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I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. (Philippians 3:14 NLT)
For more than half a century, Calvary has been reaching people for Jesus Christ. We have seen many lives changed and communities transformed. From my conversations with many of you, a lot of people in our church family are eager to see Calvary do more than simply business as usual, eager to see God transform us into the type of people who are able to fulfill the vision God has given us to make an even greater impact. Because of that, I could not be more excited to embark on an endeavor we are calling REACH. REACH is a 2-year spiritual journey designed to help us grow in our commitment to Christ, deepen our faith and excel in generosity so we can fulfill God’s vision of reaching more people than ever before. Where will this spiritual journey take us? At the end of two years, we will have grown in our understanding of God’s Word and have learned how to pray with greater boldness. We will be able to live with Christ more present in our homes and feel more equipped to engage in spiritual conversations with people far from God. We will be more generous with our time, talents and resources. REACH will help us impact families, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods around our campuses. We want to extend our REACH further into the world, raising the standard of living for orphans and strengthening churches in spiritually-desolate areas. We want to fast-track our debt so we can free up additional resources to invest in reaching the next generation right here. In order to REACH beyond these walls and beyond our generation, I need you. God’s people have accomplished God-sized tasks because they were all-in and serving together. That’s why I am asking you to make a commitment to this spiritual journey. Will you take a step to deepen your commitment to Christ? Will you commit to reaching someone personally? And will you consider taking a journey to deepen your faith by growing in generosity? It is with great anticipation that we dream of the ways the Lord will work in and through us to REACH beyond ourselves, beyond our walls and beyond our generation.







As faithful as God has been we want to reach further in our relationship with Him.

REACH is a 24-month spiritual journey designed to challenge each of us to deepen our commitment to Christ, to grow in faith and to cultivate a generous lifestyle so we can accomplish God’s vision for Calvary of reaching even more people by changing lives and transforming communities here and around the world.

We believe this spiritual journey will cause us to grow spiritually. • Through a fuller commitment to and understanding of God’s Word • Through a greater involvement in the mission of Calvary in our church, community and world • Through bolder prayers for our ministries, our families, our community and our world • Through a deeper experience of generosity and reliance on God We believe this spiritual journey will cause us to reach farther. • In richer ministry to the individuals and families that God brings to our campuses • Extending God’s love through us to our families, workplaces and neighborhoods • In God’s mission to the world - Mexico, Honduras, Germany, Czech Republic, Malawi and beyond What will your next step be as God reaches to you and through you? • Praying for and inviting to church those in your circle of influence • Stepping into a first-time role or a larger role in the ministry of Calvary • Taking the next step on the generosity ladder • Becoming part of a group where you can grow and discover your next step


We want to continue to reach beyond ourselves to minister effectively here at Calvary, beyond our walls to minister with more impact in our community and the world, and beyond our generation to continue what God is doing.


For more than 50 years, God has used Calvary Church in tremendous ways to reach our community. With a commitment to inspirational worship, transformational growth and irreplaceable impact Calvary Church has extended its reach deep into the community. In the last 4 years alone we have seen: • 15 percent growth in attendance • 400 baptisms • 500 people committing their lives to Jesus Christ REACH will empower our Calvary campuses to reach even more people by supporting our existing ministries and by allowing us to expand our ministry of discipling believers, equipping volunteers and building leaders. We are praying through the REACH initiative that as we grow spiritually, we will grow in generosity. Through this increased generosity, we hope to meet our financial goal of $8.6 million for Beyond Ourselves. This will fund our children’s, youth, adult and worship ministries, and the facility and administrative/staffing support for ministries at Calvary for the next 2 years.



