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Annual Report 2013

Charter for Compassion International

Charter for Compassion International

The global compassion movement

and caring are the outliers. It could be said that the key missing ingredient, the source of all human suffering, of environmental devastation and social injustice -- the one key difference-making element that allows the human presence on this planet to appear as the single sour note in the symphony of creation -is the absence of compassion. Compassion is not something we need to create, or manufacture. It is something we need to unleash. Because it is within us when we are born. It is part of who we are. We care because we are. The question is: how can we unleash, release, uncover what is already there, yearnWe do it without question for our children, for the members of our family, for those we know and love. The nature of every human being is to feel compassion for others. But the structure of modern society thwarts and distorts this natural desire. This sense of separation and disconnection is so pervasive that unkindness, indifference, self ishness appear as the norm and compassion, kindness ing to be expressed. Beneath our culture of indifference runs a deep river of compassion, a vast aquifer of loving kindness waiting to be tapped, yearning to be released. We can unleash the natural resource of compassion so that the next generation can fulfill the promise of ever y generation: and become what we actually are: Human Kind .

It is human nature

to care
to care for to care about to take care of to ease suffering to uplift to smooth the way to cooperate to offer support

Creating compassionate communities through scientific research and grassroots movement-building

In sociology, the term social capital refers to benefits that accrue to both individuals and groups when there is cooperation. The core premise is that social networks have value and contribute to the strength, well-being and resiliency of communities and individuals. If social capital is the

In Cairo in the spring of 2011, millions of Egyptians demanded an end to dictatorship and rebirth of democracy, rallied by a Facebook page created by five young activists for human rights, including a young woman named Nadine. In the summer of 2013, after the failure of the new government to deliver on the promise of democracy, and the militarys bloody suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood, Nadine initiated a country-wide campaign to get every major political party in the country to sign a specifically Egyptian version of the Charter for Compassion., pledging compassion and nonviolence to be the core principles of public life. Nadine said, We can inject the fresh air of the Charter for Compassion into Egypts poisonous atmosphere.

Likes on the Charter for Compassion Facebook page (up 40% in 12 months)

Charter for Compassion International

glue that holds communities together, what is the social polymer that makes it sticky in the first place? Compassion is the essential ingredient for creating strong, cohesive communities. Though in modern usage compassion is often synonymous with pity, its original meaning defined an action, not an emotion: from the Latin com together and pati to suffer. Like any action,

compassion should be something observable, measurable, and replicable. Moreover, it must have quantifiable impact. Over the past two decades, scientists have applied a variety of methods to summarize the social climate and availability of social capital in any community. A healthy climate, for example, is one in which people have a strong capacity to identify with

others and to create relationships of trust. A community where compassion is fully alive is also a thriving, resilient community whose citizens are creative, can confront crises with innovative solutions, can navigate changes in the economy and the environment, and can bounce back readily from natural disasters.

The work of Charter for Compassion International is twofold:

To promote a stirring vision of how compassion can literally save humanity in the 21st century and connect the global compassion movement more completely to itself; To demonstrate how compassionate action has a concrete and measur able impac t on human communities and the social ecologies in which they exist.

The tripod of compassionate action

Our core strategy is to develop the global compassion movement by focusing our attention on the International Compassionate Cities Campaign. Our principle tactic for helping the movement come to life is the Compassion Games, an organization sponsored by the Char ter. One of our most important public tools is the Compassion Mapping Projec t . The move ment will step into global consciousness during the Wor ld Com pa ssion Festival in 2015, when people will gather on ever y contine nt in thousands of cities and towns to celebrate the power of compassion to transform the world.

Organizations participating in Charter for Compassion Partner page on Facebook (up 426% in 12 months)

Average weekly reach on the Charter for Compassion Facebook page (up 102% in 12 months)

Charter for Compassion International

International Compassionate

Cities Campaign

In Walk Out Walk On , Meg Wheatley and Deb Frieze tell how Johannesburgs Joubert Park was transformed by community effort. In a cascade of compas sion-sparked activism, a violent, littered, ugly urban space became a garden of beauty, peace, and culture. Crime decreased when a club of photographers started to image everyone entering the park. A womens group cultivated a corner where they grew vegetables to feed lunch to children in a cooperative day care launched in another corner. The day care center hosted a literacy program for parents of the children. Artists and musicians gathered to celebrate and enrich the life of the neighborhood. Compassion flow ered.

