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{The Ritual}

*{First of if you are Luciferian, you may sub out Satan for Lucifer for we are all free within the Kingdom} *{Also you may choose to select your own preference of any of the Enochian Keys}

{First: Bathe before the ritual / you also may choose to bathe in Sea Salt...{This shows Respect} {Focus your energies and your Will towards your goals of this evening} {Parchment, for any written purposes} {A burn bowl/ritual bowl} {Your Sword or an Athame} {The symbol of Baphomet upon or on your altar wall/Inverted Pentagram} {Light Dragons Blood Incense 10 to 15 minutes before starting the ritual} {Till it fill's the room with incense} {Dress for Ritual, Black Robe and Inverted Pentagram} {Light 5 Black Candles, and draw an inverted pentagram on the ground, now placing the black candles at each point/end of the star-The circle must be big enough for you to stand in comfortably and with out knocking down any of the candles or catching the room on fire} {Fill your chalice-I personally use a fine red wine, my personal choosing is a Chianti Reserva 2006}

*{The Ritual, opening the Cardinal Gates} *{Note, if you wish to substitute other infernal names then feel free to do so again the choice is yours} *Now begin ringing the Bell 9 times in a counterclockwise wise direction to Open} {Begin with the west} 270 degrees, is a perfect cardinal measurement of true West, for you that wish to know.

*Leviathan from the West, I call forth thee from thy Infernal Smoldering Abyss. *Satan from the South, I call forth thee thy Infernal Majesty of Hell and of the Black Flame. *Belial from the North, I call forth thee from thy Infernal casums of earth. *Lucifer from the East, I call forth thee bearer of light, spirit of the air, personification of enlightenment. {Again 9 times total no more no less than, until you finish back to WEST, and on the 9th cardinal point linger the Bell's echoing sound gently over the alter untill its slowly fades...}

{Now open with and read the INVOCATION TO SATAN }

*{In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi}

In the name of Satan ruler of the earth, King of Hell, Satan God of my indomitable WILL, Satan mighty Liberator Lord of Darkness, Satan who has created Us to reflect thy own image. I invite the forces of darkness to bestow thy Infernal blessing upon me on this sacred night. Fill me with wisdom, truth, and understanding, keep guard over me, guide my Black Flame that burns deep within me from thyself Oh Mighty Lord of Darkness. For I Shall abide always in thee Satan with Praise and Honor for all Eternity.

*{You are also free to create your own Invocation}

{Hail Satan}!

*In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the earth, the King of the world. I ask you on this sacred night that I may be blessed by this infernal baptism in the name of Satan.

I ask now open wide the gates of Hell and come forth now to witness this sacred event and greet me from the abyss as your child.

I {Your full Name} {Now take the {Unholy Water}-{Iron Dragon War Water} Infernally and masterfully created by: The Founder of The Order Of The Dragon, The Temple of Theistic Satanism, {SSA} The Satanic Security Agency {AGM James L. Nicholson} and tracing slowly an inverted pentagram on your forehead and sealing it with the circle} *{If you wish to choose an Inverted Cross, then that's fine too I only choose the Inverted Pentagram because it is distinct and I personally favor it}

{And say this}: With this Unholy water {IDWW} or your choice of words: I do pronounce thyself baptized in thy Masters Honor, Satan Mighty God and King of this world, Lord of Darkness.

{Iron Dragon War Water} Created by: {AGM} James L. Nicholson II} This formula, creates a potent and powerful anointing liquid, be it for spiritual warfare, blessing or cursing. I created this myself, and have no inspiration for doing so save the Black Flames guidance. {The making} It takes at least 1 day to make.. You need Iron dust can be found at machine shops or metal working facilities Cursed or Infernally Blessed Water ordinary water which you have invoked the power of the infernal into. I gave it two names due to the syntax of the working mage being different than others. Spent Dragons Blood Incense at least a teaspoonful This incense is highly potent in spiritual and infernal workings. The incense you should use is the incense you burn during the blessing or cursing of the Iron water. Spent Nag Champa Incense quarter teaspoon -same as with the Dragons Blood {Simple Process} Once the iron dust is in the water and you have burned your incense, take the ashes and mix them, and the iron water in a glass vial or bottle of some sort.. Preferably with a cork Any particular invocation of the Infernal works with this, and finish the invocation by pouring the completed product into the vial or bottle. Shake before each use and be prepared for its effects. Very powerful. Side note I make iron water with 100 year old coffin nails in C/IB water, it sits for months as the iron powders into the water. Powerful enough, but I made this for more effect and more power. *Warning: using IDWW is not for the weak minded or falsely led. It is powerful if used properly but is not some sort of magic wish grantor. Just because you use this water does not mean you will get everything you ever dreamed. This formula will be most effective at divination of will from the deity, spiritual defense in warfare, warding off negative entities (real or manmade) and protecting ones mind and property. If used incorrectly and even unjustly, your results may be disastrous You have been warned. Now, by the forces of darkness I proclaim that I have now sealed in eternity my baptism; and by the powers of Satan which are irrevocable. I'm forever baptized as His! I'm now baptized in thy name Satan, your Infernal Majesty. Bestow unto me your Infernal blessings on this wondrous night. By all the Demons of the Pit, I also ask for your Infernal blessings, in the name of Satan and now consecrate my own temple this unholy body, mind and soul in thy name my Lord Satan.

