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Version History of the PotPlayer ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.

33573] 2012/05/24 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added the ability to sort playlist items by extension +Added Built-in RealMedia codec support +Added Intel Indeo 4/5 decoder support +Added the ability to copy current subtitle to clipboard +Added 3D subtitle Top & Bottom mode +Added the ability to get play time within a playlist +Added VMR9/EVR anisotropic scaling method +Added a function to File Navigator to play all files in related folder -Fixed a problem that the screen goes blank when playing 8-bit color video -Fixed position issue of integrated subtitles when pre/next actions -Some fixes while playing certain ASF files -Added ALT+K keyboard shortcut to cycle between screen rotations -Added the ability to set value of audio sync (Shift+<,>) (F5 > Audio > Crystali ty > sync control unit) -Added the ability to keep subtitle/audio sync -Some fixes in 3D subtitle output while displaying messages & playback infos -Improved style handling of ASS/SSA subtitles -Some fixes in uninstaller (Korean) -Improved start speed of broadcasting -Improved rendering of video capture -Improved threads of ProRes decoder -Some fixes for DVD subtitles -Fixed a problem while playing MPEG2 files with DXVA -Some fixes while using RAW video processing -Improved Direct3D9Ex Flip mode -Improved file open from RAR parts -Some fixes for playback problem of certain Audio CD ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.32007] 2012/02/22 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added the ability to remember played position within a playlist +Added the ability to auto repeat current subtitle section -Some fixes for DVD playback -Fixed an error of CUDA/QuickSync decoder while changing the image size dynamica lly -Fixed screen position problem of some ASS/SSA subtitles -Some fixes for Video Renderer -Fixed a problem in blu-ray playback that the chapters don't show up with built 31979 -Fixed a problem while playing certain ASF files ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.31934] 2012/02/07 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added the ability to jump to current subtitle position +Added IMC1 ~ IMC4 color spaces +Added Intel QuickSync Decoder (MPEG1/2, H264/AVC, WMV3, VC1 are supported) +Added the ability to move to chapters of blu-ray +Added the ability to choose blu-ray playback method +Added the ability to set custom screen size when starting video playback +Added Built-in LPCM decoder +Added the ability to specify the transparency of the navigation dialog

+Added the ability to rename filename in the playlist +Added Nvidia CUDA Decoder (MPEG1/2, H264/AVC, VC1 are supported) +Added an option to play the next item when failed to play +Added CMD_VIDEO_CODEC_SIZE_MESSAGE,CMD_VIDEO_OUT_SIZE_MESSAGE,CMD_VIDEO_OUT_FPS _MESSAGE to skin support +Added resolution limit setting to usage conditions of DXVA +Added WMV9 VLD support to built-in DXVA decoder +Added an option to scale subtitle's outline/shadow to fit screen size -Some fixes while playing TS files -Added an option to adjust window size from window center -Improved filter priority handling -Fixed an issue that FLAC audio codec selection did not work -Fixed mouse response problem on file navigator -Changed default setting of WMA audio codec to Built-in Decoder -Fixed sync problem of Interlace VC1 playback when seeking -Fixed sync problem of built-in WMV DMO codec when seeking -Changed default setting of built-in MPEG audio decoder to FFmpeg Float Decoder -Some fixes for specific FFmpeg audio codec -Some fixes for built-in H.264 DXVA decoder -Improved support of Rar files -Improved determination of interlaced WDM -Added multiple audio output processing to built-in splitter -Added AVX instructions support to built-in codec -Fixed an issue that can not play a damaged part of ASF -Improved album/favorite menu handling -Fixed an issue that tray icon don't show up when using screen capture ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.30857] 2011/12/15 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added the ability to move the selected item via CTRL+Up/Down keys in the playli st +Added the ability to add time intervals to playback skipping -Updated built-in codec -Fixed position issue of ASS/SSA subtitles -Fixed an issue where the window has moved at the startup in certain environment -Some fixes while playing TS files -Fixed an issue that has no sound while playing certain MOV/MP4 files -Some fixes for ruby tag of subtitles -Fixed an issue that has no sound while playing avs (avisynth script) files -Fixed a bug that play time was incorrectly identified on some MP3/MOV files -Changed default color space for some graphic cards -Fixed an issue that opaque box option did not work with blu-ray subtitle -Added ASF embedded subtitle support -Fixed run-time error problem which occurred on some PCs -Added Apple ProRes Codec support -Fixed DivX H.264 decoder compatibility problem -Some fixes while playing more than two MP4 files -Fixed flickering problem of H.264 HD broadcasting -Fixed deblocking problem of H.264 HD broadcasting -Fixed sync problem while playing H.264 files -Fixed flickering problem of VMR9 Renderless which occurred on some PCs -Improved video capture feature ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.29996] 2011/10/31 ----------------------------------------------------------Fixed ratio problem of specific MPEG2 files

