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Answers by School District Chambersburg 1: Industry: Health Care Careers: Pharmacists Substance Abuse Counselors Massage Therapists Social

Worker Physical Therapist Cardiovascular Technologist Homehealth Aid Dental Hygienist Social Workers Dental Assistances Dential Hygenists Pharmacists Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: Healthcare in this county contains over 200 jobs! In 2002 there 7,416 jobs in this industry! PA Health Careers week is in November. Substance Abuse Social Workers make from $29,000 to $54,000 a year. Summit health is Franklin County's 2nd largest employer (not really a fun fact, but interesting)Pennsylvania's budget gap may result in several thousand job losses Hospitals in 55 of the 67 counties in PA are among the top employers Chambersburg and Waynesboro Hospital are nonprofit community hospitals Working with others. Helping others out. A lot of these industries are near each other and relate to each other Good chance of working with people you know.

Questions about the Industry: How much schooling does it take to be in your field? What made you want to enter this field? Is being on call troublesome? Did you have any jobs before this one or did you go straight to the medical field? Are you worried that because of the budget cuts you might be out of work? Why did you choose to work in the health care industry? Are you happy with your choice? What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Does it ever get boring? Do you ever wish you picked something else How much education is required for this industry? Are you proud of working for this industry? Brief Paragraph about the Industry: 7 of the 20 fastest growing occupations are in health care or health care related. Most of the jobs in health care require certain skills such as active listening and active learning. In Franklin County, there are a few nonprofit hospitals, simply just there for the need of the community. For those interested in nurse training, there are many great opportunities, such as job shadowing and classes in Penn State Mont Alto and even in community colleges. However, despite the constant need for employees, Pennsylvania might find itself having to cut back on its health care employees due to budget. This industry is one of the fastest growing in Pennsylvania, because of health care needs and population growth. Jobs that are included in this industry are nurses, social workers, and pharmacists, but those are just a few. Health care workers are very important in our lives today. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Summit Health Care: Summit Health Care is a non-profit organization. It is the largest non-governmental employer. Their goal is to simply improve the health of local residents by planning programs and events and also by joining with many local school districts to help educate. Amedisys Home Health Care of Chambersburg: Amedisys Home Health Services has a little over 500 locations all across the US, one of these locations being in Chambersburg. Amedisys is health care in the comfort of ones own home. There are home health aides, physical therapists, and skilled nurses. Employees make a pledge to their patients to always treat them with respect, which from experience, respect is something not always found in regular hospitals. social worker- Franklin Country Child Services operates with healthcare. This business helps children feel save and secure after being abused and or neglected.
Pharmacist- Rite Aid operates with healthcare. This business has pharmacists working in it to give out medications that their doctor as prescribed them.

Industry: Renewable Energy Careers:

Solar Energy Biofuels/biomass Natural gas distribution Hydroelectric power generation Water Treatment Plant Operator Nuclear Engineer Extraction Worker Helper Electrical Power-Line Installer Water Treatment Plant Operators Refuse Collectors Nuclear Engineers Electrical Power line Installers Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: Pennsylvania has a highly-skilled workforce to achieve the goal of cleaner energies. Pennsylvania ranks second in the nation for nuclear power. “Green energies are becoming more profitable. Currently there is little competition in this field for entrepreneurs. Back in November, Ed Rendell announced that we were investing in the development of renewable energy technology Buisnessness in Greencastle are marketing the installation of solar power A "wind farm" could generate enough electricity to power about 50,000 average households Chambersburg's water is collected from the East Branch of the Conococheague Creek Help the Planet Working with Others Protect the economy Helps other people Questions about the Industry: Do you think “green” energies are a trend that will get more popular? Do you do your job for the money or helping the environment? What’s your favorite thing about your job? Did you always want to be in the renewable energies field? What made you want to research renewable energy? How much electricity/power could wind and solar energy generate as opposed to other methods? If wind and solar energy is so much better for the environment why aren't we seeing more of it? What are some other "green" methods of generating energy? Do you ever get scared that something bad might happen? How do you feel about what you did at the end of the day? How much education is required? Did you ever regret picking this industry?