We strive to be the kind of church our community can count on. REACH will extend the healing message of Jesus, allowing us to: • Strengthen more homes through practical spiritual training and mentoring • Reduce the number of local, at-risk students as we partner with more schools to give families and students practical and spiritual support • Reduce the impact of poverty as we strengthen strategic partnerships with frontline agencies in the St. Louis area • Raise up a new generation of leaders in our businesses and community By stretching ourselves further, Calvary can be the kind of church our world can count on. Increasing support for our trusted global partners will allow us to: • Provide safer living conditions for orphans in Mexico, Haiti, Honduras and Malawi in anticipation of them finding forever homes • Strengthen existing churches and start new ones in Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic • Answer the plea from Malawi and Haiti to train their pastors and church leaders During this 2-year spiritual journey we hope to meet our goal of $1 million. This will fund ministry in our community and world for the next 2 years as we seek to expand our reach through irreplaceable impact Beyond Our Walls.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has 20,000 street children. These aren’t orphans but children whose home life was so bad, through neglect or abuse, that they have decided they are better off fending for themselves on the street. Calvary is partnering with Project Manuelito to rescue these children, provide a home where they can grow up, get an education, a bed to sleep in, regular meals and a chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. - Rick Arthur



REACH will help us impact more people by redirecting a half-million dollars annually that could go to fund much needed ministries instead of going to bank payments. • Eliminating our debt to leave the next generation debt free • Knowing that 80 percent of people are reached for Christ by the time they are 14, campus upgrades and the  modernization of outdated children’s and gym area of the Mid Rivers Campus will create current and engaging spaces to reach more children and families • Increasing Calvary’s sending capacity for our young adults currently training in missions to reach the world  for Christ • Upgrading sound and video as finances allow, helping us better reach our community by making our services available through the internet We are hoping to reach our goal of $5.3 million over the next 2 years. Meeting this goal will eliminate our debt and allow us to upgrade our children’s and youth spaces, preparing us to reach Beyond Our Generation. The ministry and financial goals for Reach over the next 2 years are:

Beyond Ourselves

This will empower our current ministries to reach even more people. This will fund our children, youth, adult and worship ministries for the next 2 years. 2-year Goal: $8.6 million

Beyond Our Walls

These funds will continue and enhance our reach into our community and our world. 2-year Goal: $1 million

Beyond Our Generation

These funds will help us reach into future generations as we retire our debt, leaving a legacy of enhanced ministry for years to come, and as we upgrade our facilities for children and youth ministry. 2-year Goal: $5.3 million Total 2-year Reach Financial Goal: $14.9 million (This compares to our normal ministry expenses of approximately $9 million over 2 years)


During the next 2 years, we will be focusing our generosity into one fund. All money given during the next 2 years will go into one fund that will be devoted to the mission and vision of Calvary – including our local ministries, our ministry in the community and world, and preparing us for the coming generations by eliminating our debt and making facility improvements.



GOAL page
God gives a prescription for growing our faith in the scriptures. Deeper faith happens as we learn to trust Him with the resources of our time, talent and treasures. He asks us to give the first day of the week to Him. He invites us to offer our talents to serve Him and not ourselves. And He encourages us to give the first of our treasures to Him. These disciplines are key to the way we learn to trust Him and are an integral part in our Christian discipleship. In fact, discipleship without stewardship doesn’t produce the life Christ desires for us. Often when people hear about giving and tithing though, there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed. Some of you are in the midst of challenging financial situations. Others have financial responsibilities that make growing in generosity very difficult. For many the idea of going from giving very little to giving a 10% tithe is so overwhelming that it’s paralyzing. As part of the 2-year journey of growing in our faith and commitment, REACH will challenge us to go beyond our comfort zone and move up the generosity ladder. Take a look at the ladder and identify where you are. Are you ready to see God deepen your faith by taking a step or two up the ladder? Some have suggested that a goal of $14.9 million over 2 years is too ambitious. Reaching that goal is broken down for us in the table on this page. It shows how many givers of various amounts are needed to reach our goal. What you will notice is that it doesn’t take a huge number of “big” givers. It takes everyone taking up the discipleship challenge and growing in generosity by moving up a step or two on the ladder. We understand that it may not be easy for someone to rearrange their finances to move from giving a minimal amount to giving 10%. We simply want people to take a step up the ladder. We know that when they do, they will continue to find God faithful and will be excited about taking a next step. What does this chart mean for you? Our natural tendency is to look at the chart and find an amount that is comfortable. But the challenge is to look at the line above that comfort level and pray about trusting God to give that amount. And then, would you boldly pray that God would be faithful to provide if you moved another line above that? As everyone at Calvary grows together in faith, stewarding the resources of time, talents and treasures, we will reach our goal and see how far God will help us reach.
1 1 2 4 6 12 25 50 75 100 150 200 250 250 250 all others

