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Germany. R. Thanking you.. with Max Hueber Verlag. The titles include books for language learning as well as specialized books of a more technical nature. Yours Sincerely.operation with Max Hueber Verlag.DEAR LIBRARIAN / BOOK SELLER/ ACADEMICIAN/ LOVERS & LEARNERS OF GERMAN LANGUAGE I have great pleasure in releasing the 2008 catalogue to celebrate the long association of German Book Centre. Muenchen. Seshadri 1 .. Ismaning. I am delighted to present an exclusive catalogue of books from Max Hueber Verlag. We look forward to receiving suggestions that could help us improve the range of titles further. This 2008 catalogue is a fitting culmination of a quarter century of service to the German language in co. (with whom German Book Centre has been associated for the last 25 years). For over 25 years the name of German Book Centre has been synonymous with the teaching & propagation of the German language in this country. It was established in the year 1982 and for a long time was the only distributor of German language learning materials and books in India. If you have any difficulties in obtaining any of the titles in this catalogue. please do not hesitate to contact me.

It prepares learners systematically for “survival” in everyday German.00 Teachers Hand book 0217052 Euro :19. The course is divided into groups of interrelated topics that focus on the basic skills of reading. amusing stories and cultural background information. an international edition for all German learners worldwide has been published.00 2 Audio-Cds Zum Kursbuch 0418534 Euro : 24.360.00 Teachers Hand book 0217045 Euro:19.375.95 Rs. Each lesson begins with an entertaining photo-story based on interesting topics.00 Teachers Hand book 0218066 Euro :19.50 Rs.1480.95 Rs. 1199. Target Group : Adult and young adult learners (16+) throughout the world at elementary level (A1-B1) Content : Following the huge success of our new elementary course Schritte.00 0116245 Euro:9.00 LAGUNE 1 (Course book with Audio CD for oral practice) LAGUNE 1 (Workbook) 0016240 Euro:12.95 Rs.00 2 Audio-Cds Zum Kursbuch 0418510 Euro:24. and B1 respectively and prepare for the Start Deutsch examination.00 2 . speaking and writing.95 Rs. confirmation of the relevant Can-do-statements and a final page that in an amusing and ironic way recaps on the newly acquired language items.360. Its structure is clear and easy to use and its content full of interesting surprises.00 0316243 Euro:18. Lagune leads up to the A1.00 Compre-hension and oral practice Lehrerhand buch Schritte International 3 Coursebook+Workbook+WB Audio CD (Original Price: Euro 11.350.95 Rs.00 3 Audio .50 Rs. listening.Workbook combination including an Audio-CD/CD-ROM with listening material and interactive practice for use with a PC Special Indian Price Schritte International 1 Coursebook+Workbook+ WB Audio CD (0riginal Price:Euro 11. 1199.1480.00 Schritte International 2 Coursebook+Workbook+WB Audio CD (Original Price: Euro 11.50) ISBN ORIGINAL PRICE SPECIAL INDIAN PRICE Rs. A2 and B1 levels and prepares students for the corresponding exams. Success is guaranteed through the use of standard methodology and a systematic grammar approach. A2.95 Rs.50 Rs.1480.95 Rs.LAGUNE  Improved version of Themen Aktuell New SCHRITTE INTERNATIONAL  (Course book+Workbook+Audio CD) New textbook for Int'l Students for young adults Sprachen der Welt Hueber Sprachen der Welt Hueber New NE W Target Group : Adults and young adults (16+) throughout the world at elementary level (A1 . Each of the six stages is composed of a Course book.360.50) Rs. “Interludes” encourages learners to have fun with listening and reading texts that deal with interculturally relevant points of interest.50) Rs.CDs Listening 011624X Euro:21.1124. 1199.B1) Content : Lagune is the latest course written by the successful authors’ team responsible for Themen and Delfin. Each unit ends with information on cultural background. Two volumes of the six-volumes lead up to levels A1.00 2 Audio-Cds Zum Kursbuch 0418527 Euro : 24.1302.

