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Chapter 4: Why? WHY!?! EPOV I sat down at the bench and looked around.

There was nobody left on the parking lot except for Bella. She walked in a slow phase towards the bus. “Stacy, we’re leaving without you if you don’t get on the bus within 5 minutes, 5!” Mr. Smith called trough the open bus window. I laughed a quiet laugh. I still wonder why he calls her Stacy… “MY NAME IS BELLA!!” she screamed, irritated by the fact he couldn’t remember her name. I laughed again. It was so ‘Bella’ to do that. Then I let out a big sighed. Bella… Why couldn’t she remember me? I mean, we spent every day together for 4 years. How could she forget me? How?? It’s kind of insulting. I remember my first day here at forks high so clearly now… Flashback *Swoosh* I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. I was finally going to meet Bella again. I haven’t seen her in so long. Those 2 years was lonely. When she moved to Alaska, I was 10, almost 11. That felt so long ago. I wonder if she has changed much… A lot of people stopped to stare at me when I walked towards the main building. I scanned through the people, hoping to see her, but I didn’t. All the girls started to swirl around me, but I ignored them. None of them was Bella, and when I asked them if they knew her they started to giggle hysterically. ” I have no idea who you are talking about”. One of them said, the leader, I think. I sighed and was just about to make my escape from the little mob when I saw her. She was standingagainst a wall reading a book. I ran away from the gang, towards her. When I was close enough, I slowed down to a walking phase. “Bella! I’m so happy to see you, it’s been so long!” I said and went up to her and grinned happily. She looked just the same, only a little taller, but so was I. She looked up from her book and stared at me with confused eyes, frowning. “I’m sorry, have we met before?” she asked. I felt how my grin disappeared. “Eh, Bella, don’t you remember? It’s me.”I felt completely confused. What have happened to her? “No, this is the first time I’ve met you.” I felt how all the blood from my face disappeared. I couldn’t speak. I turned and walked away from her. “One day you’ll remember…” I mumbled trough gritted teeth… End of flashback *Swoosh* I sighed again. Did she trip and fall on her head or something? Something’s not right, that’s all I know. You just don’t forget for years of your life. Or do you…? I sat and thought about that for a moment.

After a moment of thinking, I decided that it was time to enter the bus. When I had put my bag in the luggage space I walked inside. Everybody stared at me when I entered, everyone except Bella. She was sitting in the back of the bus, reading. Heh, why am I not surprise. All the girls started giggling and squealing as a started to walk down the aisle. But then, the most irritating voice in the world stopped me. Jessica. “Edward, why don’t you sit over here?” she said and patted the empty seat next to her. God, why couldn’t they just leave me alone? “No, Eddie wants to sit here, right?” another girl said, whose name I’ve forgotten. That’s when I snapped. Nobody called me Eddie except Bella. That’s what we used to call each other: Eddie & Bellie. I turned to the 2 girls who sat there, smiling and giggling, like they thought I would sit next to them. I gave them the friendliest smile could manage. I’m sorry ladies, but I’ve rather jump over a cliff then sit next to you.” I said, and stared to walk down to the back of the bus, to Bella. Their chins dropped to the floor; I think everybody’s in the bus did, except for Bella’s. A few gasped but I didn’t care. I hated those two girls to the gut. I can’t stand false people. I walked down to the back of the bus until I came to Bella, who was reading as always, and tapped her shoulder. I ignored the looks I felt burning in my back and another few gasps. “I’m sorry Bella, do you mind if I sit here?” I asked and pointed at the empty seat next to her. Sure, I don’t mind.” She said totally uninterested and turned back to her book. Wow… that hurt my ego a little. A little wasn’t the right description. A lot would fit a little better. I sat down next to her in silence, her words hurt more than I thought it would. The bus started and drove out to the road. Any of us said anything for a long time, it felt like an eternity. She was reading something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. “What are you reading?” I asked and she jumped a little, startled by my voice I guess. That would be like Bella. “Eh, Romeo & Juliet?” she answered, though it sounded like a question. I strained myself to not laugh. She looked so confused; you could see it in her eyes. “Oh, really? That’s a great book, I’m a big fan of Shakespeare myself.” I said and grinned at her, she was so cute when she was confused, which was often. “I’m sorry, but whatever bet you’re in, you can go and tell your little buddies that you’ve won. I’m not up for your little charades today.” She said and started to walk to a pair of seats on the other side of the bus. What? What was she talking about? Bet? I’m not following. When she stood in the aisle, on her to the seats, I reacted on repulse; I took her wrist and yanked her backward, so she ended up in my lap. I didn’t want her to leave. “There is no bet, why would it be? I came here on my own accord.” I said and smiled at her again. “Are you okay? I’m sorry I made you fall, but I didn’t want

you to leave.” I said honestly. She looked at me with disbelief in her eyes. “w-ww-why?” she stuttered and looked at me with wide eyes. My smile grew as I saw her confusion. ‘Why? Why don’t you remember me?!?!’ a voice back in my head complained. ‘Shut up. Stop crying like a girl, she will remember.’ I thought back to the voice. “You silly girl, because I like you, that’s why.” I told her, ignoring the complains the voice shouted in the back of my head. “I’m sorry, what?” she asked, her voice going 5 octaves up. She sounded like a guinea pig. I held in my laugh, ‘it’s not nice to laugh at people ‘Esme always said when I was little. But I smiled. “I’m saying that I want to be your friend. I’m gonna try to say this without sounding like a 5 year old; would you like to be friends with me?” I said in my most childish voice and looked at her with puppy eyes. ‘But I’m already friends with her, why do I have to ask again? Why!?’ The voice complained again. I was getting tired of this. I sighed mentally ‘Because she doesn’t remember, ok? Now just shut up!’ I told the voice and it disappeared. Finally. Then, the most wonderful sound in the world brought me back to earth; Bella’s laugh. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you really didn’t succeed; you do sound like a 5 year old.” She told me and smiled apologetic at me, but I saw she didn’t mean it. “Well dang! I guess I should’ve thought this through I bit more. So, what do you say, friends?” I asked, and held my hand out for her to shake it. I saw how she thought about it for a minute. This hurt my ego too. She didn’t want to be friends with me? What ifMy thoughts were quickly interrupted by Bella. She had taken my hand and shook it. “Sure, friends.” She said and gave me a small smile. Her words and smile warmed my hart and my ego quickly recovered. Now I only had one goal; to do all the things on ‘101 fun things to do at wall-mart’! Oh, right. And get Bella to remember me.

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