2 Years/$14.9 Million

Calvary Church Gift Profile Guide $14,900,000
(24-month commitment)
Number of Gifts Weekly Amount $4,808 $2,404 $1,442 $962 $721 $481 $385 $288 $240 $192 $96 $72 $46 $35 $23 Monthly Amount $20,833 $10,417 $6,250 $4,167 $3,125 $2,083 $1,667 $1,250 $1,042 $833 $417 $313 $200 $150 $100 Total 24-month Commitment $500,000 $250,000 $150,000 $100,000 $75,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $25,000 $20,000 $10,000 $7,500 $4,800 $3,600 $2,400 less than $2,400




REACH is described as a spiritual journey. What does this spiritual journey look like?
We are praying that many in the Calvary family will respond to REACH with a deepening of their spiritual life. As we reach those in our homes, neighborhoods, communities and workplaces, we will be spurred to bold prayers, deeper knowledge of God’s Word and a growing reliance on Him. This spiritual growth, we believe, will be accompanied by growing in our stewardship of what God has given us and will be evidenced by a more generous life.

As part of REACH, we are asking everyone at Calvary to consider how God is calling them to respond to Him. Through REACH we want to: • Grow closer to Christ • Improve our ministry to our community • Grow in generosity • Expand our reach throughout the world • Enhance our ministry to children, youth and adults • Listen to what God is telling us and follow Him wholeheartedly Late this summer, we had the opportunity to preview the vision for REACH with a number of Calvary members. As part of this time together, we asked them to respond to the question: “God is calling me to…” Some of the answers we heard were:

REACH is described as a ‘One Fund’ approach. What does this mean?
REACH is not simply a capital stewardship campaign. It is an expression of all we pray that God will do in and through us over the next 24 months. It includes the vision, mission and values that have marked Calvary for the last few years – changing lives and transforming communities through inspirational worship, transformational growth and irreplaceable impact. Because of this, every dollar given over the next 2 years goes to REACH, because REACH is an expression of all we hope God does during that time. Accordingly, there is not a ‘regular’ fund and a ‘campaign’ fund – every dollar goes into the one REACH fund.

God is calling me to...

One of the REACH goals is a $14.9 million financial target over 2 years. What if we don’t reach this target?
The largest part of the REACH financial target funds our current ministry plan with the staff and facility costs that make that ministry possible. We would continue to fund this ministry as we have in the past. The next largest portion of the financial target will help us retire our debt and prepare us for ministry in the future, and we would make this the next highest priority. Because some of our facility systems are past their normal life cycle, we may have to replace some of these systems should they fail during the next 2 years.

Besides a commitment to a certain level of cash giving, how can I participate in REACH?
First, we want you to commit to this spiritual journey with us. This will include growing in your faith, deepening your commitment to the mission of REACH which God is accomplishing through us and taking your next step to grow spiritually as you impact your home, community and world. We encourage everyone to find a small group to grow in and a place to serve. We believe this deepening of your faith will result in a life of growing generosity. This may mean a first-time gift for some and an increasing level of generosity for others. Many can consider gifts of stocks, other investments or property. Simply ask God what steps He is leading you to take as we travel this journey together.

We are encouraged that God is moving at Calvary – that so many are recommitting their lives to a deeper commitment to the mission of Calvary, to growing in generosity and to reaching their world.


For information and updates visit

What is your reach? How would you answer the question: “God is calling me to…?”


