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Zamboanga City (Philippines Little Spain) TOURIST ATTRACTION Fort Pilar This is originally a Spanish Garisson build during

their occupation in mindanao to guard the island against the fierce moro warriors waging war against the occupation of conqueror spain. later on a myth was told by the natives that there was an earthquake and the area was threathened by a huge tsunami but a lady stood by the seashore and wave her hands in the sky aborthing the tsunami, they beleived that it was a miracle and they built a shrine in the area to gather and pray.

Paseo del Mar Paseo del Mar is within the barangay of Zone IV and is only about 100 feet from Fort Pilar. There are several cement benches at the park and there is long walkway along the shoreline or break-water. In the afternoon when there are visitors, the bajao kids in their bancas paddle along the breakwater walkways and entice the visitors to throw coins into the sea water. It's fun to watch the badjaos dive and fetch the coin before it hits bottom.

Pasonanca Natural Park Located about seven kilometers from the city center, Pasonanca Park is the premier outdoor recreation site in Zamboanga City. The park, whose construction started in 1912, is home to various species of trees, flowers, ferns, shrubs, and orchids. It is also known as the Little Baguio of the South. Pasonanca Park has three swimming pools, an amphitheater, a convention center, and a campsite.

Pasonanca Tree House Pasonanca tree house was constructed 1960.

Pettit Barracks Pettit Barracks was the headquarters and home of the Spanish soldiers until it was turned over to the American troops in 1899, the place was developed into a beautiful barracks, home of the American soldiers and it was named after Col. James S. Pettit of the 31st Infantry U.S. Volunteer Commanding Officer who became the Inspector General and in-charge of civil Affairs of Zamboanga.

La Vista del Mar This resort is a popular swimming destination for locals as it's conveniently located only 15 to 30 minutes away from the town center or pueblo. Zamboanga City Golf Course and Beach Zamboanga Golf Course lays claim to be the oldest golf course in the Philippines . If not the oldest course, it certainly lay claim to having witnessed a great deal of the past century. It is fitting that this course, which once banned Filipinos, is now a public course managed by the Philippine Tourism Authority. Sta. Cruza Island The Sta. Cruz islands actually have two beaches. The other one has the more unusually pink-colored sands and sand bar while the other, smaller beach has the white, powderlike sands like those in Boracay. Apart from the beaches, the islands also feature a lagoon, a diving site, and a Muslim burial site.

Zamboanga Cathedral This place of worship located in Zamboanga City is deemed as Asias largest modern cathedral. Formerly known as Immaculate Conception Church, the cathedral was inaugurated in 1998. Its original structure was destroyed by Japanese soldiers during World War II. A marble statue of the Immaculate Conception designed by national artist Napoleon Abueva can be found inside the cathedral.

Jardin de Maria Clara This beautiful garden is one of the several newly opened tourists landmarks in Zamboanga City. Named after the late mayor Maria Clara Lobregat, the park is home to several species of butterfly, orchid, and rose species. It also has an aviary park for parrots, turkeys, and eagles.

ECOZONE Zamboanga Freeport Authority was conceptualized to be an economic hub that is designed to generate local economic activities that will serve as a springboard for the promotion of trade, investments, and ecology tourism not only in Zamboanga City but also throughout the region. By nature of its operation, Zamboanga Freeport Authority is

unique being both an Economic Zone and Freeport and is in fact the only Freeport in Visayas and Mindanao.

