t open and read the email they will be missing something vital. They should
feel like that if they don/t open and read an email message from you that they will
be missing out on something really important and may even be left /out7of7the7
Curiosity is a strong and *o=&r.ul %uman trait that email marketers need to
use to its fullest advantage to make their marketing emails pass the /must7open,
must7read/ test.
The other very human trait that affiliate marketers need to understand and use is
Bm&B inst&ad o. BIB. The recipients of marketing emails that you send want you to
answer one very important >uestion. That >uestion is the age old, B,%atBs in it
.or m&>H The key word in this whole e>uation is /me/.
,et/s say that you are marketing ta= software. 1hat kind of subIect line would you
"Don't miss out! We are getting down to the buisness of taxes. Learn
how to save money on your taxes today. A special !" offer is
!uckG That is a terrible subIect line. $ere are five things that are wrong:
The first thing that is wrong with it is that it is 9agu&. The second thing that is
wrong with it is that it do&snBt cl&arly stat& =%at t%& &mail mar)&ting
m&ssag& is. The third thing that is wrong with it is that it do&snBt t&as& t%&
r&ci*i&nt. The fourth thing that is wrong with it is that t%& =ord $usin&ss is
miss*&ll&d. The fifth thing that is wrong with it is that it is .ar too long even
though it is well under the :E7word limit.
esult: That subIect line would >uickly get the email deleted rather than opened
and readG
&o, =%at =ould $& a good su$5&ct lin&J
© 2007
"#ax $elief and a !" special offer!"
. don/t know about you, but ./d open one that promised me some ta= relief and a
bonus to bootG
The first reason that this subIect line is good is because t%& 9&ry .irst =ord is
an att&ntion4g&tt&r. Everybody is concerned about ta=es. The second reason
that it is so good is that it is aim&d dir&ctly at t%& r&ci*i&nt. The third reason it
is so good is that it ma)&s an o..&r o. som&t%ing .or not%ing. The fourth
reason it is so good is $&caus& it is s%ort. &hort is a very good thing in email
!ou have :E words you can use in your subIect line but the ones that come after
the 25th one are mostly useless.
E<am*l&s o. good su$5&ct lin&s ar& on&s t%at ar&/
0. 1ri&.... and t%& s%ort&r t%& $&tt&r.
2. Dir&ct. "s& t%& most im*ortant =ord .irst.
3. As) a Au&stion t%at t%& r&ad&r =ants to )no= t%& ans=&r to.
6. ;a9& a t&as& Auality. R&m&m$&r BcuriosityB is a common %uman
8. i& into curr&nt &9&nts. In t%& &<am*l& a$o9&? t%& &mail =ould ti&
into ta< s&ason.
.t is common practice to stick a subIect line on a marketing email almost as an
afterthought. The best practice is to start with a subIect line that will meet all of
the above listed re>uirements.
© 2007
C%a*t&r 6/ %& 7ital Com*on&nts O. %& Email
6.0 Ma)ing 2our O*&ning Email Catc%y
1hen you begin an email marketing campaign, you don/t start with the marketing
email, do youJ .f you do, you are really missing the boat on this one. A..iliat&
mar)&ting &mail cam*aigns do not $&gin =it% a mar)&ting &mail. %&y
$&gin =it% an o*&ning &mail. The actually marketing email doesn/t come until
IMPORANG !ou don/t sell the product or service for which you launch your
email marketing campaign in the marketing email itself. The selling of the product
or service must be done long $&.or& the actual marketing email is sent.
The marketing email for the product or service comes last. The selling is done
first. Many affiliate marketers believe that simply sending a marketing email for
each product or service they represent to the members of their opt7in lists is
(ot only is it not sufficient, it isn/t even in the neighborhood of sufficient. %
combination selling and marketing email is an absolute /no7no/ in affiliate
"irst you make the recipients of your opt7in list aware that something is about to
happen... som&t%ing good... som&t%ing &<citing. !ou/ve heard about using a
tease in your subIect line but what we are talking about here is a whole email that
is meant to tease and to entice and cause anticipation.