00 150.BASIC GERMAN COURSE BOOKS FOR ADULTS LERNZIEL DEUTSCH  New Wolfgang Heiber Paul Fischer THEMEN AKTUELL 1  Recommended text book for XI & XII Maharashtra State Board Examinations and Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu Lernziel Deutsch This is a textbook in two volumes Sprachen der Welt Hueber NE W for young people and adults without any prior knowledge of German.00 Lehrerhandbuch Teil A Euro 10.50 (or) Rs.50 Rs. 1334.150.65 Lehrerhandbuch Teil B Euro 24.the undisputed leader and best-seller in German course material for beginners Themen Aktuell 1 takes learners to level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.50 Rs.95 (or) Kassette 2910043 Euro 22. It has two aims: * Communicative competence * Reading ability through active intraction in syntactical contexts Enables improvement by self-study through the use of the workbook which has a glossary and explanations in English.00 0116928 Rs.00 3 Audio CDs Rs.150.50 Rs.00 0416929 Euro : 10.50 (or) Rs.50 Rs.00 Themen Aktuell Transkription der Hortext Rs. 300. 360.00 Rs .00 2 Audio Casettes Rs.350. Renate Luscher & Manfred Gluck THEMEN AKTUELL 2 Textbook 0016917 Workbook 0116911 Glossary 2516917 Set Price consisting of above three books Rs. Dora Schulz (Recommended by CBSE Board of Examinations) Sprachen der Welt Rs. 709.65 Lehrerhandbuch Teil B Euro 24. both oral and written.622.65 Lehrehandbuch Teil B 051692 Euro : 24.00 Textbook Workbook 3 Audio CDs Hortexte Lehrerhandbuch Teil A 3 .375. This book helps to attain in a short span of time practically useful knowledge of German.00 150. 300. 275.1453.00 0316922 Rs.00 Rs. 622.00 Target Group : Teenagers and young adults (16+) with no prior knowledge of German Contents : Themen Aktuell is the updated and visually revised edition of Themen neu . Textbook + Workbook + Glossary Set Price 2 Audio cassettes Textbook 2 + Workbook Set Price 2 Audio cassettes 350. 20.150.00 Rs.00 THEMEN AKTUELL 3 0016921 Rs.00 Textbook & Glossor (A set of two books) Lehrerheft 2210044 Euro 11.00 3 Audio Casettes Rs. Textbook. 100. Themen Aktuell 2 to level A2 and Themen Akutell Zertifikatsband to level B1 (Zertifikat Deutsch) BASIC GERMAN COURSE BOOKS FOR ADULTS Deutsche Sprachlehre für Ausländer  Heinz Griesbach.00 Rs.00 Lehrerhandbuch Teil A Euro 10.150.00 285.00 Hueber THEMEN AKTUELL 1 Textbook 0016909 Workbook 0116903 Glossary 0816905 Set Price consisting of above three books Rs.00 Rs. 1453.00 Hueber Verlag It is an intensive course meant for young people and adults. 622.95 (or) Texthelt 0710041 Euro 20. Grammar workbook & Glossary 6 Audio Cassettes Self Study Manual Rs.1453.125.00 One Audio CD Rs.50 (or) GRUNDKURS DEUTSCH  A Short Introduction to Modern German Roland Schapers. 100. 741.

From the very first lesson students. 741.50 (or) Lehrerhandbuch 5-8 0318025 Euro 15. Tangram aktuell I (1-4) (5-8) Course book + Workbook Zum Audio CD + Ubungsheft + Glossar (set price) Rs.50 (or) Lehrerhandbuch 5-8 0318193 Euro 15.95 (or) Rs.50 (or) Rs.00 Rs. 1420.CDs 0416561 Euro : 23.95 (or) Rs. 1005.00 Rs. 1420. 530.50 (or) Tangram aktuell 3 (1-4) (5-8) Course book + workbook Zum CD (Set price) Tangram aktuell 3 .00 Rs. Using a wide variety of tasks and exercises. It includes songs and raps that help train pronunciation and intonation in an entertaining and amusing way.00 Rs. there is also Tangram Z. Authentic listening and reading texts together with a wide variety of practice materials help to teach all the basic skills (listening.00 2 Audio . language elements (vocabulary. A2 and B1 as well as preparing for the Fit in Deutsch 1 and 2 and the Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugendliche examinations.00 Rs.50 (or) Lehrerhandbuch 5-8 0318179 Euro 15.00 Rs.7th.00 Lehrerhandbuch 0216550 Euro : 12. 919.95 (or) Rs. & 8th)  Sprachen der Welt Hueber TANGRAM AKTUELL  Target group : adults and young adults (16+) throughout the world at elementary level (A1+B1) Content : Tangram aktuell is the newly revised edition of the popular course Tangram and leads up to the A1.(1-4) (5-8) Course book CD Tangram Aktuell 3 Lehrerhandbuch 1-4 0318186 Euro 15. By way of special preparation for the Zertifikat Deutsch.00 Rs. Each one has an Audio-CD included as well as a Workbook. The complete course has six volumes.CD Zum Arbeitsbuch 061654x Euro : 14.CDs Zum Lehrbuch 0416554 Euro : 23.00 2 Audio .00 Rs.00 Rs.50 (or) Tangram aktuell I Course book CD (1-4) (5-8) Tangram aktuell 2 (1-4) (5-8) Course book + Workbook zum CD + Ubungsheft (set of 3 books) Tangram aktuell 2 Course book CD (1-4) (5-8) Lehrerhandbuch 1-4 0318162 Euro 15. communicate actively with each other.00 PINGPONG NEU 3 Coursebook 0016569 Workbook 0116563 Text with Work Book Special Indian Price Rs. 395. PINGPONG NEU 1 Coursebook 0016542 Workbook 0116547 Text with Work Book Special Indian Price Rs.00 4 .00 2 Audio .00 PINGPONG NEU 2 Coursebook 0016550 Workbook 0116555 Text with Work Book Special Indian Price Rs. 250. 