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BJP complains to EC against Rahuls speeches






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Did Congress kill Sikhs in CEASE FIRE VIOLATIONS CAN'T BE WITHOUT 1984 in anger Modi asks Rahul SHARIF'S CONSENT: OMAR ABDULLAH Modi can be considered
"teach Pakistan a lesson" through political means. Omar, who met the border dwellers injured in the Pakistani shelling at GMC Hospital in Jammu this morning, slammed Sharif over the ceasefire violations, maintaining it cannot take place without his consent and questioned what was the use of his talking friendship and dialogue with India. "As a prime minister of Pakistan, the violation of ceasefire cannot be without his consent", Omar said while addressing a large gathering of affected people in border area of R S Pura belt of Jammu district. "Clearly, he either lacks the will, intention and sincerity or has no control over his Army." "If that is so then what is the use of talking friendship and dialogue by Pakistan premier," he asked the leadership of Pakistan. Omar said Sharif should honour the 2003 ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan. "If Sharif wants to go the "extra mile" to make peace with India he should first ensure that the ceasefire violations stop." Highly placed sources in Delhi said the Border Security Force (BSF) has been given directions to retaliate with equal measure any unprovoked firing from across the border. At the same time, BSF is likely to make fresh efforts to have a flag meeting with its counterpart Pakistan Rangers to defuse tension along the Indo-Pak border in the wake of continuous heavy exchange of firing between the two forces. The home ministry has asked the BSF to try to hold a flag meeting with Pakistan Rangers as soon as possible to reduce tension along the IB. "The activities taking place on the border since the last two months are unacceptable. Time has come to respond to Pakistan in 8Contd p2

Youth's body recovered from Chenab

BATOTE, OCT 25: The body of a youth was fished out from the Chenab at Dharamkund in Ramban today afternoon. The body has been identified as Manzoor Ahmed (22) of Tatarsu, Ramban. He had reportedly committed suicide by jumping into the Chenab from the Bailey Bridge on October 11. His family members said he was reportedly worried about a bank loan and loss of a wallet containing Rs 10,000. Sub-Inspector Anil Jad said on October 21, the body of a woman, Amanpreet Kaur, 25, was fished out from the Chenab at Harshalla near Kanga village 8Contd p2

if he changes himself

JAMMU/NEW DELHI, OCT 25: With the latest ceasefire violation by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir injuring 11 civilians, chief minister Omar Abdullah on Friday hit out at Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while the BSF has been asked by the Union government to retaliate with equal measure any unprovoked firing. In the fresh violation, three more civilians were injured

as Pakistani troops opened fire and shelled 17 border out posts and hamlets along the International Border (IB) in Jammu and Samba districts overnight taking to 11 the total number of injured civilians. As the massive spurt in ceasefire violations sparked concern in India, BJP said these incidents along the Line of Contol (LoC) and the IB are totally "unacceptable" and asked the Centre to

LUCKNOW, OCT 25: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Friday, while addressing a rally at Jhansi in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh, launched a direct attack on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Modi slammed Rahul for accusing the BJP of spreading hatred and engineering riots. He also took a dig at Rahul's statement that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has been trying to "trap" some Muslim youth who are victims of riots in Muzaffarnagar.

"First Congress should tell the country how come Indian intelligence agencies are briefing the 'shahzada' (Rahul) who does not hold any office and has not taken an oath of secrecy. Shahzada should know that his party's government is in power. What has it done to stop the ISI from reaching out to Muslim victims in Muzaffarnagar. He (Rahul) should name the Indian intelligence officer. By linking ISI with the Muslim youth, shahzada has raised questions over the integrity of Indian 8Contd p2

LUCKNOW, OCT 25: Prominent Muslim cleric Maulana Kalbe Sadiq has said BJP's prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi's past can be ignored if he changes himself. "I will not speak for all Muslims, but I am ready to ignore his past if Modi changes himself," the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) vicepresident said in a statement here today. "... I will personally back Modi if he is willing to change himself," the Shia cleric said, adding "there are differences 8Contd p2

Ganesh Jyotish Karyala

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Over communal Coal Gate: PMO hands over MUBARAK MANDI COMES ALIVE issues ISI, BJP WITH THREE DAY DUGGAR FESTIVAL Hindalco allotment files to CBI NEW DELHI, OCT 25: tered an FIR against Birla rejoice: Cong The Prime Minister's Office and former coal secretary PC
NEW DELHI: In comments that are likely to fuel a controversy, Congress general secretary Shakeel Ahmad on Friday drew parallels with Pakistan's ISI and BJP, saying both "rejoice" whenever communal riots erupt. His tweet came a day after Rahul Gandhi's claim that intelligence agencies in Pakistan were approaching some victims of theMuzaffarnagar riots to lure them to terrorism sparking a row with the BJP, which said the Congress vice-president tried to point the needle of suspicion at Muslims by his remarks. "Really true ! Whenever& wherever communal trouble erupts in this country two sets of people rejoice. Pakistan's ISI& India's Bhajpaei," 8Contd p2 (PMO) on Friday handed over to CBI the file related to the controversial allocation of coal block to Hindalco in Odisha as sought by the investigative agency. "The CBI had sought the file related to the allocation. We gave the file and got the receipt," a PMO official said. The PMO told the CBI that it is ready to provide any other information, if required, about the allocation of Talabira coal block made in 2005. The Prime Minister, who has been under opposition attack over the allocation to Hindalco promoted by Kumar Mangalam Birla, has defended the decision as "entirely appropriate" and based on merits of the case presented to him. Controversy erupted over the allocation after CBI regisParakh last week. Parakh has said if he is accused of conspiracy, then the Prime Minister also should be made an accused as he had approved the revised decision, prompting the BJP to demand his resignation. The Prime Minister on Thursday said he was ready to face CBI in the matter as he has nothing to hide. "I am not above the law of the land," he said. If there is 8Contd p2

JAMMU, OCT 25 : Minister for Housing, Horticulture and Culture, Raman Bhalla, today said that government has taken up various restoration works to revive pristine glory of Mubarak Mandi Heritage complex, adding that conservation of this magnificent and historic palace would further add to tourism industry in Jammu region. This was stated by the Minister while addressing a large gathering at the 3-day duggar festival organized by

Duggar Vikas Manch, at Diwan-e-Aam, Mubarak Mandi here today. MLA, Ashok Khajuria, Director Tourism, Soujanya Sharma, besides people of city of temples in large numbers was present on the occasion. The Minister also visited the complex and took stock of condition of the building and the conservation works. The Minister said that J&K has rich cultural heritage and conservation and restoration of historical monuments in

the state was receiving focused attention of the government. He said that a number of such state monuments have already been restored to their pristine glory during last five years. Bhalla said the conservation works on Hari Parbat Fort at Srinagar, Chingus Fort at Rajouri besides other historical buildings, temples, monasteries, shrines have been completed besides work on damaged Bahu Fort wall is being executed on warfooting 8Contd p2

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ROHIT SINGH RANA If we go by what the Congress General Secretary Shakeel Ahmeds Tweet about BJP, the principal opposition party, then UPA should not lose a single moment to ban it. After all when Congress General Secretary says something, it must have the general sense of party with it, otherwise such a Tweet should not have been blogged in first place. Comparing BJP with Pakistans ISI and saying if there are communal riots in India, both BJP and ISI become pleased is either gross nonsense or carries the approval of the party. In both cases portends for the country are not good. Interestingly, Shakeel Ahmeds Tweet has come after the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said in Indore that an intelligence officer had told him about ISI contacting Muslim riot victims in Muzaffarnagar. Rahul has implicated BJP in the riots, calling its policies communal. A stage is now set for Congress to take on the opposition with new venom and fangs. But in this shrill chorus, the Indian voter is made to see a mortifying spectacle of crass irresponsibility from Congress leadership while taking on Narendra Modi. Rahul ought to have taken the debate of attacking Modi on the basis of constructive debate and facts but being pushed to the wall his development agenda and non vote bank politics, the Congress response to Gujarat Chief Minister has sunk to a new low. There is a limit to cronyism and being acolyte but to cross all limits if sanity betrays a putrid mindset which will take centuries of political penance to get away. That unfortunately does not seem to happen. Instead we are made to see to our chagrin, a virtual decadence of political debate that Modi has tried to build in the country. On the contrary, the threads of insanity perpetuated by Rahul were picked by Shakeel Ahmed and in order to please his master in hope of getting a plum post in future, he took the argument to next stinking level. BJP is the second largest party in the country. To compare it with ISI means it is involved in all such activities that are linked to the dreaded Pakistani intelligence agency. Here, His Masters Voice is active with a complete paranoid repertoire along with other attendant ominous appendages. If the tweet Of Shakeel Ahmed is discerned another dimension of insanity is visibly revealed--"Really true! Whenever& wherever communal trouble erupts in this country two sets of people rejoice. Pakistan's ISI& India's Bhajpaei." Astonishingly, the Congress general secretary does not even know what to write. Instead of writing Bhajapa for BJP, he writes Bhajpaei. Funnily, bringing in the name of Vajpayee in between for a change perhaps, long time to hear his name and Shakeel is interested to resurrect it! The likes of Rahul and his coterie of tail wagging camp followers do not know what damage they are doing to the country with their statements and mid night revelatory Tweets. To avoid debate on issues and instead raise imaginary threats, fears and making derogatory comparisons, they are not only undermining the political system in the country but also damaging the communal amity too. For few votes of to seek power, Congress and Rahul should desist from such misadventures which could recoil back. Indian voter is very mature now. He has lived through UPAs scam ridden rule in which coal is looted and onions are sold at Rs 100 per Kg. It has seen the opportunistic play of political jugglery. Or else a minority government surviving on the external support and is virtually on crutches ought to have known its limitations. That could have been enough impetus to embark on a resurgent development debate against Modi. So far it has not happened; perhaps it has lost turf to BJP and NaMo for a simple reason that it lacks a credible leadership, a charismatic candidate and a credible development agenda. Till date the people of this country have seen only brazen display of loyalty to Dynasty. Unfortunately great nations are never built on the DNA of a single dynasty with a horde of camp followers, cronies and acolytes in tow. It needs a shuffling of political genes and a churning of positive ideas which has not been witnessed till date.

Address: 409-410, Sec-7, Channi Himmat, Jammu

Rahul leaks intelligence report

While speaking at the Indore rally, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said that a young intelligence officer had informed him that Pakistans ISI had contacted riot victims of Muzaffarnagar and tried to lure them into militancy. It raised serious doubts about the manner in which the potential Congress Prime Minister is conducting himself. It doubts whether he can keep secrets or not. First of all, his statement has brought into focus a serious lapse by the intelligence agencies of the country. How could they report to Rahul Gandhi who does not hold any post of authority and is not bound by the oath of secrecy? If intelligence officers are reporting to Rahul then it is clear that 10 Janpath is emerging as a extra constitutional authority, which shares the most sensitive secrets that they should not, in first place be privy to. Secondly, if ever some intelligence officer shared the information with him, he should have shared this with relevant quarters. On the other side, he may be creating a story because the way he refers to Mummy, Papa and Nani it is not a big deal. Ponder over the other relevant question, if Muslims were contacted by ISI, why Hindu victims could not be contacted by anybody. Does not Rahul willingly want to project Muslims as susceptible to foreign influences? This way he has doubted their patriotism too. Sadly, Rahul is stuck in the pernicious game plan of thinking in terms of Hindus and Muslims only. Has Modi taken wind out of the election van of the Congress, a point to brood upon? RANASAHIB

2.qxd 10/25/2013 10:39 PM Page 1


Modi said that people had given 60 years to the Congress but it failed to develop the Bundelkhand. "Give BJP only 60 months and I promise that we will transform the region," he assured. He said that the youth from Bundelkhand are going to other states for earning livelihood. "Give BJP a chance, we will provide employment here." Modi said that prime minister and the planning commission amounted to mocking poverty by claiming that people earning Rs 32 per day and Rs 26 per day are not poor. "After 60 years of rule, Congress says that it has given the right to food to the poor. What was it doing for so many years," he asked. scientific methods and involvement of highly skilled man power. Bhalla said that all the three regions are receiving equal attention and several major development initiatives were taken and some are in pipe line for development of tourism in Jammu Division. The Minister said that the promotion of heritage tourism provides an opportunity to the visiting yatris from various parts of the country and abroad to have a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir based on the peaceful co-existence of people of different faiths. Bhalla lauded the efforts of Tourism Department for diverting Shri Vaishno Devi Ji Pilgrims to different tourist destinations for the promotion of tourism industry. He said work on artificial lake, cable car project at Bahu Fort, beautification of Mubarkh Mandi Complex and expansion of the Jammu Airport are under process for attracting more tourists to Jammu division. The Minister said that Rail service to the holy town Katra would be started soon adding that with the train service to Katra the Yatris will have the added facility for performing pilgrimage to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi. The Minister said that the Jammu and Kashmir State was known for its scenic splendor across the globe and maintained that there were lot of unexplored beautiful areas which needs to be projected at the national and international levels for attraction of tourists and pilgrims. The Minister said that for development of surrounding areas of ancient Ranvir Nath Ji temple near Jammu Airport, Government has earmarked Rs. 89 lakh for construction of approach road, landscaping, toilet complex, illumination, seating, jogging track and car parking facilities there for the visitors. For facilitating the pilgrims and tourists, the Government has created wayside facilities for pilgrims and tourists in the area like recreational garden, aquarium, balidan stumb, landscaping, view points, tug shop, toilet blocks, fencing, illumination, drinking water besides construction of darshani deodi near Kalika colony, he added. He said the place would become a source of major attraction for those visiting Shri Mata Vaishno Devi ji and other tourist spots of the State. He said the pilgrims of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji are now first coming to Shri Maha Kali Temple at Bahu Fort for darshan. Describing tourism sector as another potential area for state's economic growth, Bhalla said that in view of the ever increasing rush of pilgrims to Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine, Shri Amarnath Shrine and Shri Budha Amarnath ji Shrine, a number of tourist circuits have been created for boosting the tourism in the State. For developing Belicharana village as tourist spot adding for this purpose Government has earmarked Rs. 110 crore for construction of artificial lake in Nikki Tawi. He said the lake would be completed by March 2014. Earlier, renowned artists of Jammu division presented a colourful cultural items depicted Dogra rich culture and heritage of the State, which was highly applauded by the audience. Birla Group, met the Prime Minister and him and after that decision was reversed does not show slightest element of criminality. Parakh said CBI has not been able to appreciate the issues involved in this particular decision. "It was very gracious on the part of the Prime Minister to say yes the decision was right and if CBI has anything to ask they are free to ask," he told reporters. CBI has alleged that Birla met Parakh during July, 2005, requesting allocation of the block. "Pursuant to these letters and the meeting between Parakh and Birla, the former abused his official position and recommended the allocation of Talabira II along with Talabira III to Hindalco Industries without any valid basis or change in circumstances and with the sole intention to show undue favours," it alleged. Rebutting the allegations, a statement from the PMO indicated that the "competent authority" referred to in the FIR was Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who had been holding charge of coal ministry in the said period. It said that the Prime Minister was satisfied that the final decision taken in this regard had been "entirely appropriate" and

based on the merits of the case placed before him. "The final decision differed from the earlier recommendation of the screening committee, and this was done following a representation received in the PMO from one of the parties," the statement had said.