-Improved the process of file sending to Recycle Bin -Fixed AAC Recognition problem in MPEG2 TS -Some changes in RGB/YUV color themes ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.29917] 2011/10/18 ----------------------------------------------------------Fixed DXVA problem of HDTV broadcasting -Fixed an issue where the window has moved to the left when set its size to 0.5X or 1.0X -Broadcasting sync can be adjusted now -Added an option to improve bottom margin function when video processing filter is not used -Improved subtitle margin in full screen -Some fixes while real-time playback -Improved asx/pls file analysis capabilities -Fixed VC1 DXVA Problem ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.29795] 2011/09/29 ----------------------------------------------------------Fixed a subtitle related problem -Improved broadcasting sound modulation -Fixed strange problem of some ASS/SSA subtitles -Added an option to ignore <BR> tag in SMI subtitles -Improved file information feature -Added support for more than 500 MB Rar/Zip files -Fixed support of Rar files ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.29601] 2011/09/06 ----------------------------------------------------------Fixed frame step problem of EVR Custom Present -Added the ability to capture translucent windows -Fixed OGG Stream playing problem -Added the ability to skip the viewing screen of webcam broadcasting -Fixed a problem that adding files to playlist takes a long time -Some fixes in Thread Frame of H264 decoding -Fixed synchronization issue of a specific file -Fixed a problem while a long subtitle shown -Fixed sync problem of a specific MPEG1 file -Fixed video capture problem while using H.263+ codec -Fixed a problem while playing FLV files -Improved speed of subtitle output ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.29332] 2011/08/11 ----------------------------------------------------------Fixed an issue where could not change video size when using DXVA -Improved HTTP file playback -Changed WMV1,WMV2 default codecs -Fixed synchronization problem on some files with DXVA -Fixed an issue that playback is not smooth with using Thread Frame -Fixed VC1 connect problem of the latest Cyberlink Video Decoder -Fixed a problem that cannot use external ASF splitter -Improved similar file search ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.29162] 2011/07/29 ----------------------------------------------------------

-Fixed playback synchronization problem of some H.264 files -Changed default deinterlace settings (To fix quality problems) -Fixed a problem where keyboard hotkey does not take the actual condition with f ocus problem -Added reset chat announcements and broadcasting stationary during chatting feat ures -Changed file list of broadcasting to improve user security ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.29148] 2011/07/28 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added support for virtual Headphone/Surround/Dolby audio outputs +Added the ability to customize DVD Navigator and HDTV Demuxer +Added AMR audio playback +Added support for Stereoscopic subtitles -Added support for MP4 EAC3 -Some fixs for MPEG2 with H.264 videos -Fixed H.264 DXVA problem of Intel GMA 4500 -Improved playback WTV files -Some fixs for Unicode installation Process -Some fixes for MP4/MOV format -Improved speed of broadcast/HTTP streaming -Added AAC LATM codec support for MPEG format -Fixed a problem during Pot TV video playback -Broadcast resolution can be set freely -Fixed speed problem of LPCM playback -Fixed de-interlacing problem of AVI playback -Some fixes for ACM Vorbis compressed files -Added the ability to select external ASF/FLV Source/Splitter -Added the ability to select FFmpeg thread processing -Fixed an issue that some MP4 files does not play -Some fixes for madVR and HaaliVR -Fixed an issue where H.264 DXVA does not work correctly on some cards -Improved DXVA decoding process -Fixed noise problem while decoding more than 9-bit H.264 -Fixed audio CD playback problem -Added the ability to customize the mouse settings -Fixed some broadcasting issues -Improved chat security -Fixed some special tags display problem in chatroom -Added the ability to play MXF files ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.28025] 2011/04/29 ----------------------------------------------------------Fixed NV12 output of Direct3D9/OpenGL Video Renderer problems -Some fixs for H264 DXVA display problems -Fixed problem of retrieving the file path -Fixed a compatibility problem while using external DXVA decoder ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.28013] 2011/04/28 ---------------------------------------------------------+Additional support for FFmpeg-MT decoder (MPEG4, VP3, Theora, HUFFYUV) +Added MPEG4 DXVA support for ATI Radeon HD 6xxxx cards (not perfect) +Added DXVA support without rendering mode +Added HTTP Live streaming media playback +Added RealVideo codecs +Added Direct3D9/OpenGL Video Renderer

-Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed

some problems during playback MP4 files some compatibility issues between PC and BASS some H264 DXVA problems that occured on some VGA cards an issue where the program was killed because of an invalid bookmark cache problem while recording with capture card H264 DXVA compatibility problem of some GMA VGA Cards subtitle tag identification problem DXVA problem of WMV3 format a problem that priority setting of the source filter is not valid

---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.27313] 2011/03/22 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added support of album art visual effects +Added the ability to set font of the dialog box +Added Support for ASS/SSA subtitles with animated features -Changes in visual of album art -Support for a few album art functions (with mouse click to switch) -Fixed error problem of high resolution video recording -Some fixs while playing VC-1 files -A specific support for WMA audio decoder to fix some problems -Fixed error problem while closing the program -Fixed a problem that some fonts invisible in font selection -Added an option to show bookmarks on navigation bar -Fixed a problem that does not recognize bookmarks on some MP4 files -Some fixs for subtitles which has problem of broken characters -Fixed issue of manually subtitle edit while watching analog tv -Fixed a problem that audio input of second audio device does not work on some P Cs -Some fixs in shortcuts -Bug fixed in ASS/SSA subtitles handling -Fixed problems while playing some FLV files -Added MKV files basic track processing function -Fixed connection problem of CyberLink VC1 decoder -Support for TAK audio files -Chat restriction for temporary users -Change nickname after the synchronized -Report on user nickname linkage -Added a menu item that send to blacklist automatically ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.26392] 2011/01/06 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added support of BIK files +Added display album cover while playing music +Added the ability to set temporary storage folder +Added remember finished action function -Fixed audio playback problem of MP4 files -Improved INI file handling -Added an option to playlist settings to show file extension -Some changes in subtitles handling -Fixed green screen problem on Nvidia cards while playing H264 videos with DXVA -Bug fixed in EAC3 PassThrough -Bug fixed in visualization -Some AAC audio support -Ban for Simple user ID from chat

