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Chapter 6: Eddie, Teddie and Mickey BPOV Great, now I’ve twisted my ankle.

If there is a god, he, or she, hates me. “Are you sure?” Edward asked in an unsteady voice that was clouded with worry and looked at me with teary eyes. Oh, get a grip! Okay, he’s gay, but crying? For this? Seriously… “Yes Edward, I’m sure.” I said trough gritted teeth in an irritated tone. Then I sighed.This guy was freaking impossible. “What is it? Please tell me! Does it hurt? Are you alright?” He asked in his unsteady voice and I let out a small chuckle. Why did he care? “Yes Edward, I’m okay. I just think this is a little ironic. Think about it. We get here, and the first thing I do is to pass out for 3 hours. Then, I wake up with freaking Mike, 2 inches from my face. Then, I get slapped in the face by you,” I paused to give him a sour look.” And now this happens.” I said and pointed at my foot. “I mean, what is this? Friday the 13th?” I asked sarcastically. “Actually, It is.” He said and pointed at his super modern watch. “Oh, come on!” I practically screamed out towards the sky. “Seriously? Seriously?!? If you’re up there, be prepared to get your sorry little ass kicked!!! You just wait!!!” “Eh…I’m sorry Bella, but we really have to go. You can scream at the sky later.” Edward said and lifted me up in his arms again. I didn’t protest; my foot hurt like hell. He started to run into some direction, probably towards the cottages, but I didn’t care. I was glaring at the clouds. I know it wasn’t the cloud’s fault, but I had to get out my aggression out somewhere. I wonder why I was so angry. I mean, bad luck was my middle name, you know, something you have that you can’t really remove. Suddenly, Edward stopped. I took my gaze away from the clouds and saw were we were, the cottages. It looked a little like those houses from ‘The village’, except, they were smaller and there where trees everywhere, surrounding the place. I laughed a quiet laugh. ‘Don’t go into the forest’ they say. That’s easy, especially when the forest is everywhere. Hmmm… I wonder who the monster would be if this was like the movie. That’s easy. Mike. If you think about it he, and the creepy mental guy in the movie are kinda alike, especially the looks. Then suddenly, Edward started to run towards another trail, leading away from the ‘The village’ cottages. “Where are you going? The cottages were there.” “Mr. Smith said that we were going to a bonfire tonight, as a celebration for something, I didn’t really listen. Anyway, he’s gonna kill us if were not there.” He said in a serious tone. I shivered. By knowing that fish, he was serious. One time,

he was so irritated by a student and his mobile for disturbing his class; he went up to the student and crushed his phone with his bare hands. It wasn’t pretty. After a few minutes off running on the trail, a saw something glowing in the distance in the trees. Fire. It was a small meadow right ahead, with a small fire, surrounded by the students, sitting on logs and stomps. Edward slowed down to a walking phase and was just about to walk out of the trees when I stopped him. “What?” he asked and frowned at me. “If you want me to live the day, you put me down right now.” I said and pointed at the ground. “Why?” He asked, more confused and his frown deepened. “Edward, if you walk out there, with me in your arms, the girls will kill me! It’s like throwing a piece of bloody meat to a pair of deadly, hungry sharks with pink heels.” I stated. He laughed at my metaphor, but put me down, realizing what I meant. When I tried to walk, the pain in my foot had decreased, it was almost gone. We walked up to the bonfire and sat down at on a pair of stumps like we had been there the whole time. Mr. Smith sat on a log by him self, drinking something out of a bottle. “Did you know, that my last name, *hick* is the same of Will Smith?” he asked to the students that sat around the fire. “No idea.” Somebody said sarcastically. “My mother *hick* always wanted a boy. And when I was *hick* born, she wanted a nice *hick* last name to me, so I was named *hick* Smith Jr. Smith. “He said and suddenly, he started to laugh hysterically. Then, he passed out. All the students stared at the unconscious fish, who had fallen of the log backwards. It was silent for a moment, until Mike broke it. “Hey, this guy has liquor! Who’s up for a drinking party??” He asked the students and took one of Mr. smith’s Beer bottle’s and holding it up like warriors do before they go out on a battle, and when they win them in movies. All the students cheered and started drinking. “You wanna go back?” Edward asked, his tone disgusted. “Yes please. Me & alcohol aren’t really best friends.” I said and rose from the stumps and went back to the cottages. When we were there, Edward showed me which one that was ours. Inside, there were 4 beds, 2 closets and a little table with 2 chairs and a glass bottle with water in it. “Where’s my bag?” I asked him when I saw all their bags on the beds, except mine. “We had to hide it from Mike…” he said, leaving the sentence hanging. I shuddered. Seriously, when this week’s over, I’m sending him to the crazy house…