Merloquet Fall From afar, Merloquet Falls looked like a white curtain pinned to a lush forest wall just flowing in the wind. Up close, the waterfalls was even more dramatic and grander than it looked. LIST OF ACCOMMODATIONS:

991-2510 to 12 991-2518 Fax:9912533

Grand Astoria Hotel

Climaco Avenue

Garden Orchid Hotel

Gov. Camins Avenue

991-0031 991-2519 Fax: 991-1874 991-2023/ 991-2024 992-0959 991-2033

Marcian Garden Hotel

Gov. Camins Avenue

Azenith Royale Hotel

Gov. Camins Avenue

Skypark Hotel Lantaka Hotel by the Sea Marcian Business Hotel Jardin dela Via Hotel

Tomas Claudio Street N.S. Valderossa Street Climaco Avenue Gov. Alvarez Avenue Pilar Street

991-7808 992-4296

Amils Hotel Hotel Perlita Hotel Preciosa Zamboanga Hermosa Hotel Climaco Avenue Climaco Avenue Climaco Avenue 993-0990 991-2020 991-2040

Hacienda de Palmeras Hotel & Sta. Maria Restaurant



Z.C. Davids Inn Field of Dreams Pension Inn Sweet Home Suite La Terraza Pension House Cecilles Pension House Blue Pearl Pension House Zbga. ASY Pension House GC Hotel Blue Shark Hotel C. Atilano Pension House New Atilano Pension House Z.C Pension Royale

La Purisima Street Divisoria, ZC Tetuan


992-7898 993-2417

Gov. Camins Tumaga Porcentro Veterans Avenue Upper Calarian Tomas Claudio Street Canelar Canelar Canelar Airport Road

992-0105 992-3046

991-4752 991-0676 991-0784 991-0783 991-7295

Mag-V Hotel Yangs Hotel Food Paradise Inn Medio Hotel La Casa Maria Pension Viva Pension House Hotel Salwa Dynasty Pension U&I Travel Lodge Mag-V Royal Hotel Green Rose Pension Inn

San Jose Road Tomas Claudio Street P. Reyes Street Governor Alvarez Street Sta. Maria

991-3054 991-0138 991-2026 993-0580 991-8230 991-3783 991-3786 (fax)

Gov. Camins Avenue Almonte Street T Claudio Street San Jose Road Macrohon Drive, Canelar

991-9849 991-4579 992-2119 991-3054

ZC Amadeos Travelers Inn & Coffee Mayor Jaldon Street, Sucabon Shop RD Pension Royal Inn Quirino Babol Flower Mansion Inn Embassy Hotel, Inc. Airport Road, Gov. Camins Avenue Talon-Talon Tumaga Varela Street 991-7295 990-4399 992-7961

MOTEL Lucky Star Motel Country Living Motel (Porcentro) Country Living Motel (Tumaga) ADDRESS Guiwan, ZC Tumaga Procentro CONTACT NO. 992-6657 991-1956

Hector Suarez Avenue, Tumaga


Platinum 21 Diamond Pension Inn Greenhills Motel

Canelar Moret Canelar Moret Lunzuran

991-2514 991-1956

LIST OF SHOPPING MALLS: Yubenco Star Mall Ma. Clara Lobregat Highway, Putik, Zamboanga City Midtown Plaza Mall Nuez Extension, Zamboanga City Limtown Center Mall Gov. Lim Avenue, Zamboanga City Shoppers Mall Climaco Ave., Zamboanga City Shoppers Plaza Climaco Ave., Zamboanga City Shoppers Square Gov. Lim corner Climaco Avenue, Zamboanga City Shoppers Central Tomas Claudio St., Zamboanga City Shoppers Center Gov. Lim Ave., Zamboanga City Shop-O-Rama Gov. Lim Avenue, Zamboanga City Southway Square P. Lorenzo Street cor. Governor Lim Avenue, Zamboanga City KCC Mall of Zamboanga Governor Camins Avenue, Zamboanga City OK Department Store Climaco Avenue, Zamboanga City Citymart Gov. Lim Ave, Zamboanga City Lim Shi Climaco Avenue, Zamboanga City Best Mart Climaco Avenue, Zamboanga City Young Mart

Climaco Avenue, Zamboanga City LB Supermarket Veterans Ave, Tumaga, Zamboanga City Golden Bell Grand Center Zamboanga Magno St. (facing Plaza Pershing), Zamboanga City Mindpro Citimall La Purisima Street, Zamboanga City