Friends, we are praying that every person at Calvary Church will play a role in REACH by making the most significant commitment possible. Join us on Saturday, November 23, at Mid Rivers or Sunday, November 24, at any of our campuses as the Calvary family gathers to celebrate our collective commitments to God’s work through REACH. Please consider your level of participation and plan to bring the accompanying Commitment Card to worship with you on that weekend. As you fill out your Commitment Card: • Ask God to help you answer the question, “Who is God calling you to reach?” • Commit to this twenty-four month spiritual journey with us • Consider how He is asking you to move up the ladder of generosity • Make a 2-year commitment to what God is going to do through REACH


This is a sample to be used as a worksheet. You will receive an official Commitment Card to use when submitting your REACH commitment. To see examples of completed Commitment Cards visit

Sample Commitment Card


Week 1
Weekly Devotional A Changed Life
It has often been said that change is one of the few constants in life. Some change is on rhythm - winter turns to spring which melds into summer which fades into fall. Some change is the restoration of an old thing made new again – an antique piece of furniture restored to its former beauty. Some change is sudden and surprising – even miraculous: a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Perhaps the biggest and most miraculous of change is that of a changed life. The apostle Paul is a biblical example of a life that was completely transformed in a sudden, surprising and even miraculous way. The old Paul (who was named Saul – his name change was part of the complete transformation that would come) was a driven, achieving crusader who was completely dedicated to the religious worldview in which he was raised and educated. He was committed to eradicating this new (to him) belief which would be called Christianity. Then God changed him. Read Acts 9:1-9 for a glimpse of how Paul’s life was changed. From this point forward, everything was completely different for Paul and for everyone who encountered him. Later, Paul would write in 2 Corinthians 5:17 – Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 22

At Calvary we are able to be a part of the transformation of the lives of children, youth and adults almost every week. We see God working through us to transform lives in a way that is often sudden, surprising and miraculous. • What is your story of transformation?

• What do you value most in your life and how has this changed as a result of your transformation?

• How does what you value most speak to where you are in the journey of transformational growth?


Small Group Discussion Questions Open It
When you go to a restaurant, are you apt to order something new to see what it is like, or do you stick with what you know you will like? In general, are you the kind of person who mostly likes things to stay the same or do you like to have things changing often? What are some of the milestones in your life, times when your life took a new direction or entered a new phase?

Read Acts 9:17-25 – What did Saul start doing almost immediately? Why?

What does this tell us about the kind of transformation that took place in Saul’s life? How has the purpose and the trajectory of Saul’s life changed?

Read Matthew 13:44-46 – What does Jesus say here about the transformation of life that comes from accepting the gospel message and entering into a relationship with God through Him? What emotion does Jesus use to describe this complete transformation?

Apply It

Sometimes we may be willing to settle for a transaction, but Jesus offers a transformation. What do the following statements have to say about the difference? We are not mistakers in need of correction. We are sinners in need of a Savior. We need a second birth more than a second chance. (Andy Stanley)

Saul goes from hunter to hunted: do you think Saul had second thoughts? Why or why not?

Just like Abram became Abraham, Sarai become Sarah, Jacob became Israel and Simon became Peter, Saul’s name became Paul. What does this name change symbolize?

God did not come to make bad men good. He came to make dead men live. (Ravi Zacharius)

Explore It

Read Acts 9:1-9 – What was Saul on his way to Damascus to do? (See also Acts 8:1-3) What does this tell us about Saul? What kind of person does he seem to be? Read 2 Corinthians 5:17, Philippians 3:3-12 – As Saul (by then named Paul) reflects on the transformation in his life, how does he describe it? How did Saul respond to the encounter he had with Jesus on the road to Damascus? Why do you think he responded this way?

Read Revelation 2:17 – What are we promised?

If you are a follower of Christ, how has your life been transformed? How should it change from here?

How does he look back on what he left behind in his life before his encounter with Christ?

What is unique about Saul’s conversion to Christianity? In what ways do you think his conversion to Christianity is like everyone else’s is or should be?

In what ways does this mission of transformation get lived out at Calvary? How is God calling you to be a part of that mission?



