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Food Jobs and Employment Opportunities and Tips

Tips for a Restaurant Interview
When you are applying for food jobs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is possible that employers will invite you to a restaurant for an interview. This is one way of allowing recruiters assess your personality in a casual manner without your knowing. Often times, it will let you put your guard down and open a significant room for mistakes. Mastering tips to a successful dining interview is the key to success. The best way to prepare for your interview is to check out the venue of interview ahead of time. Go over the menu and find out what you would like to order. Doing this would save you from making the recruiter wait while you are taking the time deciding on a meal choice. It will also give the impression that you are decisive and you value someone’s time. In addition, knowing which restaurant the interview is, will give you a b etter idea on how to dress appropriately. On the day of the day of interview for food jobs in Philadelphia, be at the restaurant at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled interview. The grace period will allow you to go to the bathroom without asking the interviewer to wait. You can also rehearse your job pitch and review your resume. More importantly, punctuality is the first thing that any job requires. Arriving on time is half way to getting the job. Third, after giving your job pitch and going through the initial introduction, remember to order meals that will allow you to talk comfortably. Selecting messy food may consume your time trying to pick up and will only allow you to give half of your attention to the conversation. Another is to showcase your proper dining etiquette. Pennsylvania food jobs & employment may entail that will be dining with clients. Therefore, employers will be observing your manners while eating throughout the meal. • Always remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to waiters. • Put your napkin on your lap, once you and the interviewer are seated. • Your drinks should be at the right side of your plate, soup and condiments at the left. • Start from the outermo st and work your way in when choosing which table utensil to use. • Do not talk when your mouth is full. Finally, in an interview of food jobs in Philadelphia in a restaurant make sure to choose and order which is less expensive. The potential employer will cover your meal so be conservative in your order. Be sure to express your gratitude for the meal and reaffirm your interest for the job. Remember to end in a professional tone. Nonetheless, the common advises for an interview combined with the above mentioned tips for food jobs in Philadelphia, PA is much more effective. • Research about the job and the company profile • Dress appropriately. • Answer question responsively. If you are being asked with a question answerable by a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, remember to start your answer with either of the two responses. • Be confident about your answers. You can also rehearse in front of the mirror and observe the way you eat. This will help you your facial expression and be confident when talking to the potential employer. Being aware of how you look is essential to being confident. The market for Pennsylvania food jobs & employment could be highly competitive so remember to look for creative ways to stand out from the countless applicants in the industry. A conversation with a recruiter no matter how small can crucial to the result of your application.

Tips on How to Get Promoted in a Food Job Industry in NY
Getting promoted in the food job you are in sometimes proves relatively easy but getting ahead can be difficult especially in established operations such as food companies in New York, NY where employees have held their positions for a long period of time! Here are some tips for advancing or moving sideways: 1. Put pride, passion and belief in everything you do. • Work with sense of pride. Be driven with genuine enthusiasm and desire to do your best no matter how small the job is. 2. Don’t stop learning. • Back your desire and pride with skills, knowledge, direction and action. Cross -training and showing willingness to work will help your continuous learning. There are a lot of schools and organization in New York that would greatly improve your cooking skills or any other skill you would need to excel in the food job you currently have. 3. Take challenges as opportunities. • Look at challenges as opportunities to shine. Do not think of washing the dishes in the restaurant (even if you are a waiter) you are working for is an additional chore instead take it as an additional responsibility entrusted to you. 4. Do you BEST all the time. • I consider this as one of the most important tip on how to get promoted. Do your best NOW in whatever food job you are in e specially in city like NY where people are very competitive. Do not bask in the glory of your previous work. That is gone. In all likelihood, no one else cares about it especially your bosses. Do not think too much about future projects that are not implemented yet. It’s still in the future. It is not here yet. Focus on DOING your best NOW. It determines how you are being judged. When you reflect too much on the past and think too much about the future, you forget to focus on the NOW. 5. Go more than beyond what is expected. • If you want to know how to get promoted, do more than the neces sary. That means volunteering for work and taking the initiative to make a job better. It also means not sitting around waiting for work to come to you. Bosses like people who can help them solve problems. Even if the problem is not yours, but if you feel you can be of help and have the expertise to solve it, then volunteer to help. You become the team’s competitive advantage when you do that. And bosses like people who give their unit an advantage over the others. Helping your team stay ahead is then helping you stay ahead too. Set reasonable goals and expectations because food jobs could quickly cause job burnout. New York food jobs have historic tendencies of allowing inexperienced peopl e to work their way up into management and ownership positions. But this doesn’t mean it is guaranteed. Workers who fail to communicate their desires to advance could end up creating unreasonable expectations working extra hours and performing duties outside their job descriptions without getting anywhere. Sometimes, you will have to move on to other food jobs to get ahead, even if it means leaving a restaurant in New York where you love working at. Either way, it is a good idea to plan how you are going to attain your professional goals and exercise patience but persistence.

