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com/ 1) Hybrid library deals with (A) Print Collection (B) Digital Collection

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above

2) Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) is now looked after by? (A) UNESCO (B) CILIP (C) ALA (D) OCLC 3) Which type of books should be weeded in a library? (A) Superseded editions (B) Theasurus (C) Dictionary 4) The standard size of a catalogue card is (A) 12.5 cm X 7.5 cm (B) 12 cm X 7 cm

(D) Encyclopaedia

(C) 11 cm X 5 cm

(D) 10 cm X 4 cm

5) The Library of Congress Classification system divides human knowledge into (A) 20 major classes. (B) 21 major classes. (C) 25 major classes. (D) 30 major classes. 6) The Delivery of Books (Public Libraries) Act, 1954 was not implemented in (A) Assam (B) Jammu and Kashmir (C) Haryana (D) Delhi 7) Who invented World Wide Web (WWW) (A) Vint Cerf (B) Charles Babbage (C) Tim Berners-Lee

(D) Steve Jobs

8) According to General Financial Rules, 2005, loss of how many volumes per thousand volumes issued / consulted in a year is to be taken as reasonable. (A) Three (B) Four (C) Five (D) Six 9) According to Ranganathan, many collections lose its relevance in how many years? (A) 20 years. (B) 30 years (C) 40 Years (D) 50 years 10) Annual withdrawals from the collection should average at least how many percent of the total collection. (A) 5% (B) 10% (C) 15% (D) 20% 11) The standard size of a catalogue card is (A) 5 inch X 3 inch (B) 4 inch X 3 inch

(C) 4 inch X 4 inch

(D) 3 inch X 3 inch

12) IFLA Head office located at (A) Paris, France (B) Netherlands, in The Hague (C) Canada 13) The head office of Indian Library Association (ILA) is (A) Delhi (B) Kolkata (C) Bangalore (D) Mumbai 14) The word “Archives” is most relevant to (A) Historical material (B) National bibliography 15) The word “Referral service” is most relevant to (A) Database search service (B) Inter Library Loan (D) Retrospective searching

(D) London

(C) Free of charge

(D) Family members

(C) Information scouting

16) Which of the following is a Library Management Software? (A) LibSys 7 (B) EPrints (C) Joomla 17) Which of the following is an Open Source Software? (A) E-Granthalaya (B) SOUL 2.0 (C) Koha (D) LibSys 7 18) Which of the following is a Secondary source of information? (A) Journal (B) Text book (C) Bibliography of Bibliography

(D) Drupal

(D) Bibliography

19) First generation computer uses (A) Microprocessor (B) Transistors (C) Integrated circuits (D) Thermionic valves or vacuum tube or electronic valves 20) Shannon and Weaver related to (A) Psycho-biology of language: An introduction to dynamic philosophy (B) Information is data of value to decision making (C) Mathematical Theory of Information (D) Bradfords Law of Information 21) Delivery of Books (Public Libraries Act) enacted in (A) 1977 (B) 1944 (C) 1967 (D) 1954 22) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan related to (A) The disciple of Melvil Dewey who worked in India (B) The first professionally qualified university librarian in India (C) He for the first time in India, DDC and AACR rule introduced. (D) The first librarian of the Imperial Library (now National Library, Kolkata) 23) First university to introduce MPhil and PhD in LIS in India (A) Aligarh Muslim University (B) University of Calcutta (D) University of Madras 24) UGC Curriculum Development Committee formed in (A) 1993 (B) 1991 (C) 1968 (D) 1989 25) Second generation computer uses (A) Thermionic valves or vacuum tube or electronic valves (C) Integrated circuits

(C) University of Delhi

(B) Microprocessor (D) Transistors

26) Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine related to (A) Sears List of Subject Heading (B) Library of Congress Classification System (C) UDC (D) Dictionary Catalogue 27) CCF was developed by (A) UNESCO (B) IFLA


(D) Library of Congress

28) Berne Convention and Universal Copyright Convention was revised in Paris in (A) 1949 (B) 1952 (C) 1971 (D) 1931

29) The UNESCO Public Library Manifesto was last revised in (A) 1956 (B) 1931 (C) 1972 (D) 1994 30) Which of the following is a social network? (A) BUBL Link (B) LIS Links (C) Intute 31) Peter A. Phyor related to (A) Ranganathan formulated his first law of library from his casual hint. (B) Library legislation (C) Living with book (D) Zero Based Budget 32) Koha was developed at (A) Katipo Communications ltd., New Zealand (B) University of Waikato, New Zealand. (C) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) libraries & Hewlett-Packard labs (D) Wikimedia Foundation 33) C. W. Hanson (A) Categorized information need into current approach, everyday approach, and exhaustive approach. (B) Divides documentary sources of information into primary and secondary. (C) Divides documentary sources of information into primary, secondary and tertiary. (D) Classified documentary sources of information into Conventional, Neo Conventional, Non Conventional and meta document. 34) The First and Oldest University Library was established in British India at (A) University of Delhi (B) Calcutta University (C) Aligarh Muslim University (D) University of Madras 35) Deleted email can be found in the (A) Trash folder (B) Inbox folder 36) RDA related to (A) Classification


(C) Starred folder

(D) Spam folder

(B) Cataloguing

(C) Searching

(D) Browsing

37) George Kingsely Zipf related to (A) Psycho-biology of language: An introduction to dynamic philosophy (B) Mathematical Theory of Information (C) Information is data of value to decision making (D) Bradfords Law of Information 38) WIPO was established by the WIPO Convention in (A) 1977 (B) 1944 (C) 1954 (D) 1967 39) Alireza Noruzi related to (A) Application of Ranganathan's Laws to the Web (B) The disciple of Melvil Dewey who worked in India (C) Our Singular Strengths (D) The first librarian of the Imperial Library (now National Library, Kolkata)

Nihar Ranjan Roy related to (A) Application of Ranganathan's Laws to the Web (B) The first professionally qualified university librarian in India (C) He for the first time in India. Non Conventional and meta document. secondary and tertiary. Kolkata) 48) Dr. DDC and AACR rule introduced. 42) The Head Office of IASLIC located at (A) Kolkata (B) Delhi (C) Mumbai (D) Chennai 43) Reference and information service is most relevant to (A) Referral Service (C) CAS (B) SDI (D) Retrospective searching 44) Which of the following is an Institutional Repository Software Package? (A) Joomla (B) EPrints (C) Koha (D) Drupal 45) Which of the following is a Tertiary Sources of Information? (A) Journal (B) Bibliography (C) Encyclopaedia (D) Bibliography of Bibliographies 46) First library act was enacted in Great Britain in (A) 1847 (B) 1850 (C) 1867 (D) 1840 47) Michael Gorman related to (A) Application of Ranganathan's Laws to the Web (B) The disciple of Melvil Dewey who worked in India (C) Our Singular Strengths (D) The first librarian of the Imperial Library (now National Library. (B) Library legislation (C) Living with book (D) Zero Based Budget 41) Denis Grogan (A) Categorized information need into current approach. in The Hague (C) London (D) England 50) M. Yovits related to (A) Psycho-biology of language: An introduction to dynamic philosophy (B) Information is data of value to decision making (C) Mathematical Theory of Information (D) Bradfords Law of Information . Ross related to (A) Ranganathan formulated his first law of library from his casual hint. (D) Classified documentary sources of information into Conventional. B. (D) The first librarian of the Imperial Library (now National Library. Neo Conventional. (C) Divides documentary sources of information into primary.40) E. everyday approach. and exhaustive approach. C. Kolkata) 49) The Head Office of UNESCO located at (A) Paris. France (B) Netherlands. (B) Divides documentary sources of information into primary and secondary.