Cease fire ...
clear terms because if it does not stop what it is doing, then there are many political ways to teach the country a lesson so that it does not dare to do such things again," BJP national spokesman Prakash Javadekar said in Srinagar.

Did Congress ...

Muslims. Congress should come clear on the issue," Modi said. Raising the issue of antiSikh riots, Modi tried to blunt the Congress attack on the BJP and on his government in Gujrat for the 2002 riots. He also tried to take the steam out of Rahul's accusation that the BJP is spreading hatred against Muslims and engineering riots for electoral gains. "The Congress leader says that some people are spreading hatred. He also says that he gets angry when he sees some people provoking others. Congress leaders should explain the 'anger' which killed thousands of Sikhs in 1984. Has anyone been convicted for the Sikh genocide so far. He (Rahul) is crying for the assassination of his grandmother but has he shed tears for those killed in the 84 riots," he said. "Want to ask shahzada, did your party killed Sikhs in anger when your grandmother died?" He alleged that the Congress, the SP and the BSP were dividing people on caste and communal lines, whereas the BJP and he himself were talking about development. He also said that Rahul should apologize for his "ISI comment". Modi also criticized Rahul for narrating stories about how his mother (Sonia) was in tears when the food security law was enacted and how deeply pained he was when his father and grandmother were assassinated. "I am not here to tell you

any sob story but to wipe your tears," Modi told the people while referring to Rahul's statements. He said that he is pained by the sufferings of the people of Bundelkhand and would do everything possible for their development, if voted to power. Modi was more aggressive on Friday in comparison to his previous rally in Kanpur. Bundelkhand is an extremely backward region and is dominated by dalits and backward classes. With voters in mind, Modi referred himself to be a poor person coming from a backward class community. Some BJP leaders belonging to backward classes like Uma Bharti, Vinay Katiyar and Kalyan Singh were also present on the stage along with Modi. Modi accused the Congress led UPA government of giving development package for the Bundelkhand region in UP to appease the BSP and the SP leaders. "The money of the package was pocketed by the leaders of Congress, BSP and SP, while the area is still under developed. In comparison, the development package given for the part of the Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh, which is ruled by the BJP, was put to use," he claimed. Modi said that the trio (Congress, BSP and SP) were not interested in poor, farmers and villages. "They come during elections and talk about packages. This time, you should bundle up the trio and throw them away," he urged the audience. "Don't get swayed by the false promises these parties make during elections," he added. Modi said that if the farmers in Bundelkhand were still committing suicides, it is because the money given in the name of the development package was pocketed by the trio. He said that UP had a potential to lead the country but was under developed because of lopsided priorities of the parties which ruled the state.

Coal Gate: ..
anything the CBI or, for that matter anybody, wants to ask me, I have nothing to hide," he told reporters while returning from his two-nation tour of Russia and China. While defending the decision, the PMO last week issued a statement acknowledging that the final decision of October 1, 2005 "differed" from the earlier recommendation of the screening committee. It had released the sequence of events which suggested that the norms set by the Prime Minister were relaxed in view of representations made by Birla and Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik. Meanwhile, former coal secretary PC Parakh, named as accused in CBI FIR related to coal block allocation to Hindalco, said CBI had failed to appreciate issues involved in the case even as he appreciated the Prime Minister for asserting that the decision was right. He said the CBI contention that Kumar Mangalam Birla, chairman of Aditya

Over communal ...

Ahmad commented on the microblogging site Twitter. Rahul had made the claim about Pakistan's intelligence agencies approaching Muzaffarnagar riot victims while speaking at a poll rally in Indore in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. Slamming the Congress vice-president for his claim, BJP interpreted it as an attempt to cast doubts about the patriotism of Muslims and demanded that he tender an apology. The UP police said it had no information about the claim but would verify it. Rahul said that he had been told by an intelligence official that as a consequence of the alleged communalisation in Muzaffarnagar, there was a group of 10-15 Muslim youngsters, whose kin were killed, with whom intelligence agencies of Pakistan have established contact. Rahul claimed that the official told him he was convincing the youngsters not to come under the influence of Pakistani operatives.

Modi can be ...

in words and deeds of Modi and people have lost faith in him after the Gujarat riots." Asked if the Gujarat chief minister needs to 'apologise' for the riots, Sadiq said rather than tendering an apology he should prove a change through his actions.

Youth's body ...

in Ramban district here. She was washed away along with her brother Harpreet Singh (22) when their car submerged in the Chenab following a highway mishap on September 8.

Mubarak Mandi ...

by Jammu Development Authority (JDA). He said due attention was also being paid to preserve ancient manuscripts, paintings and artifacts. The Minister said that promotion of heritage tourism in the state is government's prime concern and measures are afoot to restore the pristine glory of left out historical sites. He said government has identified 29 historical sites in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions for their preservation and conservation. He said stress is being laid on restoration of all heritage sites of the state to their original form by adopting

AISF organized Seminar on "Role of students for Developing a Nation" at Gandoh

DODA, OCT 25: All India Students Federation AISF Distt Council Doda organized a Seminar on "Role of Students in Society/For Developing a Nation" in the premises of Govt. Higher Secondary School Kilhotran in which different Higher Secondaries School of the adjoining area participated. On the occasion Chairman Child and Women Care CWC J&K Smt. Nuzhat Iqbal Zarger was the Chief Guest and Principal Govt. Hr Sec School Kilhotran Sh Mohd Ayoub was the Guest of Honour, whereas 2-in-command 26 RR Major Sunil Kumar was Special Guest during the Seminar. Besides this President Chenab Valley Region AISF Com Mukesh Parihar, Gen. Secretary Koshal Sharma, Vice President Pankaj Sharma, Distt President Mohd. Saleem, Distt Vice President Ch. Ghulam Rasool were present. The programme was started with the paying tributes to Shaheed Bhagat Singh followed by the welcome note by Mohd. Saleem Distt President. The Programme was hosted and co-ordinated by Ghulam Mohd Distt Vice President. In the Seminar 15 students threw light on the topic and expresses their views on the role of Students. While addressing the Students in the Seminar, Chief Guest Nuzat Iqbal Zargar Chairman CWS stressed upon the students to understand their duties and role in the society as the nation's future is dependent on the students of present. She stressed that every student has to understand his/her role in every context of the Society viz Social, cultural, political, economical and environmental. In earlier to this Guest of Honour Sh. Mohd Ayoub Principal Govt. Hr Sec. School Kilhotran said there is a need to made the students more aware so that they can more responsible. He claimed that better educational opportunities can prove better in this regard. While taking to the students Major Sunil Kumar, 2-inCommand 26 Rashtrya Rifles stressed upon the students to be honest with themselves and towards studies, so that a student can understand the phenomenonas very clearly. He said that there is a hard need that the student community should go through their role so that we can expect a better future of the Nation. Besides these number of Other Social Activist and Lecturers expressed their appreciable views on the topic including Mohd Ayoub Zargar, Mukesh Parihar and others. Certificates were also distributed among all the participants. At the end vote of thanks was presented by Mukesh Parihar. In the Programme hundreds of students, general public, Social workers and media persons


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J&K Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee elections to be conducted on January 15, 2014
SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 25: The elections for the Jammu and Kashmir Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee shall be conducted on January 15, 2014. The decision to this effect was taken in a meeting chaired by Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Mir Saifullah here. The date for the publication of final electoral rolls has been fixed for November 15, 2013 while as election notification would be issued on December 13, 2013 and the date for filling of nomination papers has been fixed from December 15, 2013 for a period of 7 days. The list of candidates will be issued on December 22, 2013 and scrutiny of papers will take place on December 25, 2013. As per the decision, the last date for withdrawal of candidature has been fixed on December 28, 2013, whereas, allotment of symbols shall be held on December 29, 2013. The last date for campaigning shall be January 13, 2014.

Meenakshi criticizes Rahul for referring to assassination of his grandmother and father to evoke sympathy
JAMMU, OCT 25: Lashing out at Congress National Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, BJP National Spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said that Congress should explain how Intelligence Bureau (IB) is reporting to Rahul, who himself has publically disclosed it. Rahul's statement that Pakistan's ISI is working hand-in-glove with certain elements in India, also calls for an inquiry. She also criticized Rahul for repeatedly referring to assassination of his grandmother and father to evoke sympathy from the public. He should instead devote time to people to explain UPA's plans for development and economy of the country. Referring to continuous firing by Pakistan on J&K borders, Lekhi said this is result of the weak policy of Congress-led UPA governaccession day being observed tomorrow, Lekhi said that the state's accession with the rest of the country is full and final and even constitutionally it is not questionable. Anyone entertaining any doubt in this behalf is advised to study Sections-3, 5 and 147 of J&K Constitution. She said that instead of raking the issue time and again, the state government should celebrate the day as a festival with participation of the people. She added that time has come to implement the unanimously passed resolution by the Indian parliament in 1994, calling for liberation of PoK. National Executive Member & Chief Spokesperson Dr. Jitendra Singh, State General Secretary Kavinder Gupta, State Spokesperson Sanjiv Sharma and State Press Secretary Balbir Ram Rattan were also present in the press conference.

Gurezi inaugurates Rs 12.57 cr Shirmal Sherpatheri, Palpora Gagran WSSs

ment which has failed to give a firm response on the issue. She said it has been going on for a long time and become a routine for Pakistan forces to intrude in our territory, decapitate our jawans or kill them through ambush or attack them, indulge in unprovoked firing, violate cease-fire and push terrorists into our territory. It is high time for UPA government to take deterrent steps to check

this mischief from Pakistan which is causing heavy loss of life and property to India. By continuous shelling Pakistan is targeting not only Indian forces but also the civilian population on the Indian side of the borders. This situation has compelled the people living on LoC and International border to abandon their houses and take shelter in safer places. Expressing her views on the

State government directs officials to verify appointment orders

SRINAGAR, OCT 25: The Jammu and Kashmir government has directed officials to verify appointment orders following reports that some fake orders are being produced by some unscrupulous elements to dupe unemployed youths. "Appointment orders shall only be entertained after verification, confirmation and authentication by the issuing authority," an order issued by the General Administration Department (GAD) stated. The order, issued on Wednesday, directed Administrative Secretaries and Heads of all departments, Divisional Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and officials before whom any appointment order is produced to entertain such orders only after these are authenticated by the issuing authority. The order was issued after the GAD received reports that some fake appointment orders are being produced by unscrupulous elements. "A tendency of issuing fake appointment orders is more witnessed at the time of closure of offices at Srinagar or Jammu (during the bi-annual 'darbar' move under which the government functions six months each in the twin capitals during summer and winter)..." the order reads. The GAD said confirmation over phone could be obtained in the first instance to be followed by a formal confirmation to expedite the matter. Any fake appointment order presented before any officer be referred to the Inspector General of Police (Crime), Jammu and Kashmir and Police Station concerned for registration of an FIR against the culprits," the order said.

SRINAGAR, OCT 25: Minister of State for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Mr. Nazir Ahmad Gurezi on Friday inaugurated two water supply schemes at Shirmal Sherpathri and Palpora Gagran in district Shopian completed at an estimated cost of Rs 12.57 crore under National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP). He also inspected Impounding Reservoir at Shopian. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that by commissioning these two water supply schemes about 32 habitations having 26670 souls will get adequate drinking water facilities and thus fulfill long pending demand of these areas. He said 13 water supply schemes at an estimated cost of Rs 40.94 crore in district Shopian will be completed by the end of this financial year. He said that by completion of

these schemes, 57 habitations comprising of 87000 souls will get adequate drinking water facilities. He said Government under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is committed to provide adequate drinking water facilities in every nook and corner of the state adding that sufficient funds have been earmarked to cover all the uncovered habitations of the State under portable drinking water facilities. Referring to the developmental works under execution in Shopian district, the Minister said that the construction work on several micro and macro projects are in full swing adding that on completion these projects will improve the socio-economic profile of the people of the district. He said that construction work of Hospital at Shopian at an estimated cost of Rs 25 crore is also apace.

Chief Justice inaugurates Advocate General's Adm block

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 25: Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court, Justice M.M. Kumar in presence of Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Mir Saifullah inaugurated double storeyed Administrative Block of Advocate General in the High Court Premises here on Friday. Judges of High Court and Advocate General Mr. M.I. Qadiri were present on the occasion. The construction work was executed by JKPCC at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.50 crore. In the ground floor, offices of Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer, Reception and Clerical sections shall be accommodated while first floor comprises of a spacious room for Advocate General, retiring room, pantry, waiting hall and meeting hall. The function was attended by Senior High Court Judge Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir, Justice Ali Mohammad Magray, Deputy Advocate General, Mr. Alau-ud-Din Ganai, Law Secretary, Mr. Mohammad Ashraf, Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Mr. Farooq Ahmad Shah, Managing Director JKPCC, Additional Advocate Generals and senior Lawyers.

