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Chapter 3: We all hate Mike… Bpov "Is she going to be okay? It's gone 3 hours.

Are you sure she's not dead??" Mike's voice said in the distance. It was quickly followed by a loud 'smack'. "Hey! That hurt!" Mike complained and I heard a small chuckle in the background. I was lying down on something soft, not a soft floor, not a human being, but a bed. Were am I? What happened? Oh, right. Last time I was conscious, I was talking to Tyler. Then, Mike came, and I passed out. I wonder why? He's not that scary looking, only when he press his ugly little face up against a window, and look at you with big, crazy eyes... Ugh. I can't believe he did that on my bedroom window when I slept... Suddenly, I heard footsteps, walking away from me "Tyler and I go out for a second. We'll be right back." I heard Edward say and a door opened and closed. Time past and suddenly felt somebody's breath on my face, so I opened my eyes. Mike was leaning over me; his face was 2 inches from mine. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! GET OFF ME!" I screamed and punched him in the face. He lost his balance and did the opposite of what I wanted; he fell forward instead of backwards. I wonder how that happened, is that possible? "THAT’S THE OPOSITE, MIKE! GET. OFF. ME!! I screamed and tried to push him off me, with no successes. Why didn't he move? Had I punched him unconscious? No, he was conscious alright. A conscious, perverted, bastard who still thought we 'had' something. Is he mental or something? Why couldn't this annoying, disturbed little freak get that I hated him? I tried to push him off me again, but he moved his arms around me and held on thigh. ”it’s okay, I know you like me too." he whispered in my ear and Goosebumps spread. "Mike. Can't. Breath." I was able to say. I was just about to kick him in his crotch, when the door opened, and Edward and Tyler entered the room, laughing at something. They both stopped when they saw me and Mike. I hope that the look on my face said: 'I’m scared, I can't breath and i have no idea what's going on.' Well, even if it didn't, I think they understood anyway. "Mike, what the hell are you doing?!"Tyler shouted at him. Edward stood frozen, his expression blank. "Hurry. Get. Him. Off. Me." I was able to say with the little air I had. That’s when Edward came back to earth. He walked over to the bed, looking at me the whole time, and punched him off me with so much force it didn't feel human. Was he Superman or something? Well, maybe he had a crush on mike and got angry when he saw him, on top of me, I don't know. When he was off me I took a deep breath of fresh air. I looked at Edward and gave him a strained smile. "Thanks." he smiled his crooked smile I was beginning to like, and then, he did something unexpected; he lifted me up in his arms, bride style.

"We should get back to our cottage." he said and started to walk towards the door. That reminded me, were was I? I looked around his shoulder. There were 3 beds, standing in a row, an unconscious mike, laying on the floor and a big cabin with a red cross on it. It said one word; the infirmary. "Tyler, can you just lift up Mike from the floor and put him on a bed?" Edward asked Tyler, who was leaning against the wall next to the door. "Sure, no problem." he said and started to walk to the unconscious Mike. Edward walked out of the infirmary and into the forest. I think it was afternoon, but I didn't know, the clouds were too thick to tell. "What happened in there?" Edward asked suddenly. I noticed that he had stopped walking. I blushed, remembering that I was still carried by him. "You can put me down, I can walk." I said, ignoring his question, but he just shook his head. "Nope, not until you answer the question." he said and I sighed. "After you guys left, I woke up with Mike 2 inches from my face. I screamed at him and punched him in the face, but he fell forward instead of backwards, so he was lying on top of me. I tried to push him off me but he was too heavy. First, I thought I punched him unconscious, but then he folded his arms around me and said ''S okay, I know you like me too'. He held me so tight I couldn't breath. I was just about to kick him in his crutch when you entered."I finished in disgust. I really hated Mike... Edward had tensed and I guess he was as disgusted as me. ”okay I’ve told you. So please, dear Eddie, can you put me down?"I said, trying to offend him. What I knew, he didn't like to be called Eddie. But he just looked at me with that crooked smile. "Sure, Bellie." he said. Bellie... That sounded familiar... Flashback*swoosh* The boy who stood in front of me had reddish brown hair and green eyes that you could drown in. His face had childlike features; he looked like he was 10, maybe 9."Hello, I’m Edward. I live down the street. What’s your name?" he asked and his eyes sparkled with excitement and curiosity. "I-I-I’m b-b-b-Bella." I was able to choke up. He looked at me with a friendly smile. "Hi Bella. Are you new around here?" he asked. I nodded shyly as an answer. He smiled a dazzling smile at me." were do you live?" he asked. ”over there." I told him and pointed at the small, green house. "We just moved here today." "If you want, you can come to my house." he offered, smiling friendly at me. "okay." i grinned at him. Then he took my hand and started running. "Come on Bellie, this way!" This way... This way... This way.... End of flashback *swoosh* Hmmmmm..... That sounded familiar... I wonder which movie that came from... What a strange coincidence that the characters had the same name as us...I wonder what the movie was called... Suddenly, I heard a voice in the distance. "Bella! Bella!! Snap out of it, Bella!" Edward pleaded and shook my shoulders. I couldn't see yet, but I felt it. "Bella! Bella, answer me, damn it!" he sounded angry now. Then, something hard, but soft, hit my face. It took me a minute to understand what just happened. He slapped me. The son of a bitch slapped me in the face. It was the anger that took me out of my trance. He was looking at me with anxious eyes.

When he saw that I was back on earth again, he smiled the crooked smile. But I was too pissed to notice. I took my hand and slapped him in the face with so much power I could manage. "You freaking slap me in the face, and you're happy about it?!" I asked in an outrage tone. I waited for an answer, but he just stood there, dazed, his eyes blank. I waved my hands in front of his face: no response. I tried to talk to him. ”Edward, stop it, you’re freaking me out."No response. So I did the one and final thing I could think of: I slapped him in the face again. This time, I got a response. "Hey! What was that for?" he said, sounding annoyed. "You spaced out." I answered simple. "Oh, right." he said and looked at his clock. "We better get back to our cottage." he said and started to walk into the direction our cottage was (I think, I have no idea, like I said; direction sense: 0%). I followed, but I was too slow, and clumsy, of course. So I tripped on something (probably my own feet) and fell to the ground. Edward, who was several feet up ahead, stopped and turned around. When he saw me, lying on the ground, his expression became anxious and he ran back to were I was. "Are you okay?" he asked, his voice clouded with worry. I tried to stand: I failed. The pain in my foot was too much. ”No, I think Itwisted my ankle."

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