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ST2611 Digital Lab is designed to do experimentation with Digital circuits in the laboratory. It is a self contained trainer including DC Power Supplies, Pulse Generator with TTL/CMOS, Pulsar switches, etc. in a a single unit. It is very useful in project work and testing. A number of ready to use experiment circuit boards are optionally available.

Technical Specifications
Breadboard : 172.5 mm × 128.5 mm Tie points : 1685 DC Power Supply : +5 V /1 A, 5 V / 500 mA, +3 V to +15 V / 500 mA (variable), -3 V to -15 V / 500 mA (variable) Pulse Generator : Frequency range : 1 Hz to 1 MHz in 6 steps. Variable in between Amplitude : 3 V -15 V (CMOS), 5 V (TTL) Duty cycle : 50 %, TTL / CMOS Output Pulser Switches : 2 Nos. (Push to On) Data switches : 8 Nos. (Toggle switches for both TTL & CMOS) LED display : 8 Nos. (TTL/CMOS Mode) Seven Segment Display : 3 Nos Logic Probe : Logic level indicator for TTL/CMOS Power Supply : 220 V ±10 %, 50 Hz / 60 Hz on request Power Consumption : 3 VA (approx.) Weight : 3 Kg (approx.) Dimensions (mm) : W 340 × D 241 × H 105 Accessories included : Mains cord, Operating and Experimental Manual (with more than 20 designed experiments.) patch cords Optional Accessories : 1. Ready to use Experiment Boards (covering device characteristics and study of various circuits) with wired components and circuit schematic drawn on top. Compatible with Analog Lab ST2612. 2. Circuit Design & Simulation Software Tina Pro Ver. 7.0 3. Complete Component set for conducting Experiments given in manual.

¨ Hi Quality Breadboard Ready to use circuit boards (optional) ¨ On Board DC Power supply ¨ On Board 1 MHz Pulse Generator with TTL/CMOS mode ¨ Pulser switches, 8 bit data switches ¨ Bicolor LED display & Logic probe ¨ BCD to Seven Segment Display ¨ CMOS/TTL outputs ¨ More than 20 designed experiments for bread board ¨ Functional blocks indicated on board mimic ¨ Optional ready to use Circuit boards

Digital Electronics Ready to Use Experimental Boards
Model Name Basic Digital Electronics
DB01 DB02 DB03 DB04 DB05 DB06 DB07 DB08 DB09 DB10 DB11 DB13 DB15 DB16 DB22 DB26 DB28 DB30 DB31 Logic Gates Universal Gate- NAND/NOR EX-OR Gate Implementation Demorgan's Theorem EX-OR Gate Application Code Conversion (Binary to Gray & Gray to Binary) Code Conversion (BCD to Excess-3 code) Binary Adder -Subtractor Encoder - Decoder Multiplexer – Demultiplexer Flip-Flops (R-S, D, J-K,T) 4 Bit Synchronous Binary Counter BCD to 7- Segment Decoder Digital to Analog Converter (R -2 R ladder) Analog to digital converter (Counter Type) ZIF Socket Monostable Multivibrators Adder/ Subtractor (4 bit / 8 bit) Decoder / Demultiplexer

Experiments using breadboard
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. To study operation of all logic gates. Binary Addition : Half Adder. Full Adder, 2 bit binary Parallel adder Binary Subtraction Binary to Gray Code Conversion Gray Code to Binary Conversion Binary to Excess-3 Code Conversion R-S,J-K,T,D,Master-Slave Flip Flops 4 Bit Up Down Counter Johnson Counter ... and many more


Simtel Digital Electronics Module

Advance Digital Electronics DB12 DB17 DB21 DB27 DB29 DB32 Shift register (4 bit SIPO) Fiber Optic Digital Link Transfer characteristics (TTL and CMOS Inverters) CMOS and Crystal Oscillators Modulo N programmable counter
Subject to Change

3 Digit Event Counter

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