Brief Paragraph about the Industry: Renewable energy is becoming very important as oil becomes more scarce and expensive. Citizens are finding that perhaps it is time to turn to different methods of generating electricity; methods that would also be better for the environment. Solar and wind energy are among these methods. More and more in Franklin County are wind farms popping up and businesses are providing solar installation. More investments are being put into finding new ways to produce electricity; ways which will not harm the environment. This is a very unique industry. Some of the jobs include, petroleum engineers, nuclear technicians, and power plan operators. These jobs have relatively high wages. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Knepper's Kleen Water: A private company organized under Water Treatment Equipment Service. It is located in Chambersburg, PA. It specializes in water filters and water purification. Solar Glass Co. : Is a business whose goal is to preserve the environment which involves selling products that help their customers be "green" as well. One of their products includes solar. Water Treatment Plant Operators – Department of Environmental Protection operates with the energy industry. This business is trying to help the economy basically. Since energy is such a unique industry it was difficult for me to find much about jobs in this area. They’re mostly in Allentown or near Harrisburg.

Chambersburg 2: Industry: Letterkenny Careers: Ramtech Linguist Systems Engineer Government contractor Watch officer Mechanics Electrician Financial Managers Security Guards Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: They make Hondas Letterkenny is the center of Industrial and technical Air defense and tactical missile systems Letterkenny is one of the top three employers in Franklin County All of Letterkenny is comprised over an area of 17,500 acres Letterkenny has been supporting US troops for over 64 years Letterkenny has about 902 igloos, 12 above ground magazines and 17 warehouses. The 1st shipment arrives on September 23, 1942. Letterkenny was one of the largest depots and was at the Springboard of Invasion in 1944. During the Korean Conflict the workforce went up to 6,500 people.

Questions about the Industry: What kind of education did you need to obtain this job How long do you have to work here until you can retire? Who do you think would be best qualified for this job? Is there anything you'd like to suggest for those looking into getting into this career? What is the purpose of letterkenny? What is letterkenny exactly? What kinds of equipment are produced in letterkenny? How many different kinds of work are there in letterkenny?_ What does your company do? What does a typical day at your job look like? How did you get started in this career? What benefits do you have in this career? Brief Paragraph about the Industry:

Letterkenny is a major military base in Franklin county. It makes the machines, weapons, vehicles, and many other things that the army uses. Letterkenny serves as an Army depot that manufactures and stores military equipment. It is the Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for Air Defense and Tactical Missile Systems, and was established in 1942.. Letterkenny really helped Franklin County because it opened so many jobs for people to work in. By putting Letterkenny in Franklin County, we are helping to keep the world in peace with everybody and keep justice. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Radar Testing – Letterkenny has a 28 acres free space radiation site dedicated for testing radar devices. Woodworking – Letterkenny has a complete mill work that does joining, plaining, drilling, turning, routing, sawing, and sanding. Machinery that they use are drills, band saws, tables saws, and power sanders, etc. Shield Room Environment – This is for testing electronic systems generating significant levels of electromagnetic radiation. Letterkenny has a total 1,000 feet squared available for three shield rooms. Industry: Hospitality and Tourism Careers: Hotel Desk Clerks Postal Mail Sorters Automotive mechanics Cashiers Retail sales supervisors Hotel desk clerk Maids Recreation workers Hotel Desk Clerks Maids and Housekeepers Recreation Workers Travel Agents Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: Old Jail The Heritage Center Capital Theater The Coyle Free library People come to Chambersburg to tour the old jail James Buchanan was born in Chambersburg

Ben Chambers was buried in Chambersburg Chambersburg was burned down during the Civil war Tourism supports 400,000 jobs in the commonwealth Tourism generates $2.7 billion in tax revenue In Franklin County, according to the 2000 census, there was 129,313 people After Chambersburg burned the total loss was valued at $1,628,431 about 537 buildings. Questions for the Industry: How long have you been working here? What got you interested in this career? What would you suggest a person do if they were interested in this career? Is this a hard job to do? What exactly do you do in your career? Do you enjoy your career? How does your career influence the peoples of Franklin County? Would you refer your career to a friend? Do you like your job? What’s the hardest thing to do at your job? How did you get involved into your career? What do you do in your career? Brief Paragraph about the Industry: Hospitality and tourism is about the hotels, motels and rooming services and the many things to see and visit while say on a vacation. Franklin County might not have all the greatest things for tourism but we have a rich heritage. This can be found out in the Heritage Center. A few Hotels around here are the Super 8, Days Inn, and Four Point Hotel. Tourism is big in Franklin County because Chambersburg is a town that the Civil War took place in. Another reason why Chambersburg would be important is that Chambersburg was burnt down by the South during the Civil War. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Days Inn is a hotel located near exit 16 in Franklin County. It serves as a place of hospitality for many people. The Old Jail is a place where the historic Library is located and there is a tour of how Chambersburg once was. It is a great tourist attraction Pennsylvania is a greatly visited state. People come from all over the country to tour the historical state. Some tourists may pass through Franklin County and learn some of the great history that is within the area.

