Quarterly Newsletter Volume 2

October 2013

Emmaus House
Cap Haitien, Haiti

What makes a great story…people actually watch, listen to, and pay money for? A truly great story is one that leaves us feeling inspired, longing to become a better version of ourselves. A story full of joy, happiness, and goodness alone rarely finds itself inspiring. However, a story full of joy amidst tragedy, suffering, conflict, and fear; all things none of us want to experience, is one that speaks volumes to each of us. What is it about a character such as Batman that strikes a strong cord in our hearts? What if Batman had never lost his parents? Would the fact that he went on to defend the rights of the helpless have such an impact on us? It is in seeing others overcome their deepest pain that we are inspired. The temptation to become a victim of one ’s circumstances, to harbor resentful is great. I think of Joseph who endured such harsh treatment and still chose to give, love, and forgive instead of hold onto bitterness and resentment. Those who choose to overcome their dire circumstances is at the heart of what inspires us all. Each of the youth of Emmaus House have a story. All of them include tragedy and loss at a tender age. They are difficult stories to hear and for them to tell. They speak, struggling to hold back tears of holding dying parents in their arms with little time for much needed grief as their mode quickly turns to simple survival. Kencia’s story on page 3 is one of those.

At Emmaus House, we believe It is vital that Haitians, not Americans, teach Haitians how to live and survive in Haiti. The youth of Emmaus House are blessed to have Jonathan and Vivian Raphael as house parents. They, along with their three young children (two of which are adopted,) live with the youth teaching them life skills, helping with their education, as well as counseling and mentoring along the way. Living with a Christian family such as the Raphaels is giving our youth a chance to see and observe family dynamics, something most of them have not had the privilege to learn from on a daily basis. We couldn ’t ask for a more loving or qualified couple to fill this role for these youth. Jonathan graduated from the Center of Biblical Training in Cap Haitien and Vivian is a retired school teacher and a master cook. Jonathan is a spiritual leader and evangelist to the core. He has planted two churches in Northern Haiti and brings the youth along to help him frequently with that ministry. Jonathan has been invested in the youth of Emmaus House for quite some time as he led their regular devotionals while they were living at Cap Haitien Children ’s Home. During his work there, the youth began to respect Jonathan as a spiritual leader and mentor. So far, under Jonathan Jonathan baptizing Benson and Vivian’s care our youth have thrived. They are being held accountable, following through with chores, are cooking and shopping for their own food, and waking up early in the morning to clean their house. They seem to be thriving spiritually as well. The Raphaels require the youth to worship with the church multiple times per week, and have two devotionals per day. Jonathan spends a great deal of time training our young men to lead devotionals, praying, singing, and teaching. So far, there have been no complaints. We are all so very blessed to have Jonathan and Vivian who care so deeply for the spiritual wellbeing of these kids caring for and guiding them.