This kind of email is called a Opre7sellO email. The obIect is to advertise and e=tol
the virtues of a product or service that isn/t yet /available/ and to make the
members of your list see the advantages to themselves that this product or
service can provide for them.
!ou need to have them eagerly anticipating the arrival of your actual marketing
email... the one that will send them scurrying for their credit cards because they
already know that they want and need the product or service.
© 2007
I. you do t%& actual mar)&ting &mail corr&ctly? it =ill $& 9&ry s%ort. .t will
contain only short sentences and short paragraphs. .t will have bullet points. That
kind of email doesn/t afford you the opportunity to do much convincing. The
convincing needs to have been already accomplished.
!our pre7sell emails can prime the pump, so to speak. They give you the
opportunity to list the value they can provide to the members of your list. !ou
afford you the opportunity to list the virtues of the product or service that you will
be marketing well in advance of the actual marketing email and you can do it
more that once.
!ou aren/t limited to sending only one pre7sell email to your list. !ou can send
more if you want to and you should most likely want to. epetition works.
epetition of a sales message is a proven selling techni>ue.
)o remember, however, that when you send pre7sell email messages to your list
that they still need to conform to the same standards that marketing email
messages should adhere to.
!our first pre7sell message can announce the fact that this product or service is
on the hori@on or /*oming &oon/. The second pre7sell message can announce
that the arrival of this product or service is eminent... but not >uite here yet. !ou
might even offer to let the members of your list pre7order the product or service
so that they are sure to get it.
-re7selling a product or service isn/t Iust important. .t is a 9ital *art of affiliate
marketing and one that you need to use and perfect if you are to become an
effective affiliate marketer.
.f you pre7sell your product or service effectively all of the selling will have
already been accomplished and you can move on to counting your sales and
your profits.
6.2 Com*osing t%& 1ody o. 2our Email Co*y
The su$5&ct lin& of your marketing email is a 9ital *art of the total email.
Everybody agrees with that fact. !ou couldn/t find a single affiliate marketer or
any other kind of .nternet marketer that would disagree.
$owever, while the obIect of the subIect line is to convince the recipient to open
and read the email, the obIect of the body of a marketing email is convince the
recipient to take action and actually purchase the product or service that is being
recommended to them.
© 2007
.t is vitally important to recogni@e and accept the fact that most of those who
receive your marketing emails and actually open them are not going to E%)
them. They will not read them word for word at any rate. They will scan them.
%&y =ill r&ad only &noug% =ords to g&t t%& id&a o. =%at is $&ing sold at
." <and /if/ is a very big word) you can convince them when they scan your
marketing email message that they might be interested in what you are selling,
then, and only then, will the really read everything that you have written.
@&&* your mar)&ting &mails s%ort.
To the chagrin of email marketers, the attention span of the average computer
user is e=tremely short. 1e have become an impatient nation. 1e want instant
gratification as well as instant information. 1e do not want to be bored with a lot
of tediousness.
'ack years and years ago there was a radio program, )ragnet, which even made
it to the TV screens of %merican for a while. The main character was &gt. ;oe
"riday. #ne of his famous lines was, O;ust the facts, ma/am. ;ust give us the
This should be your mantra as you compose the body of a marketing email. O;ust
the factsGO Each one should be stated as succinctly as possible and they should
be bulleted.
All s&nt&nc&s s%ould $& s%ort? sim*l& s&nt&nc&s.
)o not use run7on sentences that present more than one idea. The paragraphs
should also be very short. #ne7sentence paragraphs are fine. Two sentence
paragraphs are about the ma=imum.
A9oid t%& us& o. all ca*ital l&tt&rs.
All ca*ital l&tt&rs ar& t%& &mail &Aui9al&nt o. r&al =orld s%outing or y&lling
and no$ody li)&s to $& y&ll&d at. (ot only is it rude, it is ineffective. !ou/ve no
doubt seen television commercials that are made by the owners of the
businesses being advertised.
!ou know the ones .Bm talking about..../$onest ;oe/s +sed *ar ,ot/. $onest ;oe
seems to think that i. %& y&lls loud &noug%? som&$ody =ill $&li&9& %im.
