Requirement Modelling and Information Design

(for Software Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Technical Writers) A 24 hour practical training in the use of 22 patterns. The patterns will be published for reference with a brief comment on Students or professionals interested in learning how to implement them effectively may follow the course, and will benefit of 3. Instructor: Tanguy Wettengel, PhD Computational Linguistics, Higher Doctorate Language Sciences. Course Program
20-12-2013 Introduction to Pattern-based Programming 21-12-2013 Observer Pattern 22-12-2013 Decorator Pattern 23-12-2013 Factory Pattern 24-12-2013 Singleton Pattern 25-12-2013 Command Pattern 26-12-2013 Adapter & Façade Patterns 27-12-2013 Template Method Pattern 28-12-2013 Iterator & Composite Patterns 29-12-2013 State Pattern 30-12-2013 Proxy Pattern 31-12-2013 Model-View-Controller Patterns

Course language: English.
All sessions take place from 07pm to 09pm at here the address of Saigon Hub. Registration: Saigon Hub secretary phone number Registration Deadline: 05-12-2013 at 4pm Information: - Fee: 3,5M VND for Students, 5M VND for non-Students Attendance certificate delivered at the end of the course.


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