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She has one of the most beautiful smiles I know, and her laugh is more than contagious. She loves life and she is full of dreams for her future. From midwife to flight attendant, to detective to beautician, Kencia knows God has BIG plans for her. After her mom tragically died in a car accident, Kencia moved to the orphanage when she was four years old. Shortly after, her father met another woman who refused to care for Kencia as her own. It wasn’t long after that Kencia’s father dropped her off at the orphanage gates. Growing up almost all her life in an orphanage, Kencia was witness to many American teams coming in and out of her life. She also saw many of her friends leave the orphanage because they were “chosen” to be adopted- but never her. When asked how this made her feel as a little girl she replied, “When I knew a team was coming I sometimes would try to act cute for them so they would like me more. But I guess nobody ever chose me because they did not love me. ” Shrugging her shoulders she said so matter-of-factly,” Nobody ever wanted me.” Nobody ever chose me because they did not love me. Nobody ever wanted me. These are the thoughts that have shaped Kencia today as a young 19-year-old woman. Independent, strong-willed, competitive, and just a tad bit feisty- the once little girl who dreamed of a family but never got one is now a young adult. So how is it that Kencia ended up where she did? A little girl who by the world ’s standards had no hope, to now, having all the hope in the world? Because despite her setbacks (i.e. growing up in an orphanage, living in the poorest country in the world) not having her dreams come true is nowhere on her radar. “I don’t want to depend on someone else for the things I need my whole life, ” she once told me. “I have to finish school and I have to learn a lot so I can take care of myself. ” And how is it that Kencia has so much faith in her dreams? It is because her faith in God is so much bigger. “I know God can do all things in my life,” she says. “It is God that helps me. He has gotten me to where I am already in my life and in school. And I know He will continue to help me wherever I need to go.” Moving to Emmaus House was a big step in Kencia’s life. She often refers to Emmaus House as “God’s grace on her”. After hearing the news that all the older teenagers would have to move out of the orphanage, she was very scared because she didn ’t know where she was going to go and she feared for her future. Now that she lives at Emmaus House, she feels good about her future. “Living here gives me hope for good things to come,” she says. “Everyday I am growing in my relationship with God. I am learning how to make food and do some other things like clean and work around the house. It is good here. ” It is obvious that God has BIG plans for Kencia in her future. Kencia takes wisdom from what the Lord said in Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ” She believes with all her heart. If God was not faithful to this calling in her life He would have deserted her as a little orphan girl long ago, or put her out on the streets earlier this year when the Haitian government said she was too old to need continued assistance. But instead, God became the father to the fatherless and loved her as His own child. And then He placed her in Emmaus House to prepare her for her future- a future of work in His kingdom. “No matter what I do in my future, I want to also help people. I want to be able to help people to go to the hospital when they are sick and share food with those who are hungry, ” Kencia says. God has given Kencia the heart of a servant so that she can serve others in Haiti. And at Emmaus House we plan on cultivating that spirit within her while assisting her with her education and job training. There is no telling what God has in store for this beautiful young woman, but all of us at Emmaus House can ’t wait to watch and find out! Kencia is still in need of partial sponsorship at Emmaus House. If you are interested in becoming one of her sponsors, please contact Jillian Kittrell for more information at KittrellsinHaiti@gmail.com


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Monthly Expenses
$2286 - Food & Water $3000 - Salaries $833 - Housing for E.H. $750– Education $220 - Utilities $580 - Fuel $170 - Medical Savings $250 - Toiletries/Cleaning $170 - Youth Allowance*

Physical health of the youth as there have been some medical needs.. Instilling a strong work ethic in the youth in their program Continued spiritual growth Diligence in their studies and to have confidence in themselves. Benson, as he embarks on starting his own business. Strength,, encouragement & wisdom of the staff

-GENERAL DONATIONS: We are not yet meeting our monthly budget. Our regular monthly expenses as well as surprise expenses are still in need of being funded.

To donate, see the green box at the bottom of this page.
-AMAZON WISHLIST: We have created an Amazon Wishlist you can access through our website that includes specific items we are in need of. Please look at the shipping instructions also located on our website. -SPONSOR ONE OF OUR YOUTH: Most of our youth still need sponsors. When you sponsor one of our youth it covers the expenses in the grey box below. For details, e-mail Jillian at KittrellsinHaiti@gmail.com .

*Behavioral Management Program set in place to encourage work ethic, respect, and spiritual growth.

-CHANGE CAN CAMPAIGN: e-mail tanya_pirtle@comcast.net for details.
-CHOSEN MARATHON: On October 26th Tanya Pirtlle, E.H. Board Member, is running a marathon in New Braunfels, TX as a fundraiser to benefit Emmaus House. Go to our website to join the team or donate.

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Monthly Sponsor
$70 — Education $40 — Youth Allowance* $10 — Medical Savings $130—Food, Water, & Toiletries

$250 Total
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*Behavioral Management Program set in place to encourage work ethic, respect, and spiritual growth.

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