© 2007
.t is fair to compare marketing email messages that have a lot of sentences that
are all capital letters to an /$onest ;oe/ television commercial. They are e>ually
rud& and e>ually in&..&cti9&. The one gets muted and the other gets deleted.
#o &asy on t%& &<clamation mar)s.
#ne e=clamation mark says that the sentence is emphatic. The use of several at
the end of a sentence either means the sender hit the key too many times or he
is yelling at the recipient. (either is good.
% single e=clamation point is a good thing. .t indicates that an important point is
being made in the preceding sentence. The use of many e=clamation points
negates the value of one e=clamation point. Many e=clamation points do not
make the preceding statement more emphatic. They actually make is less
"s& $ull&t *oints.
'ulleted points make it easy for the recipients of your marketing email to pick out
important facts. emember that short attention spanJ They will look at the
bulleted points and then decide whether to read the rest of your message.
S*&lling and grammar usag& countsG
*heck it carefully and remember not to stake your reputation on your spell check
program. &ometimes spell check makes mistakes too, because the word may
be spelled correctly but grammatically incorrect.
6.3 Im*ortant i*s on #&tting 2our Email R&ad
The single most important factor of making sales when you are doing an email
marketing campaign is getting the recipients of the marketing emails to actually
read your email messages. .t is obvious that if they don/t read them, they won/t
buy what you are selling.
!ou can do all of the technical things Iust right and still not have the recipients of
your emails reading your messages and acting on them. .t/s more than a little
possible that the problem lies in what your messages say and how they say it.
Marketing emails need to be easy to read. .t has been proven time and time
again that email recipients will not read long blocks of te=t... not even if it from
their mothers. #ne reason for this is eyestrain. eading te=t on a computer
screen is much harder on the eyes than reading te=t on a printed page.
© 2007
Make your marketing emails &asy to r&ad and &asy to act u*on. 2eep your
sentences and your paragraphs short. .t/s been said before, but here it is again.
P&o*l& =ill not r&ad long $loc)s o. t&<t. )on/t send it out that way.
"s& $ull&t *oints .or &m*%asis rat%&r t%an &<clamation mar)s. The overuse
of e=clamation marks is a mistake that many affiliate marketers make. They
assume that using many e=clamation points gets the attention of the reader
when, in fact, they are distracting.
Do not us& all ca*ital l&tt&rs. +sing all capital letters is not polite. .t is
considered to be shouting or yelling and your readers won/t appreciate you
raising your voice to them.
1& a$solut&ly c&rtain t%at &9&ry =ord is s*&ll&d corr&ctly and t%at t%&
grammar usag& is im*&cca$l&. . can/t tell you how turned7off misspelled words
and poor grammar is to intelligent email recipients. 'oth will make you appear
dumb in their eyes and they won/t be buying from someone they consider dumb
or uneducated.
Most spell check programs are very good but they are by no means infallible.
!ou need to recogni@e misspelled words yourself. These programs will not
correct words that are spelled correctly but still misused and are grammatically
%s to content, that is a whole different animal. .t is a good thing to tie your email
marketing campaign to a current event or a national holiday. -eople do seem to
have one7track minds.
.f it is near *hristmas, they have *hristmas on their brains. .f it is election
season, that/s what they are thinking about. 1hen ta= time rolls around, they
suddenly remember that they have to actually file ta= returns and ta=es are at the
front of their minds.
They are concentrating on different subIects in the summer than they are in the
winter. &o tying your email marketing campaign to a holiday, an event or a
season can help to assure that your marketing email message is not only opened
and read, but effective as well.
+sing the corr&ct ton& when addressing the members of your opt7in list is
important. 1hen you send email to your list you should first be certain that you
use the personali@ation feature that your autoresponder provides.
emember also that you n&&d to Bs*&a)B in a .ri&ndly $ut $usin&ss4li)& ton&.
Think of the difference in the way you tell your boss why you are late and the way
you tell your spouse why you are late. That/s what is meant by /tone/.