SRINAGAR, OCT 25: Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar has directed the officers to ensure that the street lights of the city are fully functional, so that the people do not face any convenience especially during the late night and wee hours. The Minister was addressing officers during a review meeting convened to discuss the functioning of various street lighting systemof the the Srinagar city. Power Development Commissioner, Mr. Asgar Ali, Commissioner, SMC, Srinagar, Dr. G.N. Qasba, Chief Engineer PDD, Mr. Bashir Khan, SE, Executive Engineer and other senior officers were present in the meeting. The Minister asked the Municipality and PDD department to work in close coordination to ensure that the street lights are fully functional, so that people living in various localities as

Manohar inaugurates Sagar for ensuring fully functional street lighting system in the city medical camp at Bhaddu

Speaker visits Eidgah Constituency, takes stock of development works

SRINAGAR, OCT 25: The Speaker, Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly Mr. Mubarak Gul today visited various areas included Palpora, Noorbagh and SDA Colony of Eidgah Constituency. The Speaker took stock of the pace of work on all developmental works under execution in these areas. He also visited Government High School, Shinglipora. A team of officers and engineers accompanied the Speaker during his tour. The Speaker directed the executing agencies to speed up the pace of work on all ongoing developmental works and completed them in a stipulated time. He asked them to use quality material and there will be no compromise on it. Mr. Gul directed the concerned to prepare Detailed Project Reports of all lanes, drains and streets of these areas so that the funds could be arranged. At Government High School, Goripora, Mr. Gul announced for issuance of cricket kits to the players of the Institution. Interacting with the people at different places, Mr. Gul said that the Government under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is committed to provide all basic amenities to the people in three regions of the State. Responding to the demands put forth by the people, the Speaker assured them that their genuine demands will be redressed in a phased manner. In some cases, he, on-the-spot directed the concerned authorities to redressed their grievances on priority.

well as commuters do not face any inconvenience. He said that a mechanism should be worked out so that the both departments can synergise their efforts and ensure that the people get the requisite facilities and proper maintenance of the street lighting system of the city is ensured. Mr. Sagar also directed the officers to ensure the implementation of the decision taken in the District Development Board Meeting and the subsequent directions of Chief Minister for transferring an Electrical Sub Division from PDD to SMC, so that the proper look after and maintenance of the

street lighting system is done. He said by doing so the Municipality would be augmented by the much needed human resource and other related things for proper maintenance and upkeep of street lights and other things. The Minister also asked the PDD officers to ensure that the people get adequate supply of power during the ensuing winter seasons. He said that the Chief Minister has already passed the requisite directions to ensure that the power supply is streamlined and consumers do not face any unnecessary cuts.

Several landmark initiatives undertaken by Govt: Vikar

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 25: Maintaining that the Government has ensured overall development of the State by launching various developmental schemes, the Minister of State for Technical Education, Information and Power, Mr. Vikar Rasool on Friday said that the people should come forward to avail maximum benefit of these welfare programmes. The Minister was addressing a public gathering at Gund Hassi Bhat here today. Former Minister Mr. Abdul Gani Vakil and senior officers of various departments and political leaders were present on the occasion. Mr. Vikar said that it is recorded fact that the Government has undertaken several landmark initiatives for ensuring overall and sustained development of all the three regions of the State, which have no parallels in the annals of history. He said that a mechanism has already been put in place to ensure that these schemes are implemented in such a manner that the benefit reaches the targeted populace. While expressing gratitude to the Central Government for its wholehearted cooperation in ensuring the development of the State, the Minister said it has been generous enough to extend certain schemes to the Jammu and Kashmir which have been instrumental in changing the socio-economic profile of the people of the State.

KATHUA OCT 25:Minister of State for Fisheries, Cooperatives, Finance and planning, Dr Manohar Lal Sharma, inaugurated a free medical camp organized by an NGO Paryas at Baddu, Billawar here on Friday. A team of doctors comprising eyes specialist and ENT doctors, Gynecologists and Physicians along with technicians provided their services to the ailing free of cost. Besides, doctors from ISM also provided their services in the camp. Thousands of people from Bhaddu and adjoining villages were examined and given free medicines. Earlier, Manohar Sharma laid foundation stones of development of park and up gradation of pond and a public convenience near ITI at Bhaddu. The work on these projects will be completed by the department of tourism under the aegis of Lakhanpur-Sarthal Development Authority with an estimated cost of Rs 38 lakh. While speaking on the occasion, Dr Manohar Lal Sharma said that coalition government is giving priority

to promotion of tourism in the state. He said that Billawar tehsil is emerging as one of key centers of religious tourism in the state attracting lakhs of devotees each year from in and outside the state. He added that with the coming up of shrine board for Mata Sukrala and Bala Sundri the area will now open more avenues of development in the tehsil. He further added that tehsil Billawar is immensely blessed with natural landscapes enough to attract the tourist around the year. He added that Rs 5 crore was earmarked for infrastructural development of the area of sukrala mata shrine. He said that passenger sheds and high mast lights were installed at various yatra points in Mata Sukrala and Mata Bala Sundri. He added that the increasing inflow of tourism in the tehsil shall be seen as an opportunity for the unemployed youths to become self employed by opening businesses of tourist importance. Dr Bharat Bhushan Chief Executive Officer LakhanpurSarthal Development Authority also spoke on the occasion.

Bhalla lays foundation of Fruit and Vegetable Mandi at Khansahab

BUDGAM, OCTOBER 25: Minister for Housing, Horticulture and Culture, Mr Raman Bhalla, on Friday laid foundation of Fruit and Vegetable Mandi at Khansahab in Budgam district. Spread over 9.5 kanals, the Mindi would be competed at an estimated cost of Rs 3.60 crore. The Mandi shall cater to Khansahab, Budgam and Khaag blocks besides covering a catchment area of Watrihal, Arizal, Kremshore and Khansahab. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister highlighted the role of Horticulture Industry in generating employment, overall development and improvement of socio economic status of the farmer community of Kashmiri Valley. He said Khansahab Mandi will be expanded further up to 40 kanals with residential facilities and directed the Deputy Commissioner to

identify land for the purpose. Mr Bhalla said the revolutionary measures taken by the Horticulture Department ensured the promotion and diversifying the horticulture activities in the states' adding that Fruit Mandi at Sopore and Jablipora were inaugurated recently in line with the horticulture mission. He said a walnut processing Centre at Qazigund worth 2 crore with high tech machinery was inaugurated yesterday was

aimed to give marketing facilities to the fruit growers of the area. MLA Khansahab, Mr Hakim Yasin while addressing of the occasion that Khansahab is playing a major role in horticulture sector of the State. He said appropriate measures are needed to be taken to improve the quality and quantity of fruits besides reducing role of middle men for better returns and benefits to the fruit growers.

Home Deptt notifies tentative Seniority List of DySPs

SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 25: Pursuant to the judgment of the Hon'ble High Court of J&K passed in SWP No.3065/2010 titled Anita Sharma and others Vs State of J&K and others connected with SWP No.1620/2010 titled Shakti Pathak and others Vs State of J&K and others, the Home Department vide Circular No.18-Home of 2013 dated 24.10.2013 . The tentative seniority list alongwith other details has been uploaded on the website of the Home Department

Sadhotra visits GMC, enquires health of injured

JAMMU, OCT 25:Minister for Planning, Labour and Employment, Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, on Friday visited Government Medical College Hospital, Jammu and enquired about the health of those injured in the cross border shelling. Sadhotra interacted with the patients and their attendants and assured them all necessary assistance from the government. Senior doctors and officers of various departments accompanied the Minister. He also met with injured from Lalyal, Kalyanpur and Gharkal villages and asked the doctors to provide best medicare to these patients for their early

Shabir pays late night surprise visit to Anantnag Hospitals

'Imposes fine on 3 officials, gives nod for ambulance, ICU
SRINAGAR, OCT 25: Minister of State for Health, Mr Shabir Ahmad Khan during his surprise inspection to Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg District Hospital, Mother Child Care Hospital Anantnag and Sub District Hospital Bijbeharalate last evening imposed fine of Rs 1000 each on 3 officials for dereliction of their duties. Meanwhile, the Minister gave nod for additional Ambulance for MCH, Anantnag besides Rs. 10 lakh for Hospital renovation. He said government contemplates to make this MCH as a first Referral Unit and in this regard a proposal has been mooted to the Centre for approval of funds. He said that an ICU ward with required diagnostic equipment would be setup in new Hospital block of District hospital Anantnag. He instructed Director Health Services, Kashmir to look into the quality of recently purchased drip stands and Dunlop matrasses put in place in the new wards of Hospital block. The Minister during his visit to these Hospitals inspected the Emergency, Surgery, Ortho, Gynae wards, Sick and Childcare and SNCU units and blood banks and enquired about the facilities being provided to the patients. He also enquired about the blood unit stocksmaintained in the hospitals. He interacted with patients and their attendants, enquired about the facilities provided to them and gave on the spot direction to the concerned for further improvement in the sanitation facilities in and around the hospitals besides ensuring hassle free treatment facilities to the patients. He also issued strict orders for providing free treatment facilities to the pregnant mothers and infants besides to and fro transport facilities to them under JSSY. He warned for stern action against officials found neglecting their duties. The Minister emphasized the need for effective implementation of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) flagship programme to ensure universalization of health services in rural areas of the State. The Health Minister during his interaction with locals said that Government endeavours to complete the construction work of the new District Hospital Complex well in time for convenience of the patients coming from various parts of South Kashmir besides from Kishtwar and Ramban Districts for treatment. He said the Hospital will have all diagnostic machinery like CT scan, Endoscopy, MIR etc. and fitted with other clinical equipment. He said the construction work of this prestigious Hospital was taken up at a cost of Rs. 59.50 crore and up to last fiscal over Rs 27 crore has been spent on it. He said this fiscal Rs 4crore is being utilized on it besides funds under NRHM will also be made available for its completion. The Minister said that government would also consider construction of additional accommodation for MCH Hospital and SDH Hospital Bijbehara, subject to the availability of Land. He directed the concerned authorities to formulate DPRs for sanction of funds at the earliest. Director Health Services, Kashmir, Mission Director, NRHM, DR Yash pal Sharma, Director ISM, Dr. Abdul Kabeer, Drug and Food Controller, Mr Satish Gupta, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Anantnag, Mr Mohammad Yousuf Bhat, Joint Director Planning, Health Department, Mr G.M.Bhat, Chief Medical Officer, Anantnag besides other concerned officers accompaniedthe Minister during the visit.

recovery. He said that necessary instructions have already been issued to prepare a comprehensive contingency plan to ensure timely relief and rehabilitation measures for the affected people. Sadhotra also condemned the ceasefire viola-

tion on border areas along IB and LoC targeting the innocent poor people. He said that such inhuman acts on the part of neighboring country not only derails the peace process but affects the normal lives of those who have nothing to do with these issues.

Home Deptt seeks Objections/suggestions for draft Jammu and Kashmir Poison Possession and Sale Rules, 2013
SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 25: In a statement issued here on Friday, Jammu and Kashmir State Home Department has sought objections/ suggestions from interested persons on the draft Jammu and Kashmir Poison Possession and Sale Rules, 2013. The Statement read that pursuant to the directions of Supreme Court, passed in Writ Petition (Crl) No.129 of 2006 titled Laxmi Vs Union of India and others, the State Home Department in consultation with the Department of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs has drafted the Jammu and Kashmir Poison Possession and Sale Rules, 2013. The draft rules have been uploaded on the website of the Home Department for information of the general public. Any person interested to submit objections/suggestions may do so within a period of 15 days.

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4 Vettel, Red Bull extend dominance in India I am surprised why Gopichand is quiet: Jwala Gutta
NEW DELHI: Embattled shuttler Jwala Gutta on Friday said she is surprised that India's chief badminton coach Pullela Gopichand is still silent on the proposed life ban on her by BAI for an alleged disciplinary breach. "I am really surprised why the chief coach is quiet. Why he has nothing to say?," asked Jwala. "Former coaches like Arif sir and Vimal sir have spoken out. Vimal sir was the coach of Banga Beats, he also came out with his statement. If they can speak out, why can't the chief coach? "I mean he is not just the coach of his academy but of the whole country. He can tell me that Jwala what you did is wrong but he should take a stand. Why is he not commenting?," she added. The Delhi high court on Friday declined to grant stay on ongoing inquiry proceedings by a committee set up by the Badminton Association of India (BAI) against ace shuttler Jwala for alleged indiscipline. The Hyderabadi shuttler, who is currently in Paris playing in the French Open, said the issue is affecting her performance. "I try that such things don't affect me but I am also a human being and it harasses me. All these are there in the back of my head, things which are happening in India," she said. "I understand that my fellow Indian team members cannot voice their support openly because they are scared of themselves getting victimised. I am happy Ashwini (Ponnappa) stood by me," she said. Following a disciplinary committee's recommendation for a life ban on Jwala on charges of indiscipline, a

GREATER NOIDA (INDIA): Sebastian Vettel obliterated his own lap record as he topped both Indian Grand Prix free practice sessions Friday, raising expectations he'll snare his fourth world title this weekend. Vettel, with a 90-point lead over his nearest challenger Fernando Alonso, only needs to finish in the top five in his Red Bull on Sunday to make it four championships in a row. He showed his intent by lapping at 1min 26.68secs in the first practice and improved with 1:25.72 in the second, surpassing his own 2011 record of 1:27.24. Vettel's Red Bull teammate Mark Webber, who quits Formula One at the end of the season, made it a one-two for Red Bull in both sessions. His best time of the day was 1:26.01.

The first 10 drivers all finished under Vettel's old lap record in the later session, promising a fast race on Sunday at the Buddh International Circuit on New Delhi's outskirts. Romain Grosjean of Lotus was third quickest, ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Alonso, Nico Rosberg, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen.

The final practice will take place on Saturday morning, before the qualifying sessions later in the day. Vettel, who has won the last five races this season, romped home easily in India in 2011 and 2012 and is strong favourite to triumph again on Sunday. Anything higher than a sixthplace finish and Vettel will

join compatriot Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio of Argentina as only the third man to win four consecutive world titles. The only way Vettel can be denied is if he fails to score a point in the remaining four races -- provided Ferrari's Alonso wins at least three of them and finishes second in the other.

three-member committee was constituted earlier this month to evaluate the report and submit it within a month. The committee had issued a show cause notice to Jwala on October 14 and she approached the high court challenging the notice and sought a stay on its proceedings against her. The court had on October 10 stayed the BAI's decision not allowing her to take part in

any international tournament in or outside the country in view of the disciplinary committee's recommendation for life ban on her. A controversy had erupted during the August 25 tie whenDelhi Smashers had allegedly threatened to pull out against Banga Beats over the last-minute replacement of injured singles player Hu Yun of Hong Kong with Denmark's Jan Jorgense.