Chambersburg Heritage Center – The Heritage Center provides visitors with information on the founding of Chambersburg and the role that Chambersburg had during the Civil War. White Tail – White tail is a ski resort. They have ski’s, tubes, snow boarding, and lots more fun things to do in the snow. Whitetail also have a golf resort. So bring a friend to tee off. If you aren’t into anything like that, maybe you would like to go fly fishing. After a long day at White Tail, spend the night there in White Tail’s Inns that are in the mountain.

Fannett Metal 3: Industry: Manufacturing Careers: Industrial Engineer Inspectors and Testers Chemical Equipment Operator Tool and Die Makers Inspectors Tool & Die Maker welder machinists Plastics cabinetry machines woodcraft Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: Manufacturing contributes 15.1% to PA's economy, the largest percent of the Gross State Product in all of the individual sectors. Some of the greatest technological advances were created because of the manufacturing industry. Manufactured plastics are estimated to resist decomposition for as long as 50,000 years. The first exported manufactured item from America was tar. They inspect and test different parts. Make molds and fixtures and dies. They meld things together with fire or heat. They fix the parts that are broken. Manufacturing clusters provide over half a million jobs wages are 20% higher then the state wide areas manufacturing allows widely diversified business 5,790 things come up when you type in "diverified manufacturing in franklin county" Questions about the Industry: How does your career better technology and the world around us? What is something not a lot of people know about (your career) ? What mad you interested in said career? Why would you recommend someone interested in a career in manufacturing to consider a job in your field? How much money do you make an hour.? What do you come to work and do.? Why did you choose this feild.? What do you enjoy most about your job.?

How early do you have to get up how does the plastic industry plan to be more environmentally responsible how much money do you get how do you plan on helping the environment over the next 5 years Brief Paragraph about the Industry: Advanced manufacturing is a widely popular industry choice when looking for a career. Occupations range from welders and tool and die makers to industrial engineers and other highly advanced careers. Within Franklin County, you can find many local and national businesses depending on what you are interested in. Advanced manufactuirng in franklin county areas is extremely diverse. There are small businesses and large manufacturing warehouses. Here aresome jobs in advanced manufacturing and their annual wages: machinist 35k cabinetmakers 33k welders 38k Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: There were two specific companies I was interested in: Amtrak, a railroad company, and Calimers Wheel Shop, a woodworking company. Amtrak is a railroad company located in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Amtrak operates not only in Pennsylvania, but it connects and travels all throughout the country. Amtrak offers a wide range of careers that go from trainmasters and ticket clerks to internships and in-depth careers involving the mechanisms of the train system. Calimers Wheel Shop is a manufacturer of quality wooden wheels located in Wayensboro, Pennsylvania. The shop opened in the 1980's and has been producing antique wheels for automobiles specific to the 'Horseless Carriage' era. The business requires a lot of skilled workers who areknowledgeable in the creation/production of these unique wheels. This business is quirky, with a unique history. Smuckers traditional wood craft was started in 2005. It sells and makes it's own cabinets and counter tops. It's a thriving business and it's run from home. Rustic bird houses rustique barid houses was founded in 1998 and has since then been making bird houses and mailboxes. It started as just a hobby and soon became a family business, and will soon be passed down to the son. Industry: Financial Services (Banks)

Careers: Landscapers and Groundskeepers Lawyers Graphic Designers Product Promoters General Office Clerks Janitors & Cleaners Secretaries bank tellers Bank tellers security guards fair trade certification companies financial training specialists Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: Provide people with any legal or financial service possible. Lots of job opportunities available within Franklin County. PA has the 9th most densely populated concentration of lawyers within the United States. In Chambersburg, you can find a variety of legal offices where you can get any kind of permit you need. Filling and Mail distribution. Keeps things cleaned up. Schedule meetings. Pay out money. Orrstown is one of the few independent banks in the state twenty four banking companies from from franklin county are among the top 200 banks in the state. Banks hand out lollipops banks have drive throughs Questions about the Industry: What kind of training/experience/degrees do you need? How does your career impact the company? When hiring, what kind of individual is your field looking for? Why would someone want to consider this career when they are looking for a job? Do you have to be good at math? Does all the money stay in the bank? How much money do you make? Do you like your job? How are you planning to use your business to help end global warming? Does the bank or business donate to any charities? What are your investments? Are they sustainable investments? How can banks move us toward a more sustainable economy?