Edward went over to the closet, opened it and dragged out my bag. Hide it form Mike you say… if I were to bet his IQ it would be below 10. “Here you are.” He said and gave me it. “Thanks.” I went to the empty bed and put my bag on it. I opened it and took out my iPod and my beloved book, Romeo & Juliet. Just when I was about to begin to read, Edward walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “I’m just going to go and get Tyler, I’ll be right back. Will you be alright?” He asked me, looking like a mother, leaving for work and leaves her sick child home for the first time. “What am I, 3? I can take care of my self, tank you.” I told him, annoyed by the fact he didn’t trust me being alone. “If you say so. See you in a minute, I guess.” He said shrugging and left. I was alone for about 30 seconds. When I had read about 2 pages, the door swung up and hit the wall with a loud ‘bang’. In the doorway stood Mike with a half full vodka bottle in his hand. He seemed surprised and happy to find me in the cottage. “Hi Bella!” he said happily and started to walk towards me, but I stopped him. “Mike, stop right there. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to have a drinking party with your friends?” I asked him. “I am. I was just going to get a shirt.” He said, putting away his vodka bottle, leaving it standing on the table. Then he walked over to the beds and opened his bag and pulled up a white shirt. “See?” he said and pointed at it. “Great, now go away.” I told him, pushing him trough the door and closing the door. I was still listening to my iPod, when I walked over to the table and took the bottle of water and opened it to drink. Hmmm… this water tasted strange… EPOV On my way to the bonfire I passed a few people, but I didn’t pay attention who they were. They were all drunk, so none of them were Tyler. When I finally came to the bonfire I saw Tyler, who stood next to Mr. Smith confusion written on his face. “Tyler, there you are.” I called through all the laughing and talking students. “Edward, what happened here? When I got here, everybody was going around drinking liquor and Mr. Smith was unconscious.” He pointed at Mr. Smith, who was smiling in his sleep. “Well, this guy,” I said and pointed at Mr. Smith. “Was sitting here, drinking. Then he passed out and Mike took this as an opportunity to have a drinking party. So, they took his liquor and there you go.” I said, not really caring. The only thing I cared about was Bella, who was sitting alone in our cottage. “Let’s go back to our cottage; I don’t like having Bella there all alone.” I told him, I little anxious leaving her. Okay, a lot anxious would fit better.

“Sure, let’s go.” Tyler said and we left the bonfire. I wanted to run with all my might back, but I didn’t think Tyler would be able to keep up. And we didn’t want another person with a twisted ankle. When we were at the cottages, Mike stumbled away from our cottage. “Mike, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the bonfire and drinking liquor? You were the person who started the drinking party after all.” Tyler asked him. “Oh crap! I forgot my vodka in the cottage! Better go get it.” He said and turned around to the cottage and started walking, me and Tyler right behind him. When he opened the door, we all saw a seen we thought we would never see. Bella was jumping up and down on the bed, dancing and listening to her iPod, singing along to the song as loud as she could. As she jumped/danced, something fell of the bed and started to roll towards us; an empty vodka bottle. “My vodka!” Mike cried and walked, almost ran, the meter that separated him and his empty vodka bottle. He took it up in his arms and started sobbing. “Mike, what the hell you do?!?” Tyler and I shouted at him, but he didn’t hear us. “It was half full when I left it…” he sobbed. Bella seamed to hear that she had company and stopped singing and opened her eyes. When she saw that it was us, she did the most unexpected thing. “Eddie! Teddie! Mickey!” she screamed happily and took a big jump from the bed towards us, into my arms. “I missed you…” she said, her breath stinking with the smell of alcohol. “Let’s lie you down, you’re drunk. Tyler, can you move the bag away from the bed?” I asked him as I walked up to it. He did and I lay her down. She looked extremely sleepy, and she was scratching herself everywhere. “So…Hot…” she said and started to unbutton her shirt. “No no no! Bella don’t take your clothes off!”I begged her, and buttoned the buttons she had unbuttoned. “No, do it!!” Mike screamed behind me, clearly disappointed by my answer. “Shut up, Mike!!!” Tyler and I screamed at the exact same time. Mike did shut up, but he was watching it all, excited. “But it’s so hot…” Bella complained. Then, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Hello Eddie! How are you today?” she asked and gave me a small kiss on my cheek. I was so stunned by her action; she escaped from the bed and ran over to Tyler.

“Hey Teddie!” she said and then she leaned closer to his face, looking at it. Then she giggled. “you look funny!” and did as she did with me, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I stood there stunned. Just when he was heading towards Mike, she stopped. ( thank god for that.) then, her eye lids fluttered and she stumbled to keep standing. Then she yawned. “I’m…sleepy…” she said slowly. Then, she collapsed on the floor.

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