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Shou Matsui’s 1928 Reiki Article:
"A Palm-ealin! "reatment to #ure Man$ Diseases "
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Shou Matsui 1!"0 # 1$33% ha& 'or(e& as a )ourna*ist be+ore becoming 'e**#(no'n as a
p*ay'right an& &rama teacher, an& supporter o+ the tra&itiona* +orm o+ Japanese -heatre
ca**e& .abu(i. /e 'as a*so one o+ Chu)iro /ayashi0s 1ei(i stu&ents.
23en as a p*ay'right Mr. Matsui continue& to 'rite artic*es an& re3ie's, etc, inc*u&ing
one particu*ar 1ei(i#promoting piece, pub*ishe& in the 0Sun&ay Mainichi0 [Sun&ay 23ery
Day] Maga4ine, on March 5th, 1$2!.
6n response to a re7uest +rom a rea&er 'ho 'rote8
6 'ou*& *i(e to *earn about the treatment intro&uce& in the boo( presentation by Shou
Matsui in the 0Mainichi0 on January 30th.
Mr. Matsui respon&s8
96 am p*ease& to &iscuss this metho&.
-his cure#a** treatment is ca**e& 91ei(i 1yoho9 an& is practice& by an e*ite group o+
peop*e. 6t 'as create&, or rather +oun&e&, by Sensei Mi(ao :sui 'ho passe& a'ay a +e'
years ago. Current*y, his stu&ents ha3e c*inics 'here they practice hea*ing an& train
others in 1ei(i 1yoho. ;*though remar(ab*e in its e++ecti3eness, not many peop*e are
+ami*iar 'ith this treatment. Sensei Mi(ao :sui &i& not *i(e to a&3ertise 1ei(i 1yoho an&
so his stu&ents are a*so hesitant in pub*ici4ing it.9
Mr. Matsui goes on to say that he rea**y can0t see 'hy they &on0t ma(e an e++ort to
pub*ici4e 1ei(i 1yoho. /e comments about ho' 3arious re*igions proc*aim an& sprea&
their teachings # spea(s o+ the positi3e use o+ propagan&a an& ho' i+ the truth can ma(e
peop*e happy then it shou*& be a persons &uty to sprea& the truth.
/e continues8
9So it is that 'hen as(e&, 6 a*'ays promote this 1ei(i 1yoho in a positi3e 'ay. 6 'i** 'rite
about it i+ as(e&. <et my &oing so attracts criticism +rom other 1ei(i 1yoho practitioners. 6
&o thin( it is a shame to re+rain +rom pub*ici4ing such a great hea*ing techni7ue. 6t is a
both a mora* an& a socia* shame an& 6 am a*'ays p*ease& to promote it.9
Mr. Matsui continues to e=p*ain that he 'ou*&n0t *i(e rea&ers or other )ourna*ists to get
the 'rong impression. /e &oes not 'ant peop*e to thin( that the reason 1ei(i 1yoho
practitioners genera**y &o not promote their art is because it is a** sham an& tric(ery.
9So, 6 'i** ta(e on the responsibi*ity an& promote the truth about 1ei(i, both +or the sa(e
o+ the art an& +or the sa(e o+ those 'ho are su++ering. 6n 'riting this, 6 am acting on my
o'n # these are my thoughts, an& 6 am responsib*e +or them, this has nothing to &o 'ith
other 1ei(i 1yoho practitioners. 6 +in& 6 am so e=cite& about this treatment that 6 can
har&*y concentrate on script'riting since ha3ing *earne& ho' to use it.9
6t is, Mr. Matsui says, his &esire to promote 1ei(i 1yoho +ar an& 'i&e, so that not on*y
the Japanese peop*e, but peop*e a** o3er the 'or*& 'i** be +ree +rom &isease, (no'
e=ce**ent hea*th an& be much happier.
<et in the same breath, he mentions ho' in the years since 1ei(i 1yoho 'as +irst
&e3e*ope& by Mi(ao :sui, on*y a han&+u* o+ c*inics ha3e actua**y been estab*ishe& to
pro3i&e this 'on&er+u* treatment.
Mr. Matsui goes on to spea( about ho' he 'as initiate& into 1ei(i by Chu)iro /ayashi # a
'arm#hearte& yet serious man, accor&ing to Matsui # one 'ho seeme& as i+ he ha& been
&estine& +rom birth to 'or( 'ith 1ei(i.
/e mentions that Chu)iro /ayashi gi3es 1ei(i treatments to c*ients in the morning, an&
teaches 1ei(i 1yoho +or +i3e &ays each month.
/e then goes on to e=p*ain that, because there are numerous other treatment metho&s
an& sects, 'hich ha3e the sy**ab*e >1ei? in their name, many peop*e incorrect*y assume
1ei(i 1yoho is, connecte& 'ith these other groups. [@ote8 in the ear*y part o+ the 20th C,
se3era* such groups 'ere 3ie'e& 'ith suspicion &ue to suppose& 0cu*tist0 beha3iour]
;n&, as 1ei(i 1yoho practitioners are un'i**ing to spea( out an& c*ari+y their be*ie+s an&
position, it is *itt*e 'on&er that this much#nee&e& treatment sty*e has not gro'n in
96 'ou*& *i(e to state that, o+ a** the treatment metho&s 6 ha3e encountere&, 1ei(i 1yoho
is the most e++ecti3e an& the most uni7ue. 6t can rea**y hea*, 'hate3er the &isor&er.