M. secondary and tertiary. C. everyday approach. . Neo Conventional. (B) Library legislation (C) Living with book (D) Zero Based Budget 61) Which of the following is not a Learning Management System (LMS) (A) Moodle (B) Claroline (C) Drupal (D) ATutor 62) DSpace was developed at (A) Katipo Communications Ltd. (C) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) libraries & Hewlett-Packard labs (D) Wikimedia Foundation 63) Melvin J. (D) Classified documentary sources of information into Conventional. (C) Divides documentary sources of information into primary. and exhaustive approach. Science Course was introduced in (A) Aligarh Muslim University (B) University of Calcutta (C) University of Delhi (D) University of Madras 53) J. Non Conventional and meta document. Hanson related to (A) Sears List of Subject Heading (C) UDC (B) Library of Congress Classification System (D) Dictionary Catalogue 54) Third generation computer uses (A) Microprocessor (B) Transistors (D) Thermionic valves or vacuum tube or electronic valves (C) Integrated circuits 55) Fourth generation computer uses (A) Microprocessor (B) Thermionic valves or vacuum tube or electronic valves (C) Transistors (D) Integrated circuits 56) UNIMARC was developed by (A) UNESCO (B) IFLA (C) FID (D) Library of Congress 57) Universal Copyright conventions was in (A) 1949 (B) 1952 (C) 1971 (D) 1931 58) The UNESCO Public Library Manifesto first issued in (A) 1949 (B) 1952 (C) 1971 (D) 1931 59) Which of the following is not a web browser? (A) Firefox (B) Internet Explorer (C) Google Chrome (D) DMOZ 60) Haines related to (A) Ranganathan formulated his first law of library from his casual hint.51) The Press and Registration of books Act was enacted in (A) 1847 (B) 1850 (C) 1867 (D) 1840 52) First B.Lib. New Zealand. Voigt (A) Categorized information need into current approach. (B) Divides documentary sources of information into primary and secondary. New Zealand (B) University of Waikato.

everyday approach. K. New Zealand (C) University of Waikato. (C) Divides documentary sources of information into primary. Non Conventional and meta document. Ranganathan (A) Categorized information need into current approach. Neo Conventional. secondary and tertiary. Middling and Maximum theories of reference service? (A) C. (D) Wikimedia Foundation 65) Dr. Ranganathan (C) James I Wyer (D) Samuel Rothstein 72) PERT was developed by: (A) The Navy special project office (C) Both (A) and (B) (B) Booz Allen Hamelton (D) None of the above 73) The term hyper text was coined by: (A) Ted Nelson (B) Charles Babbage (C) Tim Berner Lee (D) Tay Vaughan 74) The 12 rules for relational database were given by: (A) Larry Page (B) Linus Tolward (C) J. C. Sen (B) M. (D) Classified documentary sources of information into Conventional. Winchell (B) S. S. F. Bradford 76) Granthana is an official publication of: (A) ILA (B) IASLIC (D) Edgar. Kessler (C) S. and exhaustive approach. M. Ranganathan (C) RRRLF (D) APLA . (B) Divides documentary sources of information into primary and secondary. Bill Gates 75) Bibliographic coupling was first advocated by: (A) B. R. New Zealand. 66) The head office of Good Offices Committee is at (A) Kolkata (B) New Delhi (C) Bangalore (D) Chennai 67) The first university to establish a full-fledged Department of Library Science (A) University of Delhi (B) Calcutta University (C) Aligarh Muslim University (D) University of Madras 68) An Invisible college is a typical example of: (A) Informal channels of communication (B) Formal channels of communication (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above 69) Berne convention was adopted in the year: (A) 1911 (B) 1886 (C) 1900 70) FID was dissolved in the year: (A) 2002 (B) 2005 (D) 1947 (C) 2000 (D) 2003 71) Who had given the Minimal. R. R. Codd (D) S.64) GSDL was developed at (A) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) libraries & Hewlett-Packard labs (B) Katipo Communications Ltd. M.

. moderate and liberal theories of reference service”? (A) William A Katz (B) S. We Lost in Knowledge. Ranganathan (B) S.. 2000 (C) National Knowledge Commission on Libraries. P. 82) Who propounded “Conservative.77) Million Book Project was initiated by: (A) Pittsburg University (B) Carnegie Mellon University (C) MIT. 1986 (B) Information Technology Act. (B) Germany (C) France (D) U. Ranganathan (C) James I. USA (D) Michigan University 78) The quotation “Where is the Wisdom. 2007 (D) None of the above 87) The Library Association (UK) is now the component of (A) ASLIB (B) CILIP (C) ALA 88) Real Time Access refers to (A) Access in advance (C) Access when searched for 89) Theory X and Theory Y relate to (A) Planning (B) Motivation (D) None of the above (B) Access after some time (D) None of the above (C) Innovation (D) None of the above 90) INSDOC has been merged with NISCOM and is now known as (A) DELNET (B) NISCAIR (C) DESIDOC (D) NASSDOC . R.” is by (A) John Keats (B) M. Emery 83) Which national agency in India is assigning the ISBN? (A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Education Resource Centre (B) Delhi Public Library (C) Federation of Publishers in India (D) National Library of India 84) The term „Cyberspace‟ was first used by (A) Andrew Pollock (B) William Gibson (C) John Postal (D) Joe Flower 85) The simple Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) consists of (A) 10 elements (B) 15 elements (C) 14 elements (D) 18 elements 86) “Libraries as Gateways to Knowledge” is the title of the document of (A) National Information Policy.S. Wyer (D) R.K.A. S. Carter (C) T. R. Eliot (D) Marshall McLuhan 79) CONPOLIS (India) was set up in the year (A) 1985 (B) 1986 (C) 1987 (D) 1988 80) First time efforts for the development of libraries in India were made (A) S. Radhakrishnan (C) Sayaji Rao Gaekwad I (D) Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III 81) Emerald full text Database is published from (A) U.

Library software (C) Metadata standard (D) Internet Protocol 101) Information is … (A) Raw data (B) Raw knowledge (C) Input data (D) Organized data 102) „Fair use‟ is a term most relevant to: (A) Intellectual Property Rights (B) Books borrowed for home reading (C) Copy right (D) Use of reference books 103) WIPO stands for: (A) World Information and Patents Organisation (C) World International Property Organisation (B) World Intellectual Property Organisation (D) World Information Protection Organisation 104) Handling of Information in the sense of production is called: (A) Information Marketing (B) Information Industry (C) Information Production (D) Information Revolution 105) BERN CONVENTION (1886) is concerned with: (A) Translations (B) Copyright (C) Patent (D) Standards .R. 2008 94) IASLIC was founded in the year (A) 1955 (B) 1965 95) WorldCat is maintained by (A) Library of Congress (C) American Library Association (C) January. 2006 (D) January. Ranaganathan? (A) Prolegomena to library classification (B) Reference Service (C) Ramanujan: man and the Mathematician (D) Living with Books 98) JSTOR is an online system for archiving and accessing academic journals. 2005 (C) 1975 (D) 1985 (B) Online Library Center (D) None of the above 96) Number of States in India which have enacted Public Library Legislation till date is (A) Eighteen (B) Fourteen (C) Thirteen (D) Sixteen 97) Which publication was not authored by S. It is located in (A) Germany (B) UK (C) USA (D) Budapest 99) „Five Laws of Library Science‟ was first published in (A) 1925 (B) 1930 (C) 1931 (D) 1933 100) What is Dublin Core? (A) Content management tool (B) E.91) ISBN consists of (A) 6 digits (B) 8 digits (C) 13 digits (D) 15 digits 92) Bibliographical coupling is related to (A) Bibliometric studies (B) Bibliography compilation (C) Modes of subject formation (D) Vocabulary control 93) ISBN changed from 10 digits to 13 from (A) January. 2007 (B) January.

Jha (B) K. Martin (C) Beesman (D) None of these (D) French (D) Calvin Moores 116) To which country the credit is given to coin the term information society? (A) USA (B) France (C) Japan (D) India 117) Today information is regarded as which of the following? (A) Wealth (B) Commodity (C) Products 118) What is the unit of information? (A) Bit (B) Byte 119) Delivery of Book Act passed in the year (A) 1963 (B) 1972 (D) All the above (C) Gram (D) Hertz (C) 1960 (D) 1954 120) Now a day‟s what is a most important vital resource for societal development of a country? (A) Books (B) Kowledge (C) Information (D) Data 121) Who is the Father of a computer (A) Steve Jobs (B) Vint Cerf (C) Tim Berners-Lee (D) Charles Babbage 122) Dr. R. (A) American Patent Law 1810 (B) British Patent Law 1852 (C) The Patent Bill (D) The Design Act of 1911 113) Whether intellectual property can be sold.106) Informal communication among knowledgeable person is known as: (A) Invisible College (B) Information Gatekeeper (C) Communication Gatekeeper (D) Knowledge Management 107) Which one of the following is not associated with the communication system? (A) Receiver (B) Channel (C) Sender (D) Entropy 108) The invisible web refers to(A) The internet. S. since we cannot see it (B) That part of the internet. P. Sinha (C) S. (A) No (B) Sale is possible (C) Yes 114) The term communication came from which language? (A) Greek (B) Latin (C) German 115) Who is the propounder of the term information transfer? (A) Ranganathan (B) J. Deshmukh 110) Which organization applied Library and Information Policy in India at national level. (A) NISSAT (B) INSDOC (C) UNESCO (D) RRRLF 111) Where is the head quarter of Patent Information System in India? (A) Pune (B) Mumbai (C) Nagpur (D) Delhi 112) The act enacted in India in 1856 on Intellectual Property Right was based on. S. Ranganathan was appointed as a National research professor of Library science (A) 1942 (B) 1962 (C) 1972 (D) 1952 . Mudaliar (D) C. D. which is hidden from the search engines (C) The telecommunication signals which are not seen (D) The failure in accessing the web pages 109) Who was the chairman of National Library Committee of India? (A) B.

