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Jaelim Co
Yonsei University College of Medicine South Korea

Green Hospitals Asia Conference 2013

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals in South Korea

Jaelim Cho, MD, MPH Department of Preventive Medicine Yonsei University College of Medicine

How to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare? Joint Commission International

- The 1st in Korea: Yonsei University Severance Hospital (2007)

- Currently 37 hospitals in Korea - Primarily focusing on patient safety

Only a matter of patients?

Climate change and restriction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission Low Carbon Green Growth Act (2011-) - Ultimate goal: 30% reduction of expected emission by 2020 - Large-scale workplaces (forming 60% of GHG emission) - GHG and energy reduction goals should be achieved every year in 9 major hospitals including Severance hospital. Just a matter of money?

Korea Society for Green Hospital (KSGH) - The 1st general meeting and symposium (president: Prof Dong-Chun Shin) was held in June, 2013.

- Six subcommittees: Energy and climate change, Air and water environment, Building environment, Green purchasing, Education, Hazardous chemicals
- The Korean representative of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network

Korea Society for Green Hospital (KSGH) - Serving as a connection among health sector, government, healthcare industries, and academics

- Joining with the green management consulting program of the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI)

- 7 general hospitals and 3 middle-sized hospitals combine into an eco-friendly consultative group - Consulting program Assessment of current status related to green management Generation of items which need improvement Linkage to technical companies Support of promotion (e.g. media, seminar)


1. Leadership
Severance Hospital
TFT leader: Prof Dong-Chun Shin (Director, Department of Administration, Severance hospital)




Green Severance TFT

General affairs

Institute for Environmental Research

- Affiliated with department of preventive medicine - Academic advisory group - Conducting research

2. Chemicals
Severance Hospital

Among 239 Mercury sphygmomanometers, 205 were replaced with mercury-free from 2012. Type and amount of sphygmomanometers purchased (Jan-Aug, 2013)
Brand/Type AND/Desk type(UM-101A) Welch Allyn/General type(DS4511C) Welch Allyn/stand type(7670-10) Amount of purchase 55 62 12

2. Chemicals
Severance Hospital

ID band: PVC

ID band: Tyvek

Recyclable No hazardous gas when incinerated

Cost reduction by 74% Current ID band Sticker Total \198 ($0.20) \6.24 \204.24 Expected \48 ($0.05) \6.05 \54.05

3. Waste
Severance Hospital Management process of medical waste

Hospital Data

Transportation Data


Data query Ministry of Environment Korea Environment Corporation

Data Transmissio n Local Office of Environment

4. Energy
Severance Hospital Green Hospital Management System (GHMS)
Definition : Management system for effective and continuous activities to reduce GHG emission based on the goal under the law such as management of GHG inventory, establishing reduction targets, carry out plan and reports

Input text.

Aim : GHG management based on data analysis using database from the automatic remote metering system


4. Energy
Severance Hospital

(Building Energy Management

LED in parking lots

Solar light powered streetlamp Number : 8

Save about 500 dollars every year


Power-saving programs in cooling and heating facilities Save 10% of energy consumption

Number : 544 Save about 60,000 dollars every year

Power-saving sensors in restrooms Number : 200 Save about 50,000 dollars every year

4. Energy
Severance Hospital

Fluorescent light

- Decrease in amount of disposal - Decrease in power consumption


- Easy to handle - Decrease in power consumption

4. Energy
Severance Hospital

Expected amount
Goal under the law Actual amount

Expense reduction by energy (electricity, gas, water) saving (2011): $1,730,000

Cancer center constructed

ABMRC constructed

Severance Hospital Parking

6. Transportation
Shuttle bus

Parking system without issuing tickets

Eco-friendly electronic car

9. Buildings
Severance Hospital
Low VOCs and eco-friendly building materials

Patient and worker safety from chemicals

Ceiling material
Plaster board Ceiling sound-absorbing materials

Eco-friendly paint


Floor material Eco-friendly adhesive

Ecofriendly building materials

Finishing materials

Wall Finishing materials

Floor finishing materials


10. Purchasing
Severance Hospital

Green Purchasing Guidelines - To purchase eco-friendly goods for environmental conservation

- Green purchasing cases: Flash CT, Symbia T6 and T16

Save 45% of energy Decrease radiation by 50% (safer)

Save 6% of energy Decrease noise by 7dB

Challenges so far
1. Low level of understanding even among healthcare workers more promotion and sharing information 2. Primarily concentrating on energy section leadership with environmentally comprehensive view 3. Lack of research low level of interests among academics

stimulate research activities through KSGH

4. Lack of data to analyze (e.g. falling down, indoor air quality) connection between health sector and academics

In the near future

1. Increase awareness and understanding related to green hospital through KSGH conference Distribution of good practice cases would be essential.

2. KEITI consulting program

- Six hospitals (members of KSGH) participated

- Assessment of current status was completed. - Ways to improve were suggested by consultants.

- Implementation will be done.

KSGHs Vision
-Support R&D related to greening healthcare -Assess ecofriendly technologies and select priority

-Support policy makers involved in green hospital -Global Green and Healthy hospitals - Establish the Korean Green network activities Hospital network
- Provide opportunities to share experiences - Education

Comprehensive R&D projects which can be applied to general industries in addition to healthcare

More than green hospital movement!

Thank you for your attention!