Krashen, 1985 (cited in Burden, 2006) had stated that learners whose acquire and move on from their

current knowledge through the understanding of the new input is called as „i + 1‟. The reference that I have mentioned here is the resemblance of my current situation wherein I have gained a lot of new experiences, information and values throughout the exposure of this whole project. From the accomplishment of the project that has been made by our group, “SYNERGY”, I able to figure out several strengths and weakness of me throughout the initiation of the whole project. First and foremost, I noticed that the cooperation between my team-mates and I has been enhanced and strengthen. Regarding to this situation, the cooperation that has been mentioned here is referring to the harmonious communication skill that occurred, the exchanged of ideas among us during the discussion session conducted and the inculcation of understanding among us as well. For instance, during the conducted discussion session that we have before the initiation of the project at Tasik Y, there were lot of contradiction of ideas that has been voiced out by us towards one another. Yet, we paid our respect towards each individual‟s opinion and ideas. At the end of the day, we reached to an agreement where we would like to integrate and combine those ideas into the existing one in order to make it more dynamic and solid. Not forget to mention our cooperation during the activity that takes place at Tasik Y also had contributed towards this condition as well. As soon as we arrived at our destination, my team-mates and I actually knew what we were supposed to do since we have made an early adjustment on which individual takes which part that we have decided on. Due to this matter, we able to avoid ourselves from confusion and instantly, we have took our moves without wasting much time considering there was a single element within our preparation that was time consuming and will take longer time to be organise if we did not take this early action which was the arrangement of materials for our group‟s activity. So obviously, the samples of situations that have been stated here reflect the current strength that my team-mates and I have gained and eventually, we able to pull it off together due to the fostered cooperation among us.

Since the project needs to be carrying out on 1st October 2013 which is on the same date and week that another assignment of me need to be submitted. Even though the project initiated has been executed successfully. As a result. I also able to generated lot of interesting ideas in order to make our group‟s activity lively and meaningful.Apart from that. Furthermore. As what have been proposed in this current issue. As for me. even though it was not my forte. but I nailed it just because the passion and the integrity to make our group‟ s activity as the most interesting one drives me into this stage. I added on few interesting elements into it as I have referred it to my team-mates. This whole project was actually emphasising on the skills how we able to construct and deliver our activity. I have to overcome it as soon as possible in order to present myself at the highest level that suits with the title as a degree holder. still. For instance. it gave me a great favour to boost up my self-confident and to bond a positive relationship and communication with other individuals. this whole requirement definitely serves as a massive challenge because since this topic appears to be an issue for me which is regarding to my self-confident. the way how we communicate with our team-mates. throughout the exposure of this whole project. and how we able to present ourselves as students with degree holders. during the execution stage of our group‟s activity at Tasik Y. the activity conducted by our group was even enjoyable as it provides opportunities to the other team members with satisfactions and enables them to be engaged within the current activity. Every tiny aspect was taken into account and consideration by an individual in order to accomplish the project that has been planned. there is a weakness of me that I would like to put into a discussion here which is the arrangement of time management that were not well-organised. throughout this whole project it helped me to develop my selfconfident and courage. . Apparently. there were several materials that I intended to establish within the activity for our group has not able to produce by me due to time constraint that I experienced. As the result. It was because I did not manage my schedule properly and simply took it for granted which lead me into this inconvenience. things has turned into a chaos for a moment. instead of making it unmotivated and boring.

It has also made me realise how important this whole project serves to me in moulding myself to be more competent and flexible in every situation that I am dealing with. the only thing that I would like to make a change is in terms of time management. I think the project that has been given and executed has helped my areas of strengths to be improved while diminished my areas of weakness. Overall. The execution of this procedure will ensure that I will be given with the ample time and opportunity to solve and manage everything. .If I am being given with the second opportunity to make a change regarding to the whole project. accordingly without having too much difficulty that I need to deal with in the future. starting from the discussion session that our group had until the day where we need to initiate the project.

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