Test discard Harbhajan Singh to lead Punjab

MOHALI: Out-offavour Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh will lead Punjab in the Ranji Trophy match against Odisha here. Punjab play their season's o p e n i n g Group-A league match against Odisha at Punjab C r i c k e t Association (PCA) Stadium here from October 27 to 30, a PCA spokesman said on Friday. Vikram Rathore, National Selector, will watch the match and it will be an opportunity for Harbhajan to prove his capabilities before the selectors to make a comeback in the national squad. Odisha team had already arrived in the city. Punjab squad had net session under Harbhajan said he is looking forward to perform well especially after his outing in the Champions League T20. He said he still had a lot of fire left in him and was eager to make a comeback to the national squad. He said that it was good for the Indian Cricket that the Team India's bench strength had been increasing each day. Punjab squad: Harbhajan Singh (Captain), Uday Kaul (wicket keeper), Ravi Inder Singh, Jiwanjot Singh, Mandeep Singh, Mayank Sidana, Amitoze Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Manpreet Gony, Siddharth Kaul, Rajwinder Singh, Sunny Sohal, VRV Singh, Taruwar Kohli and Gurkirat Singh Mann.

Kenya call up Tikolo and Odoyo for World T20 qualifiers

NAIROBI: Kenya have summoned veterans Steve Tikolo and Thomas Odoyo out of retirement to join the national team for next month's World Twenty20 qualifiers in the UAE, cricket officials said. Tikolo, 42, and 36-year-old Odoyo, who served as captain and vice-captain in the past, quit the sport after the 2011 World Cup, but have continued to play in the local league. Kenya is desperate to return to winning aways after a disappointing run in the ICC Intercontinental Cup and World Cricket League series this season. "The Kenya team badly needs the leadership to become competitive again," a top Cricket Kenya official said. "We considered recalling Tikolo and Odoyo to motivate the youngsters in the team since both players have showed they were still competitive by scoring big runs in the Nairobi Cricket League." Sixteen teams will compete in the November 15-30 tournament in the United Arab Emirates, from which only six will qualify for the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh in March 2014.

Serena storms into WTA Cships semifinals

ISTANBUL: Serena Williams reached the WTA Championships semifinals by brushing aside 2011 winner Petra Kvitova 6-2, 6-3 on Thursday to complete a clean sweep of her group matches. The defending champion was relentlessly focussed against the former champion from the Czech Republic, hitting 27 winners and 11 immaculately delivered aces, taking her total for the season to a remarkable 468. "I feel pretty good -- I was really aggressive tonight," Williams said. "Petra was aggressive too, but I think my serve did really well. I'm just glad to still be alive in the tournament -- I didn't have any expectations coming here, I just wanted to come and enjoy myself, and that's what I've done. "It just feels good to not be

their Coach Bhupinder Singh Sr in the morning while the Odisha outfit had their net session in the afternoon under the watchful eyes of their Coach Debashish Mohanty, the PCA spokesman said.

Vinod Kambli files complaint against foreign lady for racist comment
MUMBAI: Former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli has filed a complaint against a foreign lady for making a racist comment against him over a car parking dispute in the housing society where he lives. In his complaint, Kambli told Bandra police that at around 8:15 pm on Thursday, he had an argument with a lady residing in the Jewel Co-operative Housing Society building. Kambli said the argument started over a parking issue. He alleged that during the argument the lady called him a "Bully", which means "Black Indian". The Bandra police station has accepted Kambli's complaint and has assured that it will carry out an investigation against the foreign lady on Friday. Kambli later told media: "There was a dispute on a parking issue, but, during the dispute, she (foreign lady) used some racial statement. I asked her to talk to the society chairman. She threatened me that she has contacts in India and abroad. Then, she called me a "Black Indian"." "She is a tenant over here. Then, I filed an FIR at the Bandra police station after she called me a "Bully", which means "Black Indian". I felt very bad after hearing the word "Black Indian". According to the law, no action can be taken against a woman at night. But, they (the police) assured me that they will take action in the morning. I think this is an abuse to Indians. We welcome our guests here, and, they speak to us like this," he added.

2nd Test: Pakistan face defeat after South Africa charge

DUBAI: Pakistan were staring at defeat in the second Test in the face after South Africa out-batted them and then bowled well on the third day in Dubai on Friday. South Africa, seeking a series-levelling win, once again rocked Pakistan's top order with three early wickets after compiling a mammoth 517 in their first innings for a big 418-run lead at Dubai stadium. At the close, Pakistan captain Misbah-ul Haq (42) and Asad Shafiq (28) were at the crease but they still need a whopping 286 runs to avoid an innings defeat or bat out two days to force a draw. The duo have added 62 for the fifth wicket and would need a Herculean effort to avoid defeat. But South Africa's bid for victory, and keeping their seven-year unbeaten away series record, was tainted when they were docked five penalty runs by the onfield umpires after television replays showed Faf du Plessis apparently trying to tamper with the ball in Pakistan's 31st over. The two umpires, Rod Tucker of Australia and Ian Gould of England, called South African captain Graeme Smith for a warning, changed the ball and added five penalty runs to Pakistan's total. Under International Cricket Council rules, if the umpires lay charges against any player match-referee David Boon will summon the player. But even that South African last week's Abu Dhabi Test. Azhar Ali and Younis added 46 for the third wicket before part-time spinner Jean-Paul Younis was finally bowled for 38 by leg-spinner Imran Tahir off a strange shot, who took a career-best 5-32 to dismiss Pakistan for a paltry 99 in the first innings. In the morning session, South Africa lost their last six wickets for the addition of 57 runs after resuming at 460-4. Offspinner Saeed Ajmal finished with 5-161 while paceman Mohammad Irfan took 3-102. De Villiers (164) was the first man to go, caught behind off Irfan in the fifth over of the day. He hit 17 fours and a six during a commanding 376minute innings and completed an all-time South African

out of the tournament." Against Kvitova, Williams was intense, poised, rhythmical, and completely blinkered to thoughts outside the court. She was 15-40 down in the first game when Kvitova's early ball hitting gave a warning of what she might be capable of. From then on

Williams surged into a higher gear. It was her third win in three days, which means she now has a day's rest before seeking a place in the final with a match against the runner-up in the other group, which could be Jelena Jankovic, Li Na, or Victoria Azarenka.

setback couldn't save Pakistan as they continued to slump after finding themselves on two for two at lunch. Dale Steyn gave South Africa an ideal start as he removed

Shan Masood with the fourth ball of the innings, having him trapped in front of the wicket with a sharp delivery for nought. Manzoor had made 146 in Pakistan's seven-wicket in

fifth wicket record partnership of 338 with Smith. Smith was finally caught in the slip by Younis off Ajmal. Smith's superb knock lasted 10 hours and 32 minutes during which he dominated Pakistan's bowling, hitting 16 fours and faced 388 balls. With Smith's catch, Younis beat Javed Miandad's record of most Test catches of 93. It took him 86 Tests, 38 fewer than his illustrious countryman. Irfan removed Duminy for seven before he was forced out of attack by Australian umpire Rod Tucker for running into the danger zone after a second warning. Ajmal then wrapped up the innings with the last three wickets to complete his ninth five-wicket haul in Tests.

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in the war-torn Province, India is renovating the Palaly Airport and the Kankesanthurai harbour. It is also financing construction of 50,000 houses and has provided medical assistance, one million roofi ng i s committed to discussing issues including democracy, human rights, good governance, and the rule of law, individual liberty, egalitarianism, free trade, multilateralism and world peace. The Colombo Summit is a forum where only one (Canada) out of 53 member Governments will not be participating. The other Heads of State will meet privately at a retreat, which will be a useful occasion to collectively persuade President Rajapaksa to fulfil his commitments on the ethnic issue. New Delhi faces a peculiar dilemma in the Prime Minister attending the Commonwealth Summit. Not only is the Sri Lankan Government keen on Mr Singh attending the Summit, but Chief Minister Wigneswaran and his colleagues in Jaffna are keen that he visit Jaffna, after the Summit, to discuss their concerns and developmental needs. A visit by Indias Prime Minister to Jaffna, symbolising Indias commitment to the Tamil welfare, will boost the morale of the people of Northern Province. But, strong voices in Tamil Nadu, some influenced by wellendowed expatriate Sri Lankan Tamils, would like the Prime Minister to boycott the Commonwealth Summit. In Sri Lanka, Indias commitment has consistently been towards securing the devolution of powers to Northern Province in accordance with the 13th Amendment of the Sri Lankan Constitution, and to the security and welfare of displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka. Emotive and partisan electoral considerations, rather than rational reasoning about what really the Sri Lankan Tamil leadership in Jaffna wants from India, should not guide the conduct of Indias relations with Sri Lanka. More importantly, Indias policies in its neighbourhood must be guided by its larger national security interests and the prevailing regional and global realities. Sri Lanka is strategically located and India needs a policy of diplomatic and economic engagement and not self-inflicted estrangement with Colombo, as China increases its influence and naval presence across Indian Ocean Region.

When the living fail to fetch votes, invoke the dead. Realising that the Congress's campaign, which he virtually leads, is not shoring up the electoral fortunes of the party in States going to polls next month and in December, party vice president Rahul Gandhi resorted to shrill emotionalism at a public rally in Rajasthan on Wednesday. He recalled the assassinations of his grandmother Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi in a bid to squeeze whatever political mileage is left in the tragedies. He did not stop at that; Mr Gandhi ominously hinted that he too may be eliminated in a similar fashion but that he didn't care. In other words, he not just sought sympathy in the name of the former Prime Ministers but tried to gain some brownie points for himself on the pretext of supposed victimhood. Besides being desperate and rather insensitive, the attempt could well be a failed tactic, because the issue before the people today is not the sacrifices made by his family members (nobody contests those sacrifices) but poor all-round governance that his party-led UPA Government has given the country. The strong anti-incumbency sentiment cannot be diluted by tear-jerkers. Moreover, what message is Mr Gandhi really trying to convey? Since militancy had claimed the lives of the two Prime Ministers, he cannot be seriously blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party or other Right-wing elements for the tragedy. Yet, the Congress vice president tried to disgracefully inter-weave the killing with what he called the politics of hate and anger, which he claims the BJP is engaged in. Because in the same breath he lashed out at the opposition party for burning Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, and more. He tried to equate the opposition party's politics of hate' with that of the militants. These are not just blatant lies said with a straight face; they can inflame communalism. But Mr Gandhi is so swept away by his straight from the heart talk that he doesn't appear to care for the consequences. In his over-zealousness, he has forgotten the bitter truth: Several hundred communal riots have taken place in the country during the Congress rule since independence. The massacre of Sikhs in 1984, for instance, happened not just with a Congress Government in New Delhi but it was plotted and executed apparently by certain senior leaders of the party, none of whom has so far been brought to book. The Congress vice president's accusation that the BJP has been pitting one religious community against the other deserves to be dealt with contempt, more so given the dubious role his own party has been playing in doing exactly the same thing. The UPA regime seeks to bring a Bill that distinguishes one community from the other to fix accountability for communal unrest, and the Union Home Minister writes to State regimes asking them not to target innocent Muslims. If these are not communally-biased moves, what is?


G Parthasarathy
Tamils in Sri Lankas Northern Province have struggled for over five decades to secure grassroots devolution of power. Sri Lankan Tamil leader SJV Chelavanayakam was able to negotiate agreements with Prime Ministers S Bandaranaike and DS Senanayake in 1957 and 1965. In the 1965 Agreement, Sri Lankan Tamils agreed to the devolution of limited powers to District Councils, with use of Tamil permitted in District Courts. But, even these expectations were not fulfilled. It was only after direct Indian involvement and facilitation that meaningful powers were devolved to Provincial Councils in Sri Lanka under the 13th Amendment of its Constitution. A persistent Indian diplomatic effort and growing trust and confidence between New Delhi and Colombo, eventually led to Provincial election being held in Northern Province last month. The ostensibly separatist Tamil National Alliance was swept to power. Thereafter, on October 7, the highly respected Tamil jurist and former Supreme Court Judge, Justice CV Wigneswaran, was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Northern Province, in the presence of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is, however, still imperative to replace manifestations of Sinhala triumphalism in the ethnic conflict, by statesmanship and reconciliation. The election in September was considered internationally as free and fair, despite efforts by the Sri Lankan Army to intimidate voters and candidates. Moreover, the TNA has shown statesmanship in the aftermath of the election. TNA spokesman MA Sumanthiran rejected separatism and reaffirmed commitment to a united Sri Lanka, where Tamils can live in freedom and dignity. Justice Wigneswaran made it clear that he did not share objections of others about Prime Minister Manmohan Singh attending the Commonwealth Summit. Interestingly, there are differences now between views in Jaffna and in Tamil Nadu not only regarding participation in the Commonwealth Summit, but also on the issue of fishermen from Tamil Nadu. There are still protests about the action taken by the Sri Lankan Navy against Tamil Nadu

The election result in the Northern Province redefines relations between Jaffna and Colombo. India should use it as an opportunity to strengthen ties between Colombo and New Delhi
fishermen, intruding into Sri Lankan territorial waters, adjacent to Tamil-dominated Northern Province. But, Chief Minister Wigneswaran blames Tamil Nadu fishermen for inflicting misery on Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen. He bluntly asserted that fishermen from Tamil Nadu, using big trawlers came early into Sri Lankan waters, caught all the fish and left the (Sri Lankan Tamil) people high and dry. He added that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has a crucial role in addressing the issue of Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters. There now appears to be good prospects for dialogue between fishermen in Tamil Nadu and Jaffna to address mutual concerns. The Jaffna Tamils and the Sri Lankan Government are making common cause to deal with what they believe are illegal intrusions by fishermen from Tamil Nadu. External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid paid a brief visit to Jaffna recently after talks in Colombo. He exchanged views with Chief Minister Wigneswaran on the substantial Indian assistance being channelled to Northern Province, primarily for relief, rehabilitation and infrastructure. India has extended credits totalling $960 million for upgrading rail communications and renovating and extending rail services from Colombo and across Northern Province. As part of the rehabilitation effort sheets and agricultural implements, for displaced Tamils. While in Colombo, Mr Khurshid finalised details for construction of a coal-fired power plant in Sampur, through a joint venture between Indias National Thermal Power Corporation and the Ceylon Electricity Board. The primary interest of the regional leadership in Jaffna is to secure effective and enhanced Indian assistance and prepare for hard bargaining for promised devolution of powers. Indias primary commitment to Sri Lankan Tamils is the implementation of the 1987 Rajiv Gandhi-Jayawardene Accord, under which Provincial Councils were established and empowered under the 13th Amendment of the Sri Lanka Constitution. Sri Lanka has not fulfilled its commitments to India, as it has not empowered the Provincial Government to administer key areas like law and order and lands. Moreover, the massive presence of the Sri Lankan Army and its propensity to intimidate the population, as it did during the provincial election, is a matter of serious concern. Quite obviously, these are issues that can be addressed only if India misses no opportunity to get Sri Lankas partner countries and more importantly, its neighbours, on occasions like the Commonwealth Summit on November 15-17, to persuade Colombo to move in the right direction. The 53-member Commonwealth of Nations


Claude Arpi
Recently The New York Times carried an article, Whos Afraid of Chinese Money? Jonathan Mirsky, the author, recounts the story of the British Prime Minister John Major in the autumn of 1991; he was the first Western leader to visit China after the Tiananmen events. Major had told the Press that he would present a list of several hundred political prisoners prepared by Amnesty International, to the Chinese leadership. After meeting Premier Li Peng, Major confirmed to the Press that he had passed on the list to his Chinese counterpart; everyone praised Majors moral courage. Later on, Mirsky discovered from one of the British officials who attended the meet, that Major had never shown the list to Li Peng, nor had he spoken a word about human rights; he had plainly lied. Business was already business. Dont expect Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ask the Chinese leaders what is happening in Tibet; so-called future economic business prospects are too important for India. It, however, remains true that the human rights situation in Tibet is grim. In fact, it has not been so bad since 2008. The case of Nagqu is interesting: Despite form the Prefecture into one of the main economic hubs on the Tibetan plateau without considering the local population. In May, Mr Yu chaired a meeting of the Small Group on Tibet, a body which implements Chinas Tibet policies, in Beijing.


