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Lori Kovacich 21st Century Teaching Project Description For my 9th grade English class I want to create a project

which, in whatever medium the students prefer, they can express the character traits of their favorite character from Romeo & Juliet. Because students are exposed to so many facets of technology they have a wide range of interests when it comes to creating artistic representations. This project represents the 21st century by allowing students to use a wide range of technologies to complete the same task. Students could do a PowerPoint or they could create a large collage from a magazine or a Photoshop image; I will be open to any suggestions that we will be able to display or share. Purpose: Students can gain a better understanding of character traits and motivations, which lead the characters to their actions in the end of the play. The project must Show at least five descriptive words Have at least two pictures (Hand drawn, printed, or printed material) Students must: Tell me which medium they plan on representing the character on so I can give them their individual criteria for length or size requirements. Let me know in advance of what technology they will need available to present their material Use textual evidence to defend their project in a brief 3-5 minute presentation of their project. I expect them to have note cards or to know the scene from which they are making their conclusions from. Present their project using public speaking skills such as eye contact and annunciation

Lori Kovacich

Rubric Display

5 points Includes all requirements and is presented neatly on selected medium Chose their character and medium by the specified date Cites specific examples of text which correlate to the display

4 points Includes all of the requirements but looks sloppy n/a

3 points Meets half of the requirements and is presented neatly n/a

2 points Meets half or less of the requirements

1 pt Meets no requirements but has something to display and share Completed assignment without notifying me Very loose connections does not demonstrate knowledge of character


Links to Text

Cites general themes in text which relate to their project (no scene references) Meets time requirement speaks clearly but does not address the class

Cites specific examples in text but does not correlate to their display Does not meet time requirement but presents clearly, and makes eye contact

Oral presentation

Meets time requirement, speaks clearly, makes eye contact

Late on choosing character and/or medium Cites vague themes demonstrating having read the material with no direct relation to their display Does not meet the time requirement and is lacking in either eye contact or voice projection

Does not meet time requirement. Mumbles or is inaudible with no eye contact