860.00 Lehrerhandbuch 1-4 0318018 Euro 15.00 Lehrerhandbuch 0216567 Euro : 16.00 Lehrerhandbuch 0216543 Euro : 12. reading. 550. The course has three volumes and leads up to CEF levels A1. 410.250. 768. A2 and B1 levels.CDs Zum Lehrbuch 0416540 Euro : 23. 919. speaking and writing). Group and partner work help to liven up classroom teaching.BASIC GERMAN COURSE BOOKS FOR YOUNG LEARNERS Rosa-Maria Dallapiazza / Eduard von Jan / Til Schonherr / Jutta Orth-Chambah PING PONG NEU Recommended text book for the age group between 9-10 / 10-14 (6th. 919.50 (or) Rs.00 Audio . then varied and practised in free form before being transferred to different contexts.00 Rs. The integrated Workbook is part of a new concept that offers a broad spectrum of grammar and vocabulary exercises as well as communicative-creative tasks for use in class and at home. phrases and structures) are first introduced. 420. 500.50 (or) Rs.95 (or) Rs. 919. 919. 1420. 250. 919.95 (or) Rs.00 Target Group : Teenagers with no previous knowledge of German Content : Pingpong Neu addresses themes and topics that interest teenagers and teaches authentic German in lifelike situations.

00 Rs.00 Rs. 850.00 1016201 Euro 19.all in one volume. The explanations and exercises are linked directly to these texts. 850.00 Rs.50 12.Indian Price Course book Work book with CD 2 Books together 2 Audio CDs Lehrerhandbuch 1216955 1316952 1516956 1416959 16. They lead upto CEF levels B1-C1 and help prepare for the Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung. Em Neu Brückenkurs B1 Level Makes progression from elementary to intermediate easier. The “Grundstufe” -. vocabulary and exercises. Blaue Blume consists of: Sprachen der Welt Hueber Target Group : Adult learners at intermediate level in courses throughout the world Content : This very popular 3 volume course has been completely revised and now includes up-to-date reading and listening texts. songs.50 Rs.50 26. The course books are divided into chapters.50 12.860. The grammar rules are also in English.00 A complete price list is separately made available 5 . Course Book Handbücher 3 Audio CDs (approx) B2 Level Is aimed at students who have already been successful in attaining elementary level. vocabulary grammar. learning techniques and pronunciation practice.00 0316201 Euro 21. diagrams) from the focal point of each unit.00 Rs. Bilingual Blaue Blume makes life easy for teachers and learners: the course explains in English what the units are about. cartoons.95 14. 1600.95 Rs.95 14. self-check vocabulary exercises.00 Rs.595. writing. 850. interviews.Zertifikat C1 ZMP (New)) Spl.00 • Course book with 54 units • CDs/Cassettes with all the listening texts and pronunciation exercises Em Neu Hauptkurs (2 Auflage) • Handbook with a glossary.Indian Price Course book Work book 2 Books together 2 Audio CDs Lehrerhandbuch 0016969 0116966 0416967 0216963 16. 1600.95 14.95 Rs. and what there is to learn.50 Rs. It repeats and consolidates the language needed for level B1 and leads on towards level B2 Spl. listening.860.50 Rs. The 54 short units of the coursebook contain everything learners need for the whole of the “Grundstufe” up to the Certificate in German (level B1 in the European system of accreditation): grammar.50 12.600.00 Em Neu Abschlusskurs C1 Level Helps consolidate the language required at intermediate level and prepares specifically for the Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung (Goethe . (Goethe . key.BLAUE BLUME  Recommended text book by IIT & Engineering Colleges Sprachen der Welt Hueber GERMAN COURSE BOOKS FOR INTERMEDIATE & HIGHER LEVEL TEXT BOOKS EM NEU  Follows the "Mittelstufe" curriculum of Goethe Institute This is a one-volume course for German as a Foreign Language.95 Rs.300. 860.Zertifikat B2) Spl. Original texts Original texts (reports. Indian Price Course book Work book with CD 2 Books together 2 Audio CDs Lehrerhandbuch 0016976 0116973 0416974 0216970 16.00 1116206 Euro 13. new illustrations and photographs and a close link with the grammar practice. speaking.00 Rs. phonetics. what students have to do.50 26. 1600. poems. which in turn are also divided into following elements: reading. transcripts of the listening texts and a mini-grammar.50 26.