Message Notes

Week 2
Weekly Devotional Two Changed Families
A classic introductory question for those who grew up in St. Louis is, “Where did you go to high school?” This may be true because understanding someone’s family background and history can often tell us a great deal about them. We all come from somewhere, and our family heritage is a big part of who we are. Whether it is white collar or blue collar, urban or suburban or rural, active or sedentary, we are influenced heavily by our family background. Some of us may have what at least looks like an ideal Cosby family heritage, while others of us come from a blended Brady Bunch situation, and still others of us grew up in a home that more closely resembled the Simpsons. It may even seem that we are stuck in the patterns we grew up with. In the book of Acts we see two families that outwardly were probably very different, but who underwent a very similar transformation. In Acts 16:14-16, we encounter Lydia – a white collar, professional woman - whose family is transformed by the gospel message Paul brings. In Acts 16:29-34, we encounter the nameless jailer – a blue collar, rough around the edges type – whose entire family is also transformed by the power of the gospel. We see two completely different families that come to share a Savior, a purpose and a common destiny.

• What is your family’s spiritual heritage?

• What is your family’s spiritual temperature now?

• How will God’s transformative presence in your family impact the generations to come after you?

• What can you do this year to impact the spiritual heritage of your family?



Small Group Discussion Questions Open It
Who is the most colorful member of your family (or extended family)? Are you sure it isn’t you? Do you like to hold on to family mementos of the past or do you get rid of everything and move on? What is the best (or worst) investment you ever made?

What did they do when they got there? Was this part of their mission?

Read Acts 16:25-34 – How did they respond to this hardship?

One of Paul’s companions on this journey was Timothy (Acts 16:1-2). Read 2 Timothy 1:5 – What do we know of Timothy’s family? What kind of impact did the faithfulness and faith investment of his mother and grandmother ultimately have?

Lydia is described as ‘a dealer in purple cloth,’ which probably indicates a relatively successful, white collar, upwardly mobile professional life. What happened to her as she listened to Paul? How did it impact her entire family?

What did God do to change the situation? How were Paul and Silas faithful?

What or who were strong influences on your early life?

Apply It Explore It
Read Acts 16:6-10 – What was the purpose or mission of Paul and his companions as they traveled? In what ways do you think this may have changed the trajectory of her family? The jailer is probably a tough guy, a blue collar man’s man. What is his first response to the earthquake?

What kinds of investment does it take to impact future generations in your family, in our church, in our community or world?

Why didn’t they go into Asia and how did they end up in Europe (Macedonia)? Read Acts 16:16-24 – Even though Paul and his companions were walking on mission in God’s will, what happened to them?

Why do you think the jailer asked them how he could be saved? How did this impact his entire family?

What makes this investment difficult or challenging?

Do you think they were certain that they were where God wanted them and on God’s mission?

Dennis Rainey said, “Children are living messengers to a time we won’t see.” How aware are you of the future impact that you are in the process of creating or influencing? In what ways do you think this may have changed the trajectory of his family?

Read Acts 16:11-15 – Why did Paul go to the river on the Sabbath?

What is one thing this tells us about following in God’s will?

What are some ways you can intentionally be a part of leaving a strong spiritual legacy for multiple generations at Calvary?



Message Notes

Week 3
Weekly Devotional A Transformed Community
The transformation of an entire community is normally thought of as a slow and deliberate process. If you live in a community long enough, you will begin to see it change. Talk to a long-time St. Charles County resident and you may hear of when Highway 94 was just a little two-lane country road or of when St. Peters was a small village north of Interstate 70 past the outskirts of St. Charles. You may hear of when the brand new Blanchette Bridge opened or stories of the farm that used to be where your neighborhood sits. It is easy to forget that our community used to be quite different. It is easy to think that our community will always be the way it is. When it comes to the spiritual transformation of our community, we may think the task is too big for any of us to have any significant part in it. In Acts 19, however, we see God working through what begins as a very small ministry to completely change a city in just a couple of years. When Paul begins to minister in Ephesus (Acts 16:8-12), it is hard to imagine that two years later, the entire city would be in upheaval because of the gospel (Acts 16:17-20). In that short time span, an entire community was transformed by the power and truth of the gospel. This transformation was disruptive and sometimes uncomfortable. In some ways it may be uncomfortable for us to see St. Charles Country transformed spiritually. However, our own community can, by God’s power working through us, be completely transformed just as Ephesus was.

