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0 Introduction Organisational culture can be defined as a values and behaviour that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. Organizational culture includes an organization's expectations, experiences, philosophy, and values that hold it together, and is expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations The objective of this research is to compare the organisational culture between JW Marriott Hotel and Club Med Resort. JW Marriott hotel are now leading worldwide hospitality company with nearly 2,800 operating units in the United States and 67 other countries and territories. In keeping with Marriotts most cherished tradition of service, the JW Marriott Hotels brand is, itself, a fresh take on luxury, providing detail-oriented personal and dependable service. From the luxury features customers expect to the smallest details that delight, JW Marriott prides itself in providing those unexpected touches that elevate each guests stay. Club Med resort is an all-inclusive resort concept with locations in many exotic places throughout the world. The slogan for Club Med is "Where Happiness means the world". It is a French corporation by the name of Club Mediterranean or Club Med for short. Club Med operates over 80 resorts worldwide. Club Med is a luxury vacation destination for families, couples, groups of friends or individuals. They provide a unique and special vacation experience that is personalized and detailed for each individual and familys needs and desires. The special feature of Club Med is that the staff at Club Med are referred to as Gentils Organisations or GO's and and vacationer are called Gentils Membres or GM's play, dine, drink, and dance together every day and night. Club Med offers an array of activities and options to choose from and partake in from its award winning children' clubs to expert instruction in various activities as well as spas and many other services.

J.W. Marriot Hotel 2.0 Artefacts

2.1 Rites and Ceremonies In Marriott hotel, every department especially at the front line of the industry such as front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, and marketing department conducts two meetings among the staff every day at 7 a.m. to discuss about todays agenda and 5 p.m. about staff operation performance.

Every year on October, Marriott hotels will host an annual dinner gathering for employees and Award of Excellence Honouree known as the highest awards in J.W Marriott, it is given to the best, caring, and hardworking employees.

2.2 Rituals Marriot hotels provide an excellence service by maintaining their service quality and products offered based on the Standard Operation Procedures.

2.3 Symbols All of the Marriott employees are compulsory to wear Marriott uniform which represents the founders of the Marriott hotel (J. Willard Marriott), and help to create awareness to the society by showing their service of excellence. Furthermore, this symbol also recognize as family where the environment of the working culture are focuses on people. J.W Marriott symbol is griffin emphasis the embodiment of vision, perspective, protection and strength (Source: JW Marriott Meeting and Event)

3.0 Value and Assumptions Marriot organisational culture characteristic has been identified as people oriented culture where the values and philosophies are more focused on the people. Below is the vision of the Marriott hotel:

Take care of your employees and theyll take care of the guests- J.Willard Marriot

At Marriott Hotel, they caring for people and the community is part of who they are and recognize their employees for their commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences and their passion for Marriott Hotel business, including recognition of: Associates who demonstrate outstanding commitment to Marriott guests and the success of their location or hotel Managers who demonstrate exceptional leadership Associates with 25 years of service (rewarded with free weekend stays at Marriott hotels around the world) (Source: J.W Marriott Mission Statement and Vision) 4.0 Strength and Culture/ Addictiveness of the culture Since 1927, Marriott has been known for a culture that puts people first. Working at Marriott opens up a world of experiences, benefits and career paths. Marriot believe that their strength is rooted of their core values which is putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving our world. These values are our legacy and our future. As they pursuing their vision of making Marriott the #1 hospitality companies in the world, they never lose sight of their founding

principles and their proud heritage. Marriot business is always evolving and always stays true who they are (Marriot, 2013).

4.1 People first- Putting People First Marriott provides a supportive environment where the employees can grow in their current job and build a long-term career. Marriott foundation is to build on their culture of putting people first. Learning, teamwork, and a collegial atmosphere are part of the job, every day. (Marriot, 2013) Marriott culture encourages long-term growth and development. For many of their associates, working at Marriott is a life-changing journey that allows increasing levels of responsibility, accountability and leadership. Marriot provide several beneficial to the employees that are:

Marriot is a global business with many brands and locations, and many of their associates create lifelong, constantly evolving careers within the Marriott family.

