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Commodore’s Report
November is the culmination of the year for any Commodore at Port Clinton Yacht Club. Together, we have accomplished much, not just in 2013, but in the 5 years and 10 months I have been privileged to serve on your Board of Trustees. 42 years ago, my father Henry W. “Chick” Schaffner served as your Commodore. I had been married for less than two month when I paid a visit to the family homestead on Halloween morning and got a “sneak peak” at my dad’s flip chart prepared for his Annual Meeting in November of 1971 to propose the “Kids Room”. He and I chatted about the concept, and I suggested that perhaps the room could be incorporated with a Junior Sailing Club Headquarters, or something like that to give the kids a sense of place and pride, not just a place to go and get out of their parents’ hair for a few hours. I learned later that he kind of liked the idea, and told my mother that I just might amount to something after all! I didn’t get to hear those words because he passed away that evening. Thursday, November 7 is the 2013 Annual Meeting of Port Clinton Yacht Club. All members are encouraged to attend. At this meeting, you will learn many things, including more details of the proposed riverfront improvements that have been

November 2013 for 2014. The Social Committee will also be on hand to provide some good eats prior to the meeting at 7 p.m. with the gavel coming down at precisely 8 p.m. Another “Big Event” planned for November is the Annual Commodores’ Ball. Yes, I spelled it correctly…in the plural possessive. It is not an event to simply honor the current Commodore. It is an event to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of all the Commodores who have given such good and faithful service to PCYC since 1906, thus the “plural possessive”! Many of the PCs will be sitting as a group at the Annual Meeting, which is their tradition. I think it gives us all a sense of continuity and tradition. Oh, by the way, Bob Gatewood, an old “Friend of the Bay”, will be there with his band CALABASH. Should be a lot of fun! Much thanks to those

Port Clinton Yacht Club
who showed up for the Fall Work Party on October 20. We got a lot of work done, thanks to you. Upcoming events: Saturday, November 2 is the infamous Oktoberfest, as the Eickert family brings us all a taste of Germany. PC Jim Bowlus and Bonnie chair “Burgers in Paradise” on Friday, November 8; and Friday Night Snacks Pizza Party on November 22. A couple of changes have been made from the Yearbook to make note of. Christmas Decorating of the Clubhouse will be on Sunday, December 1, not Saturday, November 30 as published. There seems to be something about a football game on November 30!!! Also, the Christmas Open House will take place as usual on December 14, but due to some scheduling conflicts, the Change of Watch has been moved to 8 p.m. on Friday, December 20, which is also a Friday Night Snacks night.

brought forward following hours and hours of hard work by the Planning Committee. We should have much more detail to pass along to you. You will also be voting on the incoming slate of officers for 2014. It is a great group. You will receive financial reports on operations for 2013, and the budget

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Jib Sheet

The Rear Perspective
What an awesome fall we all have been fortunate to enjoy. That great weather has also allowed us to complete many projects around the grounds. This report also includes the Fall Work Party accomplishments which were numerous! Aside from the standard work party tasks, we had some specific projects I would like to note; • Stainless steel grill was cleaned and rebuilt by PC Geoff Bailey • A complete inspection of all pedestals was completed for leaks, damage, etc. • A large willow branch was removed from hanging over the river/channel • A crew put in several hundred feet of irrigation line and sprinkler heads • A crew erected a fenced in storage area north of the sail garage • A crew did a thorough cleaning of the kitchen sonal items from the maintenance garage. He has also spent considerable time and effort cleaning the maintenance garage and it looks great! • Several areas of the grounds have been reseeded and are coming in nicely. The grounds should look excellent next year regardless of the rainfall with the new irrigation. • Thank you Jim Bergman for painting the maintenance/sail garage!

By now all should be aware that a clubhouse bar expansion is being considered. At last month’s membership meeting, a model and drawing of the expansion was presented and explained. There is plenty of activity going on behind the scenes working to resolve certain regulatory issues and finance options. This will be on the agenda once again at the November membership meeting to provide more information and answer questions. Please keep in mind that we are very early in the process of a project of this size. Our I want to thank everyone for their intent as a Board and Flag is to efforts and talents the day of the TUESDAY NIGHT CARD keep you, the members, inwork party. We had a total of 47 CLUB formed to the best of our abilpeople show up year which is about BEGINS AGAIN IN NOVEMBER BRING A FRIEND, BRING YOUR ity. average. GAME, JOIN A TABLE, HAVE A PCYC is considering going • Care Taker’s garage is comGOOD TIME WITH FELLOW GREEN! We are currently lookplete and Eric has moved his perPLAYERS 6:30 ing at what we can do as club to be kinder to the environment. There are many opportunities for us to consider and if you have any, please pass them along to Chuck, any Board member or any Flag Officer. I will report more on this next PC Mike Towning gave the nominating commitmonth. tee’s report of the following 2014 Officers at the

