Phrasal verbs- to look to look after smb./ smth.

- to take care of someone or something by doing what is nedded to keep them well or in good condition to look after smth.- to be responsible for dealing with something - if you look after something that belongs to som eone else, you make sure that it is not lost, stolen or demeged to look ahead- to think about what will happen in the future and plan fo r these events to look around/ round (swh)- to walk to a building or around a place and look at the things in it to look around/ round- to try to find something you want (e.g. a job) b y asking different people or by looking in different places to look at smth.- to read something quickly and not very carrefully - to consider a subject carefully in order to make a d ecision about it - if an expert [e.g. doctor] looks at something, they examine it and decide how to deal with it - to consider something in a particular way not look at smth./ smb.- to not be prepared to accept an offer, or to no t be interested in someone or something Look at smb./ smth.!- something you say when you give an exemple of some one or something in order to prove that what you have just said is true to look back- to think about or remember something that happened in the past to look down on smb./ smth.- to think that someone is less important tha n you, or to think that something is not good enough quality for you to use to look for smb./ smth.- to try to find something or someone, either bec ause you lost them or because you need them to look for smth.- if you are looking for a solution to a problem, you a re trying to decide what that solution is. to look forward to smth./ doing smth.- to feel pleased and excited about something that is going to happen to look in- to visit a person for a short time, usually when you are on your way somewhere else to look into smth.- to discover and examine the facts about a problem or situation to look on- to watch an activity or event without becoming involved in i t - to share a book or document with another person in a group to look on/ upon smth./ smb.- to consider something or someone in a part icular way to look out smth.- to search for and find somtehing Look out!- something you say or shout in order to tell someone that they are in danger to look out for smth./ smb.- to carefully watching the people or things around you so that you will notice a particular person or thing to look out for smb.- to take care of someone and do what will be best f or them to look over smth./ smb.- to quickly examine something or someone to look through smth.- to carefully examine the contents of something or a collection of things in order to find something - to read something quickly and not very carefully to look through smb.- to not notice someone that you know, or to pretend that you have not noticed someone, even though you are looking directly at them to look smb. to do smth.- to hope that someone will do something for you to look to smb. for smth.- to hope that someone will provide something f or you to look up smth.- to look at a book or computer in order to find a piece of information

to visit someone that you have not seen for a long time when you are visiting the place where they live to look up to smb.. .. it is improving to look up respect and admire smth.if a situation is looking look up.

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