• What changes have you seen in St. Charles County in the time you have lived here?

• How might your individual transformation impact the transformation of our community?

• How might the transformation of your family impact the transformation of our community?



Small Group Discussion Questions Open It
What are some parts of our culture that influence you (fashion, politics, books, movies, etc.)? Who are some people who have been influential in your life? In what ways were they influential? Who would say that you have been influential in their life? What might they say?

What accompanied the spoken message to further reinforce the transforming power of the gospel?

If the financial “cost” (50,000 pieces of silver = 50,000 days of wages = approx $5,000,000 today) of this life transformation was significant, what does this tell us about the transformation of this city?

Read Acts 20:22-24 – Was he aware of the potential cost?

What might accompany our spoken message to reinforce the transforming power of the gospel? Read Philippians 3:7-11 – What does this indicate about the transformation of each individual? Read Acts 19:13-20 – What happened to the “seven sons of Sceva”? See also 1 Corinthians 4:20. Read Mark 10:17-22 – What kept the rich young ruler from the transformation he needed? How was he different from the Ephesian believers? Which would our culture relate to more?

Apply It

What are some things you are investing your life in?

Explore It

Does the life of Paul and the transformation of the Ephesians cause you to reassess what you can be investing your life in?

Read Acts 19:8-12 – Where did Paul first preach and what was the reaction? Why do you think they may have responded this way? In what ways is being transformed by the gospel more than accepting a few facts? What did Paul do after moving on from the synagogue? What was the overall outcome of this? What was the response of the entire city to the power of God’s kingdom? Why do think they responded this way?

How does investing your life in God’s mission and investing financially in God’s mission go together? Read Acts 19:23-41 – How did the church impact the entire life and economy of the city? Was this a good thing?

In what ways did the initial opposition help spread the message further?

Why did Paul want to appear before the crowd? What was his motive?

What are some possible next steps for you as you think about how to invest your life?



Message Notes

Week 4
Weekly Devotional Transforming the World
We started REACH looking at the personal spiritual transformation of Paul. Then we saw entire families transformed by the power of the gospel. Last week we viewed Ephesus, an entire community which was transformed in response to the truth of the message about Christ and the power of individuals and families being transformed. All the while, Paul is on a journey to transform the world. Paul experiences a great many hardships and trials along the way. In 2 Corinthians 11:23b-29, he conveys just some of the ways he has been called to sacrifice to bring the gospel message to the world. He writes that he was imprisoned, beaten with rods, flogged with whips, stoned and left for dead, shipwrecked, hungry, cold and in danger – and those were just the highlights! This week, in Acts 27, we will see another shipwreck as Paul travels to Rome. This shipwreck brings danger and fear and hardship but also brings the opportunity to display Paul’s faith and God’s power and provision. As a result, more of the world is transformed for Christ. Our own spiritual transformation took sacrifice as well – the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

• What are some of the sacrifices that are needed to transform individuals, families, our community and our world with the gospel?

• Are these sacrifices worth it?

• What part are you willing to play?



Small Group Discussion Questions Open It
What is the longest trip you have ever been on? Do you have an epic travel adventure (or disaster) to recount? Have you ever been on a ministry-related trip outside of the town you were living in? If not, is that something you would ever want to explore?

If you were Paul, how do you think you would have responded in this storm?

Could this have been part of God’s plan all along? If so, was the sacrifice involved worth it?

Read Matthew 6:19-21 – What did Jesus say about heart motives to serve Him?

Remember the story of Jonah (Jonah 1:4-16)? How is the storm in Acts 27 used differently than the storm in Jonah?

