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Chapter 7: The Hangover BPOV I don’t know how much time passed when I gained a little more consciousness

, but not completely enough to wake up. ”Should we wake her up?” Tyler wondered in the distance. “I don’t know…That was a whole lot of alcohol she drank…maybe she should sleep a little bit more, we can tell Mr. Smith that she wasn’t feeling well.” Edward’s voice answered and I felt a hand on my forehead. “Well, it won’t be lying. I think she has a fever.” He added and patted my forehead softly. “What?!? A fever?!?! OMG, IT WASN’T ME, I PROMISE!!!!” Mike shouted and I heard a loud thudding noise, like somebody was running around. “Yes, it was. Now, calm down!!”Edward said through gritted teeth in an irritated tone, clearly tired of his behavior. I wish I could tell him that it would go away, but I couldn’t. That was just Mike, being Mike. The running noise stopped; He seamed to have calmed down a little. “I think we should go, we don’t want to be late. After what happened with the alcohol,” Tyler said and paused, I could image how he was glaring at Mike now.”He won’t be happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made us go on a jogging trip around the lake.” “But that’s freaking 4 miles! You gotta be kidding me!!!” Mike complained. “No, I’m not. Well, like I said, let’s get moving, we don’t wanna be late.”Tyler said and I heard how their footstep walked towards the door, opening it and closing it as quiet as possible. As I was lying there a while, (which I assumed was in my bed the cottage) I started to understand what Edward was talking about. I was feeling bad, like I was having a fever. And I was having a massive headache. I let out a sigh. I was seriously thinking about changing my middle name now. I could go to Ireland and go searching for four leaved clover. (Not that it would help, but who knew?) I opened my eyes after a moment, but I quickly regretted it. The light in the cottage ceiling was beaming at me with too much force my massive headache grew with so much force; it felt like my head wanted to explode. I quickly closed my eyes again and clutched my hands to my head, as a weak attempt to reduce the pain. What did I do to get this headache? Flashback *Swoosh* Hmmm … this water tasted strange… oh well! ‘Might as well drink it all up’. I thought and drank it all up, bottoms up. When the water was empty, I put the bottle back on the table and went back to the bed stumbling. For some reason, it was harder to walk then normal… when I was at the bed, I picked up my book and started to read, but it wasn’t interesting any more. Just when I closed the book, the song on my iPod changed to a more up tempo song. I looked at the

screen and it said ‘Animals – Nickelback’. Without thinking, I threw the book away, and started dancing in the bed, jumping up and down. “THIS SONG’S SO GOOD!!!! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I HAD THIS ON MY IPOD!” I screamed and tried to sing a long with the song. I closed my eyes and started to sing louder, enjoying the moment. I was having soooooo much fun!!! I wonder why I didn’t do this more often? “My vodka!” Mickey cried in the backround, but I ignored him, I was having too much fun jumping up and down on the bed! “Mike, what the hell you do?!?” Teddie shouted and that’s when I realized something. Eddie was back! Yay! That’s great! “It was half full when I left it…” Mickey sobbed, but I stilled ignored him. I opened my eyes and stopped singing. “Eddie! Teddie! Mickey!” I screamed happily when I saw the three of them, standing there, and took a big jump from the bed towards them, into Eddie’s arms. “I missed you…” I told Eddie, and looked at him. He looked like he just smelled something bad… “Let’s lie you down, you’re drunk. Tyler, can you move the bag away from the bed?” he asked Teddie and walked over to the bed and lay me down in it, and I closed my eyes. When he did, I noticed something. I was so hot! (In both ways of course) I began to scratch myself, but it didn’t help “So…Hot…” I said and started to unbutton my shirt, that has to help! “No no no! Bella don’t take your clothes off!”Eddie objected and buttoned the buttons I had unbuttoned. Why? Why couldn’t I? It was soooooooooooooo hot in here!!! “No, do it!!” Mickey screamed, in disappointment. “Shut up, Mike!!!” Teddie and Eddie screamed at the exact same time. WOW… I wonder how they did that… it was like magic… but my thoughts became interrupted by the heat, it was getting hotter… “But it’s so hot…” I complained. Then something hit me; I hadn’t said hello to everybody today! So I opened my eyes and found Eddie’s eyes, staring down at me. Hehe… he was looking at me… that made me smile. “Hello Eddie! How are you today?” I asked and gave him a small kiss on my cheek. He looked like he had seen I ghost. Had he? Then it hit me; Teddie also wanted a hello kiss !! So I jumped out of the bed and ran up to him. “Hey Teddie!” I said. Then, I noticed something; he looked different. I leaned closer and looked at him with a closer look. Hehe… his nose was bigger! I let out a giggle at my new discovery. “You look funny!” I told him and I gave him a kiss on the cheek as I had done with Eddie. Teddie looked like he had seen a ghost too! Is this place hunted?? No, of course not! He just wanted me to give Mickey a hello kiss too! Because you can’t treat people different, just because they end on ‘ie’ and he on ‘ey’, because that’s just wrong!! ‘ey’ people has feelings too!!!

I turned to Mickey and I was just about to walk over to him when something happened, I don’t know what. I stopped. everything was dizzy… hehe… Mickey’s face was even funnier then Teddie’s nosse! But then, I felt sleepy. “I’m…sleepy…” she I slowly. Then, everything went green… no, not green. Maybe purple? Who knows.The world changed color. The last thing I thought before the color swallowed whole was that the color was pretty… End of Flashback *Swoosh* Omg… that happened!?! I felt how my cheeks reddened by the memory and I buried my face in my pillow. I can’t believe I did that! I kissed them? I had to be really drunk… stupid Mike and his stupid vodka… I’m never going to drink alcohol again… Time past, and when I was done blushing tomato red at the memory and thinking evil thoughts about Mike, vodka and Friday the 13th, I got bored. Where were the others??? I sat up in my bed but I had forgot the massive headache I had and quickly lied down on the bed again. Now I was sure, I had a fever. Great… I wonder if I had any aspirin in my bag, hangovers suck… EPOV When Mr. Smith was done with our punishment, which was to run around the stupid lake, the one’s who had finished, had to go fishing. As Tyler and I sat and fished, talking about life and planning how we could get Bella remember, the other students who hadn’t finished ran around with Mr. Smith after them, assuring that they weren’t escaping. That was kinda funny to watch actually. But one thing that surprised me was that Mr. Smith was fast. Really fast. And when they were done, he hadn’t a drop of sweat on his face. I wonder if he secretly was gym teacher or something. When the rest was done, we could go back to our cottage. I wondered how Bella was. She had a really big fever… and a hangover combined with that couldn’t be good. As we reached the cottage and stepped in, I felt how my heart fell out of my chest and somebody stepping on it, crushing it in the progress. Because when we finally get into the cottage, it’s empty.