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Facebookster builds, promotes and monetizes Social media applications for clients, agencies and entrepreneurs, which engage and entertain users while spreading the message through the use of social graph and other viral elements.


Our geographically distributed our “virtual” office brings talent to you from the far corners of the globe.

By leveraging the internet, we hire the most talented, detail-oriented staff—from all over the world.


Our people are the foundation of our success and the key to our future • Zero Commute, friendly atmosphere.
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Low turnover translates into consistency and quality output. Best in class development processes and systems to ensure quality project management and agile development . Developed recognition programs that celebrate the achievements of our people . Our diverse group includes designers, scholars, physicists, musicians, writers, film makers, chefs, dancers, mathematicians, psychologists, mountain climbers, skydivers and of course software wizards (about 100 of them).


We have partnerships with Offerpal & RockYou.
These affiliations helps us: • Be on Top of New Trends • Offer the Best Wholesale Rates • Gain Inside Analytical Insights • Provide Advanced Optimization Tips • Develop Monetization Tools • Access the Best Industry Advice


Following are some of the platforms for whom, we can develop applications:


Strategic Planning

Facebookster will work with you to develop a unique theme /narrative across all consumer touch points/ platforms

Channel Integration

Creative Execution



Biggest Code Library of 500 + apps

Project Management Design Development Promotion Community Management Reporting/Optimization

Experienced management specializing in social media development projects Team of graphic designers trained in Interactive media 100 Plus team of strong FBML Developers Lowest Cost-per-install and cost-per submission deals Moderation services available for message boards and feature requests Proprietary Analytics (Users, page views, invites, viral growth, activity and more)

A successful strategy should have the following: • Planning • Design • Strategy for viral loops • Monetization (ask us) • Execution • Scalability • Marketing (media buy)

LINK - Social Platform Agnostic Approach Viral Hooks Repertoire Library LEADS - Our Proprietary Development Framework Exclusive Industry Affiliation Deals 500 Plus App Experience e.g. Portfolio App with 3 M + Users Integration of all the above with precision

1. Plan: Define objectives, estimate timeline and get an approval on the scope of the application 2. Develop : UI & Graphic Design and Development 3. Optimize: Optimize engagement loops and viral tunings through iterations 4. Promote: Get them in and iterate constantly


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Streaming News Feeds /Mini Feeds Notifications/ - Synthetic (app to user) - Organic (user to user) - Positioning (positioning of app / brand recall) Request/Invitation Emails Visual Identity Non-user pages Profile Action

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Using Facebook API we try to recruit more users for your application Newsfeeds works best when you choose the most interesting events / actions that generate the newsfeed item. Catchy phrases and visuals can make a huge difference in recruitment


We have copy writers and community managers to write requests and invitations that are not considered spam but more like interesting & relevant content. Our invites accelerate the word of mouth marketing component and can be used either for an loyalty, engagement program. We know how to accelerate the viral nature of the application (it’s the compelling relevant copy!!!) Our community managers send weekly email updates, and relevant emails on specific event or holidays . e.g. 4th of july


The small icons and the accompanying text can play a very important role in a success of an application We use experts in visual identities and research them as we believe this is an excellent opportunity to brand your application


We track upto 45 metrics, some of them are listed below: • Sent Requests and CTR (click-thru rate) • Sent Notifications sent and CTR • Feed events & feed CTR • Adds / removes / Spams How do we track • Basic (Facebook) • Advanced (Sometrics, Kogent) • Real time statistics • Application events that can’t be tied to a page (i.e. number of requests sent) • Demographics • Affinity


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Analytics help us optimize (the big secret of success) We use analytics to do A/B test for user flows, for checking contents, for engagement loops Analytics lead us to data driven measure to optimize the apps

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Target your audience Plan Design and Strategize (Viral) Execute (should offer a unique value to all users) Build Engagement loops (copy & design) Promote with strong affiliate partnerships Measure success & learn to optimize with analytics Repeat message and notify


Add some zing to your online presence! & Harness the power of social media!