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Chapter 9: Lost BPOV The shadow started to move closer and closer.

I gasped and I felt how it was hard to breathe. “Stacy, are you okay?” the familiar, but annoying voice asked and all my fear disappeared, getting replaced by annoyance. “No, I’m not okay; you scared the crap out of me! And my name, is Bella.” I said trough gritted teeth. Why was he here?? Why? Then he started to laugh. A friendly laugh, but the situation made it sound scary, very scary. “Stacy, I’m here to get you out of the forest.” That’s when shock came. Could he read my mind or anything? Maybe he looked at my face and understood, I mean like my mother says, I’m an open book sometimes. “Stacy, are you hurt? Did you fall down and break a leg??” To my irritation, he sounded kinda happy by the idea. “No, I didn’t. And my name is not Stacy, its Bella.” I said trough gritted teeth, trying to control myself not to scream at him. He walked over to me and bent down. “Are you sure you’re alright? No broken bones? No open wound?” he asked, now sounding worried, all the sarcasm gone. “I’m fine, now get me out of here.” I was just about to stand up and tell him to lead the way, but he did something I didn’t expect. He lifted me up in my waist, and flung me over his shoulder like a toddler. I let out a small scream by the surprise of his unexpected action. I couldn’t see his face, but I was sure he was smiling. “Let me down.” I said in a serious tone. “Nope, now let’s go!” he said happily, like one of those Gummi bears from that program that was running on TV when I was little and started to skip through the forest like a 9 year old girl “NO LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs, kicking my legs on his chest and hitting my arms on his back. No reaction. Well, except that he laughed at me and called me ‘silly Stacy’. *10 minutes later* Mr. Smith carried me to my cottage and knocked 3 times on the door. God, why didn’t he just go inside? I heard how somebody ran to the door and a second later, the person had opened it. “BELLA!!!! ARE YOU OKAY? I WAS SO WORRIED!!!” Edward screamed to my legs, and I was happy I couldn’t see his face.

Mr. Smith put me down and I turned around, only to get attacked with hugs by very manly, crying room buddies. Yes, all of them were crying, the 3 of them. 3. When they were done hugging, I could finally enter the cottage, but when I did, I felt how my chin dropped to the floor and the only thing my brain thought was ‘Run for your life.’ Inside, it looked like they invited a flock of buffalos or a gang of some cubby, motorcycle hard rocker dudes. Mike’s bag was torn apart and all his stuff was laying spread out on the floor. One bed was broken, totally broken, and… well everything was laying everywhere, except my bag and my bed, that was totally unharmed. “What…Happened…Here…?” I asked slowly, looking around. Apparently, the manly gay dudes had stopped crying, and all of them seemed pretty embarrassed, which they should. “Eh…Well… we became kinda pissed at Mike, so we decided to trash the cottage…” Edward mumbled quietly. “WHAT?!? I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU GOT PISSED AT MIKE, WHO DOESN’T?? BUT DID YOU HAVE TO DESTROY THE COTTAGE?!!?” I yelled at him. What was his problem?? Didn’t his mom ever tell him that you shouldn’t go destroy cottages?? “I agree with Stacy, Eddie. This behavior was strictly unacceptable. Stacy and I will go and eat dinner with the other students. You will stay here and clean this up, understood??” Mr. Smith asked in a friendly tone, but you could hear the threat clouded in his voice. Both the boys swallowed loud. “Yes Mr. Smith.” They both said and walked past me into the cottage. “Stacy, let’s go.” Fishy said while he took my hand and dragged me away from the cottage. *After Dinner* After our meal, the rest of the students went to go clean the dishes, as punishment for the drinking party last night. I was just about to follow the others, when a hand caught my wrist and spun me around. “Stacy, you don’t have to do the dishes. Go back to your cottage and rest a little; I’m sure you’re tired after today’s adventure.” Mr. Smith said and patted my back. I could be a good girl and tell him that I drank alcohol too, but … Nah. I walked back to the cottage, in no hurry, and tried to memorize the place. Well, I could try to, but I would get lost anyway… I walked over to our cottage and knocked the door. 2 seconds later, it opened. “BELLA!!!!” Edward screamed and hugged me tight. “Ed. Can’t. Breathe.” I chocked out and he let me go. “I’m so glad you are safe!” he said and you cold see the happiness in his eyes. Well, I hope he could see the confusion in mine.

“What? Edward, I went to eat dinner… and you’re glad I’m safe??” I asked, completely confused. “No silly, when you got lost! I was worried sick about you!!” he said. God, was this ‘Silly’ something they will continue to say?? It’s starting to get a little annoying here. “What am I, 3?? Seriously, I go to the infirmary to get some aspirin, I’m gone for an hour and you guys become crazy and decide to trash a cottage?? Get a grip.” I said and walked past him in the door way into the now, a little bit cleaner cottage. I went to sit on my bed. “But, we were only worried about you Bella! You don’t understand!” he yelled back and I noticed that he and I was the only ones in the cottage. “Yeah, yeah. Where are the others??” I asked, ignoring his gayness. “They went to do some…eh… business. “He mumbled. Okay, I change my mind. I’m not three, he is. “Can’t you just say that they went to use the bathroom??” I asked him and he blushed a little. “Fine, they went to use the rest room. You happy??” he asked and looked at me. “Super.” I answered and grinned back at him. Then I turned my back to him to open my bag to take out my book. I was at the part when Juliet takes the herbs that will make her look dead. She was just about to put it in her mouth, when somebody opened the door with a loud bang, which made me jump and loose my concentration on the book. “Hey you guys!” Mike greeted us happily and went to his little pile of things and started to organize his things a little. After him was Tyler who said a small ‘hi’ and smiled a little. Then he looked at Edward and then at me, and then back at Edward, and I thought I saw a glint of sadness in his eyes. I went back to my book again and finished the chapter. Then I closed the book and put it back in my bag, and was just about to take up my iPod to listen to some music when Mike stood up from his little pile of things and had a grim smile on his face. “Wanna play truth and dare??”