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National Conference


Topic: Inclusive growth of SHGs through project based approach- a case study of Pico Power project in Banjarumale tribal area.

Dr. P N Udayachandra, Registrar & HOD of Commerce, SDM College (autonomous) Ujire. Mr. Vishal Pinto Research Scholar, SDM College Ujire. Mr. Sunil Dsouza Research Scholar, Hema Gangotri, Hassan.

Inclusive growth of SHGs through project based approach- a case study of Pico Power project in Banjarumale tribal area.
People who are excluded from the socio economic developmental parameters and do not enjoy the basic facilities for day to day life, cant standardize themselves even though they are considered for the financial inclusion. They need to be first considered in the overall development aspect in order to develop and organize themselves in the society. The project based approach is a dynamic venture in witnessing the socio-economic development of rural poor. The complete growth of rural house hold is possible through implementation of the projects which have long term effect. In order to prove this hypothesis we have taken a case study of Banjarumale Pico Power project. Banjarumale is basically a tribal area and the project was installed with the basic motive of helping the SHG members residing in that area. The SHG members are associated with SKDRDP which is a premier institute of micro finance. The main objective of the study is to analyze the impact of the Pico power project on the socio economic condition of the SHG members. The study begins with explicating the Bangarumale Pico power project and SHGs residing in that area. The research methodology adopted for the study deals with objectives of the study, sample size, collection of data, scope of the study and limitations. The brief profile of Pico Power project elucidates the history and objective beyond implementation of the project. All the data collected through structured questionnaires was analyzed and interpreted accordingly. The findings and suggestions derived from the study communicate the impact of the power project. Banjarumale PICO Power project has greater sustenance only through the contribution of SHGs members. The project has effectively improved the living standards and life style of SHG members who inhabited in remote area. Thus inclusive growth is better attained through the implementation of projects with the help of SHG members. It has positively resulted in rural development and enhancement in the socio-economic conditions of the rural people who otherwise could not be brought up.

Keywords: Self Help Groups, Pico Power Project, Socio-Economic condition, inclusive growth, financial inclusion.