1.Political Party/office sought: Oberlin City Council 2.Age: 46 3.Place of birth: Oberlin 4.

Home Address: 35 Willard Court, #1, Oberlin. 5.Length of residence in that community: Most recently 1 year but I was born and raised in Oberlin. 6.Occupation: Program Coordinator 7.Employer: The Oberlin Project 8.Elected office experience: None. 9.Non-elected office experience (boards etc.): Served as Acting City Clerk for City of Oberlin as needed. Served as secretary at one time or another for just about every committee or commission the City of Oberlin has had over my 25 years as a City of Oberlin employee. 10.Education (only schools graduated from): Oberlin High School/Joint Vocational School 1986; University of Phoenix with Associates Degree in Business Administration in 2011. I will graduate at the end of this year (2013) with my BS in Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management. 11.Marital status: Engaged 12. Name of spouse: AJ! Clonts (my fiance) 13.name and ages of any children: NONE 14.Organizations: • • • • Member of the League of Women Voters of the Oberlin Area Member of the Oberlin Underground Railroad Center Implementation Team Member of the Oberlin NAACP Member of International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) for over 14 years. (Served as President a few times of a chapter and also chaired Ohio Division Committee's.) • Vice Chair of Providing Oberlin with Efficiency Responsibly (POWER). 15.Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you'd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it? My goal is to 1) address and advocate for sustainable transportation and policies that support walking, biking, and especially public transportation. 2) I am dedicated to completing the Underground Railroad Center Project, a place where we can discuss our difference and work toward mutual respect for all residents. 3) I am committed to identifying opportunities that provide training and jobs for the underserved

populations so we can lower the 28% poverty level and raise the prosperity level for everyone within Oberlin. To be successful as a member of Oberlin City Council I believe it is important to base our decisions on plans the previous City Council have adopted, which are the City’s 2025 Strategic Plan and the 2013 Climate Action Plan. I believe using these guides will help the City of Oberlin reach it's goals as well as serve as a model for other communities. 16.Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? I love the Oberlin community. I was born and raised in Oberlin and served the Oberlin Community as a City of Oberlin employee for 25 years. I have either lived or worked in Oberlin all my life and I have never clearly seen myself being anywhere else. I have a proven track record of my community service within Oberlin assist organizations with special events. Through the lens of social justice, I am a leader and advocate for environmental justice.

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