Moore. Bangalore (D) Christ College. S. Reeves.N. Ranganathan Committee (B) Mehrotra Committee (C) Kothari Committee (D) Curriculum Development Committee in LIS 125) UNISIST is a (A) Software (C) Welfare association (B) A Programme (D) A committee 126) Where did Dr. New Delhi (C) City College. Bombay (D) Aligar Muslim University 124) Which Commission recommended 10% of the total college budget for development of Libraries? (A) Dr. Aishen (D) Ranganathan.123) Which Indian University first started M. Rossi. Rundey. Shaffer.D.Sc. Mc Pheron (B) Goode. the holding company for emerald group publishing? (A) 2003 (B) 2005 (C) 2009 (D) 2010 129) Which association`s tagline is “managing information”? (A) IFLA (B) ASLIB (C) ALA (D) LC 130) Which association`s tagline is “connecting people and information”? (A) SLA (B) IFLA (C) ALA (D) COMLA 131) When was the International institute of Documentation established? (A) 1931 (B) 1934 (C) 1940 (D) 1945 132) Which organization has introduced the concept of “Sister libraries” for children`s and young adults reading? (A) UNESCO (B) IFLA (C) LC (D) LA 133) In which year the ISBN allocation office in India shifted from Kolkata to Delhi? (A) 2009 (B) 2010 (C) 2011 (D) 2012 134) Which two organizations jointly publish survey on digitization and preservation? (A) IFLA + UNESCO (B) ALA + UNESCO (C) IFLA + ALA (D) IFLA + LC 135) Who said that “Librarianship is not a profession”? (A) Madden. S. R.Lib. Dewey. Women University.Phil courses (A) University of Delhi (B) University of Madras (C) S. & M. Bangalore 127) When did ILA became the member of IFLA? (A) 1952 (B) 1955 (C) 1957 (D) 1965 128) In which year ASLIB was acquired by MCB group. Ranganathan put forth his five laws of library science? (A) Meenakshi College. Annamalainagar (B) Hindu College. R. Cutter 136) Which organization was joined with Library Association to form CILIP in 2002? (A) Institute of Bibliography (B) Institute of Information Scientists (C) Institute of Documentation (D) Institute of Librarianship 137) In which year International institute of Documentation changed to International federation of Documentation? (A) 1931 (B) 1937 (C) 1945 (D) 1948 138) In which year headquarter of FID was shifted from Brussels to The Hague? (A) 1925 (B) 1928 (C) 1930 (D) 1934 . Moon.T. Gullis (C) Dewey.

139) Who gave the sixth law of library science “Every reader his/her freedom”? (A) Walt Crawford (B) Michael Gorman (C) James R. Rettig (D) Lenart Bjorneborn 140) Where was the first library noticed in India? (A) Taxila (B) Nalanda (C) Vallabhi (D) Sravasti 141) When was the curriculam development committee on LIS instituted? (A) 1988-89 (B) 1990-93 (C) 1994-97 (D) 1999-02 142) Who published the journal International classification? (A) IFLA (B) UNESCO (C) ISKO 143) Which association in India awards teachers in LIS? (A) IATLIS (B) ILA (C) IASLIC 144) Where is the headquarters of SLA? (A) New York (B) Lagos (D) ALA (D) SIS (C) Shimla (D) New Delhi 145) Which law of library Science relates to the growth of libraries (A) Forth law (B) First law (C) Second law 146) UAP stands for what of the following (A) United Academy of publication (C) Universal Availability of Publications. 147) Resource sharing is a part of (A) Library cooperation (C) Library Management (D) Fifth law (B) Universal Association of Publishers (D) Universal Association of Publishers (B) Library Administration (D) Library Cataloging 148) The five laws of Library Science published in the book form in the year (A) 1924 (B) 1931 (C) 1928 (D) 1930 149) Library Technology Report is a publication of (A) ALA (B) IASLIC (C) LA 150) ABGILA is a quarterly publication of (A) Assam Library Association (C) Indian Library Association (D) ILA (B) Andhra Desa Library Association (D) Raja Ram Mohun Roy Foundation 151) When was the American Library Association established (A) 1876 (B) 1872 (C) 1875 (D) 1880 152) Which term was coined by Dr. R. S. Ranganathan for mobile libraries? (A) Moving Library (B) Library on Wheels (C) Library Machine (D) All of above 153) The Librarian Day celebrated on (A) 15th Sep (B) 24th Nov (C) 11th Dec (D) 12th Aug 154) Forms of Extension service (A) Library Websites (B) Library Orientation (C) Book fair and Exhibition 155) The first library school was started by (A) Melvin Dewey (B) Charles Williamson (C) John Macfarlane 156) Encyclopedia of library and Information Science is published by: (A) H. Wilson (B) R. W. Bowker (C) Marcel Dekker (D) All (D) William Allenson Borden (D) Andrew Deutsch . R.

Monbrary Volte (B) Dr. neo conventional and micro documents: (A) Ranganathan (B) Bradford (C) Grogan (D) Henson 159) Article published in research journal are… (A) Reference sources (B) Secondary sources (C) Primary sources 160) What is the Thesaurus? (A) A collection of selected terminology (C) List of words (D) Tertiary sources (B) Synonymous terms (D) All of the above 161) What is a Patent? (A) An agreement to the Government (C) An agreement between inventor and Government (B) Document of the library (D) An agreement between library and Publisher 162) World of learning is a what source of information (A) Primary source (B) Documentary source (D) Tertiary source 163) Indian books in Print are published from (A) Tamil Nadu (B) Chennai 164) Cumulative book index is published from (A) India (B) USA 165) Statesman year book is published from (A) London (B) New York 166) Word of learning is Published by (A) Asian events (B) Keesing‟s 167) Who is the editor of “Library Herald” (A) Krishan Kumar (B) C. Ranganathan (D) F. non conventional. D. Brown (D) Krishan Kumar 171) Indian National Bibliography first appeared in (A) 1947 (B) 1957 (C) 1967 (D) 1937 172) Who is the author of “Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous literature” (A) S. Brown (C) H. R. Ranganathan (C) J. W. Laing (B) Robert Proctor (C) Ralph De sols (D) Hanuman Sastri 173) Compton year book contains (A) Political events (B) Cultural events (C) Outstanding events (D) Economic events . Navlavi (C) World events (D) England events 170) Who is the first editor of “Modern Librarian”? (A) F. Halkett & J. Monbray Volte 168) Who was Published the monthly Journal “The Library World‟ (A) Krishan Kumar (B) J. D. K.157) The secondary source of information comprised of: (A) Text books and research monographs. R. Sharma (C) Secondary source (C) Bombay (D) New Delhi (C) Canada (D) Thailand (C) Calcutta (D) Chicago (C) Europa publication (D) Harper & Row (C) S. (B) Subject periodicals and encyclopedias (C) Indexing and Abstracting periodicals (D) Bibliography and patents 158) Who categorized information source into conventional. Wilson 169) Facts of File is weekly digest of (A) Indian events (B) American events (D) K. S.

(B) Reference and information sources. Wilson company (C) M.documentary sources? (A) Which are in printed form? (C) Which are nor documents (B) Which are in not printed form? (D) None of these 190) Today which type of information sources is most useful? (A) Reference sources (B) Documentary source (D) Both the Documentary and Non-Documentary sources (C) Non. (B) Non-Paper documents (D) Audio visual tools 187) Which of the following is not the documents? (A) Manuscript (B) Book (C) Inscription (D) Periodical 188) Generally the information sources are divided mainly in to following categories? (A) Primary and secondary.Documentary source . (C) Documentary and non-documentary (D) Books and periodicals 189) What are non. etc. CD-ROMs. W.174) Online Europa year book has coverage since (A) 1965 (B) 1975 (C) 1984 175) Which of the following is a multi-subject gateway? (A) Renardus (B) Humbul (C) Sapling (D) 1985 (D) EdWEb 176) Which of the following is a specialized information organization online tool? (A) Mamma (B) Dogpile (C) Vivisimo (D) Entireweb 177) Research periodicals are which category of sources? (A) Primary (B) Secondary (C) Tertiary 178) Reference sources are those (A) Which are large in size? (C) Which used to obtain particular information? (D) Non documentary (B) Which are read at home easily? (D) Which are costly? 179) Who is the publisher of Encyclopedia of Library and information science? (A) Boweker (B) H. Dekker (D) H. Wilson 180) Retrospective search service is a type of (A) Referral service (B) Reference service (C) CAS (D) SDI 181) Which part of new encyclopedia Britannica is useful for ready references? (A) Macropaedia (B) Propaedia (C) Micropaedia (D) Premedia 182) Year book are also known as (A) Hand book (B) Annual 183) What is India: A reference annual? (A) Year Book (B) Almanac (C) Directory (D) Dictionary (C) Gide book (D) Hand book 184) What is Trade bibliography? (A) List of Author Bibliography (C) List of books in print or for sale compiled by a publisher 185) Who publishes INIS Atom Index? (A) INIS (Viena) (B) LC (B) List of Special Bibliography (D) List of books of trade Library (C ) ICSU (D) AGRIS 186) What is the meaning of E-Documents? (A) All Documents other than printed (C) In electronic form such as Cassettes. W.