Brief Paragraph about the Industry: The Business and Financial Services industry requires a lot of training and jobspecific experience. Most workers within this industry are highly paid and many popular and well-known occupations originate from this industry. Some of these jobs include: lawyers, graphic designers, and landscapers. Many of these jobs require years of college or attendance at a technical school.

Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: In the Business and Financial Services industry, I chose two companies: BCM Payroll Services and Citizens Bank. BCM Payroll Services is a payroll service located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. This business helps average people to track their vacation and sick days, deposit payrolls, and file tax returns. They provide all of these services so you don't have to worry about your taxes so you can do more important things. Citizens Bank is a financial service located in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. They specialize in providing loans and savings options for personal and small business checking accounts. There are multiple Citizens Banks located throughout the country. Citizens Bank also provides online assistance and can be found in numerous locations throughout Franklin County. They provide a more personal banking experience unlike larger banks. Orrstown bank is one of the few indepenent banks in the started out as one bank in orrstown and know has several branches.

Greencastle 4: Industry: Utilities Careers: Plumber HVAC Electrician Handy Man Water Treatment Plant Operator Refuse Collectors Nuclear Engineers Electrical Power Line Installers Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: They see a lot of homes. Their work is different everyday. They meet many new people due to their face to face careers. Plumbers often have apprentices that are learning their job from a hands on P.O.V. Utilities workers don’t make a lot of money All of these jobs are dangerous Utilities jobs can be from nuclear engineers to refuse collectors Pennsylvania ranks second in the nation in nuclear power generating capacity Questions about the Industry: What interested you about your career field? How much schooling did you have to have to become certified? What type of person would you recommend this job to? What about you makes this a suitable job for you? What is an average work day for you? How long of work days do you work? Do you work as a team? Do you like your job Brief Paragraph about the Industry: My industry operates directly with people of Franklin County. Plumbers often go to residential homes to fix broken pipes or cracked water heaters. Electricians sometimes apply their knowledge to commercial buildings, but usually that is a team effort. If it’s merely a residential home one electrician is needed. Handy men can be called to fix little things around a home like broken banisters or leaks in a ceiling.

The jobs within this group in Franklin County are mostly water treatment operators and refuse collectors, because we don’t have any nuclear plants around here. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Roto-Rooters Plumbers have been in business since 1935. They are a 24 hour team that will work on any day of the week. They also work on holidays. They do residential and commercial plumbing. They are always fully staffed on nights and weekends. The Kevin Carmack Plumbing & Service business is also a 24 hour service. This company has 18 years of experience and now offers sewer cleanings. They do repairs and new installations at any time during the day. IESI – One of the largest waste management companies in the USA. Allegheny Power – Has 3 billion in annual revenues and about 4,000 workers. Industry: Logistics/Transportation/Distribution Careers: General Laborers Transportation Supervisors Transportation Inspectors Transportation Attendants Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs Airline Pilots Flight Attendants Aircraft Mechanics Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: By 2014 PA projects that there will be 86,300 truck drivers By 2014 PA projects that only 1,500 transportation inspectors will exist Transportation attendants have the lowest average pay Industrial truck and tractor operators have very few job openings PA & Franklin County pay more that the average of the US in this industry PA has 121,294 miles of highway. Enough to go around the Earth at the equator almost 5 times. Questions about the Industry: What kind of machines do you work with? What is an average work day for you? Do you work alone or in groups? Do you like your job? What is your biggest fear in your job?