Abalone Specialty Seafood ABC Fastfood Alavar Seafoods House Antonios Restaurant ANQ Coffee Mix ANQ Coffee Mix ANQ Coffee Mix Aristocrat Luncheonette Aristocrat Luncheonette Aristocrat Luncheonette Atoa Resto Bar Big Vs Food Choice Boracay Grill & Restaurant Caf Bianca

Mayor Jaldon Street

Mr. Joseph Lim

991-6806 991-4797

Tomas Claudio Street Mr. Sixto Kwan, jr. Tetuan Pasonanca

Ms. Marissa A. Alfaro 991-2483 Mr. Luis Miguel Mas 991-4631 991-0166 993-1288

Midtown Plaza Nuez Mr. Alvin Quibilan Extension 2F, Yubengco Starmall Mr. Alvin Quibilan Climaco Avenue Mr. Alvin Quibilan

Mayor Jaldon ,Canelar Mr. Mongomery Perez Governor Camins Tomas Claudio Veterans Avenue Climaco Avenue Mayor Jaldon Street Barcelona Street -do-do-


Mr. Antonio Loy Chan 992-4600 Ms. Cindy Marie Verar Sui Giok Y. Tan Ms. Mary Anne Go 991-2514 09065082856

Caf Locco Carlitos Dimsum House Caf Sacco Cafeteria del Ciudad Carlitos Dimsum House Carlos Grill Century Seafood Restaurant Corp. Chen Hong Taiwanese Cuisine Chinitos Caf D Gathering Place Chinitos D Gathering Place Chow King Chowtime Cuisine Coffea Aroma Haus Country Chicken Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts Evers Grille Family Fried Chicken Family Fried Chicken Family Fried Chicken

Mayor Jaldon Street, Sucabon 2F, Mindpro Mall Pasonanca Nuez Extension 2F Minpro Mall Nuez Extension Canelar Sta. Maria La Purisima Street Gov. Camins Avenue La Purisima Street Yubengco Star Mall Veterans Avenue Gov. Camins Avenue Pasonanca La Puririsima Street Plaza Mall (ZAEC Bldg.) JS Alano Street Gov. Ramos, Sta. Maria Climaco Avenue Canelar Guiwan

Mr. Janis L. Tamin Mr. Carlito Go Mr. Antonio Mas, Jr. Mr. Robert G. Lee Mr. Carlito L. Go Ms. Remedios Retino Ms. Rosario Yu 991-5876 993-1188 991-4631

Ms. Marie Angelique 992-4987 Go Ms. Marie Angelique 992-3236 Go Mr. Allen Go 992Ms. Myrna Natividad 1809/9927281 Mr. Jonald Uy 991-9299 Macrohon Ms. Evelyn Balan

Ms. Christine Fernandez


Mr. Eduardo G. Chua 991-5437 Mr. Eduardo G. Chua 991-2865 Mr. Eduardo G. Chua 991-2104 Mr. Ever Cabastillo Mr. Paulsilino Sy Mr. Paulsilino Sy Mr. Paulsilino Sy 992-7293992-5867 992-0543 991-4114 992-2520

Family Fried Chicken Flavourite Cuisine Flavourite Campus Food Paradise Greenwich Pizza Greenwich Pizza Halo Dance Bar & G-Mik Barkada Harrys Grill Bar & Restaurant Jardin de La Via Restaurant JP Ihaw-ihaw sa Dampa Jollibee-Camins Jollibee-Minpro Jollibee Pershing Jollibee-Climaco Jollibee-Veterans Jollibee-San Jose

Tumaga Rizal Street

Mr. Paulsilino Sy


Mr. Arturo D. Zabala 993-0051 993-0058 991-2026

1F,MP Towers, Nuez Mr. Daniel Zabala St. Climaco Avenue Gov. Camins 2F, Mindpro Mall Buenavista Street MCLL Highway Gov. Alvarez Street Nuez Extension Gov. Camins Avenue La Purisima Street Plaza Pershing Mayor Climaco Avenue Veterans Avenue San Jose Road Mr. Robin Sy Ms. Bernadette Molina

