Poetry at the Court of Henry VIII An Educated Élite: More, Elyot, and Ascham The Literature of the English Reformation Early and Mid-Sixteenth-Century Drama The Defence and the Practice of Poetry: Puttenham and the Sidneys Sixteenth- and Early Seventeeth-Century Prose Fiction This Island and the Wider World: History, Chorography, and Geography Ralegh, Spenser, and the Cult of Elizabeth Late Sixteenth-Century Verse Marlowe and Shakespeare as non-Dramatic Poets Theatre in the 1590s: Kyd and Marlowe Shakespeare’s Plays Politics and History Tragedy and Death Women and Comedy Ben Jonson and the Comic Theatre Jonson and the High Roman Fashion ‘Debauch’d and diversivolent’: Men, Women, and Tragedy

and Vaughan Secular Verse: Courtiers and Cavaliers Anatomies: Burton.REVOLUTION AND RESTORATION: LITERATURE 1620-1690 The Advancement of Learning: Francis Bacon and the Authorized Version Andrewes and Donne ‘Metaphysical’ Religious Poetry: Herbert. and Hobbes Political Prose of the Civil War Period Milton Marvell Pepys. Sprat. and Clarendon The Poetry of the Restoration Period: Rochester and Dryden Women’s Writing and Women Writing in the Restoration Period ‘Restoration’ Drama . and Seventeenth-Century Autobiographical Writing Varieties of Religious Writing in the Restoration Period Private Histories and Public History: Aubrey. Evelyn. Browne. Crashaw.

and the Davidic Goldsmith and Sheridan: The New ‘Comedy of Manners’ Johnson and his Circle . the Gothic. the Gaelic. Charlotte Lennox Smollett and Sterne Sensibility. and Graveyards The Ballad. Addison. Sentimentality. the Fieldings. Tears.EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY LITERATURE 1690-1780 Jonathan Swift Pope and the Poetry of the Early Century Thomson and Akenside: The Poetry of Nature and the Pleasures of the Imagination Other Pleasures of Imagination: Dennis. and Steele Gay and the Drama of the Early Eighteenth Century Defoe and the ‘Rise’ of the Novel The Mid-Century Novel: Richardson.

Southey. Shelley. and the ‘Jacobin’ Novelists Gothic Fiction Smith and Burney Cowper. Godwin.THE LITERATURE OF THE ROMANTIC PERIOD 1780-1830 Paine. and Burns Wordsworth Coleridge. and Scott Byron. the ‘Regional’ Novel. and Keats The ‘Romantic’ Essayists Clare and Cobbett . and Crabbe Austen. Blake.

HIGH VICTORIAN LITERATURE 1830-1880 ‘The Condition of England’: Carlyle and Dickens ‘Condition of England’ Fiction Macaulay. and Stevenson ‘Our Colonial Expansion’: Kipling and Conrad ‘Our Theatre in the 90s’: London and Dublin The Edwardian Age The Edwardian Novel The Poetry . and Moore Mystery and History: Conan Doyle. Clough. and the ‘Sensation’ Novel The New Fiction of the 1860s: Meredith and Eliot The ‘Strange Disease of Modern Life’: Mill. the Melodrama. Thackeray. and Trollope The Brontë Sisters Tennyson and the Pre-Raphaelite Poets The Brownings The Drama. Arnold. Stoker. Gissing. and Ruskin The ‘Second Spring’ and Hopkins Coda: Carroll and Lear LATE VICTORIAN AND EDWARDIAN LITERATURE 1880-1920 The ‘Agnostic’ Fiction of the Late Century ‘The Letter Killeth’: Hardy.

and Sherriff Retrospect and Historical Memory: Graves and Jones ‘Society’ and Society: The New Novelists of the 1920s and 1930s Bright Young Things and Brave New Worlds: Wodehouse. Upward. Waugh. Promoters. and Huxley The Auden Circle ‘Rotten Elements’: MacDiarmid.MODERNISM AND ITS ALTERNATIVES: LITERATURE 1920-1945 ‘Bloomsbury’ and beyond: Strachey. Priestley. Firbank. and Orwell Looking at Britain at War . Coward. Woolf. and the Sitwells Joyce Inter-War Drama: O’Casey. and Mansfield Richardson and Lawrence Old and New Writing: Practitioners. Koestler. and the ‘Little Magazines’ Eliot.

POST.WAR AND POST-MODERN LITERATURE Dividing and Ruling: Britain in the 1950s The New Theatre The New Novelists of the 1950s Poetry since 1950 The ‘New Morality’: The 1960s and 1970s Female and Male Reformulations: Fiction in the 1960s and 1970s Drama since the 1950s Fin de siècle: Some Notes of Late-Century Fiction .

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