Sure-Fire Ways to Get Yourself Employed
There is no denying that landing one of those ever-coveted food jobs in Indianapolis IN is a little bit tougher than usual. These days, the competition is stiffer because there are more applicants than the available employment slots. However, this fact should not discourage you, rather, you can use this as a motivating factor to make yourself a better and stronger candidate than the rest of the other hopefuls. Here are some other things that you can do to make sure that you snag one of those Indianapolis food jobs: POLISH YOUR RESUME Consider your resume as your ticket to your success. This will be the first impression you will be leaving to your employer and in the aspect of job application, first impressions is very crucial. With that said, make sure that you submit a well-polished, solid, and impressive resume. Also, be a little bit creative. Make it eye-catching but still readable and formal. BUILD AN ONLINE PROFILE Make use of the availability of the Internet. You can make yourself an even better candidate than the rest by having an online footprint that will help you sell yourself to the employers. For instance, if you really want to land one of those food jobs in Indianapolis IN , how about you create a food blog? This will help you build your reputation, make a name for yourself in the food industry, and at the same time show of your skills. Or, you can also create an online portfolio like LinkedIn and put a short narrative about your previous experiences. BE OPEN TO THE OTHER JOB OPPORTUNITIES Although it is great to have a specific goal in terms of your job search, you should never shut and lock your doors to other opportunities. Keep your eye on the prize but it doesn’t hurt if you look the other way every once in a while. To be able to get to your desired level of success, sometimes you have to go through some kind of detour and pit stops. Just be open-minded about these things. ACE THE INTERVIEW In just about any food jobs in Indianapolis, you need to keep in mind that in order to seal the deal, you need to ace the interview. Yes, it can be a little intimidating and nerve-racking but if you just prepare for it, everything will go according to plan. Try to come up with a list of possible questions that the employers might throw at you. Then, formulate clever and witty answers. For example, think of a creative answer to the most common question which is “Tell me something about yourself.” LOOK THE PART Not that your physical appearance matters but you need to be as presentable when you apply for a job. You don’t have to wear anything fancy. Just as long as you look neat, crisp, and professional, that is already good enough. Looking clean is very important when you are applying for any of those food jobs in Indianapolis because as you know, sanitation is very important in the food industry. DON’T GIVE UP It ought to be reiterated that the road to success often has a number of detours. If things don’t work out for you the first try, don’t worry about it. There are plenty more Indianapolis food jobs available at your disposal. The main thing is never to give up. Keep on sending your resumes and while you’re waiting for the call, make better use of your time. You can impr ove your skills and learn other new ones that can be helpful in your job search. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind when you are applying for a job.

