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An Overview of LYSAGHT Structural Decking


Decking Asia (Regional Office)

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BlueScope Lysaght is one of the worlds largest roll former of processed steel building products. We are well known for respected brands such as LYSAGHT, PRESTIGE PANEL, KLIP-LOK, TRIMDEK, BONDEK II, POWERDEK and others. BlueScope Lysaght comes under the umbrella of BlueScope Steel, one of the leading steel companies in the Asia Pacific region specialising in the production of flat steel products, including slab, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, plate, and value-added coated and painted steel products. Drawing from our worldwide rollforming expertise and more than 140 years of experience in the construction industry, we bring to you solutions inspired by innovative technology, ready access to raw materials, a leading domestic market position and a strong presence in the growing markets of Asia. The LYSAGHT brand name is synonymous with quality and performance. Since 1979, BlueScope Lysaght structural steel decking products have been tried and tested, and successfully utilised in countless projects around the world, including landmark buildings in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Dubai and Taiwan. An entire suite of LYSAGHT structural steel decking products (including BONDEK II , W-DEKTM, 51W and POWERDEK) is available to meet your diverse building needs. These steel sheeting profiles offer differing spanning and loading capacities to suit different design needs.

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Structural Steel Decking Profile

BlueScope is a trademark of BlueScope Steel Limited. The LSYAGHT range of products is exclusively made by BlueScope Steel Limited trading as BlueScope Lysaght.

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About BONDEK II Structural Decking Profile

Features and Benefits of BONDEK II Profile

Why Choose BONDEK II Profile

Fusionpolis, Singapore

International Finance Place, Guangzhou, China

Recommended Usage of BONDEK II Profile

Slab Thickness 180 mm 170 mm 160 mm 150 mm 145 mm 140 mm 130 mm 125 mm 120 mm 115 mm 110 mm 105 mm Span (mm) 2600 2800

Parkview Square, Singapore

LYSAGHT BONDEK II profile is widely accepted by the building construction industry to be

Material Specification
BONDEK II profiled steel sheeting is roll-formed from hot dipped, zinc-coated, chromate-

highly efficient, versatile and robust. It has also been used to great effect on many major building projects, as well as countless small ones. profiled steel sheeting. It has a similar profile shape but a significantly more effective longitudinal tensile reinforcement. The top of the ribs has been embossed to bring about greater mechanical bonding between the steel sheet and concrete. Its higher yield strength and larger effective depth makes it more effective than the same area of deformed bars or welded wire fabric.
BONDEK II steel sheets are permanent formwork for a suspended composite concrete slab. In BONDEK II steel profile has been developed from the original BONDEK

2000 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT




passivated, high strength grade steel strip in base metal thickness of either 0.75mm,1.00mm or 1.20mm. Coating class of Z275 is being supplied, while Z350 and Z450 are available upon request. Thickness Coating Mass (total of both sides) Yield Strength Meets Australian Standard 0.75 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm 275g/m2 550MPa AS 1397 G550 Z275

1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT 1.00 BMT

0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT 0.75 BMT

its assembled state, it can be used as a working platform and formwork to support wet concrete, construction materials and trades. When the concrete hardens, BONDEK II acts as the bottom reinforcement of the concrete slab.
BONDEK II is a complete structural steel decking system for concrete, masonry or steel frame

Features of BONDEK II Profile

Permanent formwork High tensile steel Positive interlocking section Durable galvanised coating Full range of accessories for installation Corrosion protection Composite slabs fire performance is in accordance to requirements of British Standard BS 5950: Part 8. Fire performance has been further improved (refer to tests conducted at Victoria University).


BONDEK II Profile and Dimensions

The nominal dimensions of BONDEK II profiled steel sheeting are shown in the figure below. The effective cover width is 600mm. In the assembled state, the profile comprises two intermediate dovetail ribs for every interlocking side-lap joint. The assembled ribs are all boldly embossed along their exposed top faces.
Beijing Television Centre, China

Benefits of BONDEK II Profile

Can be used in concrete-frame construction Design flexibility with various thicknesses Unpropped span of up to 3.6 metres Embossments improve mechanical resistance between concrete and steel deck Corrosion protected Quick and easy installation of decks even semi-skilled labour can handle Accessory components allow suspended services and ceiling to be installed quickly (without the need to drill into concrete slab) No additional fire reinforcement up to 2 hours Reduction in construction time by 10 days per slab One-step assembly of sturdy working platform, bottom reinforcement and permanent formwork Clean construction site without the need for formwork stripping Inspection time minimised on formwork integrity (leakage during casting) Ease of mind with real test data, strong technical and R&D support
Bahrain Financial Harbour Phase 1, Dubai, UAE

1. Research & Development Support BlueScope Lysaght places great emphasis on product research and testing. All of our LYSAGHT structural products are subjected to rigorous tests such as slip block test, formwork tests including shear and bearing, full scale slab test, composite slab cyclic test, fire rating test, formwork air pressure test, formwork four point load test and concentrated load test. These tests are carried out in the labs of the Lysaght Technology Centre in Chester Hill, Sydney, Australia, to ensure maximum performance and quality of our decking profiles. 2. Improved Fire Performance BONDEK II profiled steel sheeting has been put through further fire tests conducted at the Victoria University of Technology to ascertain the contribution of BONDEK II decks to the positive moment capacity of a composite slab in fire. The structural adequacy of the composite slabs and its resistance of significant tensile forces in bending, in addition to the conventional reinforcement, have been established. 3. Accreditation by NATA Laboratories Our test results are accredited by NATA Laboratories to facilitate product listing schemes of local authorities. 4. Product Recommendation & Design to Suit your Specifications Working from your project specifications, our engineers will follow-up on your requirements and work out a set of calculations and a project proposal. A user-friendly Excel-based software for the design of composite slabs with LYSAGHT BONDEK II profile is available to assist a competent engineer in deriving an optimal solution. This software should be used in conjunction with the BONDEK II Design and Construction Guide. 5. Quality Assurance Material & Manufacturing Process The LYSAGHT brand name is synonymous with quality and performance. As with all other LYSAGHT products, BONDEK II profiled steel sheets comply with major design standards adopted across Asia.

One Raffles Quay, Singapore

Female Lap Rib


Embossment 200

32 200

Male Lap Rib






Cover Width : 600

13 0.75 or 1.00 BMT (FIG.1)

NO PROPS are needed for the following formwork spans:

BONDEK II Section Properties Table
Base Metal Thickness mm 0.75 1.00 1.20 Cross-sectional Area Ash mm2/m 1259 1678 2014 Self Weight kg/m2 10.30 13.60 16.02 Section Modulus Zx 103 mm3/m 12.50 16.69 20.03 Second Moment of Area Ix 104 mm4/m 47.98 64.08 76.90 Formwork Span 1.0 BMT Slab Thickness (mm) Single Span (mm) 110 2730 120 2670 3170 130 2610 3100 140 2550 3030 No props 150 2500 2960 175 2390 2810 200 2290 2670 225 250 2210 2140 2560 2460

Continuous Span (mm) 3240 Formwork Span 0.75 BMT Slab Thickness (mm) Single Span (mm) 110 2300

No props 120 2240 2460 130 2180 2400 140 2130 2340 150 2080 2290 175 1980 2170 200 1890 2070 225 250 1810 1740 1980 1910

Continuous Span (mm) 2530

Note: BMTs such as 0.6mm and 0.9mm are available upon request