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ReSharper 8 Default Keymap

Visual Studio scheme Create

Symbol code completion Smart code completion Import symbol completion Complete statement Parameter info Go to previous signature (in parameter info) Quick documentation Move code up/down/left/right Extend selection Shrink selection Duplicate a line or selection Select containing declaration Comment with line comment Comment with block comment Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Alt+Space Shift+Alt+Space Ctrl+Shift+Enter Ctrl+Shift+Space Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Space Ctrl+Shift+F1 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ / / Ctrl+Alt+Right Ctrl+Alt+Left Ctrl+D Ctrl+Shift+[ Ctrl+Alt+/ Ctrl+Shift+/ /

ReSharper 8 Default Keymap

Visual Studio scheme Explore
Go to everything Go to type Go to symbol Go to file Go to file member Find usages Find usages (advanced) Find Results window Highlight usages in file Go to previous usage Go to next usage Analyze References window Navigate to Go to declaration Go to type of symbol Go to implementation Go to base symbols Go to derived symbols Go to usage File Structure Ctrl+T Ctrl+T (second hit) Shift+Alt+T Ctrl+Shift+T Alt+\ Shift+F12 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12 Ctrl+Alt+F12 Shift+Alt+F11 Ctrl+Alt+PgUp Ctrl+Alt+PgDn Ctrl+Alt+Y Alt+` F12 Ctrl+Shift+F11 Ctrl+F12 Alt+Home Alt+End Shift+Alt+F12 Ctrl+Alt+F Alt+ Alt+ Ctrl+[ Ctrl+Alt+D Ctrl+E, T Shift+Alt+L

ReSharper 8 Default Keymap

Visual Studio scheme Improve
Show available quick-fixes and context actions Inspect this Inspection Results window View type hierarchy Go to next highlight (error, warning or suggestion) Go to previous highlight (error, warning or suggestion) Go to next error Go to previous error Refactor this Rename Move type or static member Safe delete Extract method Introduce variable Introduce field Introduce parameter Inline Change signature Code Cleanup Run unit tests Debug unit tests Run all tests from solution Alt+Enter Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A Ctrl+Alt+V Ctrl+E, H Alt+PgDn Alt+PgUp Shift+Alt+PgDn Shift+Alt+PgUp Ctrl+Shift+R Ctrl+R, R Ctrl+R, O Ctrl+R, D or Alt+Del Ctrl+R, M Ctrl+R, V Ctrl+R, F Ctrl+R, P Ctrl+R, I Ctrl+R, S Ctrl+E, C Ctrl+U, R Ctrl+U, D Ctrl+U, L Ctrl+U, Y Ctrl+U, T Ctrl+Alt+U Ctrl+Alt+T
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Generate code (constructors, Alt+Ins properties, implementing/ overriding members, etc) Insert live template Surround with template Create file from template Go to last edit location View recent files View recent edits Go to related files View bookmarks Go to bookmark Set/remove bookmark Ctrl+E, L Ctrl+E, U Alt+Ins in Solution Explorer Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Ctrl+, Ctrl+Shift+, Ctrl+Alt+F7 Ctrl+` Ctrl+[numeric key] Ctrl+Shift+[numeric key]

Go to next member/tag Go to previous member/tag Go to containing declaration To-do items Explore stack trace Locate in Solution Explorer

Run current session Repeat previous run Unit Test Explorer Unit Test Sessions