Aeop*e as(8 0is 1ei(i 1yoho e++ecti3e in &ea*ing 'ith psycho*ogica* &isor&ersB0 <es it is,
an& it can a*so hea* a** manner o+ interna* &iseases an& e=terna* in)uries as 'e**.
6ntestina* prob*ems, burns, rheumatism, ner3ous prob*ems # the *otC9
1ei(i 1yoho, Mr. Matsui e=p*ains, is consi&ere& a spiritua* techni7ue # as the 91ei9 part
o+ the name suggests. /o'e3er, he himse*+ consi&ers it to be a 3ery practica*, physica*
Mr. Matsui says he bases this be*ie+ on his persona* e=perience, ha3ing success+u**y
treating more than a hun&re& patients. /e says that some peop*e put the e++ects o+ 1ei(i
1yoho on a par 'ith the mirac*e hea*ings o+ Jesus, but that he, Matsui, is simp*y a
norma*, practica*#min&e&, an& common person # not a great person, not a man o+ great
character. /e &oes c*aim to be 0spiritua**y a&3ance&0.
-o him, 1ei(i 1yoho is not something supernatura*, but a natura*, physio*ogica*
treatment metho&.
/e then goes on to gi3e some e=amp*es o+ &isor&ers he has treate&, e=p*aining that he
has e++ecte& many such hea*ings 'hich, though seeming*y miracu*ous, are simp*y the
resu*t o+ app*ying a practica* treatment 1ei(i 1yoho% 'hich stimu*ates the bo&y0s se*+#
hea*ing mechanisms.
2=p*aining ho' he gi3es treatment, Mr. Matsui says8
96 simp*y p*ace my han&s on the a++ecte& part. 6 &on0t push or pat. -o me, this is the
interesting point about this hea*ing metho&. 6 scan the patient0s 'ho*e bo&y, sense the
source o+ the &isor&er, treat that area, an& the hea*ing e++ect is &ramatic. 6 can &isco3er
the source o+ &isease because 6 'i** +ee* pain 'hen 6 p*ace my han&s there. Depen&ing
on the &isor&er, the intensity o+ pain &i++ers, but 6 am not sure o+ the precise re*ationship
bet'een the con&ition o+ the &isor&er an& the intensity o+ pain +e*t. 6 &on0t )ust +ee* this
pain in my han&s at the point in&icate& by the patient, 6 a*so +ee* it at the point 'hich is
the source o+ &isease, so 6 can +in& the treatment point easi*y. :n*i(e &octors, 6 &o not
nee& the patient to te** me 'here an& ho' they e=perience their &isor&er. Aatients may
be suspicious about my treatment, but no matter, 'ithin thirty minutes to t'o hours their
con&ition 'i** un&ergo a noticeab*e change.
;s an e=amp*e, ta(e a man 'ith serious heart &isease. /is pu*se is !D beats per minute
an& he +ee*s pain in the heart. /is &octor says there is car&io3ascu*ar constriction. <et 6
&on0t +ee* any pain in my pa*ms 'hen 6 p*ace my han&s o3er his heart. Eut as 6 mo3e
&o'n to the area o+ the stomach, the intestines, an& the (i&neys, 6 e=perience
sensations o+ pain an& so 6 gi3e 1ei(i treatment to these areas. 6n a short time his
con&ition impro3es.
So 'hy is the heart con&ition hea*e&B ;n& 'hy &o the hea*er0s han&s e=perience painB
-hese are important 7uestions. 6t rea**y is a mystery ho' &isor&ers, 'hich the &octor has
gi3en up on, can be hea*e& by *aying han&s on the bo&y. Fhi*e it cannot be tru*y
e=p*aine&, it is genera**y seen as a spiritua* phenomenon.
6n my opinion, the b*oo& circu*ation in my han&s has increase& since 6 'as initiate& by
Mr. /ayashi.
6 am unab*e to re3ea* Mr. /ayashi0s teaching metho& an& initiation process, but certain*y
this 'as 'hat ga3e me the hea*ing abi*ity, an& strong*y sensiti4e& my han&s.
;ny'ay, 6 be*ie3e the increase& circu*ation in my han&s stimu*ates the patients o'n
b*oo& circu*ation 'hen 6 p*ace my han&s on their bo&y.9
Mr. Matsui then e=p*ains that in his 3ie', the patient0s circu*ation an& pu*se rate become
synchroni4e& 'ith those o+ the therapist an& this is ho' hea*ing occurs.