Marriot promote from within; thousands of their managers began their Marriott careers in entry-level positions. Marriott associates have access to services that support their physical and emotional well-being throughout their Marriott careers. Marriott associates average 78 hours of training and 34 hours of professional development each year. All Marriott associates are encouraged to gain experience in a variety of disciplines to fully understand the hospitality business and continue to expand their career options.

(Source: J.W Marriot Employees Benefits) On April 23, 2013 Marriot hotel receives many Awards and Recognition such as Alliance for Workplace Excellence (based in Montgomery County) 2013 Workplace Excellence Award, Health & Wellness Trailblazer Award, and Diversity Champion, Ethisphere Institute World's Most Ethical Companies 2013, FORTUNE - '100 Best Companies to Work For' (FORTUNE "All Star" and "Social Media Star") and Marriott

International has earned the 2013 Work-Life Seal of Distinction from World at Work's Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP) (Source: J.W Marriott Award and Recognition).


Fit of the culture with the industry environment

One of the critical issues faced by many firms nowadays is to retain their employees. Marriott has a successfully retain their employee showing a 18% turnover rate compared to other hospitality, this an evidence of success of fitting their culture with the industry environment (CNN,2013). This low turnover rate also means that employees are embedded with their job. According to David (2008), there are three factors that give rise to this embeddedness: (1) links, (2) fit, (3) sacrifice. Astonishingly Marriott has fulfilled these factors. For instance, Marriott encourage teamwork and a collegial atmosphere this give rise to connections (Links) with people, which eventually will create a strong bond with co-workers, mentors and friends, thus employees would find it hard to leave. Employees within the hotel finds it easy to fit with the job, organization and community because Marriott place people first where employees can enjoy supportive environment in which they can grow their current job and build long-term career. With these opportunity and blessings leaving the job would be difficult. Lastly, with great rewards such as Award of Excellence Honouree which people sacrifice for to have the status are embedded because they sacrifice too much. This shows that employees are embedded means that Marriott has successfully influences its employees to adapt to their culture (Source Last but not least, as stated above, FORTUNE has ranked Marriott as the logging industry most admired company and one of the best companies to work for (Marriott, 2013). With employees low turnover, employees embededness and formal ranking, there is no doubt their culture fits the working environment.

Club Med 6.0 Artefacts 6.1 Rites and Ceremonies Club Med conducts briefing with the employees one day once according to their shift. The briefing will discuss the agenda of the day. In addition, employees who involve in event or function are required to attend the particular briefing to discuss the agenda. 6.2 Rituals Club Med uses their own Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the quality of products and services. Employees are required to follow the Standard Operating Procedures set based on departments. A special about Club Med is that GOs are allowed to dine, play and dance together with GMs no matter in the daytime sport-playing, evening show and outdoor buffet dining. A staple experience at Club Med is called crazy signs which is communal dance led by GOs at intervals during the day and night event (Hottie, 2010). 6.3 Symbols Club Meds logo shows a blue trident. It is the symbol of Neptune, who is the god of seas and oceans in the Greek mythology. In addition, the trident is the symbol of sun, sand and surf. Club Med symbolize his mastery over the water through the trident (Beduwen, 2013). Club Med uses the trident to categorized their resorts include three trident - classic resorts, four trident premium resorts and five trident luxury resorts (Club Med Bulgaria, 2012). Club Meds slogans include such as where happiness means the world which launch in 2008 and discover the new Club Med, refined, exceptional, a la carte which launch in 2006. In 2013, Club Med has launched a new global campaign with the slogan and what is your idea of happiness? which show 16 metaphorical images in the advertisement that put a dreamlike twist on the mountain top or beachside daydream (Shankman, 2013). Club Meds slogan is different in every region as to adapt to the culture and the relationship with the customers.