The excitement in South Block over the Border Defence Cooperation Agreement that India signed with China on Wednesday notwithstanding, the deal does little to secure our national interests along the 4,000km long disputed border. Designed in the mould of previous border agreements from 1993, 1996, 2005 and 2012, to maintain peace and tranquillity along the Line of Actual Control, the new BDCA will quite possibly be as ineffective as its predecessors if not worse, as it imposes increased restrictions on the ability of Indian troops to respond to Chinese aggression in the border areas. The 10-article agreement, which was the high point of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's recently concluded trip to China, is built on the principle of equal and mutual security. This in itself is not particularly problematic but it becomes so when viewed against the backdrop of the previous agreements as Article I of the BDCA entails which make clear that the conditions for such security also have to be mutually agreed upon. In other words, will India now need Chinese clearance if it, for instance, wants to land a plane in Daulat Beg Oldie or even undertake a non-military exercise such as building a road in the border areas? Add to this the fact that, given advanced Chinese transport infrastructure in the region, Beijing does not need to station thousands of troops ion its side of the border. But India enjoys no such advantage and thereby must maintain a larger presence to which China can object. The biggest problem for India lies in Article VI of the BDCA, which states that the two sides... shall not follow or tail patrols of the other side in areas where there is no common understanding of the Line of Actual Control. Why New Delhi would have agreed to such a condition, especially after the Depsang incident, is anybody's guess. In April, Chinese troops had moved as far as 19km into the Indian side of the LAC, put up bunkers and stayed there for a fortnight. They left only after a huge diplomatic effort was mounted to avert what could have otherwise spiralled into a military engagement. During the period of transgression, tailing by Indian troops of the kind that the BDCA now prohibits was a key tactic used to see out the Chinese. In fact, tailing, to enforce ones perception of the LAC, is common strategy. In effect, thus, the agreement ties the hands of Indian troops and severely restricts their abilities to flush out trespassers in the event of a provocation from the Chinese. The problem with the mechanism that the BDCA has put in place for enhanced cooperation between Indian and Chinese troops along the border is that it presupposes that incursions' along the LAC are not deliberate and can be resolved through dialogue alone. Hence, there is a range of steps to improve strategic communication such as the proposed setting up of a hotline and frequent meetings between military personnel on both sides, as well as confidence-building measures such as joint celebration of festivals to make troops comfortable with each other. These steps will help defuse the situation if the supposed intrusion is accidental. However, if it is deliberate and intended to be provocative, such as the Depsang incident was, they will fall flat on their face.

Highly-intrusive mass surveillance programmes by China have stoked popular resentment in the Tibet Autonomous Region, leading to many clashes between locals and police. The situation is on the boil
several inspection tours by high-level Communist Party dignitaries (including Mr Yu Zhengsheng, the No 4 in the party, in charge of Tibetan affairs), the Prefecture is on the boil; several Tibetans are said to have been killed by Chinese bullets. Nagqu is one of the seven Prefectures of the Tibet Autonomous Region; it is the largest with an area of 4,50,537 sqkm for a population of 4,00,000. As it is located on the QinghaiTibet railway line, Beijing plans to transto become Jihadis. In recent years it has become a cradle and training ground for militants. Militancy sponsored by Pakistan now poses the biggest threat to peace and prosperity of the state. The Kashmiri people should realise that their honour, dignity and future are secure as part of India. The future of Kashmiris lies with India and India alone as Indian Muslims live in a truly democratic and secular country. Yours faithfully, J.K. Koul, Jammu..

Terrorism and Kashmir


Dear Editor, The United Nations General Assembly, in September, 2006 unanimously adopted the strategic framework and practical guidance on joint efforts by the international community to counter terrorism. The main guidelines are tackling the conditions conclusive to spread of terrorism, preventing and combating the menace, building states capacity and strengthening the role of UN and ensuring respect for human rights and rule of law while conducting the fight. Ban-Ki-moon, UN Secretary General has urged stronger for partnership between the UN, governments, regional organization and civil society to implement provisions of the strategy. The separatist groups and pro-Pakistani elements are creating trouble in Kashmir. All steps taken by the state Government and the Central Government could not control the situation, rather the situation is aggravated. Separatists and pro-Pakistani groups insist that Jammu and Kashmir should be accepted as a disputed territory and not an integral part of India as a pre-conditions for starting the dialogue process with the Centre. National Conference, the ruling party in Jammu and Kashmir demands restoration of autonomy that existed prior to 1953. Pakistans Parliament unanimously adopted resolution condemning the alleged human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir and asked the Government to continue supporting the Kashmiris.It is history that instead of waiting patiently till the fate of Kashmir was decided after independence, Pakistan sent aggressors in 1947, which benefited Pakistan because it has still not vacated the occupied part of Kashmir after the ceasefire. Pakistan went to war with India thrice on this issue. Pakistans foreign policy and defence strategy are solely aimed at acquiring Kashmir. It has set up Madrassas where teenagers are trained

Deal with Pakistan

Dear Editor, Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid has done well in trashing Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharifs latest statement seeking US intervention to resolve Kashmir issue. His terse response saying there was no way India will accept any intervention. Its a waste of time for anybody, no matter how eminent, to be even when trying to question it, should go beyond the words. The government should be firm and stick to what it maintainsno resumption of dialogue with its neighbour till it puts a halt to violations across the LoC which came after much hesitation. One wonders as to why, despite the repeated violations of the 2003 Ceasefire and violence on the LoC, Singh has been keen on pushing ahead with the long-suffering peace initiative. Aware as he is that any amount of talks with the democratically elected Government would never be allowed to proceed, leave alone yield any positive results as the countrys Armed Forces are deeply radicalized and are anti-India down to their very core. They would never allow peace to prevail between the two countries. Yours faithfully, K.D. Singh udhampur.

The meeting was attended by senior cadres from the Tibetan Autonomous Region as well as from Gansu, Qinghai, Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces. Soon after the meeting, the Party Secretaries from these areas went back to their respective Provinces and preached to the masses the importance of Mr Yus instructions. Mr Chen Quanguo, the TARs Party Secretary, went to the Nagqu Prefecture to carry Mr Yus message to bring stability and harmony to Nagqu. Unfortunately for Secretary Chen, the day he was returning to Lhasa, thousands of Tibetans gathered in Driru, one of Nagqus counties. They met at a sacred Tibetan mountain to protest against the Governments planned mining projects in Driru County. The mountain, called Lhachen Naglha Dzambha, is rich in mineral resources. On May 24, over 1,000 pick-up cars, with more than 5,000 Tibetans gathered near the sacred site to stop wild mining by Chinese firms. Apparently, the Tibetans managed to temporarily block the mining operation, though the situation remained tense. Already in October 2012, two Tibetan cousins, Tsepo, 20 and Tenzin, 25, selfimmolated in front of a school in Driru. The cousins shouted slogans calling for freedom in Tibet and the return of Tibets spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, before setting themselves alight. They pleaded to all Tibetans to be united like brothers. The resentment is due to a host of highly-intrusive mass surveillance campaigns known as Benefit the Masses, Solidify the Foundation, The Grid Management system, New Socialist Villages, which are being implemented in the area. Those who do not comply with these regulations are severely beaten and punished. A year later, on September 28, a serious confrontation happened between the Chinese security forces and local Tibetans in Mowa village in Diru County. The Tibetans rebelled against a new campaign known as the Nine Must Haves which says, amongst other things, that it is compulsory to fly the red national flag on private houses. When local Tibetans refused, the Peoples Armed Police immediately arrived on the

spot. This led to an inevitable confrontation. The local authorities in Diru County announced that Tibetans who dont comply with official rules would be punished; Tibetan protesters would have their children expelled from schools; their sick relatives would not receive medical care in hospitals; and they would not get licenses to harvest the famous Ophiocordyceps sinensis, a pricey caterpillar fungus used as an aphrodisiac in China. A few weeks earlier, the Tibetan Autonomous Region authorities had sent some 18,000 Chinese cadres to Diru to intensify the Partys mass line policy; these cadres conducted patriotic education campaigns among local Tibetans, demanding them to pledge their love and gratitude to the Party and the nation. On September 29, another protest took place with 4,000 students of Diru Countys primary and middle schools after they were informed about the threat to expel their classmates whose parents had participated in the earlier protests. The County middle school has been indefinitely closed. A day after the National Day (October 2), local Tibetans in Diru County once again defied the security forces by putting up human blockades along major highways occupied by the security forces. They demonstrated against the annihilation of the Tibetan identity. Four Tibetans are said to have been killed by bullets in the demonstrations. To give an idea of the scale of the monitoring of Tibetan activities, Xinhua recently admitted that during the last two years, 60,000 cadres have been stationed in 5,459 villages and 1,877 monastic institutions in TAR. Mr Wu Yingjie, the TAR Executive Secretary is a Han Chinese with 39 years of work experience in Tibet; he has been camping in Nagqu for weeks. The fact that the central leadership has had to depute Mr Wu to Nagqu for a long period of time means the situation is seriously out of control. But worse, Chinas new security czar, Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun, had to fly from Beijing to Lhasa to take stock of the latest happenings. During his visit (only announced after his return to Beijing on October 10), Mr Guo called for efforts to ensure long-term stability of the Tibet Autonomous Region in order to guarantee the regions leapfrog economic development. According to Xinhua, Mr Guo inspected police stations to check on the work of police patrols, how criminal and non-criminal reports were resolved, fire fighting and public service. How long can the situation continue to deteriorate? The time has perhaps come for the Communist authorities to think out of the box, and even use the services of the Dalai Lama to pacify Tibet. This would be a great leap forward for the Communist regime. It is the only solution which makes sense.

6.qxd 10/25/2013 10:31 PM Page 1

BJP complains to EC against Rahuls speeches

October 23, the Opposition party said they violate the Model Code which is in force since October 4 when elections were declared to the states of Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram. Citing the model code which says that no party or candidate shall indulge in any activity which may aggravate existing differences or create mutual hatred or cause tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic, the BJP said portions of the impassioned speeches seem to be clearly violative of it. The Model Code also says that criticism of other parties or workers based on unverified allegations or distortion shall be avoided and there shall be no appeal to caste or communal feelings for securing votes. The actual utterances, the



NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 25: Accusing Rahul Gandhi of inciting riotous behaviour through his speeches at poll rallies, BJP on Friday lodged a complaint with the Election Commission seeking action against him and Congress for violating the Model Code. In its complaint, the BJP said

the poll body should urgently issue a show cause notice to the Congress and its vicepresident Rahul on why action should not be taken against them for willful and blatant violation of the Model Code of Conduct. Referring to Mr. Rahuls speeches in Churu and Kherli (Alwar) in Rajasthan on

impassioned manner in which these are delivered would appear to incite a riotous behaviour which is not conducive to an atmosphere of peace and harmony in which the Election Commission is committed to conduct free and fair elections in the country, the BJP complaint said. The BJP leader R Ramakrishna said it is an accepted convention that one does not name a community even in the context of communal flare ups. Here the Congress vice president throws all norms of decency and frontally names communities -- the oppressor and the oppressed -- and blames it all on the Opposition (BJP is his only opposition in Rajasthan). If this is not an appeal to caste or communal feeling for securing votes (prohibited in para 1(3) of the MCC) what is it?

Members of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) participate in a rally in New Delhi.