What is your biggest distributor? What is the farthest your company travels? What is your most transported good? Brief Paragraph about the Industry: If you work in Franklin County for the transportation industry, you may drive a truck or maybe even an airplane. Logistics, transportation, and distribution play a key role in Franklin County due to the large amount of goods that is produced in the county. Franklin County produces a multitude of goods that we use everyday. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: DL Martin – Provider of precision machine components and fabrication Franklin County Transportation – Busing company which offers a door

Shippensburg 5: Industry: Government Careers: Judge State representative Mayor Post office Judge Lawyer Mayor Representative Judge street cleaners public archivists prison security Mayor State Representative District Justice Sherriff

Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: Shippensburg served as the first county seat for Cumberland County Shippensburg became a borough on January 21, 1819 Shippensburg is the second oldest community of Cumberland Valley The Widow Piper’s Tavern was built for the first courthouses in Cumberland County The average income of a lawyer is $99,050. Letterkenny Munitions is located in Letterkenny Army Depot. DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) is located in Letterkenny Army Depot. Fort Ritchie is a Government communications/intelligence hub located in the Waynesboro area. The current Franklin County courthouse is thethird courthouse built on the site. Franklin County court house completed a multi phase renovation to the historic facilities in Chambersburg. Five towns in Franklin county have their own form of governments. There are 55,116 registered voters in Franklin county. The current State Senator for those living in Franklin County is Richard L. Alloway There are 4 PA State Representatives in Franklin County. The county seat of Franklin County is Chambersburg Franklin County has 7 boroughs, 15 Townships, and 6 other places designated

by the census

Questions about the Industry: What benefits come with working in this career field? What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in this field? What made you choose this career field? What does a typical day look like on the job? What skills are needed for this job? What are the rewards associated with your career? What sacrifices have you made for this career? What do you enjoy most about this industry? What draws you to your job? What steps did you take to get there? How does your job help the environment? What about a government job was initially appealing to you? How does a government career differ from a non-government job? Must you be appointed/ elected into your job? Are there any advancement opportunities in this career? Brief Paragraph about the Industry: The government in Franklin County is a borough council. A township, along with boroughs and towns. Each town has it’s own local government that can make laws and regulations within its boundaries. All these governments keep Franklin County operating smoothly. Just as in any county or population, Government is needed to keep order and organization. The Governments are split into the towns of Franklin County. The head of the local Government being the Mayor. Most populations are split into townships, boroughs, cities, and towns. There are five different forms of local governments within Franklin County, here are some things that are operated under their care: street cleaning, snow plowing, parks and rec, street repair, and street lights.

The government provides many vital jobs and keeps lives running smoothly. From postal workers to the military to mayors, many jobs are supplied by the government. In the county , State reps and State senators are elected to represent the people in the state legislature, as well as lower official such as sheriffs and justices who deal with county affairs. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Edward G. Rendell is the governor of Pennsylvania. He has many accomplishments that have helped out state. He increased minimum wage twice in one year from $6.25 to $7.15 an hour in 2007. Governor Ed Rendell signed

the largest tax cut in Pennsylvania in 2006, for $1 billion a year to home owners in the state. Rob Kauffman was first elected as state representative in Pennsylvania in 2004. Rob is president of Pregnancy Ministries. He is also a member in many programs such as the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce and the Nation Rifle Association. Letterkenny Munitions is a company that produces Tactical Missile Systems. It is located in the Government run Letterkenny in Chambersburg. With over forty years of missile building, and repair Letterkenny Munitions has been a big part of the Franklin County. DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) provides information to the President, VP, Secretary of Defense and any active war fighters looking for IT. They take information and make in accessible by active soldiers. These two people help our government in Franklin County and in the state of Pennsylvania immensely. Civil War Trails/Dykeman Wetlands -these outdoor recreation trails are mantained by the Shippensburg borough. The recent improvements will attract out door enthusiasts.

Chambersburg Municiple Pool is property of the parks and rec department and our local government. With a lap lane, childrens area and water slide, it's great for all ages. The first post office was founded in 1775 in Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin and eventually this department of government became known as the Post Office Department which was also part of the president's cabinet. In 1971, this was done away with and the name was changed to the United States Postal Service. Currently, the Postal service employs 760,000 workers in the US, making the 3rd largest employer.

Letterkenny Army Depot was founded in 1942 as an ordnance storage facility during World War 2. Originally intended for storage, it's role eventually moved towards repair and demilitarization of weapons systems (mostly tactical missile systems) and ammo. Today, Letterkenny is one of the top 3 employers in the county and pumps over 250 million dollars into the local economy annually.