© 2007
2ou n&9&r &9&r tal) do=n to your o*t4in list m&m$&rs. !ou must not assume
a tone that is too formal or too distant. #n the other hand you must not speak in a
tone that is too casual or too familiar, either. The balance needs to be found.
6.6 Mo9ing 2our R&ad&r o a)& Action
O2eep your eye on the pri@eGO O2eep your eye on the ballGO Those are both old
sayings and ones that has been paraphrased many times and many ways but the
message is always the same. )on/t forget what is important.
There can be many distractions when you are an email marketer. 1hen you are
writing an important marketing email, you can &asily g&t distract&d by the
necessity of using the right form or keeping your sentences short or a do@en
other things.
The /ball/ or the /pri@e/ that you need to keep your eye on is that the obIective of
your marketing email is to entice the recipients to act on your recommendations
and, in fact, drag out those credit cards and buy what you are selling or even to
visit your website and take advantage of a free gift that you are giving away.
&ometimes the problem can be the form that is used in your email. .t is important
that the message be clear and that the main points are in bulleted form so that
the email can be scanned easily by the recipients. emember to use, short
sentences and short paragraphs. )on/t use all capital sentences and curb your
enthusiastic use of e=clamation points.
&ometimes the whole problem can be summed up in Iust one word:
*rocrastination. 1e seem to be a nation of procrastinators. 1e never do today
what can be put off until tomorrow or, even better, indefinitely.
*an you imagine what would happen to the ta= system if %pril 8:th were only a
suggestion and not an absolute deadlineJ ,et/s see a showing of hands of all
those who would meet a suggested ta= filing deadlineG
1ouldn/t it be nice if there were some sort of tried and true formula for getting the
recipients to take action and buy what you are selling or download what you are
giving them immediatelyJ
Maybe you should not suggest that they buy what you are selling when they get
around to it or downloading what you are offering at their convenience. -erhaps
you should be a bit more emphatic and a bit more specific, set limits and set
© 2007
'y telling you to be more emphatic, . am in no =ay suggesting that you ever use
a lot of e=clamation points or an e=cessive amount of big capital letter sentences.
%ctually, ./m suggesting that when you write your marketing email that you do
use bullet points that are designed to cause the recipients of your marketing
email to take action and to take it immediately.
% bullet point that says:
 !or a limit&d tim& onlyG
.sn/t going to be all that effective.
% bullet point that says:
 %is o..&r &<*ir&s at midnig%t on No9&m$&r 00t%G
This will be much more effective because it gives a specific deadline.
% bullet point that says:
 %is is a limit&d o..&rG
.sn/t going to be very effective either.
#ne that says:
 %is o..&r is limit&d to t%& .irst 200 a**licantsG
Might Iust get some action. Everybody wants to be first...even though they also
will procrastinate given the opportunity.
%& =%ol& *oint is to *ro9id& t%& m&m$&rs o. your o*t4in list =it% a 9&ry
good r&ason to ta)& action and to ta)& t%at action imm&diat&ly.
.t could be that you goofed and word7wrapped the links in your marketing
message. Many email programs do not deliver word wrapped links. %ll the
recipient will see is the words...there will be no link to click on. emember to
include full +,s. #therwise, your ine=perienced members will not know to
copy and paste the +, in their browser and you lose a saleG
© 2007
2eep your eye on the goalG emember that the main obIective is to get the
members of your opt7in list to actually respond to you and click on the links you
provide in your marketing email message.
6.8 ;o= to ,rit& Po=&r.ul Post Scri*ts It%& P.S.J
%&r& ar& s&9&ral *arts to an &mail. "irst there is the /from/ line. This is where
your name or your company name goes. This tells the recipient whom the email
is from.
(e=t there is a subIect line. This is an important part of an email message. !ou
are limited to :E characters here and those :E characters can determine whether
your email is opened and read or deleted. !ou will find thousands of words
written on the subIect of /subIect lines/.
Then comes the body of the email message. !ou can find a lot of information
concerning %o= im*ortant it is .or you to g&t t%is *art rig%t. !ou will be told
time and time again to keep it short. 2eep you sentences and your paragraphs
short. +se bullet points. )on/t use all capital letters. )on/t use too many
e=clamation points and on and on.