? (A) Globe (B) Gazetteer (C) Atlas (D) Map 196) How many volumes Micropaedia of new Encyclopedia Britannica is published? (A) 2 (B) 10 (C) 11 (D) 12 197) Encyclopedia Americana consists of (A) 20 Volumes (B) 25 Volumes (C) 28 Volumes (D) 30 Volumes 198) Which of the following are not the secondary sources? (A) Encyclopedia (B) Digest (C) Thesis 199) What is the publication frequency of books in print? (A) Monthly (B) Weekly (C) Annually 200) What is National bibliography? (A) List of books of National Library (C) List of books written by National government (D) Text book (D) Quarterly (B) List of books published in a particular Nation (D) List of books on a nation 201) What is the frequency of I.B. etc. Ranganathan for mobile libraries (A) Moving library (B) Library on wheels (C) Library machine (D) All of the above 205) Abstracting service provides… (A) Abstract of articles (B) Whole bibliographic description of articles (C) Whole bibliographic description along with abstracts of article (D) Whole bibliographic sources 206) Which service demands the creation of a „user‟ profile? (A) CAS (B) Information retrieval (C) SDI (D) Reference service . tables.? (A) Quarterly (B) Monthly 202) „ Facts on File‟ is a (A) Weekly list (B) Fortnightly (C) Weekly (D) Annual (C) Monthly (D) Quarterly 203) The term “Information Service” is an improvised name … (A) Administration (B) Documentation (C) Bibliography (D) Reference service 204) Which terms was coined by S.191) Cover to cover translation is treated as (A) Selective dissemination service (B) Current awareness services (C) On demand services (D) Anticipatory services 192) What is the suitable reference sources to know about the information of a particular place? (A) Directory (B) Gazetteer (C) Encyclopedia (D) Year book 193) What is the suitable reference sources to find out the list of historical monuments of Delhi? (A) Atlas (B) Gazetteer (C) Guide book (D) Globe 194) What is world of learning? (A) Directory (B) Encyclopedia (C) Dictionary (D) Year book 195) What do you call a collection of maps.R. charts.N.

Sayers 219) Who enunciated the subject Classification (A) J. N. Custer (C) Immanuel Kant (D) E. D. S. Brown (B) W. B. story hours. Wyer (D) A. Custer (B) Paul Otlet (C) Dr. A Glossary of library terms 208) CAS is defined as (A) A process of dissemination of information (C) A process of dissemination of current information (B) A process of information (D) A simple information service 209) Feedback mechanism is a part of which service? (A) Reprography service (B) CAS (C) Translation service 210) Mobile library is a kind of which service? (A) Reference service (B) Extension service (D) Long range reference service 211) The person who provides reference service is called (A) Chief librarian (B) Grade One Librarian (D) Reference Librarian (D) SDI (C) Ready reference service (C) Deputy Librarian 212) Reading centre.Custer . Sayers (D) Frist Donker Duyvis (C) Benjamin A. L.207) “Reference service is the contact between the right reader and the right book in the right personal way” was stated by… (A) D J Fockett (B) S R Ranganathan (C) James I. R. Krishna Rao (D) K. C. A. R. C. Cutter 214) What is another name for Added entries? (A) Main entry (B) Cross reference entry 215) When was SLSH published? (A) 1903 (B) 1897 216) When was MARC project completed? (A) 1987 (B) 1967 (C) D. S. Ranganathan (D) W. R. Ranganathan (B) C. S. Raj (C) Secondary entries (D) Subject entry (C) 1923 (D) 1933 (C) 1947 (D) 1968 217) Who defined notation as shorthand sign (A) Dr. exhibition and reading to literature are form of (A) Extension service (B) Service of Public library (C) Both (D) None 213) Who Invented the Dictionary Catalogue? (A) Dr. Richardson 218) Who enunciated the five fundamental categories (A) Benjamin A. C. Ranganathan (B) Benjamin A.

S. Form. Expression. Type (D) Discipline. Entity. W. Comaromi (C) Winton E. A. Item (C) Book. Space (B) Work. Energy. Cutter (D) Library 230) The First edition of DDC Consisted of (A) 144 pages (B) Four volume (C) 44 pages (D) 124 pages 231) What are the four entity of FRBR model? (A) Personality. Manifestation. Mitchell 233) When was the different typological study towards mode of formation of subjects done? (A) 1950 (B) 1960 (C) 1970 (D) 1975 234) In which edition “Auxiliary table for area” was first introduced? (A) DDC 14 (B) DDC 15 (C) DDC 16 (D) DDC 17 . R.220) How many Auxiliary tables are there in DDC 23rd Edition (A) 16 (B) 6 (C) 7 (D) 8 221) Colon classification was first published in (A) 1905 (B) 1931 (C) 1933 (D) 1944 222) Phoenix schedules are part of which classification (A) CC (B) DDC (C) UDC (D) LCC 223) Sear‟s List of Subject Headings (SLSH) is mainly useful for (A) Small and medium libraries (B) Special libraries (C) Academic libraries (D) College libraries 224) In which year DDC 23rd edition was published (A) 2000 (B) 2011 (C) 2003 (D) 2010 225) The word classification comes from the Latin word (A) Classis (B) Classes (C) Clauses (D) Fiction 226) The first edition of DDC published in (A) 1875 (B) 1876 (C) 1874 (D) 1896 227) The first edition of UDC published in (A) 1904 (B) 1901 (C) 1905 (D) 1894 228) Who is the publishers of Sear‟s list of subject headings (A) Dr. Matter. Availability. Custer (B) John P. Ranganathan (B) Brown (C) H. Personality 232) Who is the Editor in Chief of 23rd Edition of DDC (A) Benjamin A. Action. Wilson 229) MESH is a (A) Thesaurus (B) Dictionary (C) Journal (D) C. Matthews (D) John S.

Matthews (C) Winton E. (D) 10000 basic categories 238) Who devised Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System? (A) Melville Dewey (B) Dr.R. Mitchell 242) Who is the Editor in Chief of 20th Edition of DDC (A) Benjamin A. Matthews (C) Winton E. Mitchell 243) Who is the Editor in Chief of 21st Edition of DDC (A) Benjamin A. Drucker (B) Harold Koontz (D) Luther Gulick (C) Winton E. (C) Book Number (D) Class number 241) Who is the Editor in Chief of 19th Edition of DDC (A) Benjamin A. Custer (B) John P. (Management by Objectives) ? (A) 1950 (B) 1960 (C) 1954 (D) 1964 .B. Custer (B) John P. S.O. Drucker defined M.B. Custer (B) John P. S.235) What does LED stands for in CC? (A) Latest Energy Developments (C) Large Energy Distribution (B) Latest Effective Decade (D) Lowest Effective Decade 236) The term prenatal cataloguing first used by (A) Michael Gorman (B) Dr. Comaromi (D) John S. R. Matthews (C) Winton E. Comaromi (D) John S. Comaromi (D) John S.Ranganathan (C) E. Taylor 246) When Peter F. Mitchell 244) Who is the Editor in Chief of 22nd Edition of DDC (A) Benjamin A. Ranganathan (C) Tim Berners-Lee (D) Vint Cerf 239) Call Number of a Book Means (A) Book Number (B) Class Number (D) None of the above (C) Both (A) and (B) are true 240) Accession Number means (A) Call Number of a book (B) Unique Number for a book inside a particular library.Ross (D) Melvin Dewey 237) The Dewey Decimal Classification divides human knowledge into (A) 10 basic categories.W. (C) 1000 basic categories. (B) 100 basic categories. Matthews (C) F. Mitchell 245) “POSDCORB” coined by (A) Peter F. Comaromi (D) John S. Custer (B) John P.

