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Tasks and Descriptions of Practice - Probation

Tasks of Probation: 1. Perform an act of willed change. Handle as formal experiment. Describe in full precursory data, strategy, and evaluation. 2. Select an emotion or emotional state. Meditate on it using imagery and any other technique viewed as pertinent. Journal activity and progress. 3. Determine and undergo a physical ordeal. 4. Construct sphere. 5. Take an order name. Willed Change: Refer to other documents concerning the discussion of primer and methodology. Suggested points of focus are those of relative ease in implementation such as a new physical or dietary regimen. Also integration of regular meditation or some other construct. Both fitness and meditation will be necessary at later junctions of work, so these steps will be unavoidable if one continues within The Brotherhood. Bearing this in mind though rather then to scapegoat further work, or bring more to those that choose alternatives, something of a rudimentary level should also be taken on as task. Perhaps a predominance in speech pattern such as repeated unnecessary responses in common conversation. Perhaps a physical posture deficiency, i.e. a constant downward focus of the eyes. There is no limitation except that of triviality and one should not seek to implement what could be viewed as a detrimental practice or substitution. Dont begin daily to strike oneself in the face with blunt instruments, or switch from a citrus to cola carbonated beverage, as pointed examples. If you select the elimination of a simple singular in your life it is advisable to also add something that is not related and of benefit. You must demonstrate an ability to change via self implemented direction and practice. Success is your proof and documentation our demonstration. Emotional State: Select an emotional response that is generated by a variety of mediums. As example, anger. Put yourself into a state of comfort through breathing, meditation, or simply solitude. Attempt to reach a point of calm. After you have found calm relive through imagination an experience that caused anger or hostility. Live it as you lived it previously. After you have generated the response focus on it and attempt to maintain it with and without continued visitation of the experience called to question.

Repeat this process several times with the same emotion previously selected. Focus on cause, effect, and where the feelings originate. Keep track of your mind and body and break down the reaction as best as possible. At this stage you are expected only to pursue practice and annotate as best as possible observations of experience and physical characteristics of such. Physical Ordeal: One must suffer in becoming. Our way is not one of ease or comfort. In this manner that it is not acceptable as a marathon runner to plot a course of jogging as an ordeal. It should be a task that is difficult, that is consuming, but not one of short duration. It should also not be implicitly be capable of ending badly. If youve never rock climbed before dont find a 50 foot wall and have at it without tether or harness. The goal is left free because it must be decided, planned, and executed. It is a demonstration of desire and fortitude not a slippery slope of failure. The work is arduous and difficult requiring an individual capable of challenge and perseverance, not a military endeavor. In this way a fit man may need to hike 20 miles under burden to demonstrate character while another may be reduced to a lump within 4. It is the task and demonstration that is the focus, not a precedent of genetic potential. Trust though that more will be required and that you will perform better, or you will be left behind. The Sphere: Procure for yourself some clay. With it make a sphere approximately the size of your fist. Dry it, or bake it, as is required for the selected material base. When it is serviceable apply to it several coats of black paint. Though the process and task are simple take great care. It may flatten and such some during the drying, that is unavoidable and acceptable, but it is of import that you are ignorant of. Treat the task and object with respect and care. Taking A Name: Much is to be found in a name. The one you were given as a child became a filing cabinet of experience since your first steps towards consciousness. It is a centralized reference in the spectrum of humanity as an individual identity. When you are introduced to a stranger everything from speech to attire are attributed to this dot and the imagery and sensory mind of man puts them all into a box engraved with this phrase. You are a stranger to The Brotherhood and before you rests an empty box waiting to be filled by your tasks and observations. You will be known for how you aspire and perform

reduced down to how you make reference to your individualized self. Though your name will change later, and perhaps often, the box will remain the same and bear the mark of previous manifestations. You may select an intent formulating it as a motto from native language or antiquity. Perhaps even the name of a god or specified alternative that has ramification and is endowed with characteristics. Perhaps even a number. Remember though it will become who you are to US, so do not take it lightly.