---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.26143] 2010/12/14 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added 0.1 second adjust to AB repeat function +Added auto delete bookmark function -Fixed a problem where AB repeat display incorrectly -Fixed problems in multi-core video processing -Improved motion blur feature -Improved file delete function -Fixed a problem that RT subtitle file could not handle properly -Fixed problems while playing FLV video files -Optimize RTSP playback -Chat management page changes reflect at real-time -Fixed a bug with other users in chat -Fixed inconsistency in the user name and nickname ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.25819] 2010/11/25 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added a new skin +Added a control panel feature (Its currently included in the new skin) +Added Custom color theme feature +Added motion blur function -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed a problem that the album disappear from specific condition a problem that the control panel does not disappear when minimized in stored login information screen tearing issues of some ASF file playback compatibility issueS of HDTV playback with using DXVA and subtitles a problem that where the extension disconnected

---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.25705] 2010/11/18 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added the ability to play DVDs for playback on the previous position -Changed adjustment based on the modification of window size control -Fixed a problem that where the overlay mixer is in use without subtitles -Changed multiple execution live and mini to operate individually ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.25642] 2010/11/11 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added image overlay on screen feature (Direct3D, LayeredWindow) +Added translucent skin function mode +Added file information feature to playlist +Added auto-login feature +Added RTSP protocol +Added chat ban function -Fixed a problem that some videos did not work with Winamp DSP plug-in modificat ion -Changed some shortcuts -Built-in codecs as default for WMV7/8/9 -Fixed a problem that some PC were terminated when mouse right button is pressed -Slideshow of visualization output can be modified -Fixed in some novelties SRT subtitle reading -Some fixs that occured while playing MPEG2 files -Fixed a problem that when often search stopped while playing a .MP4 file

-Some fixs for Win Vista to allows more control -Fixed a problem in Built-in subtitles that when often search stopped while play ing a .mkv file -Some fixs for built-in PAL DVD playback codec or problem behaviors -Fixed a problem that INI saving operation was over environmental management -Fixed H264 DXVA problem while watching TV or Video recording -Fixed a problem that screen horde of DV files when double sound track playing -Fixed a problem in bookmark -Fixed a related broadcast problem ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.24134] 2010/09/08 ----------------------------------------------------------Fixed a problem that where subtitles does not come out from a part of MP4 file -Fixed a problem that EVR did not click when using DVD menu -Fixed a temporary noise problem -Fixed Pixel shader problem while watching digital TV -Other bug fixes -Change Color Space (YUY2, NV12, YV12 moderately optional) -Changed ini file saving to unicode ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.23965] 2010/08/30 ---------------------------------------------------------+Added move video window to screen center while starting playback +Added retain subtitles bottom margin feature +Added directly save DHTV stream +Added a command line parameters (/autoplay) +Added ability to use Direct3D 9Ex +Added Font smooth overall output function +Added GIF logo features for broadcasting +Added Flash File (SWF format) logo features for broadcasting (32-bit) -Fixed broadcasting buffer problems -Fixed audio problem for some MP4 files -Logo to be used to modify animated GIF images -Fixed a problem that broadcasting logo PNG alpha channel was handled incorrectl y -Fixed a problem that the program did not run on older CPU -Fixed a problem while temporary files are deleted -Fixed a skin problem that mouse did not work in the area of treatment -Added Preffered audio option -Added Subtitles force left-aligned option -Fixed some H264 TS file playback recognition problems -Fixed refresh issues of file association -Fixed bookmarks/chapters identify display problems -Fixed ARGB -> YV12 color conversion error problem -Fixed aspect ratio calculation problem when using EVR renderer -Fixed Intel GMA-HD video card black screen problem with using DXVA -Fixed playlist sort problem -Fixed invalid argument error problem that occured in some computer -Fixed some VC-1 encoded video playback that can not be decoded with DMO -Fixed some problem in DTS and DTS-HD ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.23336] 2010/07/26 ---------------------------------------------------------+Add search function to the play list +Add repeat setting function

-Fixed some memory error problem while broadcasting running -Fixed broadcasting sync problem while recording -Fixed a problem while adding files to playlist from explorer -Fixed a problem that mouse cursor does not hide automatically -Winamp playback video link correction -Fixed a problem that the file can not open if folder has hidden attribute ---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.23312] 2010/07/22 ---------------------------------------------------------+Add DVD playback speed +Add a custom volume adjustment +Add a pointer to hover in the search bar to display time information +Add a shutdown feature at a specific time +Add frame playback delay +Add automatic identification interlaced scanning of TV Movies +Add VP8 coding support +Add WebM playback +Add WebM Play recording +Add analog TV time positioning functions +Add next generation EAC3, TrueHD, DTS-HD MA through functional +Add subtitles border transparent function +Add in the Configuration Manager that can automatically switch the standard aud io mode +Add saving subtitles named filmname +Add subtitles Fade effect function +Add Trying to load the subtitle file folder if there are no matching subtitles available +Add a built-in audio renderer (cross-fade function) +Add time limit of subtitle function +Add FLAC source filter selection +Add FLAC audio codec selection -Improved the inter-word tagging subtitles -Fixed some MP4 files audio playback problems -Fixed some damage AVI playback problems -Fixed issues with switching to madVR renderer -Changes in to the individual computer program to play H.264 suspended animation issues -Fixed initialization specific album art problem -Fixed position of each switch configuration state of preservation -Fixed deadlock issue procedural security measures -Fixed adjust speed when broadcast can not be played in the current location -Improved special broadcast buffer mode -Improved external decoder subtitle synchronization -Fixed DVB machine FusionHDTV Express search problems -Fixed playing MPEG file locking problem -Fixed related skin issues -Improved broadcast buffer mode -Fixed some problems in the setting screen on Vista -Fixed in TV card/full-screen game/broadcast problem -Fixed audio track switching BDA issue of machine flexibility -Fixed some MP4 files subtitles synchronized issues -Fixed problem when more than 3 audio tracks in AC3 SPDIF output compression -Fixed sound problem with the noise on broadcasting -Fixed invalid position of subtitles output word spacing settings -Fixed audio decoder playback delays on 64-bit system -Fixed failure menu shortcuts

-Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Fixed -Other

deleting some temporary files screen using with keyboard shortcuts to minimize screen tearing play problem in some MPEG2 files MPEG2 <-> H.264 can not be converted to play in the BDA issue security of chat module bug fixes

---------------------------------------------------------[1.5.22243] 2010/06/03 ----------------------------------------------------------Update Built-in Codecs -Adjust some default settings -Other bug fixes -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.5.22219] 2010/06/01 -------------------------------------------------- --------Remake DRM -Fixed EVR CP 60-frame playback problem -Some fixs -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.5.22204] 2010/06/01 -------------------------------------------------- -------* Re-configure the form design parameters * Simplified main menu + Add subtitles Fade Effect + Add captions to the output surface mode features in the map + Add MadVR renderer + Add Play online media positioning function when the slider + Add playlist album features + Add playlist function temporary queue + Add MultiThread H.264 multi-threaded decoding + Add playlist tabs + Add to display file information MediaInfo components + Add a form to set the translucent feature + Add images 90-degree rotation + Add images migration functionality + Add Windows7 Taskbar support + Add bookmark function to display thumbnails + Add record format can be saved as ASF, OGV format + Add self-closing feature when play finished + Add a custom boot size function + Add file navigator + Add to open the streamlined menu + Add function to view the summary information + Add a voice filter process can be immediately reset function - Updated built-in decoder - Fixed some problems can not load subtitles - Fixed can not load the first two drives in the subtitle problem - Update VMR9 without rendering and rendering renderer EVR Recommended - Enhanced (MPEG, NSV, OGG, REAL, MP4) file playback - Support for simultaneous recording of two or more media video - Enhance the seamless playback - To improve the video, audio processing - Improved video recording - To improve the frame rate processing demand - Improve the DXVA decoder - Fixed some special H.264 files after sliding the screen Loss - Fixed output HD-DVD's subtitles high CPU utilization problem

- Fixed use of images in a specific ratio of the screen is lost when cutting iss ues - Open similar documents to improve the logic - Adjust the Vista or Windows7 of VMR7, VMR9, EVR mode distribution - Can edit subtitles cover - Detailed information output mode - To improve the Explorer file association - Some PC play a specific broadcast lead to CPU 100% occupancy rate of - Fixed some functional problems for the broadcast of the invalid - Modify the image filter in use immediately reset function - Fixed the screen output ratio imbalance - Fixed other known issues ---------------------------------------------------------[1.4.20906] 2010/04/15 ---------------------------------------------------------+ Daum CI (Corporate Identity) change ---------------------------------------------------------[1.4.20896] 2010/04/09 ---------------------------------------------------------+ Broadcasting adjusted to be uniform in quality than - Star League video search had occurred during error correction - Some have reported on the air due to the problem was reentering gangtoehu -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20879] 2010/03/02 -------------------------------------------------- -------- Html tag when using a chat ban - Chat room error improvement -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20877] 2010/02/23 -------------------------------------------------- -------- Broadcasting of the screen, modify the stall -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20865] 2010/02/08 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Movie Download Service + Change chat port - TRUE HD audio codec was not your problem fixed - When playing video files in the current folder to the folder caused PotPlayer Fix -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20717] 2010/01/27 -------------------------------------------------- -------- Bidiohpat phenomenon does not modify your image -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20715] 2010/01/26 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Chat Protocol Changes - Some of the stop that you modify your MKV files -------------------------------------------------- --------

[1.4.20631] 2009/12/31 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Change the broadcast protocol + Profile Changes related URL -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20618] 2009/12/24 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Change blindness authentication - Some TS / TP files, the video does not come out Fix -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20387] 2009/11/27 -------------------------------------------------- -------- DVD playback device to hold the screen in some cases seems disconnected Fix - DVD playback device to hold the title of this some fancy Fix Broken - Screen size is odd if this was not your problem fixed - Star League play (URL FLV) the search did not solve the problem -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20207] 2009/11/12 -------------------------------------------------- -------- Chat when [customers] do not match the number of Fix - Chat with other users Invisible City Fix - Chat Emoticons normally invisible to the City Fix -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20199] 2009/10/22 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Chat Protocol Changes - Windows 7 Fix the IE window does not open -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20169] 2009/9/30 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Chatting applied geumchikeo - Chat message screen name change position error correction -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20143] 2009/9/11 -------------------------------------------------- -------- 64bit PotPlayer DXVA did not work properly resolve -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20129] 2009/9/2 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Chat nick is applied to prevent the script - Gangtoe was chatting to a user reentering Fix - Report the number of chats that are reset problem fixed - Windows Media Player 7 in the end when playing music files sakjehu doedeon Fix - System default AVI Splitter Windows 7 uses an external codec to your city was not Fix -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.20062] 2009/8/11 -------------------------------------------------- --------