%ll of this is important information and it is all information that you need to read,
understand and apply when writing your marketing emails.
%fter the body of the email comes the signature. The importance of the signature
is rarely mentioned but it is also an important part of a marketing email. 'e
certain that you make those signature lines count. +se your name, your company
name, a link to your web page, as well as, a link to the product or service that
you are selling.
(e=t comes your last opportunity to make your point and sell your product or
service. .t/s the -.&. line. -.&. is an acronym for /post script/, which means /after
the signature/. .t can be compared to ending a telephone conversation by saying,
/0oodbye <signature) and don/t forget about the meeting tomorrow <-.&.).
View that -.&. as an opportunity to get in a parting shot or create a tease for an
upcoming marketing email or as an incentive to Ioin a teleseminar or a webinar.
The -.&. line can be used either as a hook7setting opportunity or as a baiting
opportunity. 1hatever way you use your -.&. line, it needs to be /above the fold/
or above the scroll line in order for it to be the most effective.
© 2007
SSThe only thing that should ever always be below the scroll line is the opt7out
+sing your -.&. line to /set the hook/ means using it to hit the main selling point
made in your marketing email one more time.
!or &<am*l&/
-.&. )on/t forget that this product will save you both time %() money.
<%nd provide the +, to the sales page once more.)
Anot%&r &<am*l& =ould $&/
-.&. )on/t forget that this offer ends at midnight on (ovember 8Qth. <%nd
again, provide the +, to the sales page.)
2&s anot%&r &<am*l& =ould $&/
-.&. )on/t get left outG This offer is limited to the first DEE applicants. <%nd
provide the +, to the sales page.)
+sing the -.&. line as NbaitB is a rather simple but very effective sales techni>ue.
1hen . say /bait/ <a word that . really dislike), what . am referring to is a t&as& or
an inc&nti9&.
Onc& &<am*l& o. a P.S. lin& $&ing us&d as B$aitB is/
-.&. )on/t miss the ne=t newsletter. There will be an offer that will ama@e
youG <%dd a link to your subscription opt7in bo=.)
Anot%&r &<am*l& o. a P.S. lin& $&ing us&d as B$aitB is/
-.&. !ou don/t want to miss finding out why . got sent to Iail, which will be
revealed during this teleseminar. <%dd a link to the s>uee@e page for
registering for the teleseminar.)
© 2007
C%a*t&r 8/ Conclusion 4 A9oiding Mista)&s :
;&l*.ul i*s : E<am*l&s
8.0 Common Mista)&s P&o*l& Ma)& =%&n ,riting Promo Emails
There are at least as many ways to do a promotional email wrongly as there are
ways to get it right.
&ome of the worst mistakes that affiliate marketers make when writing their
promo emails is that they do one or all of the following mistakes:
Los& sig%t o. t%& o$5&cti9&/
The #(,! obIective of a marketing email is to sell the product or service
that you are promoting to the members of your opt7in list. Every word of
the email needs to be directed at reali@ing that one obIective.
S&& t%&ir list as only &mail addr&ss&s/
%n opt7in list is much more than a list of names and email addresses. .t is
a list of peopleG eal, live, human people are what make up your opt7in
list. !ou must market your product or service to humans and not email
!ail to *ro9id& t%&ms&l9&s =it% t%& rig%t tools .or t%& 5o$/
.f you are painting a room, you need paintbrushes, paint rollers, drop
cloths, etc. .f you are send promotional emails, you need the right tools for
the Iob, as well. The right tools for the Iob of sending your most effective
promotional emails are:
© 2007
(ote Tab ,ight
Tiny +,
"ind V
"s& =&a) and in&..&cti9& su$5&ct lin&s/
Most auto responders allow you to use up to :E characters in a subIect
line. The first D: of those characters are what stand between the marketer
and an email that actually opened and read. <The second D: should be left
on the table.)
.f marketing emails are deleted without being read, they are totally
useless. 1riting powerful, attention7getting subIect lines that inspire
recipients to open your marketing emails is an ability that needs to be
developed to a high degree of e=pertise.