Employment in California
The food industry never runs out of consumers. As a collective diverse business needed by the whole world population, it is not surprising then that opportunities in this field are countless. Types of commercial enterprises that are in need of employees range from manufacturing, food processing, wholesale and distribution to research and development, food service and exportation. In the United States, food jobs in California are expected to increase, particularly in trade and investment. At present, California accounts for over 13.1% of the Unites State ’s gross domestic product (GDP) and majority of this income is dependent on trade from their food industry. With the agricultural exports rising up in 43% with China as their market, doors are opening for talented individuals to join the wholesale and retail market. Also, current economic indicators show that acquisitions and mergers have already consolidated some of the largest food processing companies adding to the state’s employment rate. Contrary to the projected growth in the entire economy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the overall wage an d salary employment in the food manufacturing is expected to have a steady pace until 2016. Still, due to its geographic location, the food jobs in California are in the food processing industry. Generally, there is no inclusive way to cover all aspects of food production and sale. Thus, most job hunters are open in their search of career in the food industry. The California Department of Food and Agriculture is working in partnership with clients seeking to promote workforce satisfaction. In return, the department aims to maintain the quality of employees within the state. So in order to increase employment opportunity, one may take the eligibility examination known as the STEP program. An exam bulletin has been established which classifies job information by the scope of qualifications, position, and salary. The purpose of the program is the speedy expedition of California’s employment process. At present, the food jobs in Los Angeles, California may include but not limited to the following: 1.) Food Safety Quality Auditor. The right candidate shall be working for a leader in providing food safety testing services to food manufacturing and food service companies. The job particularly entails auditing services that is covered by food safety and sanitation, animal welfare and product evaluation. Qualifications involve a related degree in food technology and animal science. 2.) Sales Representative. Companies are looking for passionate individuals who are primarily responsible for revenue growth. Applicants must have a prove track record of success in technical sales and with strong leadership skills. The primary emphasis for the job is to build a long term business relationships with existing clients. 3.) Cook. The successful applicant shall be working under the direction of the food service director. He or she shall be responsible for preparation of food items for the salad bar. In addition, he or she shall train students under straining. The ideal candidate must be willing to work on holidays with at least one year experience in the kitchen and must have high standards for food quality. 4.) General Manager. Manage all aspects of food and beverage operation of a multipurpose purpose sports arena in Downtown Los Angeles. Other interests are grocery store manager, food processing worker, food technologist, butcher, nutritionist, waiter/waitress, For further information for food jobs in Los Angeles, California, an applicant may refer to the website of the California Department of Food and Agriculture or sites for job search engines that may or may not be especially made for California job seekers.

Tips California Food Jobs and Employment

Albeit recession, the workforce that covers California food jobs remains undiminished. The Golden State’s employment market managed to maintain work opportunities. By marketing your talents and skills effectively, looking for jobs in Los Angeles, CA will just be a walk in the park. Just master the following tips for the right career: 1. Map out what you want to do and plan your time. The time to set out this task is now. List down your interests, trainings, job experience inside and outside school, your hobbies and other personal activity in relation to what you want to pursue as a career. Knowing these before hand will guide you in filling out job applications, making your resume, cover letters and answering questions in the interview. Then make a plan of action. A time table can give you a better picture of where you want to go with your future. 2. Use the best sites to find jobs. Once, your priorities are clear, you may use websites to find California food jobs. Among the advertised openings, choose what matches on your list and outline them according to what best suits you, what is accessible from your place, and what is convenient for training and experience. There are job search engine sites that specially targets California job seekers. They allow users to search easil y by association, job description and location. You can then proceed with making schedules to send out your application online and making a follow up in person as soon as you can. 3. Send out the right resume and cover letter. Resumes helps employers get an applicant’s comprehensive profile objectively without the has sle asking the questions they would need to ask you personally. While an application letter may give you a partisan introduction of yourself, a resume and a cover letter giv es out a professional message. In preparing your resume, it is essential to have a prior knowledge on the job you are applying for. Matching the requirements the company needs will give you the edge from among the other candidates. Giving out a long list of skills and experience unrelated to th e skills and training needed for the job will only bore the recruiter. Make sure to leave room for discussion. For best resumes and cover letters, you may order them online. There are writers who can write a resume especially for you. 4. Follow up on leads and use a professional network. As soon as possible, take time to follow up on leads. Be prepared for an interview anytime and answer direct questions. Moreover, a grea t way to get information for California food jobs and employment is by word of mouth. Tell your friends that you are looking for a job. Apart from their news, their recommendation may also help you get the job. 5. Ace the interview. The difference in the success of applications is mostly in the interview rather than in the exams. So it is important to make a razor sharp mark when you are invited for a discussion of your qualifications. No matter how many advise you get from magazines or websites and however funny unconventional interviews are in the movies, the formal rules of an interview never goes out of fashion. Hence, in looking for jobs in Los Angeles, California, remember to be confident.