- Some MOV, MP4 file format that come out to play, or play a sound when the prob lem was not fixed. - Some files did not play AVC codec, the problem is fixed. - Video capture at the time of storage did not sound great if you modify the pro blem. - Some files did not play with DXVA problem fixed. - TSCC codec, this is a gray line saenggideon Fix. - Recording or broadcast video capture at 640 * 360 screen size added. - Normally broadcast on a blacklist in a specific situation, modify the underlyi ng problem - Did not match the number of private TV Chat Fix. -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.19976] 2009/6/24 -------------------------------------------------- -------- A large part of the file to your MP4 file format, then he could not Fix - MP4 file format, the search speed - Some MKV AVC codec in the file format for continuous playback when the program ends at doedeon Fix - Audio skin mode displays the name of some audio codec problem, then he could n ot modify the - Broadcast of the server connection is terminated doedeon Fix -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.19843] 2009/5/8 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Chat Protocol Changes + Automatically reported to the chat window, and whisper add-ons -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.19837] 2009/4/16 -------------------------------------------------- -------- Some of the subtitles from a subtitle file, then he could not print Fix - OSD setting when you select an image from the output end doedeon Fix - Subtitles for the sink (smi) at the integration jamakil this kkaejideon Fix Ha ngul -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.19825] 2009/3/27 -------------------------------------------------- -------- 'Auto-hide video playback, the state did not see the screen properly Fix - Improve the network connection error -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.19802] 2009/3/20 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Set the broadcast frame to add the ability to + Add video compression codec codecs HuffYUV H.264 decoding some strange screen problem fixed, soon Cyberlink Demux used when the built-in H.264 codec to play the Harley Fix Some PC was not connected properly in MPEG Splitter Fix Messages / OSD output speed improvements DXVA2 decoder using H / W diinteoreyiseuga modification did not work EVR Renderless in the H / W diinteoreyiseuga modification did not work The percentage of users did not work properly modified TV card, select the crossbar Fix Auto-hidden in the video, your skin will only modify the behavior RLE compressed Bitmap codec support 64-bit Windows file associations using the 32-bit PotPlayer andoedeon Fix

- FLAC audio codecs built-in did not fit in the sink Fix - Capture video in a specific format, the sink did not fit Fixes -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.19374] 2009/3/2 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ VMR image processing, the ability to select the Add Choose how to resize + VMR9/EVR the ability to add If possible, adjust the color of + H / W as the ability to handle additional Add + TV set in the ability to select the interlaced More 59.9 + Cam and analog TV is 10 frames, the ability to open additional Correctly, the device must support dongjakham + Afterimage in the frame, removing the ability to add 2 times the output TV and play more smoothly interlaced video output (29.9 - "59.9 frames for out put) Percentage of the original features + More M2TS files of internal improvements Subtitles Win64 version of the file in the connection problem fixed Ruby output was in the wrong position Subtitles Fix Video processing does not improve performance at No file extension to your andoedeon Fix Fix processing of some Shortcuts DVD playback screen, soon or later Fix it Preference on a specific PC Fix initialization doedeon Win64 version died, judging from the UCC Fix Cam or analog TV set just to reflect the modification of the pin

-------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.19159] 2009/2/10 -------------------------------------------------- -------* 64-bit versions of the test distribution PotPlayer ( PotPlayer64/Beta/ + + + + + + + + M2TS subtitle support embedded files M2TS files TrueHD / MPL Audio Support Video capture in the FLV format H264, AAC codec support Add-ons will get an external audio Screen sizes the ability to add user settings Built-in ability to add skins to choose Add-ons window, set the margins Built-in MPEG source filter AVC1 the ability to handle the added H264 (H264 decoder Cyberlink AVC/H264 in dealing with the overlay mixer renderer ac celeration to work) Built-VC1 codec to play a little more smoothly, your modifications Going beyond the caption horizontally gilttae Fix Folder, subfolders for playback to be handled by modifying Fix some caption did come DVD playback to skip when you play your andoedeon Fix Win98/Me Fix run in andoedeon Fix some FLAC playback error nadeon DXVA playback errors in some PC Fix saenggideon Connect the file extension in Vista Fix Similar to Open a little more flexibility to handle modifications Set by the user are reflected in Edit menu shortcuts Removing artifacts City S / W handles the first to use the default Edit The output color space (RGB output) process improvements The latest ATI drivers DXVA andoedeon Fix Improved full-screen treatment

- At the end of the tray icon to force Explorer Fix - Using video screen or shrink it, soon Fixes - Your City modified to use less memory, more -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.18731] 2009/1/9 -------------------------------------------------- -------+% Of your time to show the ability to display additional - Broadcast at a specific resolution at issue, modify the program to die - Close on the entire screen, the problem did return to the default size, modifi ed - Under certain circumstances, the subtitles did come Fixes - TV channel name contains spaces, jalrideon Fix - Explorer and double click the file to play a similar andoedeon Fix -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.18691] 2009/1/8 -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Automatic update feature to update one week later when more + Automatic update feature that shows the changes as more + Chulryeokkyu (Queue) Add-ons (Using VMR9 Renderless improvement in the performance) + Overlay mixer, use the screen on the ability to add betajeok (DXVA using your parents do not come out the screen Fix Thu) + Rt (RealText) subtitle support, more + Add a separate channel volume controls DXVA H.264/AVC1 decoder performance improvements LFE Redirection Fix did not work properly Audio visual frequency analysis (FFT) improvements Then he could not play some ASF files Fix Then he could not play some MP3 files Fix Better error in your FLV file, modify the How to adjust your speed and allows the user to select the Edit Some improvements howanseong Winamp DSP plug-in Built-in default to use VC1 codec modification Built-VC1 codec was playing Hesitation Hesitation Fix Modify the message to be output smoothly