Each of the eight chapters comprises three thematic units.00 Rs. 275. Fit fürs Start Deutsch 1 Special Indian Price  Course book incl. The examples are printed clearly and have drawings to illustrate their meaning.95 (or) Fit fürs Start Deutsch 2 Special Indian Price  Course book incl. DSH). 1038. Exercise Book 007338-4 Key 017338-9 Euro :14. 1064. giving a talk or making a summary are dealt with and practised intensively. 1005.00 AUF NEUEN WEGEN C2 Level Deutsch als Fremdsprache für die Mittel-und Oberstufe Target group : Learners at advanced level wishing to study at a German University Content : This single volume course prepares students for university in one of the German. ZOP.95 (or) Rs.00 Euro : 3. 450. A model test is provided at the end.speaking countries and for the requisite entrance examination (ZMP.95 Rs.95 (or) Fit fürs Goethe Zertifikat C1 Special Indian Price  Course book incl.CDs 3 Cassettes Teacher’s Book with integrated Audio CD for use in class 0016402 0316403 0216406 17. Solutions to the exercises are available separately.1124.95 Rs. All reading and listening texts are authentic and encourage students to discuss topics of intercultural interest.00 6 .95 Rs.00 Rs. TestDaF. 1005.95 (or) Fit fürs Goethe Zertifikat B2 Lehrbuch mit integrierter Special Indian Price  Audio CD Course book incl. Audio-CD 001872-3 Euro:16. 682. It involves thorough training of the two productive skills speaking and writing as well as the two receptive skills listening and reading.00 Rs. More than 200 exercises designed specially for this age group help consolidate the course content.00 Rs. on the right are a variety of exercises to practise them. 1835.00 Rs. thus making the book also suitable for self-study. additional texts and games. 450. Academic methods of communication such as discussion and debate.00 Rs. 450. Students are prepared step by step for the exam format and given numerous tips to help them achieve their aim.95 (or) Training Zertifikat Deutsch Special Indian Price  Course book 0072972 Original Price Euro : 11. Euro Course book 3 Audio . Audio-CD 001873-1 Euro:16. 1005.95 Rs. 887. 1835. Each unit is designed as a doublepage spread: on the left the grammar structures and rules are presented and explained.00 UND JETZT IHR! Basic grammar for teenagers Target group : Teenagers from 12 to 15 at elementary level Content : This basic guide explains grammar simply and easily.00 Rs.00 Rs. 234. presentation. Content : The practice material assumes students have basic knowledge at A1/A2 level.00 Rs. 0016577 Euro 18.00 Rs. 450.50 (or) 2 Audio CDs 0272976 Original Price Euro : 17. Audio CD 0018741 Euro:16. It gives students an overview of the most common grammatical phenomena in German and is suitable both for self-study and for use in class.95 Rs.50 30. Audio CD 0018758 Euro:16.95 30.00 Rs.em Übungsgrammatik Target group : Students at upper elementary and intermediate level (B1-C1) Content : The em Übungsgrammatik is an ideal supplement for students working with either the em Neu or em but can also be used in its own right. The exercise materials follow the topics required by the Zertifikat Deutsch and the Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung.00 Fit für Start Deutsch Target group : Students at elementary level (A1-A2) preparing for the Start 1 or Start 2 exam and needing skills practice. an exhaustive grammar section with exercises and an optional consolidation feature with project work. 1005.00 0116407 18. 1124.00 Rs.

