Michael G. Schurmann Announces New Season at Christmasshortstory.com Christmasshortstory.

com for the fifth year in the row will post a seasonal short story beginning on November 1st and the final free story on December 24th. San Antonio, TX, October 23, 2013 -- Michael G. Schurmann, CEO, janitor and Sant a Claus impersonator is pleased to announce that Christmasshortstory.com is read y, for the fifth year in a row, to help you make this the best Christmas ever. B eginning November 1, 2013, visitors will again find a short Christmas story of t he day published for their reading pleasure. Many of these stories will be remin ders from the past, and elicit specific memories from childhood. Others may not be as familiar, but they will stir up emotions that some people may have forgott en they could experience. Anyone wishing to begin new Christmas traditions with their own children, or fin d a way to develop ones similar to those they enjoyed as they were growing up sh ould take a look at what Christmasshortstory.com has to offer. There is just som ething special about the awe on children's faces as short stories are read, espe cially when those stories have a moral lesson to impart. This is what Michael G. Schurmann is trying to do. He wants to bring something special into the lives o f readers. After four successful seasons publishing short Christmas stories on this site, i t is clear that there is a demand for a way to keep the traditions going. There will be 54 stories in all, published at Christmasshortstory.com for anyone to re ad. The stories will all culminate in the greatest story of all; the Birth of Ch rist published December 24th, just in time for Christmas Eve. You may go to the site to read, or simply enter your email address in the handy form provided so that you can pull them up any time you want and save them if yo u wish. Some of these stories are more than a hundred years old. This is certain ly the case with the story "Papa Panov's Special Christmas" by Leo Tolstoy, whic h was likely written somewhere around 1890. These are more than just short stori es, because most of them have a special lesson about character to impart. While you are on the site, whether reading stories or signing up for our mailing list, Michael would like to invite you to take a look at our Christmas store. I t is filled with items that will help make this an extra special holiday season. Why not shop here for everything you need? It will make Christmas shopping easi er. If you would like more information about how you too can build some great Christ mas traditions, contact Michael G. Schurmann at info@christmasshortstory.com or give him a call 210-416-8710. You can also go to christmasshortstory.com to sign up. Michael wishes you a Merry Christmas. Contact: Michael G Schurmann Christmasshortstory.com 5150 Broadway PMB #291 San Antonio, TX 78209 210-416-8710 info@christmasshortstory.com http://christmasshortstory.com/

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