-------------------------------------------------- -------[1.4.18372] 2008/12/22 -------------------------------------------------- -------* Significantly improve the skin functions * Environmental Management Add-ons + Add new skins (WindowFrame) + Skin, use a window frame itself, the ability to add (Vista's Aero skins available) + Window frame using its own menu, add the ability to output + Fixed position to minimize the ability to add a video quintet (TV OUT City Video location or do not come to change or problem solving) + Logo (background screen), select Add-ons + Add color themes + TV control function is added to the Component Select + The ability to print icon on your list, add Eummalge + audio effects, noise, LFE Redirect Add-ons + Color Space for NV12, NV21, VYUY More + Add to your list of duplicate files, the ability to prevent further + Delete files on your list when removing features such as subtitles and more

+ Does not exist in your list, the ability to delete a file, add + Main program window to the skin to separate add-ons Add Skins + TabList + The ability to adjust the system volume, the volume of additional - Tray icon visibility of the modification in more detail to 9 minutes - Ogg Mode3 andoedeon Fix your compressed video - Previous subtitles position, the subtitles are improvements - Extension of the newly designed icons - Full-screen playback on the screen did come Fixes - DVD set of the language was not Fix - Allow multiple runs do not die twice runtime Fixes - Environmental management, such as using filter settings did not work properly modified - Then he could not play some ASF files Fix - The user list, chat, have a scroll bar, soon or later Fix - Some issues did come out on the PC screen, edit - Video capture at a later time, modify the number of minutes - Seamless playback of the file can be modified to specify the number of - Did not get a signal on some HDTV card Fix - Some PC that runs on andoedeon Fix - Explorer, double click on the video running andoedeon Fix - INI files, environment, save for die selection program Fix - Then he could not play some MP3 files Fix -------------------------------------------------- -------[1.3.17106] 2008/11/11 -------------------------------------------------- -------* Compile a new version of the compiler (running speed, and safety improvements) +. Part rar file, just split with the ability to play more + Window size, the ability to adjust the aspect ratio More + Broadcasting logo transparent background, the ability to add + Broadcasting png files with alpha in the logo of the alpha blending function i s added HTML code for TV captions + the ability to handle the additional + Add video capabilities and bottom margins + DVD Navigator, select the Add-ons + Broadcast Select Category Add-ons + File extension used to open additional editing features + File associations, the ability to add users to edit Add + BASS Audio Source Filter (MPC, FLAC, APE, MOD files playback) + Environment file (reg, ini) the ability to store additional + TAB key information to be displayed on the screen more + PNG file, adding the ability to capture images + Close to return to the default size when going to add functionality + Add level adjustment + Add ability to create snapshots + Adding Subtitles for later + Built-in video codec decoder DXVA MPEG2 VLD More + MPEG2 Video File Closed Caption support + Full screen the video window to remove the ability to output more + Some additional support USB HDTV card + The user set the subtitle sync control unit the ability to add + Add-ons user rate setting + DTS Wave file support + Built-in E-AC3 decoding AC3 codec support (but do not complete) + BDA (HDTV) receiver function is added to the QAM 256 + H / W MPEG TV Card Support

+ Select the subtitles (Alt + L) Add-ons + Add-ons Add Subtitles + ZIP / RAR compressed files to your support in the media (50M file under ...) + APE / CUE file list support + Simple Add-ons open set + Master / Wave mute further Skins + Add auto-hide feature + DVD menu with your arrow keys to navigate to the city the ability to add + Can save what you are watching TV Add-ons + Add video capture capabilities + Keyboard window position / size adjustment additional + SWF file, add the ability to play in DirectShow - Using an external video codec did not match the aspect ratio problem fixed - Sometimes the program startup on some systems Fix die - File PotPlayer mini connection to modify and differentiate PotPlayerreul - H.264 DXVA decoders for playback on the part of the file tteolrideon Fix - Monitor move VMR Renderless subtitles strange Were Fix - Betajeok using full screen or the screen freeze issue did come Revision - Some files in the H.264 DXVA andoedeon Fix - Some NVIDIA cards did poor-quality VMR Renderless Subtitles Fix - "Invalid argument" error correction - Caption time - then he could not recognize a problem when you start to modify the - Renderless mode using the TV card games were broadcast over City Fix - Vista, DXVA H.264 codec that andoedeon Fix - Seiichi more redundant pixels can be selected to modify the - Image expansion extended pixel values to be reflected even in this extended vi deo edit - City TV in Vista Fix errors nadeon - XP OS from previous errors GetProcessId nadeon Fix - Playing Flash files error Fix nadeon - Image caption output and output aspect ratio correction - Fix file association in Vista - Some of the files to your VC1 Remux andoedeon Fix - DXVA IDCT decoder speed improvements - Utf8-aware improvements Subtitles - Fixes a problem then he could recognize some srt subtitles - S / PDIF output allows for modifying the voice capture - Fix some TS file, then he could recognize - HDTV receiving PID / PES enhance cognitive function - Bookmarks / Favorites menu did not work Fix - Multiple subtitles did not display Fix - Under certain circumstances, the program does not die in the process list namd eon Fix - ATI Radeon HD48xx in MEPG1 / 2 DXVA Were Fix a broken screen - Intel GMA did not work on DXVA Fix - HDTV saved separately from the PID to save modifications - HDTV is playing in the middle of changing the codec (MPEG2 <-> H264), and supp ort - Some large AVI file to play Fix a Harley - Some voice playback MP4 files did come Fixes - Chat window, change the broadcast list of keyboard shortcuts, broadcast-relate d menu, go to - This application is ... / shortcuts to change your information - Built-in H.264 codec, as some video acceleration was in the Hesitation Hesitat ion Fix - Ruby did not fit the location of the tag problem fixed - Part of the file to your desktop screen flashes when the problem was modified - HDTV channel changes, modifying the program to die issues