Parakh did not specify pub- No clarity in Centres stand DELHI, OCTOBER Minister of State in the lic good on file notings NEW 25: Hours after the Tamil Prime Ministers Office V.
NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 25: Former Coal Secretary P.C. Parakh apparently failed to specify any public good on file notings when he reversed his earlier position of rejecting Hindaclos application for coal block in Odisha. The CBI sources said the only material change that took place between rejection of Hindalcos application during 25th screening committee and allotment were two letters routed to Mr. Parakh through Prime Ministers Office and his personal meeting with Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of Aditya Birla Group. The sources said although Mr. Parakhs explanation was that decision was reversed for larger public good, he apparently did not specify what was prompted him to change his own decision and, if at all, there was one why the application was rejected in the first place. Despite repeated calls and messages, Mr. Parakh did not respond to the allegations. They said CBI would examine in detail Odisha government officials who had processed files related to allocation of coal blocks to Hindalco and what were the reasons for such a support. Justifying the FIR, the officers associated with the probe, said they had registered it based on facts available on the file which does not explain cogent reasons for allotment of Talabira coal block to Hindalco. The sources said a letter has already been sent to Prime Ministers Office seeking files related to allocation of Hindalco and the reply is awaited and any future action would be taken after receiving the same and analysing it. The CBI will also wait for the observations of the Supreme Court next week before proceeding with questioning of PMO and Coal Ministry officials in connection with this case, they said. Prime Ministers Office has given a rebuttal to CBI allegations and said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was satisfied that the final decision taken in this regard had been entirely appropriate and based on the merits of the case placed before him. Nadu Assembly passed a resolution urging Prime Minister Manmohan Singh not to attend next months Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka, South Block on Thursday did not officially give any indication of the Centres thinking. However, speaking on anonymity, highly placed officials felt the legislators had missed a vital point that there was a popularly elected government in the Tamil-majority Northern Province which should be given the leeway to negotiate greater autonomy and other issues with Colombo. Sri Lankan High Commissioner Prasad Kariyawasam also said the Assembly was uninformed of the status of Tamils in his country and felt India would be isolated if it boycotted the summit because only Canada had announced its decision to stay away. But the onus of attending or not attending the CHOGM was on India. Speaking to journalists, Narayanasamy maintained the governments stand, urging Sri Lanka to respond positively to the concerns raised by Tamil Nadu politicians, but he did not give any indication of chances of the Prime Minister going to Colombo. The Prime Minister will weigh the pros and cons and then take a decision, he said, pointing out that there was still ample time for the summit. Officials here felt the Tamil Nadu legislators had not taken into account the fact that a major development in the form of elections had taken place in the Northern Province, which was the hardest hit in the conflict between the armed forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The Tamil National Alliance had won the elections, getting almost 80 per cent of the vote. By this parameter, it represents the Tamils of the Northern Province adequately. Did the T.N. Assembly ignore this aspect due to a lack of information? sources wondered.

SCs reservation on passing order against hate speeches

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 25: The Supreme Court on Friday expressed reservation in framing of guidelines for restricting hate speeches by politicians and leaders of social and religious organisations. How can we stop people from making derogatory speeches? How can it be enforced? If it is an offence then file a complaint under the Representation of Peoples Act against the politicians, a bench headed by Justice B.S. Chauhan said. The counsel appearing for petitioner NGO Pravasi Bhalai Sanghatan pleaded that the apex court should pass order in this regard as no action is taken on the complaint and referred that it had filed a plea in Maharashtra but nothing was done on it. The bench then asked the petitioner to file a copy of the complaint before it and adjourned the case for three weeks. The apex court had earlier issued notices to the governments of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh which witnessed incidents of alleged speeches. It had also sought response from the Election Commission on the issue. The EC in its reply said that it has no power to de-register a party on the ground of complaints of violation of the provisions of the Constitution. Law in its present form does not empower the Commission to withdraw recognition of a recognised political party or to de-register a party on the ground that one of its leaders indulged in hate speech, particularly when the hate speech is not made during the period and in place where Model Code of Conduct is in force, it said in its response. The PIL said there was a need for guidelines as hate speeches destroy the fabric of democracy and violate the

provisions of the Constitution. The PIL named Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh as respondents as the two states witnessed incidents of alleged hate speeches. It referred to the alleged hate speeches made by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Chief Raj Thackeray and claimed that no FIR was

registered about them in the state. The PIL had said that in Andhra Pradesh, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader Akbaruddin Owaisi had allegedly made hate speeches and was arrested for them. But after being released on bail, he had again made similar speeches in Nanded, Maharashtra, it alleged.

DRDO to export sonars to Myanmar soon

KOCHI, OCTOBER 25: Signalling the Defence Research and Development Organisations (DRDO) strong intent to export military products to friendly nations, its chief and Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister Avinash Chander said DRDO-made sonars would soon be exported to Myanmar in a groundbreaking initiative. Weve attained total indigenisation in sonars and radars. Our ship-borne sonars are now being exported to Myanmar, Mr. Chander told journalists after inaugurating an international symposium on ocean electronics organised by the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) here on Monday. The DRDO, in a major change in its outlook, was open to sale of its defence products to friendly nations, he said. (The Hindu has learnt from its sources that Myanmar has inked a deal with Bharat Electronics earlier this year for procurement of three units of export variant of hull-mounted sonar developed by the DRDOs Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory located in Kochi.) According to Mr. Chander, with the global market blobbing on its radar, the DRDO was taking part in the

Trendsetting verdict amid lack of awareness and proper redress

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 25: On Thursday, when the Supreme Court asked the Kolkata-based AMRI Hospitals and three doctors to pay Rs 5.96 crore, along with interest, to a U.S.-based doctor of Indian origin, whose 29-year-old wife Anuradha died during treatment in 1998, for many it was an unheard-of situation. Across the country, dozens of people die or are disabled for life as a result of medical negligence or lack of medical care on a daily basis, but most accept this situation as their destiny and move on. A few take matters to court, never to pursue the case, while many others approach the media and a handful even indulge in violence. Thats about it because people either believe they will not get justice or do not have the resources to seek justice which is often cost and timeconsuming. A very recent episode is the complaint of medical negligence lodged by the family of the former Chief Justice of India, Justice J.S. Verma against a private hospital here, several months after his death. Justice Vermas wife wrote to none other than the Prime Minister himself, demanding an enquiry. But Thursdays court award

Government official, wife found dead in Delhi

NEW DELHI: A government official and his wife were found dead at their home here on Friday evening, police said.The bodies of K Vijay Kumar, 57, and his wife Sita were recovered from two separate rooms of their Kaka Nagar house. Police said it appeared they had committed suicide.

Top gangster Neetu Dabodia and two aides killed in encounter in south Delhi
is a milestone, being the highest-ever compensation given in a case of medical negligence. Earlier in May 2009, the apex court awarded a compensation of Rs. 1 crore a record then to wheelchair-bound Infosys engineer Prashant S. Dhananka for medical negligence during surgery in Hyderabads Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), resulting in his spinal cord getting damaged. He died in 2011. This [Thursdays verdict] is a trendsetting judgment and the highest ever paid compensation for medical negligence in a system where medical malpractices happen with impunity. It will also send a strong signal to the entire medical community, said Mihir Banerjee, vice-president of People for Better Treatment, an organisation set up by Dr. Sahas friends after Anuradhas death. The organisation spreads awareness and guides people on how to file cases of medical negligence. India woefully lacks a proper grievance redress system even though 90 per cent of healthcare is being run by the private sector, and complaints of overcharging and negligence are common. We have been insisting on a better regulatory mechanism in private medical care. A few cases of compensation are not sufficient in a scenario where exploitation is very high, says Dr. Amar Jesani of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan. NEW DELHI: Delhi's top gangster Neetu Dabodia was killed in an encounter with special cell on Thursday night. The incident took place near Grand hotel in Vasant kunj area of south Delhi. Dabodia's two associates including Alok Gupta were killed in the encounter as well. Dabodia was wanted in several cases of extortion, robberies and murder including that of head constable Ram Kishan in December last year. The incident took place around 1030pm when the sleuths of special cell led by DCP Sanjeev Yadav intercepted Dabodia's car near Vasant Kunj. Dabodia and his aides opened fire after which police began to retaliate with cross firing. After the encounter, Dabodia and two aides were taken to AIIMS Trauma center where the three were declared brought dead. Neetu Dabodia had a reward of more than Rs 7 lakh on him. He had escaped with another gangster Sandeep Chitania in April last year and since then had created a terror in the NCR after carrying out several contract killings and extorting several businessmen of crores of rupees. Chitania was killed in an encounter with the Haryana police two months ago. Dabodia was cornored by special cell last year in December also but he had escaped after being shot in the leg. His aide was critically injured in the shootout then. This time the cops had a proper plan to trap the gangster and several teams including ACP Manishi Chandra was trailing him. Dabodia opened indiscriminate fire on the cops on Thursdat night and around 30 bullets were exchanged in the cross-fire in the upscale south Delhi locality. Efforts are on to ascertain the identity of the other two associates killed along with Dabodia.

Aerospace and Defence Exhibition-2013 to be held in Seoul this month-end. Were taking an array of our systems, including Akash surface-to-air missile, Light Combat Aircraft Tejas and Pragati surface-to-surface missile to the exhibition, he said.On the air-independent propulsion (AIP) system being developed by the DRDOs Naval Materials Research Laboratory at Ambernath, he said it would be integrated onto the last two Scorpene submarines being built at Mazagon Dock based on transfer-of-technology. (AIP systems play a vital role in considerably enhancing the underwater endurance of conventional diesel-electric submarines. Conventional submarines

devoid of AIP are required to surface once in a few days to recharge their batteries, a process when they are most vulnerable to attacks. Scorpenes being French-origin submarines, the French had offered to install their MESMA AIP on the Indian Scorpenes). Mr. Chander said India needed some 80 to 100 satellites in the long-run to be able to ensure a fairly high degree of maritime domain awareness in the entire Indian Ocean region. There was need to launch low-cost, expendable satellites that could be swiftly deployed on demand, he said adding China already possessed such a capability, with some 19 satellites already keeping a watch over the Indian Ocean.

PMO gives Hindalco coal block allocation file to CBI

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 25: The Prime Ministers Office (PMO) on Friday handed over to CBI the file related to the controversial allocation of coal block to Hindalco in Odisha as sought by the investigative agency. The CBI had sought the file related to the allocation. We gave the file and got the receipt, a PMO official said. The PMO told the CBI that it is ready to provide any other information, if required, about the allocation of Talabira coal block made in 2005. The Prime Minister, who has been under opposition attack over the allocation to Hindalco promoted by Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, has defended the decision as entirely appropriate and based on merits of the case presented to him. Controversy erupted over the allocation after CBI registered an FIR against Birla and former Coal Secretary P C Parakh last week. Mr. Parakh has said if he is accused of conspiracy, then the Prime Minister also should be made an accused as he had approved the revised decision, prompting the BJP to demand his resignation. The Prime Minister on Thursday said he was ready to face CBI in the matter as he has nothing to hide. I am not above the law of the land. If there is anything the CBI or, for that matter anybody, wants to ask me, I have nothing to hide, he told reporters while returning from his two-nation tour of Russia and China. While defending the decision, the PMO last week issued a statement acknowledging that the final decision of October 1, 2005 differed from the earlier recommendation of the screening committee. It had released the sequence of events which suggested that the norms set by the Prime Minister were relaxed in view of representations made by Birla and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Sikorsky willing to supply VVIP choppers to India

HYDERABAD, OCTOBER 25: In the backdrop of the Indian government inching towards scrapping the AgustaWestland VVIP chopper deal, the US helicoptermaker Sikorsky on Thursday expressed its willingness to supply if there was such a need. Speaking on the occasion of Tata Sikorskys first indigenous S-92 helicopter cabin delivery at its Hyderabad facility, AVM A.S. Walia, Regional Executive, India & South Asia, Sikorsky said, We will be glad to provide a solution if government wants us to do so. For that matter, we have a worldclass helicopter cabin-making facility here in India. He, however, said that he will not make any statement specific to Agusta Westland and related issues. Way back in 2010, Anglo-Italian copter maker AgustaWestland

10-year-old alleges abuse by principal's husband

NEW DELHI: A Class V student of a private school in northeast Delhi was allegedly sexually abused by the husband of the principal, police said. The incident came to fore on Thursday morning when the mother of the 10-year-old asked her why she was refusing to go to school. "The girl told her mother that the husband of her school principal had molested her many times inside the school premises," said a senior police officer. Enraged family members reached the school intending to talk to the authorities but were allegedly stopped from entering the premises. The group then forcibly entered the school and confronted the principal. After an altercation, the school and the victim's family both dialled 100 and called police. "We got a call from both parties and a team was sent to the spot. We lodged an FIR under relevant sections of POCSO and IPC against the husband of the school principal," said the officer. Police also lodged an FIR against the family members of the victim for beating and misbehaving with women staff of the school, said the officer. Arrest of the accused is likely in the next 24 hours, he said.

won Rs.3,600 crore contract to supply 12 VVIP choppers to the Indian government. Sikorsky was one among the players competed for the multicrore contract. AgustaWestland was issued a

final show cause notice by the Indian government on October 21 on the violation of terms in the contract.Agusta is expected to revert to the government within three weeks from the date of notice.

7.qxd 10/25/2013 10:31 PM Page 1

7 Merkel communications absolutely safe Germany accuses US of lying about surveillance operations


BERLIN/LONDON, OCTOBER 25: Chancellor Angela Merkels communication system is absolutely safe, despite allegations that the U.S. intelligence services spied on her mobile phone, the German government said Friday.The Chancellor normally conducts sensitive conversations over the fixed network in an encrypted form, the German government spokesman Georg Streiter said.If necessary, Ms Merkel carries out such calls on a specially protected mobile phone, he said. The mounting revelations about the digital surveillance activities of the National Security Agency (NSA) arising from fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden steadily strained U.S. relations with European allies.Mr Streiter said the chiefs of Germanys intelligence services would travel to Washington soon for talks with

NSA officials at the White House about the claims that first emerged this week in the German weekly Der Spiegel that one of Ms Merkels nongovernment issued mobiles was monitored.But he did not provide any details on when the group would travel, saying the trip would be arranged at relatively short notice. Its about confidence, Mr Streiter said, echoing remarks made by Ms Merkel. When confidence is shaken then confidence needs to be restored. The allegations came as Ms Merkel attempts to build a new socalled grand coalition between her conservative Christian Democrats and their Bavarianbased associate party the Christian Social Union (CSU) and the main opposition Social Democrats (SPD). Ms Merkel was forced to defend the head of her office and her key intelligence adviser Ronald Pofalla

following criticism from the SPD about his declaration several months ago that the scandal surrounding U.S. international surveillance had ended. There can be no doubt about that, Mr Streiter said when asked whether Ms Merkel continued to back her chief of staff. CSU leader Horst Seehofer also called Friday for

data protection to be included in the coalition talks. French President Francois Hollande and Ms Merkel are to seek a clarification by the end of the year on the activities of the U.S. surveillance authorities it was announced in the early hours of Friday at a European Union leaders summit in Brussels.

