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Results for Critical Skills and Competencies for the Future CIO
The first two columns in the chart on the following page report survey results from current and aspiring CIOs conducted as part of the research for the ECAR Bulletin, The Future CIO: Critical Skills and Competencies, Research Bulletin 15, 2010. The second set of columns report the survey results from 30 of 35 participants in the EDUCAUSE Seminar 17P, Follow the Bouncing Ball to Senior IT Leadership Positions, October 15, 2013, by Joanne Kossuth, Pattie Orr, and Debra Allison. The October 2013 Seminar participants ranked Strategic Vision and Trusted Relationships as first among the top three, with Effective Collaboration and Partnerships as third. The competency seen as most critical of those three was Strategic Vision, which is in line with previous survey results. As explained in the seminar, there is no one right answer here. Critical skills and competencies for the CIO will depend upon the maturity of the institution and its goals, plus the strengths of the CIO and the CIOs leadership team. The point is that all of these competencies are important to the success of the CIO, yet no one individual will be strong in all categories. Think about your strengths and your institution when deciding where you need to focus. Dont forget that without operational excellence in your IT organization, your community will generally not want to discuss strategic vision. As David Lambert, former CIO of Georgetown University and current Internet2 president, said, If you cant get the trains to run on time, you wont get to operate the controls. It is important to note that CIO position announcements generally do not cite these skills and competencies in the list of desired and required qualifications, yet they are largely responsible for the eventual success of the CIO, according to the literature reviewed for the ECAR report. The CIO position is moving away from a primary stress upon technology skills to the skills and competencies listed in the chart. Another point of note is that Risk Management as well as Principled Negotiation and Vendor Management will become increasingly important as more services are outsourced. Revisit the list of skills and competencies periodically as you are planning for your own career development and that of your direct reports.

Debra Hust Allison, October 25, 2013

Critical Skills and Competencies for the Future CIO

Skills and Competencies Adaptive Communication Capture Opportunities Change Agent Effective Collaboration and Partnerships Emotional Intelligence Financial Management Institutional Perspective and Understanding Operational Management Organizational Innovation Principled Negotiation and Vendor Management Project Management Risk Management Strategic Vision Trusted Relationships *29 out of 30 participants indicated a "top one" skill/competency Chart extracted from The Future CIO: Critical Skills and Competencies, ECAR Research Bulletin 15, 2010, p. 6. Top Three 40.0% 11.4% 37.1% 42.9% 2.9% 11.4% 37.1% 8.6% 17.1% 8.6% 5.7% 0.0% 51.4% 25.7% Top One 14.3% 0.0% 11.4% 25.7% 2.9% 0.0% 5.7% 2.9% 5.7% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 17.1% 14.3%

EDUCAUSE Pre- conference Seminar 17P - October 2013 Top Top Three One* 23% 13% 23% 10% 23% 3% 33% 10% 17% 0% 17 7% 17% 0% 7% 7% 20% 7% 0% 0% 7% 0% 3% 0% 53% 23% 53% 13%

Debra Hust Allison, October 25, 2013