Effective subIect lines are short, to the point, have a tease >uality and
never promise more than what will be delivered in the attached marketing
"s& all ca*ital l&tt&rs/
The use of all capital letters in any kind of email is the e>uivalent of
shouting or yelling at a person that you are having a real world
conversation with. .t is rude and completely unproductive. )on/t yell at the
members of your opt7in list. %ll capital letters do not draw attention nor
convey e=citement.
"s& a lot o. &<clamation *oints/
#ne e=clamation point at the end of a sentence means that the sentence
is an e=clamatory one. Multiple e=clamation points at the end of a
sentence are another form of yelling and they do not denote added
e=citement. They are taking up valuable space in your marketing email
and maybe even irritating the recipients.
N&9&r us& $ull&t *oints/
© 2007
.t is a known fact that people don/t read marketing emails word for word.
-eople scan marketing emails. Marketing emails need to be easy to
&*%(. The use of bullet points makes it easy for recipients to easily
identify the important information that is contained in the email. !ou
should always use bullet points for the main points that you are making in
your marketing email.
Ma)& t%&ir &mails too long/
Marketing emails should be short. They shouldn/t have a scroll bar and
they should only be KEE to FEE words long. They should never contain
large blocks of te=t. .t won/t be read.
!ail to us& t%& P.S. lin& &..&cti9&ly/
The -.&. line<s) of a marketing email appear last but they can be as
important as the first word of a marketing email. The -.&. line needs to be
used to hit the most important aspect of the email again or as a tease for
an upcoming email.
8.2 Mor& i*s on #&tting 2our Email R&ad : !ollo=&d %roug%
%ffiliate marketers depend upon having their marketing emails opened, read, and
acted upon. +nless those three things happen, the affiliate marketer will pretty
much be out of the affiliate marketing business.
.f you are formatted your email correctly and it is readable in all email programs,
then you Iust need to be certain that you have done everything possible to
encourage the recipients to:
O*&n t%& &mail/ The subIect line is one of the two determining factors of
whether an email is in fact opened or sent unopened and unread to the deleted
mail file of the recipient.
The first factor is whom the email is from. &ince the recipient opted into your list,
it is fair to assume that they want to get email from you. The second factor is t%&
su$5&ct lin&.
Most autoresponders allow :E character long subIect lines. #nly the first D: or
less have any real value. !ou must us& t%os& !IRS 28 =ords to &ntic& the
recipient into opening the email to see what you have to say.
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P&rsonali(& the email in the subIect line. !our autoresponder will allow you to do
this. /;ohn, you can save money and get a free giftG/ is much more effective than
Iust, /!ou can save money and get a free giftG/ &o first, personali@e your subIect
The word, /free/ has been maligned but don/t believe everything you hear. P&o*l&
li)& .r&&. E9&ry$ody li)&s .r&&... poor people, middle class people and maybe
especially rich people like to get things for free.
There are other words that have proven to be effective in subIect lines as well.
/Ease or easy/, magic or magical, are some of them. !ou must us& som&
myst&ry and som& t&as& in your su$5&ct lin&, in order to get the recipients to
open them.
R&ad t%& &mail/ #nce the recipient has been convinced to open the marketing
email from you, the ne=t trick is to get them to read what you have to say. The
problem is that most computer users do not in fact E%) anything. They &*%(.
&o it is up to you to get them to actually slow down and really read what you
have to say.
The email must be interesting. .f you can start with a story... and ./m not talking
about a novel..../m talking about a two7line story, you can get their attention. O'ill
thought of himself as a loser until he tried our product.O This is a story.
!ou must includ& $ull&t *oints in order to make your marketing email easy to
read. !ou don/t ever want to include large blocks of te=t. &hort simple bulleted
points that list the advantages that your product can provide will make it easy for
the recipients to see the important facts as a glance.
Act on t%& &mail/ #nce you have convinced the recipients to open and read
your marketing email, the ne=t step is to get them to actually act on your
suggestions you have made, <i.e. buy what you are selling).