-------------------------------------------------- -------[1.2.13746] -------------------------------------------------- -------* Built-in video codecs DXVA1 / 2 support MPEG1 / 2 (IDCT / MoComp), WMV2 (MoComp), WMV3 (IDCT / MoComp), VC1 (IDCT / MoComp / VLD), H.264/AVC1 (VLD) * Add seamless file playback * PotPlayerreul separated DLL, ActiveX Player More * Offline only players (PotPlayerMini.exe) More + EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) More + VMR7, VMR9, EVR support in the caption + Winamp DSP plug-in support Adding mouse button + X + Mouse double click Add features to your recent files + Mouse Add-ons Adding shortcuts + settings + Add meoltimidieoki control Adding captions manually enter + + Adding Subtitles folder settings + Add your preferred subtitle language settings features + Add images to set the image processing functions + Master / wave volume control function is added + Add the output color space selection function + High-quality RGB conversion, ITU 709, Full Range Add-ons Reverse side features + add video + Videos that feature fixed times the size of the additional 0.5/1/1.5/2 Add-ons + TV output ratio + More TV-related menu + More TV-related shortcuts + Add pixel shader capabilities + VMR7 / 9 Set Add-ons + Full-screen mode, the output at the ability to add Direct3D betajeok + Add audio sync adjustment + Video / audio output device, select the Add-ons + Add audio channel selection feature Adding additional set + WDM + LPCM/AC3 S / pdif to add the ability to compress the output + The use of video filters and video instantly added to the menu + WDM channels play in setting the numeric functions can be added + Adding Subtitles jangpyeong + Add audio resampling functions + Add video processing feature set further + The ability to add captions to images in output + A full screen, a full-screen (Ratio) Add-ons + Add to favorites + Add a file to a folder like the ability to automatically add to your list, add + See my TV picture Add-ons TV Home Address Add + ons + Visualization significantly improved (Windows Media Player visualization, visu alization Add Album) + NSV file support + Digital TV (BDA Device) support + Analog TV and unplug the device and a separate CAM Support + EVR Renderless, Haali Renderer More + Adding a chapter to + Site directly by typing the ability to move further + Add a bookmark feature + Add ability to specify a full-screen monitor

+ + + + + + + + -

Add the ability to change full screen resolution Easy Open Add-ons Add chat functionality to ignore Nintendo video files (DPG) Add file playback Add the ability to override the default keyboard shortcuts Add Subtitles paragraph alignment DigitalVideo (DV) devices, adding voice support Message (ODS) feature set further Change the default skin beulruton Saving the environment not later modify the default Modify your startup faster rate Some files did not repeat the line Fix Some DVD playback was an error Fix Some multi-SMI subtitle files then he could properly handle the problem fixed You can cancel the automatic updates Edit VC1 Harley smooth playback problem fixed A specific file, the CPU share your nopdeon Fix S / W can not adjust the brightness when the H / W able to modify the VMR Renderless Edit Mode enables video capture Follow-Air and modify the percentage of TV characters Image scaling and image scaling problems when used with modifications Ruby, where the output was incorrect caption Fix 2G or more files to your Harley Fix Some MKV file playback problem DXVA Idct / MoComp mode, the speed of improvement WDM-channel-related functions improved dramatically Processed instantly improve the use of image processing filters Chat at HTTP: / / geolrideon Fix incorrect links Overlay subtitles on the big screen, showing me the whole Fix 1080 Files Were playing at the bottom gray Fix Some errors in the system volume control nadeon City Fix Full-screen improvements in the handling of the skin Personal Broadcasting modify the maximum number of personnel 500-1000 Play some errors in the system ever they stop nageona Fix Some TV card, sound device, improving awareness howanseong Real-time broadcast quality improvement Did not hide the mouse cursor automatically Fix Some issues did not play MPEG2 TS file, modify the Starts to run more quickly modify the Fix processing of cell connections Video Pot cache folder location, use crushed PotPlayerga Offline players to not create a log file modification Some of the time MP4/MOV file was incorrectly identifies Fix

-------------------------------------------------- -------[1.1.9770] -------------------------------------------------- -------+ DXVA support for embedded video codec / filter and the ability to attract addi tional + Source / Splitter filter capabilities added to free choice of + Add function to free choice of video codecs + Add function to free choice of audio codecs + Filter's ability to further adjust priorities + Built-in audio codec output channel (mono to 7.1 channel) Add-ons + Built-in audio codecs, the ability to select the output bit more + Built-in audio codec, AC3 audio, S / pdif output as the ability to add + Add your mobile set-up time + Add the ability to keyframe + Add-ons, after

+ SMI subtitles loading ability to add tags added BR Set line spacing + Adding Subtitles + Add bidiohpat ad volume adjustment + Bidiohpat Recommended Add-ons + Resize images before you add the ability to expand * SMI subtitle support enhancements of HTML tags (Ruby tag support) * ASS subtitle output of the bug fixes MP4/VC1 support * MPEG files, H.264/QAM strengthen support Enhanced file support * MP4/MOV * Theora / Flac in Ogg support * Real Media (RM) files, enhanced support (Surestream Support) * Real Audio (RA) file support * The default renderer from VMR9 to overlay mixer Revision By segmentation errors bidiohpat modified to show details Some did not run in Window 98 Fix Subtitle Language modify the settings to be maintained Star changmodeu Were black screen capture problem fixed

