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Retirement of the units

Milos DjukicAssistant Professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade PJM: Closure of two FirstEnergy coal-fired plants will not affect grid PJM has told FirstEnergy it will be able to retire 2,080 MW of coal-fired power generation without affecting grid reliability.

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James James Kugler Thermal Performance Engineer I find it interesting that Consumers Power was requested by MISO to delay the retirement of some older coal plants due to system reliability concerns (your previous question), while PJM has no reliability issues with retiring twice the capacity. It all hinges upon the load projections used by each regional transmission organization (RTO) for their

reliability studies and the current reserve margin in each RTO. How would one balance the incremental cost and benefits of environmental compliace with system stability?
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Milos Milos Djukic Assistant Professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade James You asked the key question related to benefits of costly environmental compliace with system stability. Through the refurbishment, reconstruction and careful implementation of the asset integrity management systems, even on the older units, It is possible to significantly improve reliability and provide re-power with significant efficiency upgrade (reducing forced outages) and remaining life extension. Modern methods and technologies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide (CO2) emission) can be successfully applied on the older coal-fired units, . It is clear that the technologies exist to build and operate increasingly clean and efficient coal-fired power pants, but what is the price is a key issue? I think that any withdrawal of the units from use, for any reason (aging, reliability decrease, pollution): should be preceded by careful techno-economic analysis. Coal is a still reliable, low cost source of energy even with the addition of environmental controls.Currently a very common approach:"no coal-fired power plants at", could have very negative consequences in the near future. Coal-fired power plants should be run efficiently and cleanly, It is sometimes challenging task, but ultimately achievable.
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