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Chapter 5: Mike is seriously mental… EPOV Bella and I kept talking through the whole bus trip.

It was great to talk to her again, but I felt a little hurt and sad that I have to answer questions she already knew, well, have known. But I answered them. Time went by rather quickly, and suddenly, we were there. “Get your bags and we'll meet here in 5 minutes." Mr. Smith said and walked away from the students, towards a little cottage, 20 meters away from a pair of benches. On the benches, the girl who doesn’t remember me sat. She was looking around, like I was. After a few minutes Mr. Smith came back from the cottage, looking slightly unhappy. He walked up to the benches were Bella sat and started talking. "I'm sorry to say these kids, but we will be living in cottages, 4 &4, instead of tents." He said. I walked over to the benches as he talked and decided to stand beside the bench Bella sat on. When he had said that, everybody cheered, except for Tyler. “NOOOOO! THAT SUCKS!" he screamed in real agony, not a hint of sarcasm. Everybody except Bella and I and Mr. Smith turned to give him a sour look. I was looking at Bella, who was looking at Mr. Smith, who looked up in the sky. Then he cleared his throat and got his class’s attention back. ”I’m gonna say the cottage groups now, so listen up. The first group is..." Mr. Smith said, and started to call up names. *** 2 minutes later *** "...and the last group is Edward, Tyler, Mike & Bella. Any questions?"he asked and looked around at the students. All the girls was looking, no, glaring evilly at Bella. ”Why does Bella get to sleep in the same cottage as Edward!?! I’m the one who should get to do that!"The girl, Jessica hissed at Mr. Smith. He looked at Bella, and then at me. "If I’m not wrong, little Eddie here," he said and pointed at me. ." would rather jump off a cliff then sit next to you. So why would he want to sleep in the same cottage as you?" he said and looked at her with a sour look. "Eddie dear, is there any problem with the group? We don't want you to go and commit suicide." He asked me, smiling friendly at me. But I wasn’t looking at him; I was looking at Bella who was sitting in the bench next to me. She turned around and looked at me. I smiled at her. "No, Mr. Smith there is no problem at all." I answered him, looking at Bella. Then I turned my head up to look at him, and my smile faded. "Just please don't call me that." I told him. He was smirking at me, and showed no interest in to follow my request. "If you say so." he said, still smirking. Then, he looked at Bella.

"Do you have a problem with the group, Stacy?" "My name is Bella." She said, obviously irritated. "Just answer the question, Stacy." She thought about it for a moment. Then, it looked like she had decided. "No I don’t. No problem at all." she answered him. "Splendid! It's settled then. Everybody go to your group. When you've done that, you follow that trail over there," he said and pointed at the trail next to the benches. "It will lead you to the cottage's." everybody started moving once Mr. Smith stopped talking. I stood still, with my bag over my shoulder, waiting for the others to come. Bella turned to get her bag, and when she did, Tyler appeared behind her. "I guess we are room buddies." He said. She turned around and saw that it was Tyler. "Yeah, it seems so." She said and took her bag. Then, Mike appeared on her left side, but she didn’t seem to notice. "It’s gonna be so much fun! Right, Bella?" he said, almost jumping up and down with excitement. When she heard his voice her whole body stiffened. She turned around to look at him when it happened; she passed out. I was lucky to catch her in her fall. Tyler looked chocked, but that was nothing compared to Mike. “IT WASN’T ME, I PROMISE!!”He practically screamed, and then he ran towards the forest, screaming like a mad man. “Eh…Okay.” I said, a little shocked by his reaction. ‘Shouldn’t I be worried about her?’ The voice in the back of my head asked. ‘Oh, right.’ I forgot Bella for a moment there. “What should we do with her?” Tyler asked and he sounded worried. Before I could answer, a voice behind me did instead. “Take her to the infirmary. You just go down the trail that’s leading to the cottages. When you’re at the cottages, you will see a trail, next to the Big, yellow Cottage. Follow that trail and the Infirmary will be in the end of it.” Mr. Smith said, sounding worried too. “Ok, got it. Come on Tyler.” I said and started to walk in a fast phase towards the trail, with Bella in my arms. *3 hours later*
"Is she going to be okay? It's gone 3 hours. Are you sure she's not dead??" Mike said for the hundredth time. I smacked him In the back of his head. "Hey! That hurt!" He complained. After he ran away in the forest, screaming, he finally realized that Bella had passed out and wasn’t Ok. So he came to the Infirmary to ‘help’. If helping is asking if the person he’s supposed to help is dead.

