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Renco - Glossary of Encoder Terms from RENCO Encoders Inc.

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Rotary Optical Encoders for Precise Motion Sensing

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Glossary of Encoder Terms
Absolute Encoder: An encoder that identifies position not just relative to a starting position, but in an absolute sense, as a specific position. An absolute encoder has a specific digital output for each encoder position. An absolute encoder may be depowered and will still recall its position in absolute terms (not relative terms) when power is restored. Absolute Measuring System: The measuring value is determined by reading information from a scale, without counting. The measuring value is immediately available after switch-on. Accuracy: The match between an actual bit edge and its expected or theoretical position. Accuracy grade: Grade of quality, determined by the max. permissible measuring deviations within a predetermined measuring range (e.g. 1m) Amplitude evaluation: Method of evaluating signals generated by dynamic scanning (with carrier frequency): the amplitude variation of two alternating voltages of the same frequency are used to determine the measuring value. Angle encoder: Angle measuring device, converts the shaft rotation angle into electrical signals (can be incremental or absolute). Channel: A single output signal. Carrier frequency method: Scanning method used mainly with magnetic and inductive measuring systems (see dynamic scanning). Direction discriminator: Part of a bi-directional counter which determines the counting direction. Distance-coded reference marks: Incremental measuring method, whereby the absolute position can be determined by evaluating the systematically varying distances between consecutive reference marks. Duty Jitter: Encoder data signals are ideally square waves. Any variation in the width of these "squares" (the time that passes in the "on" state or in the "off" state) is duty jitter. Dynamic scanning: Scanning method by which two alternating signals of constant amplitude and slightly different frequencies are generated and where the phase between the two signals represents the measuring value. Eccentricity error: Measuring error of an angle encoder caused by an eccentricity in the mounting of the circular graduation. Encoder: Apparatus consisting of a measuring standard and a scanning unit (transducer, sensor). Gray code: Unit-distance code system in which only one code signal changes with the transition from one measuring step to the next. Incremental Encoder: An encoder that identifies position relative to a starting position. When the power is shut off, the location identification process begins at whatever position it is in when repowered. An incrementatl encoder does not provide absolute position, only relative position. Incremental measuring system: Measuring method by which the measuring value is derived by the summation (counting) of increments (measuring steps). Integral coupling:


computation. counter. consisting essentially of disk and scanning unit assemblies (rotor and stator) which are integrated into a machine or a rotary table. located preferably on the statorside. which may be used to determine an absolute datum within an incremental measuring system. Quadrature: Data channels are designed to be out of phase with each other by 90° .g. the signal periods and fractions thereof correspond to a definite linear or angular displacement. smallest digital unit of the measuring value. http://www. Phase grating scale: Scale with step grating which diffracts the transmitted or reflected light into 2 or more orders. they are expected to maintain a phase relationship to each other. Interferential measuring system: Photoelectric measuring system with a phase grating scale where scanning signals are produced via the interference of diffracted beams. Static scanning: Scanning method which generates periodic signals during movement. Systematic error: Reproducible measuring deviation.when traversed over . which can be compensated for by e.renco. may be used to define an absolute datum within an incremental measuring system. Scanning frequency: Response level which limits the velocity of an incremental measuring system. Radian: Standard unit of angle: the angle at which the arc of circle has the same length as the radius. Interpolation: Method for producing measuring increments which are smaller than a fourth of the scanning signal period. This provides rotation direction information (i. Torsional stiffness: Rotational rigidity of a precision coupling governing the reversal error of a rotary encoder. Page 2 of 3 Innovative angle encoder design with built-in coupling. Moire principle: Photoelectric scanning method to produce periodic signals using two fine gratings which are closely positioned to each other and have approximately parallel and equally spaced lines. Phase evaluation: Method of determining position by detecting the phase between alternating voltages having a slight variation in frequency. When multiple channels of data exist in an encoder. Resolution: Measuring step. Any deviation from this expected phase relationship is called phase jitter.php?WCMSGroup_4_3=9&WCMSGroup_9_3=167 11/19/2008 ."A leads B by 90° counter-clockwise viewing top of encoder") and increases the number of line counts that can be detected by a motor controller.produces a signal producing two alternating voltages whose amplitudes or phases depend on the (shaft) rotation angle. readout and/or data interface. Reversal error: Measuring error which results from approaching a position from different directions.Renco . Resolver: Inductive angle measuring device. Reference pulse: Square-wave signal produced when the scale reference mark is traversed over. Reference mark: Random graduation pattern which .e. normally one measuring step wide. Measuring system: Consists of an encoder and associated electronics incorporating interpolation. Modular angle encoder: Angle encoder.Glossary of Encoder Terms from RENCO Encoders Inc. Multiturn rotary encoder: Absolute rotary encoder which determines the angular position of the shaft and the number of shaft rotations. Phase jitter: Encoder data signals are ideally square waves.

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