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1.Age: 34 2.

Place of birth: Oberlin, OH

3.Address: 560 E. College St., Oberlin, OH 44074 4.Length of residence in that community: I've lived in the Oberlin community for life with the exception of time away in college.

5.Occupation: Electrical Contractor 6:Business address: 47810 Rt. 20, Oberlin, OH 44074

7.Elected office experience: I have served on Oberlin City Council for the past 4 years.

8.Non-elected office experience (boards etc.) I served as the Oberlin City Council representative to the Central Lorain County Ambulance District for one years. Prior to being elected to City Council I served 5 years on Oberlin's Resource Conservation and Recovery Commission including one year as chairman. I also served 2 years on Oberlin's Public Utilities Commission including one year as chairman.

9.Education(only schools graduated from): Oberlin High School 1997, New Mexico State University - BA Business 2001

10.Marital status: Married

11. name of spouse: Amy Burgess

12.Children: Owen and Porter

13.Organizations: 14.Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve, or further research and how specifically would you go about it? It seems that Oberlin has been inundated by 100-year floods every other year this decade. Mitigation of all this excess water has been a priority of mine since I chaired the Public Utilities Commission prior to being elected to City Council in 2009. Council and staff are currently working on establishment of a Storm Water Utility to provide a dedicate source of funds and staffing to address flooding issues. I will continue to press for these desperately needed improvements. Funding of essential city services such as the police department, fire department, and street maintenance has been severely impacted by the on-going recession and State of Ohio budget cuts. We must increase revenue to maintain these vital services. Rather than simply increase our local income tax, I support a multi-prong strategy of cost reductions, property assessments, enterprise funding, and annexation. I will only support an increase in the local income tax if considered in tandem with these other options. I am very excited about moving forward on Oberlin's Green Acres project! In my first term on Council, I voted to support an investment in our community through the purchase of the former children's home. Through two visioning sessions I met with citizens to listen to their ideas and expectations for the site. Following a summary presentation I made to Council in 2012, I worked with members of the city's Climate Action Committee to present a formal recommendation to City Council for high-performance housing; an entire neighborhood designed and built on the principles of energy efficiency, green design, and integration with a city park. This plan was adopted by Council in 2013 and we have already commenced in soliciting proposals. 15.Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? My family has been in Oberlin for four generations and I want to ensure that Oberlin's unique combination of civic pride and social responsibility continues for future generations. We are a community deeply rooted in the past, but history will judge us based on what ourgeneration accomplishes. I believe we should focus on the future and work to address issues of environmental justice with the same zeal that our predecessors pursued social justice. Our green energy revolution is now substantially complete and I look forward to our next challenge of a green building renaissance. Thank you for your vote to keep our City moving forward.