The first thing you need to do is to ma)& t%& lin) for ordering your product or
service &asy to s&&. emember to n&9&r =ord4=ra* your lin)s. %ll email
programs don/t deliver email with word wrapped links. %ll the recipient will see is
the word... the link will not be included.
The second thing to do is to either make the offer for a s*&ci.ic limit&d tim&
<midnight on Thursday, (ovember KEth) and not Iust say /limited time or to limit
the offer to a specific number of people <this offer is limited to the first DEE
applicants) and not Iust that limited space is available.
(e=t . will share three 5killer6 promo emails you can use to learn from.
© 2007
%r&& E<am*l&s o. E;otF Promo Emails
$ere are some very good emails used in marketing that you can put in your
5swipe file6 for future use:
E<am*l& D0/ ,%&n S&lling 2our O=n Product
&ubIect: K.irstnam&L? ;o= to ;a9& 2our O=n Instant Product to S&ll...
Hi {firstname},
The popularity of Adsense has been booming especially for the last few
years. And the result: more and more people are building sites in
hopes of cashing in on fat Adsense checks.
Side effect !any marketers build what " call #$unk sites% and this
directly resulted in &oogle often altering the algorithms and Adsense
"n a real essence, the game gets tougher'
That(s why " ha)e finally decided to release a brand new &uide to
cashing in on Adsense, re)ealing my strategies on how to make money
from Adsense in spite of the changes because " will show you the time*
tested success strategies'
S"+,-.T,: "n a hurry /ull details here:
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"nsert 0ink Here
And you know what " am also going to offer the /ull !aster 1esell
1ights to this #ne)er released before% ,*2ook'
3ith the !aster 1esell 1ights to this ,*2ook, you can:
4 5se it for personal use,
4 1esell the ,*2ook and pocket all the sales,
4 5se as a bonus to another product you are selling,
4 Add into a paid membership site,
4 2undle into a paid package,
67ontinued on -e8t 9age:
67ontinued from 9re)ious 9age:
4 5se as part of your back*end ; .ne Time .ffer,
4 5se as an unannounced bonus for your customers,
4 And much more'
7lick here for full details:
"nsert 0ink Here
3arm 1egards,
<our -ame
9.S. .nly => copies will be sold. After the =>th copy is sold, this
offer will be remo)ed fore)er ?and " mean it'@. The reason "(m
limiting to such is because " want to gi)e my resellers a huge chance
to cash in on this niche ?and you won(t ha)e to compete with me@. A*@
Here it is again:
"nsert 0ink Here
© 2007
&croll for the other e=amples on the ne=t two pagesR
E<am*l& D2/ ,%&n Promoting Ot%&r P&o*l&Bs Products
&ubIect: K.irstnam&L? 1uild 2our O=n ,ordPr&ss Ads&ns& Mac%in& oday'
Hi {firstname},
"f you are looking into making money from Adsense and would like to
know how you can do $ust that with #paint by the numbers% guide, you
are going to like this.
" ha)e met Bohn Smith in person and came to learn that heCs making a
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Bohn is now gi)ing away D leaked chapters from his step*by*step guide
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<ou will also disco)er the e8pert answers to = most popular Euestions
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S9,7"A0 +"S7.5-T
" ha)e con)inced Bohn to offer you a special D>F discount if you
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customers only so it(s not going to last fore)er' Act now.
E<am*l& D3/ ,%&n O..&ring A !r&&$i&/
&ubIect: ;&y K.irstnam&L? 2ours to @&&*'
Hi {firstname},
<ou and " know that often times, it takes a form of in)estment to make
your business grow, online or offline. And many a times, that
in)estment reEuires money.
-ow if youCre on a shoestring budget or looking to build your business
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2e prepared to e8pect cool downloads like:
4 7ollection of ,*2ooks I 1esell 1ights,
4 9ri)ate 0abel 9roducts,
4 !embership 9asses,
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4 Software,
4 Audio;Jideo bundles,
4 And !uch, !uch !ore'
&et them all here at Hero cost now:
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&tudy these e=amples and you will ultimately develop your own uni>ue style.
!ouBll be surprised Iust how soon youBll learn how to email for cash. 
o your succ&ssG
,i@ Tomey
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