Manmohan visit sent powerful message, says China

BEIJING, OCTOBER 25: China on Thursday said Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs two-day visit, which saw both countries sign agreements to expand confidence-building measures along the border and to improve management of trans-boundary rivers, would send a positive and powerful message that the two countries are committed to working together. The Foreign Ministry here welcomed the Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (BDCA) as a highlight of the visit, saying it shows both sides have the capacity to solve the differences over the border areas and maintain the overall peace and stability of the border areas. The signing of this agreement is to codify the good practices and experiences in dealing with relevant issue, and it will regulate the handling of similar issues in the future, spokesperson Hua Chunying told reporters. The agreement, which envisages increasing the number of meeting points, setting up hotlines between military headquarters and greater contact between military commands, will be of great significance towards maintaining peace and tranquility in border areas, Ms.

Russian parliament passes new anti-terror bill

MOSCOW, OCTOBER 25: The lower house of Russian parliament has approved a new legislation that toughens punishment for terrorism and requires terrorists relatives to pay for the damages caused in attacks. The bill, unanimously passed Friday by the State Duma, is expected to see a similarly swift approval in the upper house and be signed by President Vladimir Putin to become law. The document says that training for terrorist activities is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. It also introduces a punishment of up to six years for those participating in a militant group abroad. The measure appears to be a response to Russian nationals fighting alongside rebels in Syria. Russian officials have voiced concern that they may launch attacks at home when they return.

BERLIN, OCTOBER 25: Germany has accused the U.S. of lying about its surveillance operations in the European country and claimed there are new indications that Chancellor Angela Merkels mobile phone was monitored by the Americans. The U.S. National Security Agency was not telling the truth when it assured the German government earlier this year that its operations have not violated the countrys laws, minister for chancellery affairs Ronald Pofalla said. Snooping into the chancellors mobile phone represented a new dimension of the allegations of massive surveillance operations by the NSA in Germany and it will throw new light on its statements in the past weeks and months, he said. Mr. Pofalla, who is responsible for coordinating the activities of German intelligence services, said after an emergency meeting of the parliamentary

control committee of the Bundestag on Thursday that he had ordered a fresh assessment of all written and verbal assurances given by the NSA related to its operations in this country. Mr. Pofalla came under fire for his earlier claim that the allegations of surveillance of millions of internet and phone data by the NSA and its British counterpart Government Communication Headquarters have not been substantiated. The NSA affair is over, he had said after a meeting of the parliamentary control committee on August 12. He claimed at that time that there was no million-times violation of basic rights in Germany.Mr. Pofalla said he had received written assurances from the NSA and the CGHQ that they fully adhered to the German laws and carried out no massive surveillance. Christian Stroeble, Green party member of the committee, said the allegations of NSA spying on the chancellor showed that

the agency was bluffing when it gave its assurances. This also makes untrustworthy its claims that its surveillance activities are intended to combat terrorism and illegal arms trade, Mr. Stroeble said. He demanded Ms. Merkel to make a statement in parliament on the espionage issue. Thomas Oppermann, chairman of the control committee, said

if the allegations of phone tapping were proved true, it will be a severe breach of trust among the two nations. Documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden carrying the number of a mobile phone used by the chancellor between 2009 and 2012 triggered an investigation by Germanys security agencies, media reports said.

China court upholds Bo Xilais life sentence

BEIJING, OCTOBER 25: A higher-level provincial court on Friday upheld the life imprisonment sentence awarded in September to the former Politburo member Bo Xilai, rejecting the once powerful politicians appeal against charges of corruption and abuse of power. The Shandong High Peoples Court on Friday morning said it "affirmed the original sentence of life imprisonment", Xinhua reported. Mr. Bo was sentenced by the Jinan Intermediate Peoples Court a lower-level court in Shandong province after being found guilty of accepting more than 20 million Yuan (Rs. 20 crore) in bribes and helping cover up the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood, who had been poisoned by Mr. Bos wife, Gu Kailai. At the trial, Mr. Bo mounted an unexpected and strong defence, accusing Communist Party of China (CPC) investigators of coercing a confession and alleging that he had been denied a fair hearing. Mr. Bos appeal, however, had little chance of succeeding. In China, the courts are under the control of the CPC. High-profile political trials are carefully princeling his father Xi Zhongxun was a contemporary of Bo Yibos. Mr. Bo also emerged as a key player in renewed ideological debates that were surfacing within the CPC ahead of its once-in-ten-year leadership change last year. During his time as the Party boss in Chongqing, he emerged as a poster-boy of the Left through his social welfare focused Chongqing model, which won him wide popularity in the municipality through expanding low-income housing projects and easing restrictions that limit welfare benefits for migrant workers. At the same time, Mr. Bos authoritarian rule divided opinion. He launched a nationallyfamous corruption crackdown that broke up the notorious Chongqing mafia. But the hard-line approach of his former police chief and right-hand man, Wang Lijun, generated alarm, as lawyers were locked up and businessmen saw their assets seized by the State with little recourse to remedy. The Bo family also came to run the administration as their fiefdom, as businessmen close to them made fortunes through their political connections.

Hua said. The two sides on Wednesday also signed an MoU on strengthening cooperation on trans-boundary rivers, which extends the period of provision of hydrological data on the Brahmaputra during the flood season. The agreement also, for the first time, goes beyond data provision by stating that the existing Expert-Level Mechanism would also discuss other issues of mutual interest. Asked if China would be willing to share more information about the dams it is planning on the Brahmaputra, Ms. Hua said, China pays attention to Indian concerns in this regard. China is already constructing one 510 MW dam, and in January gave the go-ahead

for three new projects. Beijing has, however, generally shared little information with lower riparian neighbours in the past. Ms. Hua said, We have been providing hydrological data to the Indian side and properly handled emergencies such as barrier lakes. We will further implement the consensus reached between the two leaders and strengthen cooperation in the relevant field. The deals had sent a positive and powerful message that the two countries are committed to working together, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, speaking following a speech delivered by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Communist Party Central Committee's Party School.

choreographed affairs, with outcomes determined in advance by internal Party deliberations. Mr. Bos sentence is the highest awarded to a Politburo member in decades. The last two high-ranking leaders who were sentenced were the Shanghai Party Secretary Chen Liangyu given 18 years in prison in 2008 for embezzlement and abuse of power and former Beijing Party boss Chen Xitong, who was given a 16year jail term in 1998 for corruption.

While both those cases were also seen in China as triggered by factional in-fighting, Mr. Bos especially attracted wide attention because of his special status as a Party princeling. Mr. Bos father, Bo Yibo, was a well-known and powerful CPC revolutionary leader and associate of Mao Zedong. The younger Bo rose quickly through Party ranks, seen as crucial member of the second Red generation of CPC leaders who were taking control of the party. The current President and General Secretary Xi Jinping is another Red


Rupee unchanged at 61.46

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 25: The rupee ended unchanged against the dollar for the second time this month, holding steady at 61.46 today amid caution before next weeks Reserve Bank of India (RBI) meeting and a weakening US currency overseas. The Indian currency resumed lower at 61.50 per dollar from the previous close of 61.46 at the interbank foreign exchange market and dropped further to a low of 61.79 on dollar demand from banks and importers. It recovered to 61.44 and ended at Thursdays closing level of 61.46 on dollar sales by banks due to weakness in the US currency in overseas, coupled with persistent foreign capital inflows into the local equity market. The rupee closed unchanged at 61.79 against the dollar on October 8, a day after the RBI unexpectedly eased the rate at which it lends emergency funds to banks. The rupee continued to trade in a thin range today, said Abhishek Goenka, CEO of India Forex Advisors. Next week will be important as the RBI monetary policy and FOMC meeting will be the key events. The RBI policy meeting is scheduled on October 29, while the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will meet on October 29-30. In the global market, the dollar extended its downward slide today on expectations that the US Federal Reserve will continue its monetary stimulus, pushing the euro further up to its highest level since November 2011. The dollar index, which tracks the performance of the dollar against a basket of six other major currencies, traded flat near yesterdays close as major US data are expected later today. The 30-share S&P BSE Sensex fell 42 points to 20,683.52. Overseas investors bought a net Rs. 991.83 crore yesterday,

Sensex loses 42 points to close over one-week low

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 25: The BSE benchmark Sensex on Friday slid for the fourth straight day and fell 42 points on profit-taking in FMCG, metal and auto stocks, logging its first weekly loss. Investors appeared cautious ahead of RBI monetary policy review and monthly expiry of equity derivative contracts next week, amid weak trend in global markets. After losing 169 points in the previous three sessions, the Sensex eased further by 41.91 points, or 0.20 per cent to over oneweek low of 20,683.52. It shuttled between 20,782.16 and 20,622.55 intra-day. Even though the 30-share blue-chip index briefly climbed to three-year high by surpassing a crucial 21,000 level on Thursday, it closed 199.37 points down this week the first loss in four weeks. Last week, it had gained 354.30 points. On similar lines, the 50-share National Stock Exchange index Nifty edged down by 19.45 points, or 0.32 per cent, to 6,144.90. It had touched a high of 6,174.75 intra-day. Also, SX40 index, the flagship index of MCX-SX, ended at 12,309.62, down 21.7 points or 0.18 per cent. Brokers said higher inflation data dimmed any chance of a cut in interest rate and the street was expecting a 0.25 per cent hike in repo rate.

In the Sensex pack, 21 stocks declined, led by Hindalco, Tata Steel, M&M, HUL, GAIL, BHEL, Hero MotoCorp, L&T, Bharti Airtel, Sun Pharma, Tata Power, Jindal Steel and Cipla. Bucking the general weak trend, IT, Tech and consumer durable stocks were higher on buying, traders said. While IT stocks gained on expectations the recovery in global economy would boost

revenues, the consumer durables sector firmed on rising demand during the festive season. The BSE Realty sector index suffered the most by losing 2.27 per cent, followed by Capital Goods (1.61 per cent), Metal (1.22 per cent) and Auto (1.19 per cent). Globally, major Asian markets ended down. European indices were also trending down in early trade.

Tata-SIA airline venture likely to No-confidence motion moved GAIL India sells stake launch operations by next summer against GCMMF Chairman in China Gas Holdings
cost, the director said. Mismanagement in M e h s a n a s Dudhsagar Dairy Board, where Mr. Chaudhary is the chairman, has also come to the fore, the director said, adding that Mr. Chaudhary had taken several decisions which were against the federations constitution. Mr. Chaudhary had taken over as GCMMF chairman in August 2012. Repeated attempts to contact Mr. Chaudhary failed. There are three district dairy cooperatives which are backing him. Those who are not signatories to the resolution to move noconfidence motion are Amul Dairy of Anand, Mehsanas Dudhsagar Dairy and Valsad Dairy. Kaira District Cooperative NEW DELHI: State-owned gas utility GAIL India on Friday announced that it had sold nearly a fourth of its 4.6 per cent stake in city gas distribution company China Gas Holdings for Rs. 385 crore. The company had made an investment of Rs. 137 crore by acquiring 210 million shares of China Gas in 2005. It has now sold 60 million shares, GAIL India chairman and managing director B.C. Tripathi told reporters here. The gas utility plans to keep a small strategic interest in the company that will help it retain its board position in China Gas Holdings. Our gross realisation is Rs. 385 crore. The company has to pay taxes like capital gains on this realisation, he added. China Gas has exclusive rights to set up gas distribution projects in 42 cities in China. On the other hand, the company reported a 7 per cent drop in its September quarter profit after it made losses in the cooking gas (LPG) business. Net profit in July-September dropped to Rs. 915.67 crore as compared to Rs. 985.38 crore a year ago. NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 25: Amid indications that the Tata-SIA airline venture will take wings by summer of 2014, Tata Group Chairman Emeritus, Ratan Tata and SIA chief, Goh Choon Phong on Friday met Commerce and Industry Minister, Anand Sharma and Civil Aviation Minister, Ajit Singh to seek fast clearances for the ambitious project. The meeting with Mr. Sharma and Mr. Singh comes a day after the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) cleared the Tata-Singapore Airlines (SIA). We are looking for fast clearances. We hope that we will be able to launch by May-June, Tata SIA Airlines chairman Prasad Menon, who accompanied Mr. Tata and Mr. Goh for the meeting with Mr. Singh told reporters. Mr. Singh said the entry of Tata-SIA Airlines would benefit the Indian aviation sector as SIA was globally known for its expertise in technical and managerial matters and was one of the best airlines in the world. Referring to the various clearances required from his Ministry, Mr. Singh said he saw no problems in these things happening at a fast pace. I don't see any problems. The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will have to be satisfied. There are issues relating to fleet, parking space, slots and routes. It depends on how fast Tata-SIA gives all the data and documents, he remarked. Complimenting Mr. Singh for opening up the aviation sector in a really global manner, Mr. Tata said now it is our responsibility to make him proud and the Tata Sons' airline venture with SIA was a great opportunity towards that end. Asked about what kind of aircraft would the new airline consider flying, Mr. Goh and Mr. Menon said no fleet plan has yet been drawn up as they were still working on it. Maintaining that the new airline will provide premium service, Mr. Tata said he was excited about FIPB approval and added that a lot of hard work needed to be put in to

as per provisional data from

the stock exchanges.

ANAND (GUJARAT), OCTOBER 25: A no-confidence motion has been moved against the Chairman of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the apex marketing body of various district dairy cooperatives that markets Amul brand for alleged mismanagement. The resolution to bring no-confidence motion against Vipul Chaudhary was signed by 14 out of 17 directors of various district dairy cooperatives and is expected to be taken up at the board meeting on Saturday. A director, who had signed the resolution, said Despite protests from several quarters in the Board not to sell cattle feed to Maharashtra, Mr. Chaudhary went ahead with the decision and gave it for free to the neighbouring state. However, when Gujarat was reeling under scarcity and the state government approached the federation for cattle feed, it was provided but not free of

Milk Producers Union Ltd Chairman Ramsinh Parmar said, The no-confidence motion against Chaudhary is illegal. Why have they brought the motion? What wrong has he done? Has he caused losses to GCMMF, farmers? Those who have brought the motion are not thinking about the consumers or about marketing, he said.

start the airline. Mr. Goh and Mr. Menon said SIA would pump in money for equity infusion into the new airline joint venture. Earlier in the day, Mr. Tata along with Mr. Goh met Mr. Sharma and Economic Affairs Secretary Arvind Mayaram. On Thursday they had met Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. The Tata SIA Airlines Ltd, the venture would be headquartered in Delhi.

