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Troubleshooting Guide

FriendlyNET™ Cable/DSL Router

Before beginning the troubleshooting process, please check to make sure the System Requirements found in Section 1.3 of the User's Manual have been met. If not, resolve the System Requirement deficiencies before attempting to troubleshoot further.


Troubleshooting the LED Panel

Table 1. Troubleshooting Utilizing the LED Panel This Table shows how the LED's might look in an abnormal state. Refer to Table 2 of the User's Manual for a description of how the LED's should look in their normal state.
LEDs PWR Function Power Color Yellow Status Off Off WAN WAN Link/activity Amber On COM
FR3004LC Serial port activity Amber Only

Problem Description No power to the unit. No link established. Data is NOT being transmitted/received on the port. No connection on the serial port.

Suggestions Verify Power source. Make sure unit is turned on. May be defective Check cables. Use known good cable. Make sure boththe unit and the uplink device have power. May be defective. Verify System Requirements. Ping ISP and watch for activity. Check WAN configuration settings (Section 2.3 of manual). Check serial cable. Verify power to serial device. Check serial device with a computer to verify. Port may be defective.


On System Status Status Green Off

Reinstall client software (Chapter 5 or 6) Connection, but no data transfers in progress through the COM port. Failed Self-test phase. Check Power. Unit may be defective Unit may be defective

On more than 10 Failed Self-test phase. sec. Off Failed Self–test phase.

Unit may be defective If upgrading firmware, restart router and verify firmware ver. (see Readme for instructions). Unit may be defective. Check Ethernet cable. Make sure client is turned on. Move cable to another port. Port may be defective. Use Cat 5 cable. No traffic thru port. Ping router to establish activity. Not a H/W problem. No traffic thru port. Ping router to establish activity. Not a H/W problem.


Setup mode


On more than 10 Failed Self-test or Upgrade sec. Off On On A valid connection is not established. 10Mbit link/no activity 100TX link/ no activity.

Link Act 10 Act 100

Link Status Link/Activity Link/Activity

Green Green Green


Problems Accessing Router

If you have problems accessing the router, please check the following:

FriendlyNET™ Cable/DSL Router

Troubleshooting Guide


Can you ping If so: 1. Disable the proxy in your browser's setting 2. If does not work, try If you are unable to ping the router, do the following: 1. Check configuration of the PC. It must be on the same subnet as the router. (192.168.123.xx) If not, refer to Appendix B for information on how to configure TCP/IP (Windows only). 2. Are the Link LEDs of both the port and the NIC on PC lit? If not, check cable. 3. Use a null modem cable to enter console mode. Check the IP address. Is it changed? If so refer to Appendix A for information on resetting the IP address to factory default.

FriendlyNET™ Cable/DSL Router

Troubleshooting Guide