-------------------------------------------------- -------[1.0.6670] -------------------------------------------------- -------* Bidiohpat, TV Pot, rayibeupat integrated gaepyeon * New skins + Screen Capture mouse cursor as the ability to capture additional Add + DRM Upgrade Program + Add chat alarm - Improved error handling bidiohpat - FLV file format support, and more - Bidiohpat Policy Revision Log - Jaesaenghu bidiohpat at the end of the program did not go down in memory, prob lem fixed - Saving the environment by INI andoedeon Fix - Alert errors were playing bidiohpat Fix - When ever they stop playing music when you close the file Fix - This was not broadcast in some AMD CPU Fix - Chats, but their color and font settings to modify the output - Overlay subtitles did come Fixes - The system was slow, error messages turntables Fixes - Buffering process improvement

-------------------------------------------------- -------[0.95.5106] -------------------------------------------------- -------Change the name in live PotPlayerro * Daum Daum + + + + + + + Black List Management page added Add a volume control dialog box Video bit rate processing improvements Add high-quality compression See all Add-ons Add screen TV Show Coming Soon The ability to pass the file directly to add the subtitles on Air

+ + + + + + + + + + + -

Add a quick screen capture feature 16:10 aspect ratio, the ratio of the screen, select Add-ons Messages Add ability to display images on the screen Add Broadcast preview Broadcast a preview of the skip when the screen capture function is added to Screen captures of the video output when adding the ability to skip 1024 * 768, 40 fps More Smooth, sharpen, noise reduction, level of compensation added Broadcast TV channels, set the feature to add the window Chat window add the ability to decide the opening of the yumyureul Minimized windows when minimizing and other add-ons are not Http link in the wrong chat window doedeon Fix Play some FLV video files did come Fixes Some Fixes a problem then he could not handle multiple subtitles Broadcast judging eating 100% CPU Fix Broadcast recording audio / video sync problem fixed did Add a sound when the size of the audio input jakdeon Fix TV connected to a long geolrideon Fix Saturation / Color setting down doedeon Fix Fix an infinite buffering up nadeon Improve the message to be output to the overlay Broadcast closing speed improvements Sometimes the program die Fix Change the size of your screen when you move a docked window modification Video bitrate improvements process 2G then he could not support the file Fix Used a lot of CPU on some systems Fix Click the video player was not running Pot City Fix Fix some caption did come

-------------------------------------------------- -------[0.9.2736] -------------------------------------------------- -------+ Chat, add custom search feature + Add buffering capabilities to the compression settings + Televise the ability to decide whether to accept additional + Add compression capability to set a fixed bit rate + Compression settings FPS 1, 5, 10 More + Ctrl + C to copy the chat window in the Add-ons + Chat Manager Add-ons + Adding the state broadcasting + Supports playing music visualization + Music broadcast during the screen capture support + Srt, Idx, Sub subtitle file support + Video bit rate, depending on network conditions, further regulation + Video frame, depending on network conditions, Skip Add-ons + Better support compression resolution Enter an external audio file support + TV (menteu Features) - You're on the air audio input screen capture / possibly modify the device in t he Open - TV / kaemdeungeseo your screen to smoothly modify - Did not come all of the chat users list Fix - Subtitles in accordance with the resolution of the problem was not fixed by mo difying the size of - Visualization and Screen Capture allows you to select the Edit - Http:// links in the chat window to allow modification - Alert errors, some modifications - Fixes a problem in a large font

On Air A / V sync by more than 10 seconds into nalsi screen capture VMR9 Renderless mode ever they stop Sometimes Fix Buffering process improvement Video bit rate management enhancements Screen capture rate improved slightly Fix the memory Lyric Changing the resolution of broadcast errors saenggideon Fix Some cam broadcast at issue, modify the colors reversed doedeon Screen Cam ssainpen ability to draw the wrong place, soon Fixes Chat list update cycle modification

---------------------------------------------------------[0.9.2045] ---------------------------------------------------------+ More recently the ability to maintain your list + Add the ability to change the video compression of broadcast Screen capture functions + added a filter to smooth + Broadcast delay further the ability to skip frames nopeulttae + AB repeat function added + Opening skip, skip functions add the ending + Previous / Next frame, Previous / Next, add captions to + Add your control menu, control your speed + Add a voice modulation capabilities Add + on Air recording capabilities + Ssainpen Add-ons + Add Subtitles Explorer + Add pan & scan presets + Add ability to play files that are shared + Codec update itself + Show your playlist file time - Broadcast at the end of the chat window not clearing the contents of the modif ied - Live at the end of the following error on some computers that were bangsaeng F ix - Capture the entire screen during the game broadcast ended doedeon Fix - 100% by volume of the sound mixer matchudeon Fix - 0 byte files when ever they stop your problem fixed - Broadcast on the list is a mosaic Were Fix - Ever they stop broadcasting at the end of the problem, some modifications in t he system - Were some green screen during broadcasts Cam Fix - DirectX9 did not run unless the underlying problem fixed - Some files from your list, then he could not be parsed Fix - 16-bit color selection from the emoticon was an error Fix - In some videos to MP3 audio was captured when an error occurs Fix - Win98 16-bit color overlay on the screen did come Fixes ---------------------------------------------------------[0.9.888] ---------------------------------------------------------Open thread using + Tasks Add-ons Add Subtitles output + overlay + CDDA, CDXA, VOB file format support + CD add the Open menu + Add video ghosting removal + INI file, adding the ability to save your preferences + Add a file connection + Flash (SWF) files, add to your capabilities

+ Add video capture capabilities + Add a voice capture capabilities + VMR7 / 9 Renderless mode added - Image scaling with expansion and use error correction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[0.8.469] ---------------------------------------------------------Daum live beta distribution