the Goethe Institute and the LudwigMaximillan-University in Munich. 300. Content : This official set of papers from the TestDaF-Institute in the new format and original layout aims at familiarising students with the examination. Coursebook 001651-8 Euro:2. Emphasis is placed on the comprehension and production of reading and listening texts of an academic nature. 1064. there follows advice on how to pass together with the appropriate practice material. At the end of the book a complete model exam paper is included.hueber.thus making Fit fürs Zertifikat Deutsch suitable for self-study purposes. The book contains solutions to all tasks and exercises as well as the scripts of all listening texts and is therefore suitable for self-study purposes.00 Fit fürs Zertifikat Deutsch  Target group : Students at elementary level preparing for the Zertifikat Deutsch examination. Content : After a thorough explanation of examination conditions and form and structure of the tasks involved.50 Rs. 741. Package (Exercise Book with 2 Audio-CDs) 001699-2 Euro :16. A mock exam is included in an appendix.TEST DAF C2 Level (Advanced course including exam preparation) Target gro up : Students at intermediate level (CEF level B2) wishing to study at a German University Content : This course provides all the information necessary to pass the TestDaF and helps develop the skills the exam requires. or at least upper-intermediate (B2). The changes made in 2005 to the “Mündlicher Ausdruck” oral competence section have been included.de/daf/materialien Euro Course Book 0017003 14.CD 0217007 19. It practises the form and content of typical exercises and tasks testing the four skills.00 Fit für den TestDaF Target group : Students at intermediate level (CEF level B2/C1) wishing to study at a German University and to take the TestDaF exam Content : A TestDaF exam preparation programme developed jointly by the TestDaF-Institute.00 7 . Students need to have attained an advanced level (C1).50 Audio-CD Listening Texts 021651-7 Euro:17. 978.50 Rs. Each of the ten units has 10 to 15 "modular" exercises which students can do either singly or in combination with others. 886.00 Rs. Both book and Audio-CD are available as a package.00 Audio . 1156.00 Cassette Listening Texts 011651-2 Euro:17.00 Rs. The listening texts included in the training programme and the model exam can be found on the integrated AudioCDs. Solutions to all the exercises are available as a free download under www.95 (or Rs. The course also presents a systematic survey of the grammar involved and provides exercises to practise it. 1064. The solutions to the various test items also include explanations on why a solution is correct or not .95 (or)Rs.50 (or) Rs. 978. Tapescripts and solutions can be found in an appendix making this model exam suitable for self-study.95 Rs.00 Special Indian Price TEST DAF MUSTERPRÜFUNG 1 Target group : Students wishing to study at a German university and requiring the TestDaF exam in order to do so. Package (Exercise Book with Audio CD) 041699-0 16. A complete authorised model exam paper illustrates how it is set up and constructed and provides a “trial run” for students.

also be used alongside all other Coursebooks aimed at the elementary and intermediate levels. Delfin. 000 headwords examples.95 (or) Rs.000 phonetic transcriptions and numerous info-boxes with notes on German grammar and cultural background.LEARNER'S DICTIONARY Hueber GERMAN . Freeman / G. Tangram aktuell. The vocabulary required for the Zertifikat Deutsch exam is included and specially identified. constructions and idiomatic phrases.Deutsch 0062768 Euro : 9. examples and phrases with 300 illustrations to aid comprehension.00 8 .Indian Price: Original Price: Euro 22. of course. 95/- Hueber Wörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache German English  Target G roup : St udents at elementary and intermediate levels (CEF level A2 and upwards) Content : This monolingual dictionary Wörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache is the successful result of cooperation between the two publishing houses of Hueber and Duden. Every word used in the definitions is also included as a headword in its own right. Glass Special Indian Edition Deutsch . Original Price 0017352 Euro:15.G. 41. Regional variants from Austria and Switzerland are included and identified. Glass Special Indian Edition English . 590.00 Hueber TASCHENWORTERBUCH INFORMATIONS TECHNOLOGIE Günter Glass Deutsch . 375.95 Rs. Content : A completely new concept developed by Hueber that pays particular attention to the needs of speakers of other languages: Hueber’s bilingual dictionary for German as a Foreign Language is aimed at native speakers of English. It contains all the information students require up to intermeidate level for independent work either in class or at home. Themen aktuell. ISBN : 0017362 Spl.English ISBN : 3190062744 Rs. complete grammer tables and advice on learning vocabulary and on how to get the most out of using the dictionary. upto 40. It can.500 entries. Pingpong Neu and em neu.G. It has a very userfriendly design with headwords printed in colour. universal dictionary with a large number of example sentences. The dictionary has a userfriendly. 590. Polish and Spanish and includes upto 100.GERMAN W NE (Printed Version) Target G roup : St udents at elementary and intermediate levels who prefer a compact. two colour layout. 95/- Hueber TASCHENWORTERBUCH TECHNIK  H.50 (or) Rs.ENGLISH Sprachen der Welt  ENGLISH .English 0062829 Euro : 9. 919.525.95 (or) Rs. approx.00 Special Indian Price Rs. the vocabulary required for the Zertifikat Deutsch exam specially marked.Deutsch ISBN : 3190062751 Rs.00 Hueber TASCHENWÖRTERBUCH INFORMATIONS TECHNOLOGIE Günter Glass English . It is thus the ideal supplement to Coursebooks such as Schritte international.00 Hueber TASCHENWORTERBUCH TECHNIK  H. Freeman / G. definitions and examples in simple language. It also includes explanations.