Ms. Bernadette Molina 992-2827 Mr. Arthuro Manubag Mr. Harry L. Chua Mr. Ricardo Lavia, Jr. Mr. John Patrick S. Ong Ms. Michelle Concepcion Mr. Ryan Casio Ms. Mary Jane C. Faustino Mr. Tony Tan Siaktong Mr. Michael Singso Mr. Andrew Levi Chan (5As Corporation) 9922811/9922896 991-0882 9913198/9917073 992-7518 991-7802

993-2565 992-2026 992-2896 9922954/9932565 993-1599

Jollibee-Southway Jollice Jollyroy Fastfood (FR-200 pax) Johns BBQ Hauz & Restaurant

Southway Square Mall Ms. Erlinda Quintos Campaner Street Crispin Atilano Street Mr. Frederick Chua Gov. Ramos Avenue, Mr. Jayson J. Lim

Sta. Maria Juliang Food Center & Catering Grand Alejandras Complex Viandas Ihaw-Ihaw Caf Aroma Chopstick (Chinese) El Tacco (billiard) Karaoke Bar Grill Plus Hai San Seafood Restaurant Hanazono Japanese Restaurant Harrys Grill and Restobar 992-6714 992-6716 992-6715 Gov. Camins Julieta B. Ng Toe

Nuez Extension

Mr. Erwin Enriquez

Nuez Extension San Jose Gov. Camins Avenue

Mr. Charles Monrich Li Ms. Sanita Wee Sahirul

991-5506 991-0031 992-7518

MCLL Highway, Putik Mr. Harry Chua Mr. Valentino S. Go Ma. Leila Chiong Ms. Josefina Wee Ms. Julieta Ng Thoe Ms. Eloisa Saavedra Ms. Kathryn Mae Arguelles Mr. Chester Lego

History Karaoke Bar and Cocktail Lounge Tomas Claudio St. Jaci Fastfood JTW Food Center Juliang Food Center Kape Kueva KFC (Joyfoods Corp) KFC (Olympus Foods, Inc) Kians Seafood House Khishma Kikos Toppings and Bakeshop II La Casa Maria Lagoon Karaoke Bar Larsian Grill Putik Valderrosa St. Gov. Camins Don Toribio Street Nuez Extension Lim Town Center


992-5859 992-1974

Whoopee Burgerhaus ZONE IV Pilar Street Gov. Lim Avenue Sta. Maria Governor Camins Avenue Nuez Extension Hadja Aida M. Amil Mr. Reynaldo Lim Mr. Reymundo Sarsosa Mr. William Atilano Mr. Roland Ko 991-8230 991-9568 992-4405

Latitude Caf La Vista del Mar Restaurant Lhenys Chinese Cuisine Lotus Restaurant Lin Ching Firepot Manang Terrys Chicken Inato Manang Terrys Chicken Inato Mano-Mano na Greenfield Restaurant Mang Inasal Zamboanga Mart Savoury & Resto Bakeshop McDonalds Mi Abuela Restaurant & Coffee Shop Mr. Bean Caf Myrnas Bake House Food Corp. Myrnas Bake House Food Corp. Myrnas Bake House Food Corp

Campaner St. Upper Calarian 2F, Mindpro Mall Mayor Jadon Street

Mr. Eduardo Chua Ms. Ditos L. Balaguer 991-1208 Ms. Helen A. Kong Mr. Danny Lim 991-2510

Gov. Camins, Canelar Ms. Francilyn Franco 992-5688 Canelar MP Towers, Nuez Street Gov. Ramos Avenue Southway Square Mall Talon-Talon loop La Purisima Street Ms. Marie Yvonne Palma Ms. Marie Yvonne Palma Mr. Gil Lim Biern Bueno Food Corporation Mr. Matthew Chiong Ms. Maryjoy Tan 9923322/9920077 992-0898 993-2259 991-3311 992-4717