Drinking from the chalice now and recite the following Verse:

{To Satan with pride in thy heart as a True child of the black flame and with dignity in my soul, I humbly, graciously and respectfully have this drink, In your Honor Satan; and your Demons}. {Hail Satan}!

*{If you have written any prayers of thanks, this is now where you would read them and then burn them by the black flame and then place it in your burn bowl/ or you may read one of the Enochian Keys the choice is yours again} *{The Eighteenth Enochian Key} The Eighteenth Enochian Key opens the gates of Hell and casts up Satan and his blessings. *{Enochian} Ilasa micalazoda olapireta ialpereji beliore: das odo Busadire Oiad ouoaresa caosago: casaremeji Laiada eranu berinutasa cafafame das ivemeda aqoso adoho Moz, od maoffasa. Bolape como belioreta pamebeta. Zodacare od Zodameranu! Odo cicale Qaa. Zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe Saitan! *{The Eighth Enochian Key} Refers to the emergence of the Satanic Age. *{Enochian} Bazodemelo i ta pi-ripesonu olanu Na-zodavabebe ox. Casaremeji varanu cahisa vaugeji asa berameji balatoha: goho IAD. Soba miame tarianu ta lolacis Abaivoninu od azodiajiere riore. Irejila cahisa da das pa-aox busada Caosago, das cahisa od ipuranu telocahe cacureji oisalamahe lonucaho od Vovina carebafe? NIISO! bagile avavago gohon. NIISO! bagile mamao siasionu, od mabezoda IAD oi asa-momare poilape. NIIASA! Zodameranu ciaosi caosago od belioresa od coresi ta beramiji.

ie.My...*{Infernal Sermon} Lord Satan, You who called me from the darkness in my youth, Satan, You who gave me freedom from the predictable life, Satan, You who comfort me now in my twilight years, Make yourself known to those who would know you. Satan, You who rule that which is. Lord Satan, enemy of that which is expected of us by fools, Satan, insouciant force of eternal being, Make yourself available to those who would receive you, let the black flame which burns eternally in all of us; for we are One. I exercise dominion over all creatures and over the affairs of ALL who are under the protection of My Image. I'm ever present to help ALL who trust in me and call upon me in times of need. There is NO place in the universe that knows Not my presence. Satan, I call to you from the deepest parts of my heart, I praise your name with every breath of my body, I worship you with every fibre of my being. For you've shown me what true strength is. Bestow upon me, Satan, the characteristics of the Dragon. Overwhelming strength, vanquishing all weakness. Uncompromising power, to manifest my Will. A fierce presence, in the face of mine enemies. Lord Satan, Force of thy indomitable WILL. For I place my affairs in the hands of those whom I, have tried and who are in accordance with my desires! Satan LIVES in our blackened souls, for We live every day in his infernal grace, the grace of OUR GOD, SATAN! Children of the black flame take heed this call:Never give up! Never give in! And bow down to no mortal! For our infernal Will shall echo throught eternity.

{let us Pray; to thy Infernal God Satan} Hail Satan! Full of Power, Hell is with Thee. For on your children's lips echo's the voice to truth. Blessed art thou, of the black flame and blessed are thy spawn, The Children of Hell we are thy WILL. Satan, Lord of Darkness, Give Us Strength, that we may be led to greatness in word,deed and WILL! {Ave Satana}! {Hail Satan}!

Now Kneel before thy altar; and focus on the ritual that has taken place on this sacred night, this is a time for contemplation and being one with the sanctuary that lies within oneself. *{Now, turning "Clockwise" Close the ritual baptism by ringing the Bell striking it once and echoing it over each cardinal point} *Now say: {So it has Been Done}!


*{As in the beginning so shall it be in the end, but this time just without words ring the Bell in each cardinal point 9 time's}

*{Now thank again, for what has taken place here tonight and thank Satan and the demons of Hell}

*{Lastly, extinguish gently the flames of the candles and if still burning allow incense to to slowly respectfully end the ritual.

*{Now you are Baptized In the name of his Majesty Satan} {Hail Satan} {Hail The Great Dragon} {Hail The Order of The Dragon} {Hail The Black Flame} {De Ortu Populi Satanae} {Concordia Cum Veritate Capax Infiniti}

By: {Selene Flavius Nazgul}