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Silver Lining Creation
Vuoritie 2C 18, JÄRVENPÄÄ 04400 FINLAND E-mail:,


Lining Creation is a group of independent filmmakers and scriptwriters who are not professionally involved in this field, but sufficiently able to cater a high quality professional requirement of the field. We have dubbed slightly a new name for us as well. Since commercial filmmaking is different from social filmmaking, we call ourselves 'social filmmakers,' meaning that the purpose of our work is to bring about positive changes in society through the use of audiovisual media. We are self-taught and self-motivated ‘social filmmakers’. In literal sense, we always strive to be the voice to the voiceless and power to the powerless.
Our Prioritized Areas (2009-11)

- We are a group of independent filmmakers and script writers. We make short films and video documentaries and our primary focus is on social issues. - We are not professional filmmakers, but we are equipped with professional knowledge and technology needed for a proper film/video production at this time. - Filmmaking is not our profession, but we spend a substantial amount of time and energy for this purpose. - We are not a closed group. Everybody can be part of us and work with us, but he or she needs to abide by some terms, conditions and ethics that we have developed for this group. - We work with other independent filmmakers, community media organizations, NGOs and even with motivated individuals. - We use social media, internet, and public as well as private agencies to disseminate our work. - We don't take, share or provide any profit to members and volunteers associated with us. All profit that we make is either used to strengthen our campaign or spent on educating the poor children of developing countries. - We are planning to offer some distance learning courses from the beginning of 2010. - We work with and for people from all over the world, but our emphasis is on the issues of developing world.

We are currently based in Finland, but
soon planning to expand our reach into other parts of the world as well. In fact, we don’t want to confine ourselves within any particular borders and frontiers. We are social filmmakers without borders! We try to reach the places where stories are hidden and dig out those stories which the world needs to see, hear and respond.

Health, Education and Justice for all Community Development & Poverty Alleviation Youth, Women and Empowerment of the oppressed and cultural minorities Human Rights, Peace and Democracy Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Brain Drain or the flow of intellectual capital from the developing countries Alternative Energy/ Alternative Initiatives for Development


strongly wish to work in close collaboration with independent filmmakers who are interested in social filmmaking. On the other hand, we try our best to support motivated filmmakers from developing countries who want to use visual media as the tool of social change. We don’t have capacity to provide financial support, but we can help by offering free distance learning courses on filmmaking and if possible by providing other technical support (equipments, editing, post-production etc.).

Similarly, we equally wish to work with
organizations from all over the world who have committed themselves to social justice, development, equity and wider participation. We encourage youth organizations, community media institutions, NGOs and self-help groups to work together with us. We also welcome individuals who have innovative ideas and want to expand their skills in this field. There is another option to work with us as volunteers as well.

We are not commercial filmmakers, so
don’t intend to make profit out of filmmaking for ourselves. We have envisaged that all profit that we make from filmmaking will be spent on further development of our campaign and the rest will be spent on educating the destitute and homeless children in developing countries through a trust which will be possibly named The Silver Lining Foundation. (For more information please visit our official website