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Grammar extension worksheet – Unit 4

1.- Match the beginnings with the endings and join the phrases with as long as, provided (that) or unless. 1 You shouldn’t lose sleep before an exam 2 Working in a health centre can be interesting 3 You can sit next to me in class 4 The buses should run on time 5 I’ll lend you my calculator 6 Her father lets her use his car a) you don’t make me laugh. b) there is no more snow. c) you look after it. d) she drives carefully. e) you enjoy helping people. f) it’s absolutely necessary.

1 You shouldn’t lose sleep before an exam unless it’s absolutely necessary. 2 3 4 5 6 2.- Choose the correct form of the tense in each sentence. 1 If I hadn’t met / didn’t meet Jim, I wouldn’t have moved / won’t move to London. 2 Unless they phone / phoned me, I wouldn’t go / won’t go out tonight. 3 Would you told / have told me if I hadn’t asked / didn’t ask? 4 If you stop / had stopped talking, we’ll be able / would be able to hear. 5 What would you do / would you have done if you haven’t passed / hadn’t passed the test? 3.- Make five sentences of your own using as long as, provided that and unless. 1 2 3 4 5

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..... 4 A strange old lady lives next door. 1 That’s the man who sold us the expensive car... 5 We can’t use that instead of who... 6 The dog barks all the time.... is on the top shelf is mine... The bus...... broke down at the top of the hill......... 2 His grandparents bought him a present. 3 We can use that instead of which..Put the correct defining relative pronoun in each sentence... S. 6 The relative clause isn’t separated from the whole sentence by commas... 6 Did you find the clothes .. 2002 PHOTOCOPIABLE .......... He wanted a silver mountain bike..... Its owner is never home. 3 Her book was published last year. 4 The relative clause is separated from the whole sentence by commas..........Join the sentences using a relative clause........ friends have the most influence on him.. 5 Michael Owen is the footballer . 2 The house ... you wanted to buy? 2. 3..... 2 We can take out the relative pronoun to understand the sentence..Grammar extension worksheet – Unit 5 Relative clauses 1. 1 We can’t take out the relative pronoun to understand the sentence... won best young player of the year. I live in is really beautiful.. which was full of noisy school children..... Leave it blank if it is not necessary to include a pronoun. 1 The bus was full of noisy school children. It broke down at the top of the hill..... © Pearson Educación. It became an instant best-seller.A.. More than one sentence may match an explanation. I finally bought them.. 4 The book ..........Match the explanations about defining and non-defining relative clauses with a sentence below............... 3 Mark is the person ........ 5 The shoes were the first ones I tried on.. She is watching you again.

e) Mary. lives in Melbourne. d) I understand the problem that you have. f) Northern Ireland is the country where my family live. S. b) Sally is the student whose marks are always the best. © Pearson Educación..a) It’s a journey which takes about 10 hours. c) Kerala.A. is well-developed. who is my best friend. which is an independent state. 2002 PHOTOCOPIABLE .

© Pearson Educación.Grammar extension worksheet – Unit 6 Revision Time clauses and prepositions 1.. (by the time) 5 The dentist was with a very difficult patient before me. Re-order the sentences 1 because / he / can’t / John / come / is John can’t come because he is ill.Rewrite these sentences using the time connectors in brackets. (when) Charlotte was arranging some flowers when her cat knocked over the vase. 1 Charlotte was arranging some flowers. so/ so that.Choose an expression for each sentence. 2 She arrives tomorrow. in order to. (when) 2... (as soon as) 3 Are you going out again tonight? You should finish your homework before you leave.. I had to wait. She’s going to call me from the airport. as. (until) 6 I’m going to finish this exercise in ten minutes. 2002 PHOTOCOPIABLE .A. By then. 2 laws / is / government / to / in / solve / problem / introducing / the / order / the 3 that / stay / go / at / I’ll / so / you / can / out / home 4 terrible / so / film / that / left / we / the / was 5 you / know / you / since / her / introduce / us / well / will ? 6 late / went / it / she / as / bed / to / was 3. it wasn’t worth hurrying for the bus.Because. since. (before) 4 I woke up at 10 o’clock. Her cat knocked over the vase. S. I’ll meet you in the cafeteria.

........... © Pearson Educación................................... 5 I’m really ... 4 As managing director.............. me! it wasn’t my fault! 3 She punished him for being ........ she is ...... the whole of this factory..... 2 Don’t be .............responsible for good at angry with rude to famous for proud of 1 Sue is very good at writing stories because she is so imaginative....................... the teacher................ you! Congratulations! 6 Liverpool is ............ 2002 PHOTOCOPIABLE ...............A........ S.. being the home of the Beatles.........