Sources in the Commerce Ministry said Tata Sons and SIA have assured the government that control of their proposed venture would always remain in Indian hands. Of the six directors, four would be nominated by the Tatas. This is Tatas' second venture in the aviation sector after its tie-up with Malaysian carrier Air Asia in February for a low-cost passenger air service in the country.

MISC 8 J&K artists enthralls Jaipur audience; Shah-i-Hamdan cricket tourney concludes, Taj distributes prizes presents State's rich dance forms
JAIPUR, OCTOBER 25The J&K cultural troupe comprising 23 artists on Friday presented rich glimpses of folk dances of Jammu and Kashmir at the Madyavarti Open Air Theatre. The artists performed before a large audience including foreign tourists. The event was part of the 20th Lokrang Festival, Jaipur. The cultural troupe was sent by J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages to represent the State at the Festival. The performances by J&K artists featured, among other things, Bhand Paether and Jagrana. The Lokrang Festival is an important annual cultural event held in Rajasthan and draws artists from different parts of India. The Festival is SOPORE, OCT 25: The Shah-i-Hamdan T20 Cricket tournament concluded here on Friday with Coaching Centre, Sopore defeating Bandipora by a convincing margin. Minister for Medical Education, Youth Services & Sports, Mr. Taj Mohi ud Din was the chief guest on the occasion who distributed prizes among the winners. 106 teams from different areas of the district participated in the tournament. The tournament was organized by J&K State Sports Council. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said Government is keen to expand sports infrastructure in the State for which ambitious plans have been made.N Mr. Taj said a

organized by the Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur since last 19 Years. Around 1500 artists from 22 states participate in the Festival. Alongside Jammu Kashmir, artists from Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Maharashtra,

Rajasthan and Haryana States also presented dance performances on Thursday. Besides folk dances, Craft Fair is also an attraction of this festival where craftsmen from different states display their artifacts'. Tens of thou-

sands of visitors, including foreign tourists, visit the festival which is held for 11 days. This provides a unique opportunity for the State to showcase its rich cultural heritage at a major platform.

Rs. 1000 crore project has been submitted to the centre for funding. He said every

block would be having a sports complex and every panchayat would have a

sports field. Asking the youth to take active part in extracurricular activities, the Minister said the Government is making all out efforts in this direction so that youth of the State get maximum exposure and they have the all round development of body and soul. He said more and more such event would be held in future in all disciplines and asked youth to take active interest in them. Deputy Commissioner, Baramulla, Mr. G. A. Khawaja, Secretary, J&K State Sports Council, Mr. Dileep Thusu, former legislators, Haji Rasheed and Shoab Lone and other district officers were present on the occasion.

DDE flags off fish farmers' training tour

JAMMU, OCT 25-As per an order issued here on Friday by Director School Education, Jammu, Tushar Kanti Sharma, all the educational institutions including recognized private schools upto higher secondary school level of Jammu division shall observe Pooja holidays with effect from 1-112013 to 5-11-2013 (5 days). Any default on the part of the private schools in observance of the holidays shall attract action under rules.

Pooja holidays from 1st to 5th Nov

Masters in digital National Commission for Schedule curation launched Caste issues warrant against BHU VC
NEW DELHI, OCT 25: There is growing recognition, in both the public and private sectors, of the need for more effective digital asset management in terms of the creation, preservation and exploitation of digital data. Robert Gordon University's (RGU) Aberdeen Business School's new MSc Digital Curation has been launched in recognition of this need to ensure long term maintenance and preservation of digital assets. The new course, which has been developed by the university's Department of Information Management, is designed to equip students with the skills and competencies to add value to digital data to ensure it can be stored, accessed, reused and transformed for future research, business and sociocultural activities. MSc in Digital Curation fulfils industry requirements for a practical course delivering the benefits of managing data. Digital curation has relevance to multiple industries including digital data management in business, innovation in the creative and cultural industries, academic research data management and government data. Dr Elizabeth Tait is the course leader. She said: "The course has been designed to develop skills across the theoretical, technical and governance aspects of digital curation in order to give students an excellent grounding in the various dimensions of digital asset management. "Each area of it has been devised to address industry demand and the most important issues facing businesses and public sector institutions in the management of their digital assets." The first intake of this course will be in January. Graduates of the MSc Digital Curation may find employment in roles such as; digital curation service manager, curation tools and services developer, and research archive manager. VARANASI: The National Commission for Schedule Caste (NCSC) issued an arrest warrantagainst Banaras Hindu University (BHU) vice-chancellor Lalji Singh through the office of the DGP asking the police to produce him before the commission. SSP Ajay Kumar confirmed that a warrant against the BHU VC has been received. BHU chief proctor AK Joshi said the university was yet to receive any warrant. The warrant is likely to be sent to BHU through its lawyer. The NCSC had issued a summon on October 3 regarding anomalies in filling reserved seats and other issues related

UDHAMPUR, OCT, 25:An inter-district five day tour of fish farmers for special training programme cum exposure was flagged off here on Friday by the Deputy Director Employment, Udhampur, Sandesh Kumar. This tour for 20 progressive fish farmers of district Udhampur has been organized under centrally sponsored scheme ATMA, "Support to State Extension Programme for Extension Reform". During the study tour, the fish farmers would be provided practical demonstration about scientific aspects of pisic-culture including pond management, different methods of disease control besides

water quality management, fish marketing and other aspects of fish culture at training centre Regional Fish Farmers Development Agency(RFFD A) Ghoumanhasan, Jammu. Moreover, the fish farmers would also visit various places including Fish Farm Doomi, Aquarium- cumAwareness Centre Bag-eBahu, Fish Farm Nawabad, Marh, Vijaypur and Samba to learn more about composite fish culture. Among others, Assistant Director Fisheries, Lal Hussain, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, Warden Gujjar & Bakerwal Hostel and farmers in large numbers were present on the occasion.

Coaching cum guidance programme on NDA exams organized at Reasi

REASI, OCTOBER 25- A five day coaching cum guidance programme on National Defence Academy (NDA) exams being conducted by the UPSC was organised by District Employment & Counselling Centre, Reasi for the students of Government Higher Secondary School, Reasi (Boys) which commenced here on Friday. In this programme, the students are being provided information about the NDA exam and different subjects to be prepared for this exam. Major Sidharth Sharma from Indian Army presented a detailed power point presentation to aware the students about different career options in Indian Army. Surjeet Kumar, Counsellor Cum Management Exec, DECC Reasi & Jagdeep Raj Sharma, Lecturer (Mathematics) briefed the students on the paper of General Ability & Mathematics respectively. A mock test was also organised during the programme on NDA pattern and the top three students namely Ajay Singh, Karun Kumar Sharma and Surjeet Singh were felicitated by Mrs. Sulakshna Thakur, Assistant Director Employment, Reasi and Mr. M M Khajuria, Principal, Govt Higher secondary School (Boys), Reasi.

to alleged Dalit harassment and had asked the VC to appear before the commission on October 7. BHU spokesperson assistant PRO Rajesh Singh said the university filed a contempt petition in the high court on the summon as a stay order had already been given on July 4 in this matter. Treating it as a contempt of court by the NCSC, the Allahabad high court on October 10 had issued notice to the NCSC chairman and others to seek an explanation as to why they may not be prosecuted and punished for alleged willful disobedience of the order dated July 4.

The Fine Arts Club at IIT-Madras to organize two-day art festival

CHENNAI, OCT 25: The Fine Arts Club at the IITMadrasis organizing a twoday art festival on Saturday and Sunday. The highlight of the festival is a talk by painter Bose Krishnamachari, titled 'Everything could be art, everyone could be an artist.' There will also be an interactive session with Krishnamachari, according to a release from the organisers. The talk and interaction will be at the central library hall at 2pm on Sunday. Visual artist and photographer Vimal Chandran will lead a session on interactive graffiti projects. The session, 'Unleash,' will be held at the student facilities on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, artist and sculptor Jacob Jebaraj will conduct a session on how to make art from junk items. There will be an exhibition of paintings and photographs as part of the event.

Gool arrests: Massive protest staged in Kashmir University

SRINAGAR, OCT 25: Terming the outcome of Gool inquiry as 'planned and instigating', hundreds of male and female students staged a massive protest in Kashmir University Campus. Hurriyat hawk Syed Ali Geelani had given the call for protests. Reports said that soon after Friday prayers hundreds of students from all departments of Kashmir University, assembled outside the University Masjid and took out a rally against the arrests made by police in Gool Ramban incident. The students carried with them different banners and black flags. They raised profreedom, pro-Islam and antiIndian slogans. A student said that the rally was taken out from University Masjid, which went through different lanes and finally culminated with pro-freedom slogans. "It is surprising that those who butchered 4 innocent human lives were let free and those who protested against that barbaric incident were indicted and arrested. This is the murder of justice," he said. Pertinently, Qari Shabeer Ahmed and his brother Abdul Lateef, sons of Molvi Ghulam Mustafa, were arrested after the Special Investigating Team held them responsible for instigating people for violence in Gool Ramaban.

35,000 vouchers sold within two days for All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination
BANGALORE, OCT 25: Registration and scheduling for the National Board of Examinations' (NBE) All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE) 2014 shall commence with effect from 9.30 am on October 26, 2013 at website Around 35,000 candidates have already purchased vouchers which are available at 279 branches of Axis Bank. There is no option of rescheduling the examination and the candidate shall be able to make a choice of the test session and venue as per availability and choice. "In the event of any transit or delay in the process of registration, candidates are advised not to panic as there are more than 75,000 seats available for the AIPGMEE 2014 at 70 test centres in 38 cities", said Dr. Bipin Batra, executive director, National Board of Examination. The NBE announced the conduct of AIPGMEE 2014 for admission to all India 50% quota of MD/MS/PG Diploma courses offered at government medical colleges except states of Andhra Pradesh and J&K on 23 October. . Care Support shall be available at 0124-6771700 /1800 11 1800 (Toll Free) from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

National Academy clinches 1st position in art mela

CHENNAI, OCT 25: As much as 8.4% of Coursera users are Indians, the second largest group after Americans (at 31.7%). Revealing the latest statistics on Thursday, Coursera, one of the world's leading platforms offering massive open online courses, said students from 190 countries are currently enrolled in at least one of their courses. The total course enrolments of Coursera stands at 19.1 million, and the company reached 52,66,200 students this October from 1,11,479 in October 2011. An infographic released to the media shows that close to three-fourths of the students are employed. Computer science is the most popular course subject, with 94,28,982 enrollees, followed by humanities with 38,61,497 enrollees. "Two years ago, Coursera was still a budding idea. My team comprising four Stanford students and me had just launched our first two courses, each of which eventually reached over 100,000 students, thus helping kick off the MOOC movement. When we first

8.4% of Coursera users are SC decides to review ex-CJI's judgment on medical test Indians, the second largest NEW DELHI, OCT 25: The as well as 11,000 MD seats Supreme Court on Thursday through a single-window group after Americans decided to take a relook at its admission system.
put these courses online, we could not have envisioned the growth and community response that we witness today, among universities, professors, and students from every corner of the globe," said Andrew Ng, cofounder and co-CEO of Coursera, in the press release. This month, the education company added 13 new partner institutions, making a tally of 107 partners from 20 countries in October 2013 from one partner two years ago. There are no partner institutions from India. "We are privileged to host this vast breadth of amazing courses across a broad range of disciplines from many of the world's leading institutions. It is remarkable that such a powerful network has developed just 18 months since the official launch of our company. With so many countries, languages, and educational backgrounds represented, we are proud to be a part of a movement promoting lifelong education for everyone," said Daphne Koller, co-founder and coCEO of Coursera, in the release. July 18 judgment quashing the single-window National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), which advocated uniform admission norms for MBBS, BDS and MD seats in all medical colleges. After considering a bunch of review petitions, including those filed by the Centre and the Medical Council of India (MCI) which had formulated NEET, a bench of Justices H L Dattu, A R Dave and Vikramjit Sen decided to hear in open court arguments from advocates for both sides those for NEET and the private medical colleges who opposed it. The July 18 judgment, delivered by then CJI Altamas Kabir on his last day in office, had allowed private medical colleges to frame their own admission norms and charge capitation fees. Justices Kabir and Sen had formed majority in the threejudge bench to strike down NEET saying MCI had no power to issue the notification in 2010 to regulate admissions to 271 medical colleges - 138 run by the government and 133 under private management - offering 31,000 MBBS and BDS seats Justice Dave had dissented strongly, stressing that there was no proper discussion on the draft majority verdict which appeared to have been rushed because the CJI was to retire soon . He had also said that NEET was beneficial to students. The judgment had its share of controversy. A good two hours before pronouncement of the judgment on July 18, an article titled 'Into the Darkness' by advocate Gopal Shankarnarayan and uploaded on the website 'Bar and Bench' not only predicted that the petitions by private medical colleges would be allowed by Justices Kabir and Sen on the ground that MCI had no jurisdiction to notify NEET but also said that Justice Dave would dissent. The SC's decision to quash NEET had left students and parents downcast because the single-window system had promised transparency and respite to aspiring doctors from appearing in several entrance tests, travelling from one examination centre to another. NEET also promised respite from stiff capitation fees.

6,346 candidates write CAT, including 53 differently-abled ones

NEW DELHI, Oct 25: A total of 6,346 candidates wrote the Common Aptitude Test on Thursday, including 53 differently-abled ones. "Prometric is committed to providing all candidates -regardless of physical ability -- a fair opportunity to be judged on their merits. Today's delivery of the CAT included a dedicated scheduling of DA candidates. All testing candidates have completed their exams and

the day has concluded successfully," said Soumitra Roy, general manager, Prometric India, in a statement. "Depending on the type of support requested, testing assistive devices that DA candidates were able to bring for the CAT included abacus (without calculator), hearing aid, wheel chair, magnifying screen (provided at the test centre) and/or a scribe/reader," added the statement.

UDHAMPUR, OCT 25:The National Academy High School, Udhampur clinched 1st position in the District level Art Mela held under RMSA at Udhampur here on Friday. The function was organized by the District Institute of Education and Trainings (DIET) Udhampur. Field Advisor State Institute of Training, Mr. S.K. Raina

was the chief guest while Chief Education Officer, Udhampur was the guest of honour on the occasion. A total of 40 students from different schools of district Udhampur participated and showed their talent and innovative ideas through different events like paintings, drawings, portrait, paper work, wooden work and local art of the area.


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