There are no specific uniform for GOs to wear when they are working. GOs are expected to wear different styles and colours according to the requirement of the day. Sometimes, GOs are required to make own costumes when having special theme event such as 70s and clowns (Juliana, 2006). 7.0 Values and Assumptions Club Med is an innovative organization where Club Med places their customers prior everything because they are the reasons behind every actions and innovations (ClubMed Jobs, 2013). For instance, there are five natures of values that the GOs hold: multicultural, pioneer, kindness, freedom and responsibility. Every GOs and GEs hold these values wholeheartedly in order to bring high end, joyful and harmony stay to the GMs. Multicultural: multicultural is our difference and our source of pride, we are

proud of origin, culture and take pleasure to sharing it every day. Pioneer: Pioneer is our energy and our passion. Every day we lead the way

thanks to our ideas and our vision to have innovative ideas. Kindness: Our difference is kindness, accessibility and be attentive to the

needs of our customers and teams. To be kind is to be professional, efficient and competent. Freedom: Freedom is for our clients the freedom to choose and fully realize

their aspirations. Responsibility: To be responsible is to do our job in a competent and

conscientious manner. (Club Mditerrane Supplier Website, 2013) In addition, Club Med organizational culture is said to be people-oriented and teamoriented. Club Med values the talents and to ensure the development and high spirit among the GOs, they place training budget of 1.4 million and provide training for the GOs more than 60,000 hours yearly. Also, Club Med encourages the GOs to show their real self through unique professional experiences, and provides career opportunities for GOs to take up new responsibility and challenges. Furthermore,

Club Med supports in spreading the idea of diversity due to its employees from more than 100 different countries (ClubMed Jobs, 2013). Club Med embraces openmindedness and tolerance culture in order work together as a team, providing customer services with their best hence increases the successfulness and profitability. 8.0 Strength and Culture/ Addictiveness of the Culture According to Gunlu et al. (2010), employee turnover rates will decrease when employees have job satisfaction. Well-known of its people-oriented and teamoriented culture, research has shown 99% of the GOs are proud to be part of Club Med and more than 90% are confident with Club Meds future. Also, in 2002 Club Med won outstanding awards at Tripadvisors Awards which are Best Resort in Europe and Best Resort in Turkey for its travel expertise and exc ellent client satisfaction (Hotel News Resource, 2012). Furthermore, GOs have the opportunities to experience the different cultures of different countries half year once by transferring to other resorts of Club Med. GOs are trained to be multitasked in addition to learning different cultures. For instance, the employees can be a receptionist in the morning, tennis instructor in the afternoon and a dancer in the night show event. From there, it develops GOs skills and increases the experience from different area of work (Richardson, 2010). 9.0 Fit of the Culture with the Industry Environment Recent research has shown that the working philosophy of the younger generation especially the Ys focusing more on flexibility, fun and team -oriented (Howe and Strauss, 2000). Club Meds working cultures are fit to keep attracting young people because GOs have the opportunities to expose to different positions daily, fun and they would not feel bored. 10.0 Comparison between Club Med Hotel and J.W Marriott Hotel J.W. Marriott organisation culture characteristic is people oriented. They focus on the founder philosophy which is put their people first and their people will take care of their customers. Marriott targets for business customers.

Club med on the other hand, the organisation culture characteristic is people, team, innovative and risk. They mainly target for leisure customers. Their culture focuses on changing and innovation environment, they emphases on customers first then employees. Club Med management will ensure both staff and guests enjoy their activities in club med. Therefore, comparing these two organisations, the best organisational culture to work with is Club Med, because their cultures are fit with the current trend and they have flexible working environment which is appropriate for young, energetic and outgoing personality.

11.0 Conclusion Based on research, it conclude that J.W. Marriott working environment culture is mostly suitable for employees who pursue more on professionalism whereby Club med working environment culture is likely suitable for employees who preferred working on many activities, event, build relation with their customers.

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