W. Ranganathan (B) P. R. S. S. Taylor (B) Harold Koontz (C) Peter F. Ranganathan (D) Sayers (C) Mc Colvin 248) "To provide the best books to the maximum readers at the least cost" said by (A) Dr.N. Drucker (D) Luther Gulick 253) CPM (Critical Path Method) is developed by (A) Dupoint Company (B) Aircraft Corporation 254) How many digits have in the ISSN (A) 10 (B) 8 (C) 13 255) Main use of Shelf list is (A) Cataloging (B) Circulation 256) Theory X and Theory Y related to (A) Planning (B) Motivation (C) IIM (D) IBM (D) 15 (C) Stock Verification (D) Book Selection (C) Directing (D) Staffing 257) Which national agency in India is responsible for assigning the ISBN (A) RRRLF (B) BARC (C) NCL (D) National Library of India 258) Zero Base Budgeting system was propounded by (A) Peter F. Kaula (C) E. R. N.247) Who said the demand and supply theory of books? (A) Melvil Dewey (B) Dr. Kaula (C) E.Mayo (D) Melvil Dewey 249) Theory X and Theory Y is developed by (A) Louis Brandeis (B) Douglas Mc Gregor (C) Abraham Maslo (D) Mayo 250) ISBN now consists of how many digits (A) 10 (B) 9 (C) 15 (D) 13 251) Herzberg‟s theory deals with (A) Staffing (B) Directing (C) Motivation (D) Planning 252) Who is the father of Scientific Management (A) F.Mayo 259) When Zero Base Budgeting system was first prepared (A) 1950 (B) 1960 (C) 1970 (D) Pter Phyrr (D) 1980 260) Posting the right person at the right place is called ________ (A) Recruitment (B) Coaching (C) Deployment (D) Induction 261) TQM is a system of continuous improvement employing participative management and centered on needs of the ________ (A) Customers (B) Staff (C) Organization (D) Government . Drucker (B) P.

(A) Programme budget (B) Welfare economics (C) Current budgeting (D) Capital budgeting 266) The library budget of a university is passed by the? (A) Senate (B) Executive Council (C) Academic Council (D) Research Council 267) In fund accounting.262) Financial support given to libraries are of two types . takes items of expenditure for libraries as the working data for allocation of funds. (A) Method of details (B) Per capita method (C) Principle of economy (D) Library budget 265) A budget which mainly covers items of current revenue and expenditure is called __.Brown (B) James Duff Brown (C) John cotton dana (D) S.Recurring and (A) Ad-hoc (B) Endowments (C) Annual (D) Non-recurring 263) Principle of maximum aggregate benefit is concerned with__ (A) Growth of library (B) Library use (C) Library service (D) Library fee 264) ……. _______ fund can not be used for other purposes. R. Ranganathan 271) When was Browne charging system started? (A) 1895 (B) 1896 (C) 1899 (D) 1875 272) Who started New York Charging system? (A) Peter Drucker (B) Elton Mayo (C) John Cotton Dana (D) Auditing (C) Upper and Lower (D) Francis Bacon 273) When did electrically operated book charging system introduced first? (A) 1926 (B) 1905 (C) 1933 (D) 1932 274) How many columns are there in the accession register? (A) 10 (B) 12 (C) 14 (D) 16 275) When was PERT developed? (A) 1958 (B) 1968 (C) 1955 276) Who had invented the MBO? (D) 1948 (B) Frederic Winslow Taylor (D) Kermeth Blanchard (A) Eltomn Mayo (C) Peter Drucker .. (A) Recurring (B) Non-recurring (C) Restricted (D) Encumbering 268) Scrutiny of financial transactions is called (A) Budgeting (B) Programming (C) Accounting 269) What are the two parts of the annual report of the library (A) Primary and Secondary (B) Analytical and Systematic (D) Descriptive and Statistical 270) Who is the pioneer of open access system in British libraries (A) Nine e.

secondary and tertiary. R. K. (A) Registrar (B) Building Corporation (C) Finance Officer (D) Architect 287) ________ are the storage areas for the various types of documents kept in a library.277) PPBS relates to (A) Book selection (B) Journal selection (C) Budgeting (D) Library records 278) The standard “X” and theory “Y” was conceived by (A) Peter F.Drucker (B) Doughlas Mc Gregor (C) Gulik and URwick 279) Zero based budget is concerned with (A) Present (B) Past 280) Who is the father of Classical School (A) Lyndall Urwick (B) Gulick 281) Who coined the word POSDCORB (A) Henri Foyal (B) Luther Gulick 282) Another term of PERT is (A) CPM (B) POSDCORB (D) Taylor (C) Future (D) Remote future (C) Cutter (D) Henri Fayol (C) Herbert (D) Elizabeth stone (C) MBO (D) HRM 283) POSDCORB is related to (A) Library cataloguing (B) Library reference service (C) Library administration (D) Library automation 284) Who introduced Three card system (A) Krishan Kumar (B) C. (A) Tasks (B) Racks (C) Stacks (D) Desks 288) Study carrels are exclusive areas meant for (A) Students (B) Public (C) Women (D) Researchers 289) Library catalogue cards are filed in specially designed drawers called (A) Charging tray (B) Catalogue cabinet (C) Display rack (D) Filling equipment 290) Information Gatekeepers come under ________ sources. (A) Documentary (B) Human (C) Institutional (D) Neo-conventional 291)…………… categorises documents into three types such as primary. R. S. Ranganathan 285) What are the standard size of the Accession Register is (A) 16” * 12” (B) 16” * 13” (C) 16” * 11” (D) 16” * 18” 286) A good library building is an outcome of librarian and. (A) Grogan (B) Skeltor (C) Dr. Sharma (C) Cutter (D) S. Ranganathan (D) Hanson .

(A) Shelving (B) Stock verification (C) Shelf rectification (D) Shifting 304) Outdated and seldom used books are withdrawn from the library is known as ___________. This work is referred to 298) The three card system introduced by Ranganathan are . the personal belongings of a reader is kept in ________ (A) Cloak Room (B) Property Counter (C) Gate counter (D) Store room 303) Books misplaced on the shelves by readers are restored. and (iii)? (A) KARDEX (B) LINDEX (C) Ledger Card (D) Classified Index Card 299) Technical section performs mainly two functions namely classification and (A) Accessioning (B) Bills payment (C) Cataloguing (D) Shelving 300) PRECIS was developed by Derek Austin for use in the (A) BNB (B) INB (C) ISBD (D) ISBN 301) Getting books back from the users and releasing the borrower‟s ticket is known as (A) Charging (B) Holding (C) Reserving (D) Discharging 302) While entering the library.292) ________ is a legal document and can be used as a source of industrial information.” (A) Maximum (B) Medium (C) Least (D) Zero 295) Payments for the books purchased can be made only after (A) Accessioning (B) Classification (C) Cataloguing (D) Arrangement in the shelve 296) The standard size of an accession register is? (A) 15” x 13” (B) 16 x 13” (C) 12” x 5” (D) 5” x 3” 297) ISBN stands for ________ (A) Integrated Services Bibliographic Network (B) Indian Standard Book Number (C) International Standard Book Number (D) International Standard for Book and Non. (A) Proper organization (B) Accessibility (C) Durability (D) Humidity control . ___________ acts as an index to macropaedia. (ii) Check Card.(i) Register Card. (A) Bibliography (B) Introduction Part (C) Propaedia (D) Micropaedia 294) One of the book selection principles states that “the best reading for the largest number at the ……………Cost. (A) Report (B) Law Review (C) Patent (D) Specification 293) In Encyclopaedia Britianica. (A) Shelving (B) Weeding (C) Circulating (D) Guiding 305) The objective of library binding is ________of the library materials.

e. _________ is the strongest leather. (A) Roan (B) Imitation (C) Pig skin (D) Sheep skin 309) ________ has prescribed certain standards for library binding.E. Fosket 312) Linear model of communication in knowledge based on Aristotles‟ model of communication was proposed by (A) Juger Heberman (B) A. (A) Formula (B) Performance (C) Programme (D) Zero-base 318) The library budget of a university is passed by the? (A) Senate (B) Executive Council (C) Academic Council (D) Research Council 319) In fund accounting. 2008 (C) January.306) All part and pages of a volume are correctly sequenced in the first stage of binding process known as? (A) Sewing (B) Guard (C) Pulling (D) Collation 307) Sheets before and after the text of a book are called _________.J. 2005 314) Library Legislation refers to the development of (A) Academic Libraries (B) Special Libraries (C) Public Libraries 315) IASLIC was founded in the year (A) 1955 (B) 1965 (C) 1975 (D) None of the above (D) 1985 316) Calcutta Public Library was established during (A) 15th Century (B) 16th Century (C) 19th Century (D) 20th Century 317)_______ budgeting does not take into account what happened in the past but emphasizes on current activities. _______ fund cannot be used for other purposes. Wells (C) C. (A) Recurring (B) Non-recurring (C) Restricted (D) Encumbering . Brunet (D) A. Weaver (D) G. 2007 (B) January. C. (A) ILA (B) ALA (C) BLA (D) NBT 310) A skillful method of providing means mechanism and structural elements to streamline organizational work is known as _______ (A) Strategic planning (B) Role analysis (C) Work culture (D) Autonomous planning 311) Who is regarded as father of bibliography? (A) Paul Otlet (B) Conrad Gesner (C) J. 2006 (D) January. C.. Shannon & W. Gerbner 313) ISBN changed from 10 digits to 13 from (A) January. (A) End papers (B) Attach cover (C) Head bands (D) Gilding 308) Leather being used as one of the binding materials i. .

