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This is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive program on human resource management in the country today. The DHRM is five-certificate program that transforms challenges into exciting professional and personal development opportunities. Designed in consultation with industry and academic leaders, and delivered by top-caliber HRM professionals, the DHRM Program provides both theoretical grounding as well as practical learning experiences of real-world value. Already on the cutting educational edge, the DHRM continues to evolve by incorporating new trends, technologies and competencies in its syllabi. The Diploma in HRM Program serves both the HR professional established in a career as well as those aspiring to enter the field. Now being offered in two campuses located strategically in Quezon City and Alabang, its never been easier to meet the challenges of our changing world. It is a formal educational program accredited by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports. It is run on campus at two selected universities and colleges. Participation in the program translates into enrolment in the graduate schools of these colleges. The DHRM program consists of five certificate programs each focusing on a major HRM functional area. Obtaining a Diploma in HRM entails successful completion of all five certificate programs: A. Certificate in Human Resource Planning and Acquisition Introduction to the Human Resources Management Framework HR Planning Recruitment Strategies Selection Strategies Placement and Induction Certificate in Human Resource Development Overview of Human Resource Development Understanding Adults and How they Learn Determining and Analyzing Training Needs and Requirements Designing a Training Module Using Facilitation/Presentation Skills Evaluating Training Interventions Managing the Training Function Ensuring the Growth and Development of Human Resources Integration Session (Futurizing HRD) Certificate in Organization Development Overview of Human Resource Management




Organization Development Organization Diagnosis and Models Planned Change Interventions Evaluating the Change Process Organization Development Consultants

Certificate in Compensation Management Compensation Management Overview Job Analysis Job Description Methods of Job Evaluation Point Rating Plan Job Rating Process Job Classification Salary Market Data Development of Market Pay Lines Designing Salary Structure Compensation Planning and Administration Benefits Planning and Administration Legal Aspects of Compensation Strategic Pay and Reward Platforms Executive Compensation Program Certificate in Labor Relations Introduction Historical Perspective of Human Resource Management Historical Background of Labor Law Relationship of HR Management and labor Code Overview of the Labor Code Role of HR Practitioner in Relation to Labor Code Rational for the Rule favoring the Employee in the Labor Code Globalized Labor Practice


Each certificate program is a complete program in itself and has been carefully designed to meet organizational, individual, as well as professional needs. Depending on the university or college of choice, appropriate academic credits are earned for each certificate. Objectives PMAPs Diploma in Human Resource Management Program is specially designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about HRM. As the flagship educational program of

PMAP, it aims to enhance the practice of HRM in the Philippines as a profession through continuing education, research, and instruction. The Program is designed to develop competent professionals who are skilled at managing people effectively and maximizing human resource potential so that both employee and organizational goals are successfully met. The DHRM aims to help participants: Acquire a better and thorough understanding of basic principles, tools, trends, issues, and challenges in human resource and personnel and relate these to human resource management in the Philippines setting; 2) Broaden their perspectives about the changing roles and requirements of the HRM function both globally and locally; 3) Develop practical human resource management skills that can be applied in their respective organizations; 4) Be equipped with necessary skills and competencies in the various functional areas of HRM, with special focus on increasing business impact of HRM; 5) Provide a foundation of basic strategic management principles and practices; 6) Acquire specialization in human resource management Colleges

The DHRM program is a partnership program between PMAP and selected colleges. Classes are therefore conducted within the august halls of the academe. DHRM participants get real access to academic facilities and services provided by the academic institutions. For 2011, academic institutions that offer the PMAP-DHRM Program are:
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Miriam College (Quezon City) San Beda College Alabang

These premiere academic institutions are located in Quezon City and Alabang for easy access and convenience. Each college keeps a separate timetable for the DHRM and certificates program. Curriculum Experts from both the academe and industry jointly conceptualized the DHRM Program curriculum ensuring not only its validity but its relevance to corporate and industry needs. Thus, the DHRM offers a good balance between theory and practice and provides participants a wider, more inclusive lens upon which to view the challenges of the profession . Likewise, the design, scope, and methodology of each certificate program are reviewed regularly to reflect changing conditions in the workplace and in the profession.

Admission Requirements Program Eligibility The DHRM Program and any of its five certificate courses is open to all those who have finished a Bachelor's Degree, either working full time or part time, regardless of current field of specialization. It is ideal for those who are currently embarked on a career in HRM, those intending to pursue one, or those who are interested in learning about the effective management of human resources. Admission Procedure Interested parties may obtain an application form from PMAP. The filled form and the required payment must be submitted on or before the start of the program. Reservations are allowed if made at least one week before the start of the program.

Program Requirements and Certification The DHRM Program and each of the five certificates is a pass or fail program. This means that attendance in each certificate course is evaluated and graded according to performance in class and in keeping with the academic requirements of the DHRM Program. At the end of each certificate course taken, each participant receives a numerical grade that is recorded in the registrar's office of the university/college where the certificate course was taken. The basis for the evaluation and grading include submission of integration papers, comprehensive or written examinations, faculty/facilitator assessment, individual/group consultations, and others. Methodology The DHRM Program is conducted using a variety of learning and teaching techniques in appreciation of the distinct needs of the participants. Each certificate is conducted using a mixture of instructional methods that combine academic traditions and corporate techniques, with specific slant towards using case studies as the primary method of instruction. Venues and Schedules

All sessions are held on campus of the specific college where the DHRM Program is offered. Instructional facilities are readily available and provided depending on the requirements of the courses. Each certificate course runs for eight Saturdays, including orientation and final exams, when applicable. Class hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Program Fee The program fee covers tuition, library fees, IDs and other miscellaneous expenses that the university/college charges, and varies accordingly for each university/college. A writing kit is provided to each participant. The program cost does not include costs of meals and snacks. Photocopying of materials is shouldered by the participants.