The material is suitable for both self learning & learning in the class. • • • Geschäfts – Kommunikation : Writing and Telephoning.00 Rs. letter writing and listening – training. 250/- • Course book 0072453 Work book Kassette 0172450 0272457 Euro : 17.00 Rs. grammer and German idiomatic expressions and phrases Regional variants and cultural differences in Austria and Switzerland covered With useful tips on how to learn vocabulary and how to use this book Extensive table of contents and both German and English index to ensure prompt access and efficient navigation.95 Rs. 919. Prerequisite: Good basic knowledge. Vocabulary for LEARNERS OF GERMAN  A Comprehensive Theasurus DEUTSCH .50 Rs. technical and specialist terms. For revision.00 Rs. All the vocabulary for the Certificate of German exam is included. sample letters. extension and reinforcement of vocabulary and for exam preparation. intermediate and advanced level. A systematic letter writing and listening training with emphasis on import and export.ENGLISH Monika Reimann / Sabine Dinsel • • • • Comprehensive thesaurus of German for elementary. arranged systematically in wordfields.DEUTSCH LERNEN FUR DEN BERUF  Kommunikation am Arbeitsplatz Prerequisites: Knowledge of German corresponding to the level “Zertifikat Deutsch” Learning Target: Zertifikat Deutsch fur den Beruf. grammar (with exercises). reading. 125. Keyword-letters. “Deutsch Lernen fur den Beruf” imparts all the skills of understanding which the curriculam demands (hearing. specially marked With example sentences and mini-dialogues showing the words in context Info boxes on culture. Basic vocabulary (in colour) and supplementary vocabulary. training for formalities.000 entries divided into 20 thematic areas. consolidation. This book is being used successfully in the distant learning course “ Gaschajbsbriefe schreiben” of the Goethe Institute. 275.00 A separate price list as well as other publications readily available is also given 9 . small notes) vocabulary and grammar and oral communication in professional and semi professional life. normal letters. especially for those who deal with trade language. functional phrases.00 • • GESCHÄFTS KOMMUNIKATION  The Practical supplementary volume to the “Dialog Beruf” and “Deutsch Lernen fur den Beruf”. 250. ISBN : 8183070973 Rs. 15. vocabulary. Coursebook Audio Cd 0015870 0315871 Euro : 14. 1076. This one volume text book covers the course content recommended for the “Zertifikat Deutsch fur den Beruf” with 120 teaching units and deals content wise with all communication. Situation of an office (a Company).ENGLISH GERMAN . writing technique. All the 15 chapters consist of an introduction to the theme.