psychological factor. library orientation.A. which shows the position of any book on the shelves (A) Bay Guide (B) Authority File (C) Accession List (D) Shelf. (A) Accession Register (B) Day book (C) Catalogue Card 322) The marketing concepts in Library Service include (A) analysis. bibliographic instruction (C) Aptitude test of the users. service factor (C) Service factor. social factor (B) Self factor. implementation and control (B) advertising. enunciation of DDC classification scheme. They are (A) Psychological factor. control and implementation. implementation (D) Indexing. environmental factor. user's awareness.e. user's awareness (D) Bibliographic instruction. were noticed i. planning. . service factor. analysis and control (C) distribution. 330) The first centre to use computer in the library and information activities in India is (A) DESIDOC (B) INSDOC (C) DRTC (D) UGC 331) User education may be provided in four interrelated areas which are (A) User's awareness. computer literacy.320) Scrutiny of financial transactions is called (A) Budgeting (B) Programming (C) Accounting 321) ________ is one of the records of circulation section. Madras (C) Delhi Public Library. library orientation. planning. user studies. use of cataloguing. planning. control. philosophical factor. Calcutta.List 326) Three great achievements in U. bibliographic instruction (B) User's awareness. Delhi (D) National Library of India. library orientation. self factor (D) Technological factor. analysis.S. self factor 324) Physical condition of the books should be property maintaine(D) This is known as (A) Collation (B) Conservation (C) Shelf-arrangement (D) Organization 325) ________ is an important record of books. inter-profiling. inter-profiling. which one is the oldest library? (A) Asiatic Society Library. formation of American Library Association and the publication of 1stJournal of the librarianship in the year (A) 1857 (B) 1859 (C) 1876 (D) 1901 327) Books lost from the library are known through ________ (A) Stock verification (B) Charging and discharging (C) Shelf list (D) Accession Register 328) LA is the Library Association of (A) Manipur (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Great Britain (D) Canada 329) Of the following libraries in India. Bombay (B) Connemara Public Library. (D) Auditing (D) AACR-2 (R) 323) There are a few basic factors which may be applied in winning the hearts of the readers. .

user's study. Lancaster (C) Ted Nelson 338) Which generation computers uses integrated circuits (ICs)? (A) First (B) Second (C) Third (D) Fourth 339) The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) belongs to ____________________ (A) 2nd Generation Computers (B) 3rd Generation Computers (C) 4th Generation Computers (D) 5th Generation Computers 340) Computer memory is measured in ____________________ (A) Bytes (B) Kilobytes (C) Megabytes (D) Tim Berner's Lee (D) All of the above 341) The term "Cyberspace" was first used by _________________ (A) Andrew Pollock (B) William Gibson (C) John Postal (D) Joe Flower 342) The term hypertext was coined by whom? (A) Ted Nelson (B) Vannevan Bush (C) John Brown (D) J. W. orientation. service.332) 'Fair use' is the norm for determining the legality of (A) Producing the second edition of a book (B) Photocopying an entire book (C) Making available a book to another library on inter-library loan (D) Prescribing a book as a text book. Kith . orientation. 335) PR stands for (A) Indian Press Registration (C) International Property Right (B) Intellectual Property Right (D) Indian Property Regulations. delivery of the query's reply (C) Orientation. photocopy supplied (D) Preparation. 334) ________ is a process of helping employees in an organization to acquire new skills and competence on a continuing basis (A) Total Quality Management (B) Management Information System (C) Financial Resources Development (D) Human Resources Development. delivery of the query's reply. 333) Generally a reference service of a library in the conventional form is processed through the stages which are (A) Preparation. assimilation (B) Indexing. 336) On which of the following technologies semantic web is not based? (A) RDF (B) Ontologies (C) Cloud seeding (D) URI 337) World Wide Web (WWW) was first designed by whom? (A) Charles Babbage (B) F. C.

BASIC and PROLOG (C) FOTRAN.343) What are three types of basic languages used in computer programming? (A) Zero. PL/I and SNOWBOL (D) Machine. low and high levels (B) COBOL. Assembly and high level lannguages 344) When CD-ROM was prepared and made? (A) 1985 (B) 1982 (C) 1980 (D) 1977 345) In how many ways switching system can be established? (A) Two (B) Three (C) Five (D) Seven 346) Which type of switching system is telephone network? (A) Circuit switching (B) Packet switching (C) Message switching 347) Which of the following software is useful for word processing? (A) DBASE (B) LIBSYS (C) WordStar (D) CDS/ISIS 348) NICNET and INDONET are the networks of which category? (A) LAN (B) MAN (C) WAN (D) IN 349) Who designed analytical engine? (A) Charles Babbage (B) Pascal 350) Calculating machine is developed by (A) Charles Babbage (B) Pascal 351) What is a bug? (A) Computer Virus (C) Error in a Programme (D) None of the above (C) James watt (D) Boyl (C) Shakuntala Devi (D) Boyl (B) Error in Computer Configuration (D) None of these 352) Which is not a programming language? (A) FORTRAN (B) BASIC (C) COBOL (D) ASCII 353) ENIAC stands for? (A) Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator (B) Electrified Numerical Integration and Calculator (C) Electronic Number Integrator and Calculator (D) Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator 354) ISO-9960 is related with? (A) Standard for encoding data on CD-ROM (B) Standard for Computer Hardware (C) Standard for Information Processing (D) Standard for Networking 355) ASCII has how many codes? (A) 256 (B) 526 (C) 265 (D) 254 .

50 368) LOCKOSS (Software) is an international community initiative by: (A) MIT Libraries (B) Stanford University (C) University of Waikato (D) University of Southampton 369) Identify the odd one from the following: (A) Koha (B) VTLS (C) SLIM++ (D) SOUL . unevaluated. unprocessed and unorganized facts is known as: (A) Data (B) Information (C) Knowledge (D) Wisdom 357) INTERNET was initially developed by US Department of (A) Commerce (B) Defense (C) Interior (D) State 358) Information retrieval is fastest from (A) Floppy Disk (B) Magnetic Tape (C) Hard Disk (D) None of the above 359) An University providing Open Access to Sanskrit dissertations through Internet (A) Jawaharlal Nehru University (B) Delhi University (C) Mahatma Gandhi University (D) University of Madras 360) In which of the following the term “Truncation” is used (A) Budgeting (B) Search Formulation (C) Coordination (D) Classified bibliography 361) The term “Hypertext” was coined by (A) Garfield (B) Bill Gates 362) UNIX is a (A) Single user operating system (C) Triple user operating system (C) Ted Nelson (D) Raj Reddy (B) Double user operating system (D) Multi user operating system 363) The CD alphabets in CDS/ISIS stands for (A) Computerized Documentation (B) Condensed Disk (C) Confirmed Disc (D) Compact Disc 364) LYCOS is a (A) Search engine (B) Programming language (C) Database (D) Database vendor 365) Electronic telecommunications system joining millions of computers together (A) E-mail (B) Internet (C) US Mail (D) UPS 366) Following is not a social bookmarking site: (A) Digg (B) Delicious (C) Sqidoo 367) Following is not a network protocol: (A) HTTP (B) SMTP (D) Facebook (C) TCP/IP (D) Z39.356) Raw.

