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Chapter 2: Stacy & Mr. Fish Bpov "Get your bags and we'll meet here in 5 minutes." Mr.

Smith said and walked away from the bus. I walked out of the bus and took my bag from the luggage space and started to walk down to a pair of benches. The bus trip took 2 hours, and I and Edward talked the whole way. He's a good guy, once you get to know him. He got 1 brother & 1 sister; Alice and Emmet. Alice a senior and Emmet go to Collage. His father, Carlisle, is a doctor and his mother Esme, is a housewife. They live in a mansion right outside forks. He's lived in Alaska all his life and he's super rich. That is all I got to know. 'cause the strange thing is, every time I asked him something, he looked really sad and hurt. It wasn't really a personal question, I mean, 'how long did you live in Alaska?' isn’t that personal. I wonder if all gay people react like that... I sat down on the bench and looked around. The small parking lot was empty, except our big bus that stood there. There was a rather big trail leading in to the woods next to all the benches. Then there was a little cottage, 20 meters away from were I sat; otherwise, it was just trees. Just when I looked at the cottage, the door opened and Mr. Smith stomped out. I have always thought that he looks like a fish, I don't know why, maybe it's just me. Well, fish or not, he looked a little irritated. He went to the benches were I sat and started to speak, in a loud, clear voice. "I'm sorry to say these kids, but we will be living in cottages, 4 &4, instead of tents." all the students cheered except for Tyler."NOOOOO! THAT SUCKS!" he screamed out, not even a glint of sarcasm in his voice, He was sad for real. Everybody turned to look at him with a sour look. Mr. Fish/Smith cleared his throat to get their attention back. ”I’m gonna say the cottage groups now, so listen up. The first group is..." Mr. Smith said, and started to call up names. *** 2 minutes later *** "...and the last group is Edward, Tyler, Mike & Bella. Any questions?" all the girls glared at me. It was kind of scary. They all looked like they wanted to strangle me. ”Why does Bella get to sleep in the same cottage as Edward!?! I’m the one who should get to do that!" Jessica hissed at Mr. Fish/smith. Mr. Fish looked at me and then at Edward, who stood beside the bench I was sitting on. "If I’m not wrong, little Eddie here," he said and pointed at him." would rather jump off a cliff then sit next to you. So why would he want to sleep in the same cottage as you?" he said and looked at her with a sour look. "Eddie dear, is there any problem with the group? We don't want you to go and commit suicide." he asked Edward and smiled friendly at him. I looked at him too. He was looking at me, smiling that familiar crocked smile, when he answered. "No, Mr. Smith there is no problem at all." he said and then he looked at Mr. Smith and his smile faded. "Just please don't call me

that." he said to Mr. Smith, who was smirking at him. "If you say so." he said, still smirking. Then he turned away from him and looked at me. "Do you have a problem with the group, Stacy?" "My name is Bella." I said in an irritated tone "Just answer the question, Stacy." I thought about it for a moment. Edward didn't seem to be a problem. Tyler was a nice guy; I’ve talked to him a few times, but Mike... I don't know. He's little creepy, he used to follow me around before, everywhere. He thought we 'had' something. He stopped though, when I gave him a punch in the face and told him I didn't like him, but still, he's creepy. But I think I will survive. "No I don’t. No problem at all." I answered him. "Splendid! It's settled then. Everybody go to your group. When you've done that, you follow that trail over there," he said and pointed at the trail next to the benches. "It will lead you to the cottage's." everybody started moving once Mr. Smith stopped talking. I stood up from the bench and turned around to get my bag. "I guess we are room buddies." a voice called behind me. I turned around and saw who spoke to me, Tyler. "Yeah, it seems so." Isaid and took my bag. "It’s gonna be so much fun! Right, Bella?" another voice said from my left. I already knew who it was. I looked to my left and saw the face a punched, not so long ago, Mike. That’s when everything went yellow... I mean black. Everything went black...

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