/e goes on to say8
9Fhen 6 spea( to them about 1ei(i 1yoho, most 0inte**igent0 peop*e 'i** say, 96t must be
0;nima* 2*ectricity0.9
Eut, he continues, current science &oesn0t c*ear*y un&erstan& the nature o+ e*ectricity,
an& *i(e'ise the true nature o+ 1ei(i cannot be easi*y e=p*aine& or &e+ine& no'. Mr.
Matsui says that, in his opinion, the e++ect o+ 1ei(i treatment cou*& be &ue to something
such as the 0ether0 # but as the 0ether0 has not been not e=amine& scienti+ica**y either,
peop*e 'i** *augh at him.
9Eut 'hen 6 nee& to e=p*ain to a patient about the 1ei(i e++ect, 9ether9 is a goo&
/e says that he cannot e=p*ain c*ear*y an& correct*y # that he &oes not ha3e the
mathematica* s(i**.
9 ;ny'ay, no' 6 am satis+ie& 'ith the practica* e++ect o+ 1ei(i. ;n& at +irst, e3en 6 *aughe&
at the i&ea o+ this treatment.9
/e e=p*ains that one &ay he to*& a +rien& that as he 'as +ee*ing un'e** he thought he
might ta(e up p*aying go*+. -he +rien&, 'hose opinion Matsui 3a*ue& has to*& him about
96 became intereste& in it, an& 'hi*e not rea**y be*ie3ing in it, 6 an& my +ami*y too( training
in it.9
Mr. Matsui says that, soon a+ter starting to *earn 1ei(i, he ha& occasion to try 1ei(i
1yoho on a man 'ho ha& a +ish bone stuc( in his throat.
9 6 trie& 1ei(i 1yoho on him 'ithout e=pectation, an& the pain 'as gone. 6t 'as then that
6 un&erstoo& the essence o+ this treatment. 6 cannot *augh at the 1ei(i metho& anymore.9
96 'as intro&uce& to Mr. /ayashi by a mutua* ac7uaintance an& 6 pai& a *arge sum o+
money to *earn this treatment metho&. -here are se3era* gra&es inc*u&ing Sho&en
e*ementary *e3e*% an& G(u&en a&3ance& *e3e*%, but 6 am sti** at the e*ementary *e3e* #
not yet ha3ing reache& G(u&en.
6 am not sure o+ a** the &etai*s yet but 603e hear& there are +urther gra&es to achie3e.
-hose in3o*3e& 'ith this 1yoho are 3ery mo&est an& &on0t *i(e to boast about the
'on&er+u* treatment. 6t is o&& that such mo&est peop*e create gra&es an& charge +or
initiation into this metho&, but 6 suppose 'e must accept that it is their prerogati3e.
Hor this reason, 6 am not +ree to &iscuss the means o+ initiation into this hea*ing abi*ity, or
the precise &etai*s o+ its app*ication.9
/o'e3er, Mr. Matsui &oes say that he +ee*s he can spea( brie+*y about some aspects o+
1ei(i 1yoho training8
9-o begin *earning 1ei(i 1yoho, you train +or an hour an& a ha*+ a &ay +or +i3e &ays.
Some peop*e can hea* others +rom the 3ery +irst &ay o+ training. 6t0s so easy to *earn this
treatment. ; specia* inherent state o+ consciousness, *i(e a si=th sense, is a'a(ene& by
the training an& the abi*ity to hea* is acti3ate&. -he -eacher gi3es c*ear an& simp*e
instruction. -he abi*ity is common to a** peop*e an& e3eryone e=cept babies can use it to
hea* others. -he treatment in3o*3es simp*y p*acing your han&s on the a++ecte& part.
-here is nothing easier than our 1ei(i 1yoho. 6 shou*& rea**y *i(e to share this treatment
process, not )ust 'ith an e*ite group o+ peop*e, but 'ith the genera* pub*ic, but 6 am
unab*e to &o so +or the reason state& abo3e. ;** 6 can &o is to spea( about 1ei(i 1yoho0s
e=istence so that as many peop*e as possib*e 'i** (no' about it.9
;+ter gi3ing a +urther three e=amp*es o+ cases o+ hea*ings he has e++ecte& 'ith 1ei(i
treatment, Mr. Matsui conc*u&es8
96 cou*& go on recounting my stories o+ hea*ings brought about by 1ei(i 1yoho.
/o'e3er, there are, no &oubt, many s(eptics 'ho 'ont be*ie3e me, an& this is on*y
natura* i+ you ha3en0t e=perience& it yourse*+. 6+ you ha3e some simp*e &isor&er, 6 can
cure it easi*y. Eut 603e *itt*e interest in treating easy cases because &octors can cure
them, too. 6+ you (no' o+ someone 'ith a serious &isor&er # one beyon& the he*p o+
&octors, p*ease bring them to me, or i+ they are not ab*e to come to me, 6 can 3isit them.
Eut as you can appreciate, 6 am a busy man # 'ith se3era* scripts to comp*ete +or a
coup*e o+ theatre companies in time +or ne=t month0s pro&uctions. So 6 am unab*e to &ea*
'ith many patients but, to test my pa*m#hea*ing abi*ity, 6 'i** treat a sing*e patient
su++ering +rom a serious comp*aint.9
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