12 (C) X.0 tool: (A) Blog (B) Facebook 371) PDA stands for: (A) Personal Digital Assistance (c) Personal Digital Archive 372) PLONE is a: (A) Content Mnagement System (C) ILMS (C) UGC-INFONET 2.13 (D) X.20 379) CCF stands for (A) Common Communication Format (B) Centre for Communication Format (C) Committee for Communication Format (D) Common Curriculum Format 380) In Which five year plan the INFLIBNET was established (A) Fourth five year plan (B) Fifth five year plan (C) Sixth five year plan (D) Seventh five year plan 381) INFLIBNET headquarters is located at (A) Ahmedabad (B) New Delhi (C) Bangalore (D) Chennai 382) Resource sharing is a part of … (A) Library cooperation (B) Library administration (D) Library cataloguing (C) Library management .25 (B) X.0 (D) RSS feeds (B) Personal Document Archive (D) Program Download Accessories (B) Digital Library Software (D) Federated Search Engine 373) Pi is the e-book reading device by: (A) Amazon (B) Sony (C) Infibeam 374) Following is an example of microblogging: (A) Wordpress (B) Blogspot (C) Livejournal (D) Nokia (D) Twitter 375) Who invented OSI Model in 1982 (A) BSO (B) ISI (C) Indian standard organization (D) International standard organization 376) Where ISDN was first started in 1990 (A) USA (B) UK (C) India (D) Singapore 377) Now-a-days how many tipes of Protocol are used? (A) 5 (B) 4 (C) 3 (D) 2 378) Which type of protocol is used by interface for public data network(PDN) ? (A) X.370) Following is not a Web 2.

.383) What is the full form of ERNET? (A) Engineering Network (B) Eastern Regional Network (C) Electronic Research Network (D) Education and Research Network 384) Which network in India provided the first e-mail service in the country? (A) NICNET (B) DELNET (C) ERNET (D) INFLIBNET 385) Who publishes Annals of Library Science and documentation? (A) ILA (B) INSDOC (C) DRTC (D) IASLIC 386) What one is full text e-Resource? (A) JCCC (B) ISID (C) Science finder scholar (D) ACS 387) Which one is E-Bibliographic database? (A) Nature (B) Blackwell (C) ISID (D) Springer 388) Virtua accommodates Different version of the MARC Standard? (A) USMARC (B) UKMARC (C) CANMARC (D) SWEMARC/All of above 389) Which is the journal of Library and Information Science? (A) Abacus (B) Acta numerica (C) Interlending and Document supply (D) All of above 390) The Electronic Library is................ (A) A Magazine (B) A Journal Name (C) A Library 391) What is e-prints? (A) A catalogue (B) A journal (D) An Encyclopeadia (C) A repository Software (D) An encyclopeadia 392) What two is a Library Management Software for small libraries? (A) Library Solution and Follet (B) Follet and MSN (C) MSN and Tar (D) LYCOS and Live Search 393) What is APS? (A) A Search Engine (B) A Full-text e-resourse (D) Library Management Software (C) Bibliographic database 394) Which one is Library and Information Science Journal name? (A) Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB Book Guide (B) Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB Book journals (C) Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB Book Review (D) Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB E-Book 395) "Shodhganga" is a national level repository of: (A) E-Books (B) E-Journals (C) E-Theses (D) Journal Articles ......

(A) Measures of deviation (B) Ways of sampling (C) Measures of control tendency (D) None of the above 398) „Cranfield Studies‟ are an example of: (A) Survey Research (B) Experimental Research (D) Case Study (C) Historical Research 399) Research is (A) Searching again and again (B) Finding solution to any problem (C) Working in a scientific way to search for truth of any problem (D) None of the above 400) Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process? (A) Searching sources of information to locate problem. Median and Mode are. (B) Survey of related literature (C) Identification of problem (D) Searching for solutions to the problem 401) A common test in research demands much priority on (A) Reliability (B) Useability (C) Objectivity 402) Action research means (A) A longitudinal research (B) An applied research (C) A research initiated to solve an immediate problem (D) A research with socioeconomic objective 403) A reasoning where we start with certain particular statements and conclude with a universal statement is called (A) Deductive Reasoning (B) Inductive Reasoning (C) Abnormal Reasoning (D) Transcendental Reasoning 404) Which of the following variables cannot be expressed in quantitative terms? (A) Socio-economic Status (B) Marital Status (C) Numerical Aptitude (D) Professional Attitude 405) The essential qualities of a researcher are (A) Spirit of free enquiry (C) Systematization or theorizing of knowledge (D) All of the above (B) Reliance on observation and evidence (D) All the above .396) Questionnaire is a: (A) Research method (D) All the above (B) Measurement Technique (C) Tool for data collection 397) Mean.

N. usually electronically”.Sayers 415) Classification of all types of libraries has been made by(A) IFLA (B) UNISIST (C) UNESCO (D) INSDOC 416) ”Special libraries serve a specialist clientele.” Who said this (A) R.C.Stall (B) UNESCO (C) J. Wells 414) ”A library is a public institution or establishment charged with the care of collection of books. the duty of making them accessible to those who require the use of them and the task of converting every person in its neighborhood into a habitual library goers and reader of books.A. G. located within a single establishment or group and all engaged in working towards one common purpose.C.Richardson 417) Reading centre‟s.Raj (C) C. Said by whom? (A) Kay Gapen (B) Powell (C) Sherwell (D) H. reading space or support staff.406) In the process of conducting research „Formulation of Hypothesis” is followed by (A) Statement of Objectives (B) Analysis of Data (C) Selection of Research Tools (D) Collection of Data 407) A research paper is a brief report of research work based on (A) Primary Data only (B) Secondary Data only (C) Both Primary and Secondary Data (D) None of the above 408) One of the following is not an open source software: (A) D‟space (B) Windows (C) Green-stone 409) When RRRLF was established? (A) 1970 (B) 1971 (C) 1972 (D) Linux (D) 1974 410) Where is the headquarters of RRRLF? (A) Bangalore (B) Delhi (C) Calcutta 411) Who provides the ISBN? (A) NISCAIR (B) NISSAT 412) RRRLF provides the? (A) ISSN (B) ISBN (D) Luck now (C) INSDOC (D) RRRLF (C) CCF (D) MARC 413) ”It is a library with little or no physical presence of books.Cutter (D) W. periodicals.Brown (D) E.”Quoted by whom? (A) Dr S R Ranganathan (B) K.D. exhibitions and reading to literature are forms of … (A) Extension service (B) Service of a public library (C) Both (D) None 418) Which library first introduced the printed catalog (A) British Museum (B) Library of Congress (C) Lelin State (D) Imperial Library . story hours. but are that disseminate disseminate selective information directly to distribute library customers.A.

Knowledge.. Information. Data (C) Wisdom. Wisdom. Data.419) Informal self education is possible in what kind of library? (A) National Library (B) Public Library (C) Specific Library 420) which is correct logical sequence of the following (A) Information. Knowledge.. Wisdom 421) The Term „Cyberspace‟ was first used by(A) Andrew Pollack (B) William Gibsom (C) Johan Postal 422) RFID technology is used in(A) Acquisition (B) Serial Control (D) College Library (D) Joe Flower (C) Circulation Control (D) OPAC 423) The process of configuring the disk into tracks and sector is called(A) Booting (B) Labelling (C) Formatting (D) All the above 424) Which of the following is a public domain database(A) INIS (B) AGRIS (C) Chemical Abstract 425) One of the following is not an open source software(A) D‟space (B) Window (C) Green Stone 426) ……………………. Information. Information. (A) Raw Data (B) Processed Data (B) Information Management Service (D) Library Service (C) DELL (C) Input data (D) Intel (D) Organized data . (A) Microsoft (B) IBM 432) Information is…. Is a process of information (A) Books (B) CD-ROM (C) Computers 427) Feedback mechanism is a part of which service? (A) Reprography (B) CAS (C) Translation service 428) What is the collection of terms or records in MARC called? (A) System (B) Network (C) Website (D) MEDLINE (D) Linux (D) None of the above (D) SDI (D) Database 429) Which network in India provided the first e-mail service in the country? (A) NICNET (B) ERNET (C) INFLIBNET (D) DELNET 430) What is Bibliometry? (A) Function of Library Network (C) Information Management Tool 431) Microchip was invented by…. Data. Knowledge (D) Data. Wisdom (B) Knowledge.