I looked at Tyler, who was sitting at one of the other beds in the small cottage. He met my eyes and mouthed: ‘You. Me. Outside. Talk.’ And pointed at the door. I nodded at him and then I stood up and walked away to the door. "Tyler and I go out for a second. We'll be right back." I told Mike and stepped outside the door, With Tyler right behind me. I walked in a few meters into the forest and then I stopped. “What did you want to talk about?” I asked him and turned around. He was looking at the ground when he answered. “Eh… I don’t really know how to say this… I’ve been watching you for I while and-“that’s when I cut him off. “Tyler, hold on a minute! You’re a really nice guy, but I don’t swing that way.” I told him. He snapped his head up and looked me in the eyes. He looked surprised, and scared. “OMG, NOOO!!! I didn’t mean that, I’m not gay!” I looked at him. He seemed to tell the truth. I didn’t want to hang around a guy who had a thing for me. “What I meant that I’ve been watching you and seen that there’s something between you and Bella. What’s the deal?” he asked. I couldn’t help myself and let out a big sigh. “You see, when I was 10, almost 11, and living in Alaska, Bella moved in to my neighborhood. We became best friends and were together every day. It went 4 years, and suddenly, out of nowhere, her family decides to move back to their home town, Forks. We both were sad that she was leaving, but we promised that we would meet again, someday. 2 years went, and my parents decided that we should move to Forks. When I saw her on my first day I went up to talk to her, but she didn’t remember me. I didn’t understand why. Why didn’t she remember me?” I told him, and I felt something wet on my cheek: A tear. I quickly wiped it away, but Tyler saw it. He walked up to me and gave me a big hug. “Its okay, cry all you want, it’s okay.” He said and patted my back. I couldn’t restrain myself anymore. I cried there, in Tyler’s arms for a minute or two. Then, I wiped my face and got out of Tyler’s arms. “Will you please not mention this to anyone?” I begged him. Everybody would think I was gay if he did. I wasn’t gay! I was manly! I’m a manly, straight guy who just cried in the arms of another manly, straight guy. (I hope) “Sure, if you don’t mention that moment were it sounded like a was a creepy, gay stalker.” “Deal. I said and took out my hand. He shook it and grinned. “Its okay bro, we’ll make her remember, I’ll help you. I promise.” He said and patted my shoulder as we walked back to the infirmary cottage. “Thank you, my brother from another mother.” I told him and patted his shoulder too. Then we started laughing and entered the cottage. That’s when I saw the most disturbing scene in my life. On the bed were Bella lying was Mike; he was lying on top of her, with his arms around her. Her face was scared and confused and she looked at me with pleading eyes that was screaming ‘help me, help me!’

"Mike, what the hell are you doing?!"Tyler shouted at Mike but I barely heard it, I was in outer space for the moment. It was Bella’s voice that brought me back to earth. "Hurry. Get. Him. Off. Me." She said in a strangled voice. That’s when I realized that she couldn’t breathe. I walked up to the bed, looking at her the whole time, and knocked him off her with all my strength. When he was off her, she took a deep breath, then she looked at me and gave me a small smile. "Thanks." She said, it sounded like she was out of breath. I smiled at her and I couldn’t help myself, I reacted on impulse; I lifted her up in my arms, bride style. "We should get back to our cottage." I said and started to walk towards the door. But then it hit me; if somebody found Mike here, all beat up, we were in big trouble. We had to get rid of the evidence. "Tyler, can you just lift up Mike from the floor and put him on a bed?" I asked Tyler who stood next to the door, leaning against the wall. "Sure, no problem." he said and started to walk to the unconscious Mike. When Bella couldn’t see, he gave me a wink, and I smiled a little. I walked out of the infirmary and started walking to the trail that led to the other cottages. I wonder what happened in there… I stopped and looked at Bella, who was looking up at the clouds. "What happened in there?" I asked her and she blushed. "You can put me down, I can walk." she said, ignoring my question. I shook my head at her. Nope, not until you answer the question." I said and she let out a big sigh. "After you guys left, I woke up…” she started to tell *3 minutes later* I was just about to kick him in his crutch when you entered.” she finished in disgust. My body had tensed at her story and I felt like I wanted to puke. Ugh. That ‘Mike’ guy isn’t really right in the head. ”okay I’ve told you. So please, dear Eddie, can you put me down?" she said. Eddie, Eddie &Bellie. That’s what we used to call each other… I smiled at the good memory and looked down at her. "Sure, Bellie." I said and put her down on the ground. “Shall we go?” I asked her. No response. I looked in her eyes. They were blank, far, far away in outer space. I waved my hands in front of her face; Still no response. That’s when I got worried. “Bella?” I called in an attempt to get her down to earth, but I faild. “Bella! Bella!! Snap out of it, Bella!" I said and gripped her shoulders and shook them; Still no response. "Bella! Bella, answer me, damn it!" I said, really worried now. Maybe she had hysterics? ‘then slap her out of it’ the voice in the back of my head said. I did what it said and finally I got a response. Her eyes flickered and I saw that she saw me. I smiled with relief. Then she did something I wasn’t ready for, she slapped me in the face, hard.

"You freaking slap me in the face, and you're happy about it?!" she asked me in an outrage tone. I remember that from some were, not exactly the same though, But from where? Flashback *Swoosh* We walked up to my room and closed the door. “So, what’s the big news? You said it was urgent.” I said and sat down on my bed. she looked at me but then let her eyes fall to the floor. She looked sad. I wonder why? “Eh, I don’t know how to say this… I’m moving back to Forks with my family.” She said and a single tear escaped her eye. I laughed by surprise and shock. “Bella, is this some kind of joke?” I asked and smiled a little, because if it was it was a sick one. She looked at me again and anger crossed her face. She walked up to me and slapped me in the face, hard. “I’m telling you that I’m moving and you’re freaking happy about it?!?” she screamed at me and more tears escaped her eyes, falling down on her cheeks. That’s when I realized that she was serious I stood up from the bed and walked up to her endEnd of Flashback *Swoosh* My flashback was interrupted by Bella; she had slapped me in the face. "Hey! What was that for?" I asked her, a little annoyed. You spaced out." She answered simple. "Oh, right." I said and looked at his clock. That’s when the big shock came. Mr. Smith had passed by an hour ago and told us that we were having a bonfire 8 o’clock, nobody could be late, nobody. When he told us this, fire burned in his eyes: he was deadly serious. The clock was 5 minutes to 8. "We better get back to our cottage." I said and turned to walk in a fast phase towards the cottages. I forgot that Bella was the person that tripped over everything, so I was a little surprised when I heard her fall behind me. I turned around and saw that she was lying several feet behind, and her face had a glint of pain in it. Oh no. what if she had hurt herself? I ran back to were she was as fast as I could. "Are you okay?" I asked her in a worried voice. She tried to stand but she fell back to the ground, her face covered in pain. ”No, I think I twisted my ankle."