From Canada to Hong Kong - a panoply of films from the four corners of the world, at AFF 2013

Astra Film Festival 2013 will bring in the cinema halls films from all over the world, screened at the greatest festivals in the field and honoured with prestigious awards. Top directors, with international acknowledgement, together with young students from the most important universities of arts and film of Europe bring to the large screen of AFF portrait films, essays, observational documentaries or extraordinary productions about little known local stories. In 2013 a record number of 1350 foreign filmmakers from over 70 countries from all the 6 continents have registered their film in the anniversary edition of AFF. The selections will be screened between October 14th and 20th in Sibiu, most of them representing premieres for Romania. AFF was the first international film festival in Romania and each edition has brought to the audience the most important international productions of the time. In 2013, Astra Film Festival offers a marathon of non-fictional films from countries such as India, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Israel, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Estonia, Norway, Greece, The United Kingdom, The United States, Canada. Focus Europe Forget Me Not (Germany) is a portrait by David Sieveking of the director's mother, who suffers from Alzheimer and is slowly dying, separating from the rest of the world. Everybody deserves a place to call "home"; Matthew’s Laws (The Netherlands) is an intense personal film in which the director Marc Schmidt brings to the foreground the story of his childhood friend, Matthew, who suffers from autism and spends all his days in an apartment. What difficulties does a single Bulgarian mother go through when deciding to begin life with another man?; Nebojsa Slijepcevic captures the conservatory nature of the Croatian man in the film Gangster of Love (Croatia). The film La Maison de la Radio (France) has been from the beginning a true challenge for director Nicolas Philibert: How can one cinematically capture the internal mechanism, the invisible work of the radio people? Radka Franczak tries to understand the decision of a woman to embrace rigid monastic life, in the film Losing Sonia (Poland). Hello Stranger (Switzerland) explores the limits of the love and friendship relationships in the group of friends and family of director Thomas Ammann. Nikolaus Geyrhalter brings an insight into the daily routine of one of the largest hospitals in Europe: Danube Hospital (Austria). The Fourth One (Estonia) was filmed in one day by Liis Lepik and follows a Sunday in the life of a mother during the burial of her fourth child. People can come together in a bridge club for various reasons: it can be a place of relaxation, a simple workplace or a second home; Ana Maria Vijdea captures all these scenes in the film The Bridge Club (Turkey). Stories from the East What does the daily life look life for three young sisters living in a small village in the Yunnan?; Wang Bing transposes the girls' story in the documentary Three Sisters (Hong Kong). In-Between Days (India)

Tribuna. TVR Cluj. LiterNet. declared Dumitru Digi Film. Partners: The Romanian Cultural Institute. TVR Internaţional. TV5 Sponsors: HBO. Empire Video Production. Generali. Letter (Russia) is the story of a mental institution from Russia. Sibiu 100%. The General German Council in Sibiu Co-financed by de the Sibiu Local Council through the Sibiu Townhall and the Sibiu Union Hall Media partners: HBO. the Romanian National Center for Cinema. Dilema Veche. Magic FM. Radio România Cultural. Port. The One. We intended and succeeded from the start to make AFF the place for feeling the pulse of non-fictional productions from all over the world". Digi 24. founding director of AFF. of the people that live in this place separated from civilization and modernity. Fi lmReporter. Antena 1 Sibiu. With the support of the Sibiu County Council. Radio România Actualităţi. where the only disturbing noise are the inarticulate dialogues of the Art Act Magazine. "It is an honour and an important feature of Astra Film Festival to bring every year in Sibiu great names of the international non-fictional cinematography. The Sibiu International Documentary Film Festival. TVR1. Zile şi Nopţi. TOTB. Flaro. Sinecon. the Astra Film Foundation. AFF 2013 is organized by Astra Film .The Astra National Museum Complex. Ibis . Discovery Channel. Radio Cluj. Takata (sponsor principal). Caţ HotNews. GingerGroup. by Sankhajit Biswas is an observational documentary that follows the friendship relationship between two trans-sexual boys from Kalkota until the day when Chiranjit and Bubai stop talking to each other. Turnul Sfatului. the Ministry of Culture.

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