2F,Lim Town Center Zamerco Bldg., Buenavista Street

Ma. Maricar Pardo

Mr. Jan Michael WEesit Cheong Ms. Myrna C. GF, SCC Bldg Inocencio Ms. Myrna C. Yubengco Starmall Inocencio Ms. Myrna C. Gov. Alvarez Avenue Inocencio MP Towers, Nuez Street Sta. Maria Pasonanca Sta. Maria Mr. John Edward Torres

991-1617 984-0451 991-9252

Myx Caf New Lejan Ice Cream Haus or Alberto Restaurant Palmeras Restaurant

Mr. Sixto C. Kwan, Jr. 992-1790 Ms. Lilia U. Uy 992-7733

Mr. Gregorio Alvarez 991-3284

Papa Heinz (Pizza & Pasta) Park 88 Grill and Restaurant Popoys Family Restaurant &

Lim Bros, Tumaga Pasonanca Gov. Camins

Michael Carvez Mr. Henson Wee Mr. Raul Endozo Ms. Teresita Chiong Ms. Teresita Chiong Ms. Teresita Chiong

985-1872 991-9180 991-384 6

Music Haus Savoury Savoury Savoury Panciteria I Shamba Grille Soundwaves KTV & Music Lounge, Inc. SJ Pirates Cove, Inc. Sunflower Food Center

Putik Tetuan Mayor Climaco Avenue Gov. Camins Avenue Tetuan Highway Mayor Jaldon Street Rizal Street Veterans Avenue Gov. Lim Avenue Yubengco Star Mall Mayor Climaco Avenue Don. Alfaro Street, Tetuan 2f, Mindpro Mall Nuez Street La Purisima Street Sta. Maria Veterans Avenue Gov. Camins Avenue


Mr. Jayme Gilbuela II 992-2791 Ms. Goldy Enriquez Atty. Susan delos Reyes 991-9875 992-4763

Mr. Alfredo Sebastian 991-1897 Mr. Anton Mari Lim Mr. Jerome T. Lao Mr. Co Boc Ms. Miriam Wee Cabrera Ms. Matlin Natividad 991-0506 Mr. Mark Fernandez Ms. Victoria To Mr. Carlo Torralba Mr. Perfecto A. Marquez, Jr. JL Apostol 991-4976 991-6111 9912355 991-1925 992-5912 991-4476

588 Tambayan 5Star Resto Bar Times Restaurant Tinunu Ocho Restaurant Tropical Chicken House TS Auto Grill Vanda Food Center Vertigo Sports Bar Vienna Kaffe Haus (ZC Kaffee House) Village Zamboanga

Enterprises, Inc. Viva Dimsum House Whoopee Burger House Whoopee Burger House II Woodland Restaurant Zbga. Beryani Restaurant Zacky Fried Chicken Zalos Point Billiard & Internet Cafe Zamboanga Seafoods House Z.C. Haiat, Inc. Coffee Shop Z.C. Papitos Restaurant Gov. Climaco Avenue Mrs. Lim Yee Ling Pilar Street I. Magno Street Zambowood Nuez Ez\xtension Corcuera Street Gov. Camins Avenue Gov. Ramos, Sta. Maria Gov. Camins Avenue Savana, Tumaga Mr. Antonio Lim Mr. Antonio Lim Engr. Rudy Bayot Hadija ali Amil Mr. Abelardo S. Sobrepea Ms. Lilia G. Uy Mr. Florencio M. LIong, Jr. Mrs. Shaima F. Ansaruddin 992-7961 991-5832 992-1445 991-1448 991-0244 991-0920 992-0410

Mr. Alfredo Francisco 991-1889

LIST OF EVENTS: Dia de Zamboanga week long celebration culminating on February 26 Zamboanga Summer Festival- April-May Zamboanga Hermosa Festival October 1-12 Pascua na Zamboanga- December 1-15

ZAMBOANGA CITY TOURISM OFFICE Paseo del Mar,Valderoza Street, Zamboanga City (062) 992-3007