Industry: Agriculture

Careers: Veterinary Technicians Veterinarians Veterinary assistants Farm workers, farm and ranch animals Baker Food Batch makers Veterinarians Agricultural Manager Farm workers agricultural managers bakers packers/packagers Farmworker Agricultural Manager Farm Equipment Mechanics Agricultural Graders and Sorters

Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: PA is the “mushroom capital of the world” PA produces 60% of the total mushroom sales in the nation PA ranks 19th overall agriculture production in the U.S. Over 51,000 farms in PA Many careers in the agriculture industry are seasonal. Farmers will often use planes to spread chemicals on their crops. Pennsylvania is the mushroom capital of the world. Pennsylvania is the second largest dairy producing state. Deer farmers sell more product then all of the Franklin county farmers Franklin county ranks 10 in the state on number of farms preserved Franklin county is a place were dairy farming is the #2 agricultural industry in the area The most common industries for males are 17% machinery 12% metal and 4% fishing In recent estimates, the agricultural production of Franklin County was $255,812,000 Dairy Farming is the largest agricultural section with 54% of the production In 1997 3.8% of all primary farm operators in the county were female. The average age of farmers in the county in 1997 was 50.1. In 1974, the average was 49.6. State averages were 52.7 in 1997 and 50.6 in 1974. Questions about the Industry? What made you choose to work in this industry? What is the best quality of your job? How do you get involved in this career field? Is there room for advancement in this field?

What skills are needed for this job? What are the rewards associated with this career? What sacrifices have you made for this career? What do you enjoy most about this industry? What are the positive and negative parts of you job? What brought you to your job? In what way does your job help our community? How does your job affect you? What does your typical day consist of? How did you get into this industry? What advice would you have for someone considering an agricultural career? What makes this career industry appealing to you?

Brief Paragraph about the Industry: Agriculture and farming is a staple in Franklin County. It is one of the main industries that help support the state of Pennsylvania. We have fertile limestone soils, making Franklin County a prime agricultural area. The agriculture industry is very important to Pennsylvania, as well as Franklin County. It is the largest industry in both. So it brings in the most income for the county. A large percent of these farms or companies are dairy farms. However the majority are regular crop farms. All in all it is the most important industry that Franklin County has. There are many different ways that agriculture operates within Franklin County. Deer farming, dairy farming, growing corn for live stock/ ethanol, and last growing commercial and organic produce.

Agriculture is a vital industry. Anything grown or made by farming or forestry falls into this field. Some examples of this would be dairy farming, logging, fishing, food production and livestock raising. The leading product of Franklin County is dairy followed by livestock and poultry which is followed by field crops, fruits, and vegetables. Farms within Franklin County are shrinking in acreage but are becoming more productive. For example, in 1960, one acre of corn yielded 63 bushels of corn. In 2001, that number was increased to 98. Similarly, the amount of milk put out by dairy cows has more than doubled in the same amount of time. In 2000, this industry employed 2892 workers.

Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Musser Farm is a dairy farm. It is a family owned business, with three generations now. The people that work in this farm work very hard, waking up at 5 in the morning to milk the cows, so that people can buy milk in the grocery

stores. It is hard work keeping everything together on a farm, but they manage to do it. Grove Farm is another family run dairy farm. It has been around for generations. They make butter and sell milk to farmers. They have also sold produce before. Horstdale Farm Supplies located in Greencastle, PA offers farm and lawn supplies as well as farm equipment. They serve all of Franklin County. Fertilizers and salts are available there, along with most items needed to take care of any lawn services. Shank’s Lawn Equipment located in Chambersburg, PA supplies garden tools such as lawn mowers and other agricultural equipment and supplies such as tractors. They serve all of Franklin County.

Without farms, Franklin County wouldn’t be what it is today. LUCIE'S BAKERY is a small home business that began as a pretzel shop. It was sold to become a larger agricultural business, a bakery. What attracts people to this unique bakery is that everything is made from scratch, just like you'd make it at home. MOUNTAIN VIEW VETERINARY CLINIC is a small vet clinic that helps injured animals. They specialize in farm visits, and treat animals that range from small rodents to horses and cattle.

The Gro-Lan Farm owned by Jeff and Jay Grove is a local Franklin County farm. For 3 generations, the 370 acre farm has been in their family. All of the crops grown on the farm are used for the livestock of the farm. Their herd of cows is 450 strong, 200 of which are milk cows. Stoner's Dairy Farm, located in Mercersburg, was founded in 1942. The original farm had 240 acres of land and a herd of 20 cows. Today there are 550 cows and 1700 acres on this farm which has remained family owned and operated. Last year, the farm put out 13.5 million pounds of milk, a 9x increase over the production during the early years of the farm. This family farm has also won several awards including State Grassland Farmer of the Year award and the Franklin County Area Development Corporation Small Business of the Year Award.