No city in the world is a Compassionate City in any abstract or formal sense, just as no city is devoid of compassion. The ICCC is not a cer tificate program such as the Good Housekeeping Seal, and there is no single definition of a Compassionate City. Instead the ICCC is a movement to help communities of all sizes incorporate compassionate action into the fabric of their civic life.

Steps for a city to join the movement:

Government/city council formally signs the Charter for Compassion, issuing a public proclamation and/or resolution. Community leaders report great examples of how their community is already a place of compassion. Community-based committee forms to bring compassion to life in practical,specific ways in neighborhoods,businesses,schools, and congregations. City enters the Compassion Games. Community leaders participate in conference calls with activists in other cities, using the Charter for Compassion web site to share inspiration, learning, resources, and stories of their communitys journey toward compassion. City commits to participate in the World Compassion Festival

Charter for Compassion International

Compassion Games
The original challenge to play the Compassion Games came from the city of Louisville, KY in 2012, when Mayor Greg Fischer asked his citizens to perform acts of service in that community during a period of several days in April. His goal was 55,000 acts of service. Instead, more than 90,000 acts of service were recorded, including packaging 33,570 meals for needy children, 9,000 volunteers who picked up litter, 3,200 donated books, and 950 blood donations. The mayor proclaimed his city the most compassionate city in the world. Anybody can do this, Mayor Fischer said. It requires no extra money from the city. Its calling out the goodwill that resides in the people already. So my challenge to my fellow mayors is to take us on. And being a compassionate city, we have to help you beat us, of course, and wed be delighted to do so. The Compassion Games are a critical strategy for promoting the practice of compassion. Designed to make communities safer, kinder, more just and better places to live, the Compassion Games program recruits cities, campuses, organizations, and individual players to perform acts of service and kindness in neighborhoods, on the job, in service-providing agencies, and wherever their daily journey takes them. The acts of service are organized projects or simple acts of kindness to aid a neighbor in need. Star ting in 2013, the Games now run each year from September 11th through September 21st. By the fall of 2013 the program spread to include New York, NY; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, CA; Atlanta, GA, Milwaukee, WI; Cincinnati, OH; Nashville, TN; Houston, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Gurgaon, India; and a national project that will began in Los Angeles but will spark campaigns in many cities: the LGBTQ Compassion Games. Every city that joins the International Compassionate Cities Campaign is invited to also be a host for the Compassion Games. By the fall of 2014, we expect to have over 150 cities, from ever y continent, fully engaged and taking part in the Games. Many more will join by the fall of 2015.

Cities participating in Compassion Games in September 2013 (up 950% since 2012)

Newsletter reach (up 33% in 12 months)

Charter for Compassion International

Compassion Mapping Project

The Compassion Mapping Project (CMP) is a combination of social science research and large-scale social inter vention and innovation. The Project builds on studies of pro-social behavior on college campuses conducted by Dr. Daniel Mar tin of California State University East Bay and Stanford Universitys CCARE; and on a Compassion Games project to crowd-map compassionate acts. The Project integrates social media applications that allow individuals to record their own actions and the actions of others with online tools that aggregate that data. The Project has two high-level goals: 1) to enlarge our understanding of the impact of compassionate action on communities, and 2) to create broad social change. The premise of our experiment is that par ticipants become aware of compassionate actions--elevation behaviorby using an online tool based on the Ushahidi crowd-mapping platform and Google Maps. Based on analogous research results Dr. Martin completed in a university setting, we hypothesize that par ticipants being exposed to positive behavior will repor t a strong desire to act pro-socially, and have a significantly higher level of flourishing and com passion for others than control group non-participants. As quality of life is measured longitudinally, we will use these measures to establish impact across time. As a result, the experThe California Institute for Women is a prison for women. In Sep tember 2013, 1560 women inmates joined residents of 20 cities through the world to celebrate the Compassion Games. The CIW women performed acts of loving kindness (of their own choosing), recorded them with their names and housing units, and placed them in a box in a centralized location. The numbers were tallied a few times during the week and a graph was placed in each unit so that the women could see how they were doing. Organizer Rev. Shayna Lester said, It is the hope of the Warden that all women will want to be part of this. We expect and have seen great enthusiasm by the women for this project. No one will be a loser.

iment should be able to measurably encourage pro-social behavior.

U.S. Mayors (cities exceeding 30,000 population) voting to endorse the International Compassionate Cities Campaign

Charter for Compassion International

the Compassion Mapping Project will answer the following broad research questions:
How does elevation the pro-social feelings that individuals experience when repor ting and witnessing compassionate actions impact individual states of compassion and well-being across a broad range of criteria. What is the impact of heightening awareness of compassion and prosocial behavior across a broad range of social indicators (city quality of life, organizational assessment surveys, student climate surveys).