858. Final examinations German (Level B2) in the schools of various countries. extra games and presentations sheets which can be copied.AUSBLICK 1 The new textbook for teen-agers and adults in the intermediate level. as per choice at home or in the course.50 Rs. 919. 1155.00 0318605 Euro : 23.50 Rs.90 or Rs.95 Rs.50 Rs. age group between 13 – 18 years.95 or Rs.95 Rs. self evaluation at the end of every lesson. “AusBlick” promotes independent working of pupils through tasks and exercises.00 0118618 Euro : 13. the transcriptions of the hearing comprehensions and the solutions to the exercises in the course book and in the work book. The workbook contains further exercises for grammar and vocabulary. about their interests and their experiences. The students learn to understand and apply the grammar rules through the text reception. through learning techniques and tips for learning. Deut sches sprachdi plom der Kul tusmi nisterkonf erenz (DSD I and DSD I I) examinations. The texts are taken from internet and from youth magazines and youth literature and they motivate one to read and to hear.00 AUSBLICK 3 ABSCHULKURS : Exam level C1: Leads to Goethe Zertificat C1 (Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung “Neu”) and to the Deutshces Sprachdiplom der kultusministerkonfereng level 2 (DSD II) (NOT YET PUBLISHED) Renate Luscher Publications Landeskunde Deutschland Von der Wende bis heute by Renate Luscher 2007 Description of Geography Germany: ISBN : 978938251010 – Euro 18. 1445. which can be handled. through self-evaluation at the end of each lesson and offers a wide range of projects. Lehrerhandbuch 0218608 Euro : 21. It contains pronunciation training.00 10 . It leads to Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz level 1 ) Course book Workbook 2 Audio Cds 0018604 Euro : 14. Content : “AusBlick” covers in three volumes the syllabus of Intermediate level and leads to the following examinations: Goethe Zertifikat B 2 and Goethe – Zertifikate C1 (Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung “Neu” ) Examinat ions. 919. 1322. 542.00 0318612 Euro : 23.00 0118601 Euro : 13. AUSBLICK 1 BRÜCKENKURS : Levels B 1 – B2 Course book: AusBl ick 1 is the bri dge between basic and int ermediate lev els (progression from B 1 to B2) and revises the important learning aspects of the basic level. “AusBlick” connects the grammar and vocabulary work with the text task.00 AUSBLICK 2 HAUPTKURS : Exam Level B 2: Leads to Goethe Zertificat B2 as also to the final examinations deutsch (level B 2) in the schools in various countries.00 Lehrerhandbuch 0218615 Euro : 21. oriented to ability (can do) descriptions of the common European reference zone for languages. Pre – requisites: B1 level knowledge of German (Goethe – Zertifikat B1/ Zertifikat Deutsch) Conception: “AusBlick” offers plenty of motivating themes which appeal to the young people. tests and copy presentations f or v arious examinations in the intermediate level.95 Rs.00 Target – Group: Advanced young learners (From B 1 level onwards). The Teacher’s Handbook contains the teaching plan for the individual lessons.00 Schnelltrainer Deutsch 1 by Renate Luscher 2007 Quick description of German coach: ISBN : 9783938251065 – Euro : 8.50 Rs.95 Rs. Youngsters f rom German speaking countries speak about themselves. 1445. Course book Workbook 2 Audio Cds 0018611 Euro : 14. information pages with facts regarding the respective themes. 858. 1322. and targeted writing training to prepare the students for the text production in the examinations and additional texts.

Those working with the course Deutsch 2000 will find references to the text-book lessons of books 1-3 where the grammar point under discussion is first introduced.Apelt and Mary Snell Published by Hueber Adopted for English-speaking students A reference book of all grammatical forms commonly used in German today. Deutsch im Hotel .95 (or) Rs. fax and e. Supplementary material: CD-ROM with Interactive exercises and concise explanations Cassettes / CDs Test booklet to review progress Key with solutions The new spellings are followed throughout.00 DEUTSCH IM HOTEL KORRESPONDENZ This coursebook deals with all the various phases of transaction between hotel guest and management / travel agent using authentic examples (letters. the grammatical tables have been explained in notes for English-speaking students. employees already working in the hotel and tourist industry (also for self-study) Content: This communicative course prepares students for all situations that occur regularly at work. It has been specially adapted for English-speaking students and can be used along with any modern German course.175. ISBN: 3190211809 Price: Rs. The course is divided into two volumes Book 1 : Gespräche führen practises oral skills. Attention is paid to both oral and writing skills and everyday circumstances with up-to-date materials used as a background for a variety of ideas for practice.1512.00 Teacher's Book for Coursebook 1 & 2 0216460 Euro 13. Course book 1 0016464 Euro 16.50 (or) Rs. 800.1005. straightforward explanations with lots of examples Exercises on each set of explanations. A Grammar of Contemporary German is a contrastive grammar based on examples. Project work.50 or Rs. Both books can be used as required either in sequence. Grammatical structures are listed in a clearly presented summary. Book 2: Korrespondenz writing.Gespräche führen Real situations from the hotel and tourist trade from the basis for lively dialogues and a variety of authentic listening and reading texts.00 11 . and overview exercises Explanations of grammar terminology A comprehensive index. Solutions and tapescripts are printed in an appendix.mail) Important language elements and structures are summarised clearly in short text modules. Essential phrases and vocabulary are practised specifically and listed systematically at the end of each unit.00 0316465 Euro 25.95 or Rs. adult education institutes.A PRACTICE GRAMMAR OF GERMAN  New edition The new edition of this standard work for elementary and intermediate students of German grammer includes: Clear. in parallel or independently of each other. games and practical exercises material for pronunciation complete the package. Hueber 818307099X Rs.00 2 Audio CDs A GRAMMAR OF CONTEMPORARY GERMAN  by Mary L. 315/- DEUTSCH IM HOTEL Sprachen der Welt Hueber A communicative course for German in the hotel and tourist industry Target group: Students attending vocational schools in the hotel and tourist trade.1005. Hence rules are only given where they are really useful and the grammatical terminology has been reduced to a minimum. This can be found at the beginning of each main section. Course book 2 0016471 Euro 16.