Tuscarora 6:

Industry: Sales/Retail/Service Careers: Cashiers Stock Clerks Retail Sales Supervisors Sales Representatives Retail Salesperson Retail Sales Supervisors Non-retail Sales Supervisors Counter & Rental Clerks Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: Not in one of the 11 industry clusters. Many people are in this category. Most of them don't make a whole lot of money. Generally a lot of openings per year. Retail salespersons sell directly to the public. Retail salespersons can sell anything from cars to T.v’s. Non-retail sales supervisors set up and manage sales that aren’t retail. Rental clerks receive the payments for anything sold for a temporary time. Questions about the Industry: What made you want to do this kind of work? Is this job only temporary? Was this your dream job? Do you plan to go to the top of your profession? Why do you feel this is a good industry to work in? What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned? Did you feel confident to start your career with the schooling you had? What kind of person should enter this industry?

Brief Paragraph about the Industry: This industry deals with stores. We get supplies we need from these stores. For example clothes, lumber, and all kinds of other supplies are some stuff we buy from these stores.

This industry operates with the general public. Retail sales are made directly to the consumer. Thus anyone in this industry would focus directly on the customer. They sell furniture, appliances, motor vehicles, clothing and much more to the person who wishes to obtain that item. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: One store is Wal-Mart. It has a wide variety of things from clothes to food. There is also stuff for home repair and automotive repair. Another store is Lowes. Which is all about materials for building and the tools to make it. One company in this industry is Franklin County Retail Merchants Association, Inc. They provide information services to the public and business services to their members. They also hold fun events to promote businesses within the Franklin County area. They have held festivals and fairs in order to put new businesses in the public eye. They serve as a liason between local businesses and the governments to solve problems with their members and other business workers. Hamilton Hyundai is a retail company because they sell cars to the general public. They are located right off of Route 30. They sell the Hyundai car make which includes trucks, cars, and other models of motor vehicles. They have a staff which will help you chose the car that you are looking for and help you set up a pay plan because most people can’t afford to pay off the entire car at the time of purchase. Industry: Education Careers: Bus Drivers Education Administrators Teacher Assistants Post Secondary Teachers Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: Workdays may not end when kids get out of school. May teach summer school. Museums and historical places are included. In 1765, Penn founded the first medical school in the country Questions about the Industry: Do you like your job? Do you think your job pays well? Do you enjoy teaching others? What made you want to go into education?

Brief Paragraph about the Industry: The education industry is for teaching others. We have schools in Franklin County. There are also historical sites and they are other jobs that involve education. Also transportation to the schools is in the education field. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: One school is James Buchanan High School. It is just a regular public school in Franklin County. It was built in 1971 for grades 9-12. Another school is the Mercersburg Academy. It is a private school but it is also for grades 9-12.

Waynesboro 7: Industry: Building and Construction Careers: Carpenters Construction Managers Roofers Construction Inspectors Paving and surfacing equipment operators Painters Carpenters Tile and marble setters Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: They take car of our highways. They keep our electricity running. They fix our leaky pipes. They pave our roads. In PA, BC workers make anywhere from $26,000 to $88,000 per year BC is one of the world’s largest industries employing 8.3 million workers Lumber is the primary material used in building homes A typical new home weighs 339,000 pounds, or more than 150 tons Questions about Industry: How much education is required for this career? How much money do you make? How many hours a week do you work? Do you like your job? Is this industry dangerous? What is the economic outlook for the county where construction is concerned? What is the best quality about your job? How do you see your high school education being applied in your workforce? Brief Paragraph about the Industry: Building and construction industry workers build homes, schools, office buildings and roads. They wire the electricity for the homes and they create and fix the plumbing systems. They install heating and air condition systems, too. Research your assigned industry and write a brief paragraph description about the industry and how it operates within Franklin County. Building and construction is one of the world’s largest industries, and employs millions of workers.