Food Jobs in Oregon is Stable
Food processing in the manufacturing industry is the third largest employer in Oregon. The states has the widest range of agricultural products in the world. Job seekers who are looking forward to applying for food jobs in Portland, Oregon would be happy to note that 10% of the state’s economy are made up by agriculture and food processing. Setting the goal in of the companies in this line of business is a sure way towards getting employed. To date, the hiring outlook in manufacturing has been in steady increase. This is a confirmation to the prediction of two years ago that it will trend upward. As of June year this year, the Manpower Employment Outlook survey shows that 22% of over 18, 0000 employers in the United States are looking to expand their workforce. This is the highest increase projection of employment the 7.7% of employment rate in December, 2008. In lieu, the manufacturing sector has a positive outlook with the non-durable goods, up for 14% and 13% for durable goods. Staff levels are expected to remain stable in food manufacturing. Food jobs in Portland, Oregon increased as the hiring rate increased in all 50 major metros in the country. Indicators like job listings experienced a noticeable growth. Presently, there are over 191, 482 vacancies for applicants for the food industry and 230, 467 for manufacturing. Portland is estimated to have a ratio of three unemployed persons vying for one position. The outlook for this quarter, however, shows that employers continue to hire, augmenting almost 72% of the company locations nationwide. While a number of manufacturing companies in the construction sector shrank, jobs in the food industry continue to hold their ground like the Reser’s fine Foods, Kettle foods, Bob’s Red Mill, etc., because consumers are now looking forward to green and healthy. Thus, due to Oregon’s dependable agricultural products, buyers are assured of authentic and quality food. Recognized in the world as a food innovator, Oregon food jobs and employment is far from declining. As the leader in setting th e standard of quality measurement for agricultural production, the state collaborates with the industry for higher revenue. Its strategic location three hundred miles from the Pacific Rim makes it convenient for manufacturing companies to export their products contributing to why the state is one of the top 10 earners of exports per capita nationwide. Also, it is the key factor for a steady rate of employment in the manufacturing sector. Accordingly, Oregon’s local officials assist food processors enjoy strong environmental protection of water and land resource s. This allows food companies appreciate low business taxes. In turn, investors feel welcomed and encouraged to expand their workforce creating an income of almost $ 6.1 billion. On the other hand, Oregon food jobs and employment, is where you will surely get hired because it is the food industry that has put the state on the map. Oregon is home to producers of Oregon Blue cheese, 100 brewing companies and 400 wineries. Starting a relevant career will not be a problem. Profitability for investors are not the only focus of the lawmakers of the state. Their primary concern is making sure that employment rate decreases. Food Jobs in Oregon includes those with Portland’s Tastemakers:

     

Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store Flying Fish company Salt, Fire & Time Trailhead Coffee Roasters The Woodsman Market

Is it better to attend culinary school or work in a restaurant first in TX for Food Jobs & Employment?
Have you had a conversation with your peers as to what comes first chicken or egg question? This question goes the same with culinary school or work at restaurant first. Let’s take a look on both side of the coin. SCHOOL FIRST Culinary arts are the art of preparing and cooking foods. The word “culinary” is defined as something related to, or connected with, cooking. Getting a Culinary Arts degree is not just about learning to cook. It’s a combination of cooking classes and business classes related to the food industry. You won’t learn how to cook for your family; instead you’ll learn how to cook in restaurants and for larger groups of people. It’s serious business; you’ll have to take food safety courses, culinary math, as well as numerous purchasing classes, all of which can be pretty boring if all you want is to learn how to have dinner parties with rave reviews. Most of the people who have food jobs in EL Paso think that If you have experience before you go to school, it gives you an edge on learning so you can absorb things that you may be familiar with but not quite confident in. Start with school, get the tools you need and remember that the on-the-job training is really how you learn what the food industry in EL Paso, TX is all about. If you can combine both, like working during a schoo l break, it’s even better. School is supposed to teach you the basics. The chef [will] teach you to connect what you learn. Now adays it’s important to study first, and then go. Most of the Famous chefs in EL Paso would recommend culinary school first before getting a food job. It gets you prepared in the sense of seeing the reality of what you’re going into. It also helps you unde rstand a lot of culinary terms that we use. RESTAURANT FIRST Some think it’s great to go into a TX restaurant first to make sure it’s actually something you want to do before accepting a ny food Jobs & employment. Culinary school’s a pretty big investment i n time and money. If you work in a restaurant first you would be able to gauge if the you like it or not. If you don’t love it, you’ll never make it. You have to live it, eat it and breathe it. And when you go t o school, you learn things, and you learn a lot, but you need to see whether you’re suited for it. And you can’t tell until you get out there and work in the field. Work ing at a restaurant gives you all the tools to learn before you get [out] there. Whatever your decide, going to culinary school or work at the restaurant first is not a decision to make lightly. If you are passionate about food and want the extra push to help break your way in the food job industry in El Paso, TX that you’ve always wanted and don’t mi nd paying for it, then Culinary Arts degree will be a good investment for you. On the other hand, if you’re okay with starting at the bottom and working hard, you can achieve the same results in about the same amount of time without even going to a culinary school.