Jewet (C) S....... Lubetzky 436) RSS feed is a tool of: (A) Graphic design (B) Web 1.. A.. Pannizzi (B) C... (A) Conventional (B) Primary (C) Secondary (D) Tertiary 435) Rules for dictionary catalogue were devised by: (A) A......... (A) Bibliography (B) Directory (C) Encyclopedia (D) Dictionary 438) Glossary is a: (A) List of technical words with definitions (B) List of words in a language (C) List of thematically arranged words (D) Alphabetical index to passages of work 439) One of the following search engine is exclusively meant for scientific information: (A) Google (B) Yahoo (C) SCIRUS (D) Altavista 440) Technological Gatekeeper is: (A) A formal method of giving current awareness service (B) A method of technology assessment and evaluation (C) A process of transfer of technology (D) An informal mechanism of keeping user informed of relevant development 441) Who among the following honored with „Nobel Prize‟ for his substantial contribution in Documentation? (A) S.433) Identify the association that has changed its original name: (A) ILA (B) SLA (C) LA (D) ALA 434) Conference proceedings are considered as. C. Cutter (C) Web 2...0 (D) C.....0 (D) Architecture 437) An appropriate source to find out descriptive information is. Bradford (B) Loosjes (C) Eric De Grolier (D) Henri La Fontaine 442) The Farmington plan is associated with: (A) Library Legislation (B) Library Cataloguing (D) Library Indexing Service (C) Library Cooperation 443) UNESCO assisted Model Public Library in India is located at: (A) Kolkata (B) Delhi (C) Mumbai (D) Chennai 444) Mark the „odd one out‟: (A) Cow-Calf principle (B) Principle of osmosis (C) Wall picture principle (D) Whole organ principle 445) GUI stands for : (A) Graphic User Interface (C) Graphic Utility Interface (B) Graphic User Interaction (D) Great Union of India ...documents...... C..

.... (A) 1973 (B) 1976 (C) 1972 (D) 1970 457) International Information System on Research in Documentation (ISORID) was established by: (A) IFLA (B) UNESCO (C) SLA (D) ALA 458) What is the relationship between ISBD and cataloguing codes? (A) They are not related at all (B) Cataloguing codes will include bibliographic description (C) ISBD includes cataloguing rules (D) ISBD can replace cataloguing rules (D) Redundant information (D) Carl Savage (D) Raj Reddy .......... (A) Mumbai (B) New Delhi (C) Kolkata (D) Nagpur 448) Questionnaire is a: (A) Research method (C) Tool for data collection (B) Measurement technique (D) Data analysis technique 449) A periodical evaluation of an employee is done through.................. (A) Experimental Research (B) Survey Research (C) Case Study (D) Historical Research 456) IFLA took up the “Universal Availability of Publication” program in the year....................446) Shelf list facilitates....... (A) Survey research (B) Historical research (C) Experimental research (D) Descriptive research 452) „Noise‟ in Information Retrieval is due to..... (A) Precision (B) Recall (C) Relevant information 453) The concept “Invisible College” first used by: (A) Eugene Garfield (B) Derek Solla Price (C) Allent Kent 454) Who enunciated the term „hypertext‟? (A) E..... (A) Classification (B) Weeding out (C) Stock verification (D) Documentation 447) The office of patent information system in India is at... (A) Job rotation (B) Performance appraisal (C) Refresher course (D) Work guide 450) CCF stands for.................... (A) Current Classification Format (C) Common Communication Format (B) Current Communication Format (D) Common Classification Format 451) “Controlled Group” is a term used in.......... Garfield (B) Bill Gates (C) Ted Nelson 455) „Cranfield Project‟ is an example of.................

....... (A) ALA (B) LA (C) IFLA (D) IASLIC 467) Which of the following is not covered under Intellectual Property Rights? (A) Copyrights (B) Patents (C) Trade Marks (D) Thesaurus 468) Ontology is.... Ranganathan 471) Chairman of National Knowledge Commission is...............................0 application is called: (A) Taxonomy (B) Folksonomy (C) Syndication 462) Inductive logic proceeds from: (A) General to General (B) Particular to General (D) Particular to Particular 463) CRG stands for: (A) Committee for Rural Grant (C) Committee for Ranganathan Guild (D) Directory (C) General to Particular (B) Classification Research Group (D) Classic Research Grant 464) Which of the following is not a “Graphic representation”? (A) Pie Chart (B) Bar Chart (C) Table (D) Histogram 465) “Fair use” is a term most relevant to: (A) Intellectual Property Right (B) Books borrowed for home reading (C) Copyright (D) Use of reference books 466) The oldest and the largest Library Association in the world is...... (A) An Indexing Method (B) Classification of Internet based documents (C) Cataloguing of Internet based documents (D) Documentation service 469) Mozilla is....... Luhn (C) Derek Austin (D) S.............. (A) Kaiser (B) H..... (A) Pranab Mukherjee (B) Nandan Nilekani (C) P.... R.. (A) An operating system (B) Library software (C) A web browser (D) A search engine 470) The concept of concretes and processes was given by...... P.. (A) Cooperative periodicals in science and technology (B) Current online periodicals in science and technology (C) Current online patent in science and technology (D) Contents of periodicals in science and technology 460) The journal “Knowledge Organization” is published by: (A) IFLA (B) ISKO (C) LA (D) LC 461) Tagging in web 2.. Chidambaram (D) Sam Pitroda ....459) COPSAT stands for...

. S...... it has various sections as sub-systems coordinating each other forming a system (B) No.............................. 482) Whether Library is a system? (A) Yes.. 481) How is stochastic equation of information solved? (A) By statistical rules (B) By dynamic rules (C) By statistical and dynamic rules (D) None of these. it cannot be a system (C) It is quite impossible (D) Library is separate from a system......... resources.472) High Level Language is........... ...... (A) Emerald (B) Springer (C) Thomson (D) Elsevier 475) Protocol means.... (A) Protocol (B) Agreement (C) Pact (D) Memorandum 478) Staffing is concerned with providing and maintaining.... dependent (C) Machine independent (D) Machine dependent 473) The transmission of receiver‟s reaction back to the sender is known as........ (A) Physical (B) Technical (C) Human (D) Financial 479) Which of the following is not true about e journals? (A) They are distributed through digital methods (B) They also have editors or editorial boards (C) They are publications of serial nature (D) They are always free of cost 480) What is the meaning of 'Translation Pools'? (A) Details about the names of translation experts (B) Details about the addresses of the translators (C) Agency of the names of translation experts (D) None of these. (A) Noise (B) Feedback (C) Medium (D) Source 474) Currently “Science Citation Index” is published by.. (A) Disk space dependent (B) O........... Which of the following is an „Acronym‟? (A) UNESCO (B) UNO (C) UNDP (D) UGC 477) A set of rules that govern overall data communications system is popularly known as............ (A) Interchange of data between two devices (B) Interchange of data between two computers (C) Linkage between two computers (D) Linkage between two devices 476.

493) What is not open source software for library management? (A) KOHA (B) AVANT1 (C) php my Library 494) What is Delphi method? (A) It is a programming language (C) It is software (D) 2. 488) MeSH is the name of a (A) Medical Library (B) C. Borden start a refresher course for librarians in India? (A) 1905 (B) 1910 (C) 1912 (D) 1913 491) A. descriptive and analytical (D) Systematic. statistical and systematic (B) Statistical.39-50 (B) It is a method of research (D) It is used for cost-benefit analysis. analytical and descriptive. W. 485) 'Kinesis' is related to (A) Communication (B) Generation (C) Storage (D) None of these 486) The term 'Bibliophile' refers to (A) A Bibliographer (B) A Book Lover (C) A Publisher (D) A Book Binder 487) Theory X and Theory Y were formulated by (A) Douglas Murray McGregor (B) Peter Drucker (D) F. analytical and statistical (C) Analytical.R.483) 'Five Laws of Library Science' propounded by Dr. 490) In which year did A. Maslow is related to (A) Theory X and Theory Y (C) 14 principles (B) Hierarchy of human needs (D) Hygienic factors. W. are which type of research? (A) Applied research (B) Pure research (C) Basic research (D) Survey research 484) Information Science is a discipline that investigates (A) The properties and behaviour of information (B) The forces governing the flow of information (C) The means for processing of information for optimal uses (D) All of these. R. S. B.S. .I. 492) Information may be categorised into (A) Logical. Unit (C) Abraham Maslow (C) Controlled Vocabulary (D) none of these 489) Which record is the hub of the stack in a library? (A) Accession register (B) Shelf list register (C) Book catalogue (D) Staff manual. Taylor. Ranganathan.

Information and Signal. (C) IFLA ******* (D) UNESCO .Green (B) Melvil Dewey (C) E. 499) ISBN consists of (A) Ten digits (B) Thirteen digits 500) DDC 22nd edition is published by (A) Forest Press (B) OCLC (C) 8-bytes (D) There are no digits. others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested'? (A) John Milton (B) William Jones (C) Francis Bacon (D) Benjamin Franklin 497) In which year was the International Book Year celebrated by UNESCO? (A) 1931 (B) 1947 (C) 1952 (D) 1972 498) What is the full form of IATLIS? (A) International Association of Trade Unions of Library Science (B) Indian Association of Teachers in Library & Information Science (C) Indian Airlines Technical Lower Intelligence Services (D) Indian Air Traffic Light.S. Coates (D) Patricia B. Knapp 496) Who said 'some books are to be tasted. J.495) Who contributed on the systematic use of user's education? (A) S.

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