In Franklin County, the construction industry has been hard hit by the economic crisis; however, experts have stated that when the turnaround comes, construction trades will bounce back in a big way. Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Carpenters work with powers and hand tolls. Carpenters build forms for walls, columns, stairs, and concrete and frame buildings. Carpenters install doors, build cabinets, counter tops, and finished stair handrails. Carpenters also work on wood flooring, ceilings, and dry walling. Carpenters usually work with their hands. Construction managers have to be “on call” 24 hours a day. Their job is to deal with delays, bad weather, and emergencies at the construction site. Construction mangers direct and monition the progress of construction activities through construction supervisors or other construction mangers. They oversee the delivery and use of materials, tools and equipment. They are responsible for getting al necessary permits and licenses and monitor compliance with building and safety codes and other regulations and requirements set by the projects insurers. They take care of some paperwork and the direction of the construction project. Nitterhouse Concrete, Inc. – “On March 21, 1923, William L. Nitterhouse manufactured the first piece of concrete for his new company. Through the years, with documented success as precast and prestressed professionals, Nitterhouse continued to expand its product line and expertise, capitalizing on the latest technological advancements in the concrete industry.”

Valley Quarries, Inc. – Beginning in 1952, Valley Quarries was the vision of three men, S. Howard Brown, Richard L. Davis, and Paul E. White. These men purchased Chambersburg Stone and Shippensburg Stone from Paul and Frank Walker on March 1, 1952. Mr. White took charge of the quarry, and D. Lyman Howard became the superintendent. Under the direction of White and Howard, Valley Quarries, Inc. Grew into a major contributor to the local economy. In 1959, the company continued to expand. Four concrete plants - Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Waynesboro, and Greencastle - were purchased. Between 1967 and 1972, Mt. Cydonia Sand was purchased. Also during the period, Valley Transit Mix and Mt. Cydonia Sand were made divisions of Valley Quarries, Inc. And continued to operate under their names. The corporate headquarters is a beautifully sited, pre-revolutionary war limestone farmhouse. Now fully renovated, this structure was built initially in 1773 by the original owner, one Patrick Vance of Donegal, Ireland. A nationally recognized native trout fishery, the Falling Spring Creek, flows through the property as well. Industry: Information Technology

Careers: Computer programmers Civil engineers Environmental engineers Architects Photographer Editors Audio/Video Equipment Technician Advertising Sales Agent Fun/Interesting Facts about the Industry: They create computer programs. They design construction processes. They study the effects of acid rain. They develop solutions to environmental problems. The world’s first commercial radio station started broadcasting out of Pittsburgh on November 2, 1920 Questions about the Industry: How much education is needed for this career? How much money do you make? How many hours do you work a week? Do you like your job? Explain your career How did you get involved in this career field? What is the best aspect of your job? What benefits are there in working in this career?

Brief Paragraph about the Industry: Information technology workers produce and distribute information using newspapers, movies, and television. They also design computer systems and process for data. They also design computer programs and web pages.

Paragraphs about businesses within the Industry: Civil engineers design and supervise the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply and sewage systems. They have to consider many factors in the design process, such as construction costs, government regulations, potential environmental hazards like earthquakes and hurricanes. The major specialties of civil engineering are structural, water resources, construction, environmental, transportation, and geotechnical engineering.

Environmental engineers develop solutions to environmental problems using the principles of biology and chemistry. They are involved in water and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, and public health issues. They design municipal water supply and industrial wastewater treatment systems. They study and try to minimize the effects of acid rain, global warming, automobile emissions, and ozone depletion. Wilma’s Photography – Wilma Martin is a Professional Photographer that has gained the reputation throughout our region as "the place to go" for great photography that captures the feelings, emotions and uniqueness of each individual. Wilma's Photography specializes in indoor and outdoor Children's Photography, High School Senior Photography and Family Photography, at our studio, in your home or at other locations of your choice. A Certified Professional Photographer, Wilma Martin has the creativity, experience and technical knowledge to create the unique photograph you are looking for. Wilma works with you to create the images that will capture this moment in your life and the lives of your loved ones. We love to capture the lives of your children starting with pregnancy pictures, newborn baby pictures, childhood innocence pictures through cool high school senior pictures. Since 1988, Wilma Martin has provided professional photography to clients from around our surrounding region: Franklin County, PA, including Greencastle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg and Waynesboro, and Washington County, MD, including Hagerstown, Williamsport, Smithsburg and Hancock.” Photo Gem – Photo Gem is an established business that has been in operation since 1988. Our goal is to provide the best possible quality within the quickest possible time frame on each and every one of your pictures. We provide an array of customer processing services as well as freelance portrait and wedding photography. Please feel free to discuss with us any questions that you may have concerning your photo developing and/or your portrait and wedding photography. “