Navigation is simple and the ever-present tools (glossary with sound. 96 pages copy sheets. their dreams and longings and influence mutually their fates. System requirements: Windows 98/NT 4. The compact reader for reading along whi le hearing has additional monolingual explanations of works and exercices in the appendix. 919.cook he celebrates triumphs. The Village is too small for him. telephoning. He goes to the city and wants to get to know the big world. Koln : Julia is so extraordinarily beautiful that one suggest that she applies for a modeling job.00 DEUTSCH IST EASY ! Conception: This book contains. the weather. in which the concept German as per English & can be developed especially effectively These are the areas: Listening Comprehension Reading Vocabulary Grammar Besides these the book contains material for avoiding the interference mistakes (especially speaking pronounciation word accent – Spelling). The CD-ROM contains more than 20 types of practice material and more than 100 interactive and entertaining exercises with information on cultural background.DEUTSCH FÜR ANFANGER CD-ROM Sprachen der Welt Hueber HUEBER AUDIO BOOK – LOVE – NOVELLAS NEW: The Hueber Audio books offer a thrilling and amusing support to the German learners in the basic level and the listening comprehension is very intensively exercised.95 Rs.00 Tina. Her parents find this idea wonderful but Anna revolts against such commercialization of her person. travel. 1210229 Euro 14. Topics : Among others. 919. 919. 919.95 Rs. Aid – materials for teachers and copiable sheets. sport and many more.95 Rs. Then she gets acquainted to a man in the disco……. word fields.00 Franz Munich: Franz is supposed to take over the village inn from his father.00 Julia. 0018697 Euro 18.600 x 800) ISBN: 3191017118 Euro : 22. who (come meet across) each other with their feelings. Reading fun which is not dampened by the didactical measures: the marvellous feeling to be able to enjoy authentic reading experience already at an early stage of learning: The chance to let oneself simply taken along by the events and thereby almost forgetting that it as all about books in the tough target language. They would like Anna to work in the family concern. 1165. reference grammar. People. But Anna prefers to start an internet firm with her female friend. Anna. lists of useful phrases. New Delhi 12 . their hopes.00  Reprinted in India by Target Group : Beginners with little or no previous knowledge of German whose native language is English. But Tina has totally different ideas. It consists of 10 units in sequence with a progression of difficulty. In spite of that she takes part in a casting ………… 3210227 Euro 14. Content : This interactive CD-ROM course for speakers of English or polish teaches basic German with a bias towards the working environment.95 Rs. but he refuses. The various types of exercises emphasize the inductive start and take the help of the mother tongue of the students also in the learning process. Hamburg: Tina comes back to Hamburg after her studies in USA. shopping. They ca 40 worksheets can be copied and class and have hints and suggestions for use in the class. Her father would like her to get married to the son of his rich friend. (copy – presentation).50 (or) Rs. To these aids materials belongs a Audio CD with hearing texts and exercised for comparitive learning (for example word accent and sentence melody ) and for speaking correctly with awareness. She meets old friends in the tennis club 2210228 Euro 14. As a star. Berlin: Anna is still living with her parents. Chennai  Original Book from Germany at Reduced Price  Reprinted in India by W R Goyal. 1334. as well as further links and references) help to increase learner autonomy. eating and drinking. family.00 German Book Centre.95 Rs. 4210226 Euro 14. Real Audio books on the back of A1 Short and simple sentences let a film emerge in front of the inner eyes – eyes of readers.0 (SP 3 or higher)/ 2000/ME/XP Pentium 233 MHz (or faster) 64 MB RAM 16 bit sound 16 bit Hi Colour Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 recommended (min. The Hueber Novelas offers a real reading & hearing material on a considerably easy level of language. apart from a short introduction into the didactical basics and methodology of multilingual starts around 40 work sheets to the theme areas.

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