Read Acts 28:23-31 – Was all the sacrifice involved with Paul coming to Rome worth it?

Apply It

There is a cost to living out God’s mission in your life. What might some costs be for you?

What did God want for Jonah and the crew of his ship, and what did God want for Paul and the crew of his ship?

Explore It

Paul is being taken to Rome to make his appeal to Caesar because he was accused by the religious authorities in Jerusalem. Read Acts 27:1-2, 9-12 – How is the trip going? What was Paul’s warning and what did they do?

Read Acts 27:42-44 – Killing all of the prisoners would be standard in this situation (remember the jailer from Acts 16). Why didn’t they kill the prisoners here?

When Paul had written earlier to the church in Rome (see Romans 12:1), he talked about offering a living sacrifice to God. What did he identify as our motive for this sacrifice?

Is there a cost to not living out God’s mission in your life? What might some of those costs be?

What may this indicate about the centurion in his relationship with Paul?

Read 2 Corinthians 11:23b-29 – The shipwreck in Acts 2728 is just one set of sacrifices and hardships in a life filled with them. What are the kinds of sacrifices Paul made to fulfill God’s mission in his life?

Are you willing to re-examine how well you are living out God’s mission here and what your next steps might be in this area?

Read Acts 27:13-15, 18-39 – How does the storm impact the journey?

Read Acts 28:1-10 – How did God use this group of shipwrecked survivors to begin to extend His mission to the island of Malta?

Based on what you have seen so far in this study, did Paul think it was worth the sacrifice?

What opportunity does the storm provide for Paul?



Message Notes

Week 5
Weekly Devotional - What is Our Reach? What is Your Reach?
One of the games we played as a family was “Life.” During the course of the game, players experience various milestones along the way: job, marriage, children, professional milestones, etc. The one who retires with the most money wins. It might be easy to think of our actual lives this way, but that is not how God looks at them; that is not how they really are. A question that is sometimes helpful (but not always comfortable) for each of us to answer is: when my life is over, what will it all have been for? During this REACH series, we have been inspired by what God has been doing in individual lives, families, our community and the world. We have also been challenged to respond. In Philippians 1:3-6, Paul talks about the partnership he is in with the church for the gospel. As we have gone through REACH, we have been considering what our role is together and individually in this partnership. As you reflect on the things you have learned and how you have been challenged during REACH: • How is God calling you to respond in your own life?

• What will this mean for your family?

• What are some steps that God is leading you to take toward this response?

• Are you in a group or other setting where others can encourage you as you follow Him?



Small Group Discussion Questions Open It
What are some of your favorite stories? How do they end? Do you like happy endings or do you prefer stories that are more open-ended and open to interpretation? Do you ever think about your life as part of a story? How many other stories does your personal story intersect with? (e.g. the story of your family)

When you reflect on your family, your workplace, your neighborhood, your community and the world, where do you think God is calling you to invest your life? How should Calvary be a part of that?

What are some first steps you can take toward answering this call?

Read Luke 9:51-62 – Jesus resolutely turns his face toward Jerusalem (which is still a long way off ). What do you think it meant for Jesus to do this?

How can this group be a part of supporting that?

What are some of the costs of following?

As you reflect on REACH, what are some things that you think God may be teaching you?

Explore It

Read Philippians 1:3-6 – What does it mean for us to be in partnership for the gospel?

What are some of the costs of not following?

Read Acts 28:30-31 – Acts is about the founding and expansion of the early church. As the book closes, the expansion of the church is happening, and it is clear that there is no end of this story until Jesus returns. What thoughts do you have as you think of all the sacrifice and service of those who have been part of Calvary over the years and all that God has done to make the ministry of Calvary fruitful?

Apply It
How do you view the relationship between spiritual growth and maturity and generosity? Who is part of this partnership?

A year from now, what will have to have taken place for you to be closer to what God is calling you to do?

How much of this partnership are you a part of? What is your answer to the question: “God is calling me to…?”



Message Notes