This will be the first large-scale demonstration of the impact of character qualities such as compassion, forgiveness, future-mindedness, and generosity on the quality of life in cities. It creates a social feedback loop that encourages fur ther investment of social capital. The Compassion Mapping Project will help us to have an impact on the public conver sation about sustainability, resilience, and innovation, help to dr amatically expand the network of activists and citizens who are consciously par t of a global compassion movement, and help to build a permanent platform that can suppor t an increasingly influential collaboratory in which we can launch future experiments in the social science of compassion.

Charter for Compassion International

World Compassion Festival

The World Compassion Festival, scheduled for September 11-21, 2015, will be a tipping point in history. Compassion will become a meme that permeates our world culture. In over 100 major cities around the globe, in simultaneous and globally coordinated events, thousands will come together to celebrate compassion and declare their determination to wake the spirit of compassion to transform the world. women, decreasing biodiversity and interreligious conflict. In keeping with the vision and ultimate intended results of the event, the World Compassion Festival will be created from the bottom up catalyzing a movement that already exis ts, highlighting the inspir ing stories of compassion that offer guidance and hope for our journey, providing oppor tunity for people of all cultures and ages, generating gravity from the mass of collective consciousness, and producing momentum at all levels of magnification that will insure that the spirit of the event never ends.

Charter for Compassion Partner organizations (up 144% in 12 months)

Grassroots organizing circles in International Compassionate Cities Campaign (up 177% in 12 months)

Platform for compassion

The Festival will serve as a launchpad for the global compassion movement, a platform for compassion in action that will inspire people--especially young people-- to dedicate their lives in service to a goal larger than themselves: addressing the causes and conditions of suffering in our world such as climate change, economic disparity, lack of access to clean water, sustainability, pover ty, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, disenfr anchisement of

Healthcare Partners of the Charter for Compassion (since April 2013) space umbrella or container for thousands of self-produced events of all sizes . We will ag gregate these events and create a mosaic of human engagement that will provide all par ticipants with the realization that they are a par t of something much bigger than their immediate event or communit y. Self-awareness is a prerequisite to organizations, initiatives and local communities becoming a movement . While an open source, grassroots approach is consistent with our organizational philosophy, it is also impor tant to track par ticipation, record interactions and fos ter ongoing net wor k ing oppor tunities in order to provide some measure of success, give the Wor ld Compassion Fes tival funders quantif iable metrics, and guide our future activity.

Celebration and Ceremony

We will combine the most traditional forms of ritual and ceremony with the lates t technological tools of communication and social media . We will use the tr an sce nd e nt powe r of conte mpo rar y and traditional music, video, sacred ar ts, poetr y, and dance to create an emotional contex t for di a l og u e , e d u c a t i o n and transformation. We w i l l e m p l o y the most successful techniques in comb i n i n g o n l i n e e xperiences with live interaction. We w i l l u s e t h e World Compassion Festival as an open

Charter for Compassion International

Your Support
In the 21st century, scientific evidence has mounted for compassion as an essential ingredient in maintaining thriving, healthy, resilient, and innovative enterprises, institutions, and communities. Business leaders are discovering that investment in compassionate policies and planning goes straight to the bottom line. Teachers are learning that compassion is an essential ingredient of a successful education, the very foundation for understanding how ones ideas, solutions and actions may affect others. Mayors and civic leaders around the world are exploring compassion as their core strategy to build bridges across par tisan divides and find innovative solutions. Your suppor t can make a crucial difference. Email contact@ char

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(a project of Compassionate Action Network International, a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprof it organization, EIN# 26-4836556)

The United States Conference of Mayors applauds the cities who have adopted compassion as a key policy for their communities; andrecommends that other cities explore the use of compassion as a key component to achieve core objectives in their communities the United States Conference of Mayors [will] provide future opportunities for exploration and discussion among mayors on the role of compassion as an effective policy for their communities; the work of the mayors exploration [will] result in the development of policies, procedures, tactics, and practical guidance on the integration of compassion in programs to address the holistic wellness of communities especially as it relates to those most at-risk.
US Conference of Mayors, June, 2013

Cities that have publicly endorsed the Charter for Compassion (up 133% in 12 months) 36,658 Average monthly visits to Charter for Compassion web sites (up 382% in 12 months)

Educational institutions that have signed the Charter for Compassionate Schools (since August 2013)

Charter for Compassion International

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Charter for Compassion International


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Charter for Compassion International