2014 Slate of Officers

October membership meeting. This slate of officers will be voted on at the Annual Membership Meeting in November: Commodore-Dr. Michael Hablitzel Vice Commodore-Don Rodwancy Rear Commodore-Doug Shealy Treasurer-PC Mike Nitz Secretary-Dave Bringman Trustee year ending 2014- Dave Obergefell Trustee year ending 2015-Bob Mosser Trustee year ending 2016-Phillip Bolte Trustee One Year Past Commodore-PC Rusty Jack Fleet Captain of Power- RJ Basil Fleet Captain of Sail- Ramon Eickert

Lastly, I want to give high praise to Fred and Diane Pachasa and their flower committee. Fred has decided to step down as flower chair at the end of this year. The progress during his tenure has been massive and very creative. We will miss his direct involvement with the Flower Committee. Thanks Fred! Are you the next flower Chair? If you are, we need to talk! This position is very important to our club as we have always had high compliments from both members and guests on our landscaping and flowers. If you have time, the club needs your help. Please see Chuck or myself if you are interested.

Port Clinton Yacht Club

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From the Fleet Captain of Sail
Snow Flurries 09/28-09/29 Thank you to PC and PRO Doug Young and all the volunteers for putting on another excellent Snow Flurries Regatta. They were able to put on 3 races on Sat. and 1 race on Sunday. Saturday started out slowly. After a slow 1st race when the wind turned 90 degrees and became very light I thought we would be calling it a day, but somehow PC Young used his special powers and summoned some good wind to finish the day with 3 races. Sunday was a perfect last day for racing in the 2013 season. The PCYC Boats and skippers that participated in 2013 Snow Flurries were Cliff Ruckstill “Red Dog”, Ramon Eickert “Coqui”. PC Park McRitchie “Jeb III” and John Schaffner “Scoop”. Congratulations to Jeb III for placing 1st in PHRF A and Scoop for placing 2nd in JAM A. Subliminal message: Oktoberfest Sat. Nov. 2nd. O’Connell Fall Bay Regatta “Putin-Bay” 9/21-9/22 A beautiful and windy fall bay regatta! Absolutely perfect! Park McRitchie “Jeb III” was the only PCYC boat to participate. Congratulations goes out to VBC skipper Chris Mallett “Syncronicity”, along with PCYC crewmates Duane Snyder, Mike Robinette, Mark Sprenger and Ramon Eickert for placing 2nd in Phrf A. North Shore impromptu beach party 10/11 Thanks to Cliff Ruckstill “Red Dog” for letting the crews of Coqui, Huggy Bare and Sea Turtle crash his impromptu crew beach party. Some of the highlights were Dave Nighswander playing his guitar and putting on an incredible show! Cliff presented a large 4 ft. trophy which contained @ 12 cheerleading figurines on it. This trophy is dedicated to the race boat with the most junior sailors participating during the season. This sea-

son it was presented to me and my boat “Coqui”. Thanks Cliff for the trophy and making a push in getting our young members involved. FcoS and Oktoberfest CoChair Ramon

Commodores' Ball
Saturday, November 16 Cocktails 6:30 Dinner 7:30 75.00 per couple 37.50 per person Tickets available at bar RSVP by November 9 Band: Calabash Menu Appetizers Betty’s salad Mean Mary Alice's Roasted Redskin Potatoes Beef Tenderloin ala Tender John Cheesecake with raspberry sauce Manhattan or cocktail of choice, Wine Attire
Gentlemen: Black tie optional Ladies: Formal or semi-formal

From the Fleet Captain of Power
This is a very depressing time for boaters, as most boats have been dry stored for the winter. For those of us who are optimistic there are only five months until launch. Before we know it, we will all be at the "PIB Ice Breaker." I appreciate the input that I have received about next years cruise destinations. Please let me know if you have any further thoughts as these will hopefully be booked by the end of February. The next power event will be a "Land Cruise" in February. I am looking into dates for the “Cruise". Once the date is firm, there will be a sign up sheet posted. Stay tuned for further information. Thank you, RJ Basil FCOP

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5:30 till ? Plus Hot Dogs, pasta salad, veggies, chips, pepperoni bread, all the Snacks 7PM, chicken fixins and dessert. witches, baked beans $5. and Chips Martini Special

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