WEEKLY DUTY ROSTER PROCEDURE F&B Department Heads Kitchen - Service - Banquet - Stewarding Secretary to DOFB Reservation Department

Prepare Weekly Occupancy Forecast List Collect Forecast Lists Receive Copies Prepare Weekly Duty Roster according to Business Requirement Approve/Sign Duty Roster Submit a Copy to F&B Secretary Receive all section's copies Prepare a Weekly F&B Heads Duty Roster Get approval/signature from Director of F&B Copy F&B Heads Duty Roster to all F&B Department Heads Keep one Complete set of all Section's Rosters for Filing Remark: * Attached one copy of F&B departmental duty roster. * Attached one copy of F&B heads duty roster. * Standard: As an operation department, duty rosters can be subject to last minute changes according to business needs. Send a Copy to all concerned F&B Department Heads Send to F&B Office before Friday Noon Catering Sales Prepare Weekly Banquet / Function Forecast List Send to F&B Office before Friday Noon

Code : G001

LINEN EXCHANGE PROCEDURE Restaurant - Banquet Waiter/Waitress
Sort-Out Soiled Linen and Arrange into Trolley / Bag

Laundry Attendant

Take Section's Logbook

Use Staff

Transport Soiled Linen to Laundry

Both Parties Count Soiled Linen

Verify and Record Quantity in Section's Log Book

Exchange Soiled Linen with Washed / Pressed Linen

Use Staff Elevator

Return to Section

Store Linen in Designated Storage Area


* Exchange linen daily during following hours: 9:00 - 11:00 / 14:00 - 16:00 / 20:00 - 23:00 * Mis-usage of linen to immediately report to section head. * Log book format as attached.



Banquet/Restaurant Manager

Chief Steward/Stewarding Supervisor

Cost Control

Financial Controller

Complete Spoilage & Breakage Report for all operating equipment (china ware, glass * see attached copy of form ware, flat ware, buffet ware) breakages

Fill in all required spaces on form Complete section: Explanation and review report details Sign the form under Approved by Dept. Head Return Form to Stewarding Initiate / Sign Form under Initiate Chief Steward Forward Form to Cost Control for Verification Receive Form for Verification Verify and Sign/Approve the Form Forward to Financial Controller for Approval Keep copy for staff board and filing Take corrective measures and actions to control breakage Remark: Return 3. copy (yellow) to Concerning Department Keep 2. Copy (red) for updating Monthly Inventory Sheet Return 2. copy (red) And 3. copy (yellow) to Stewarding Keep 1. copy (white) for filing Verify, Approve and Sign Return to Cost Control Submit form to concerned Department Head

* Attached one copy of SPOILAGE & BREAKAGE REPORT FORM. * The breakage control must be enforced by Chief Steward and Restaurant Managers. * Efficient breakage control is to maintain 0.3 % breakage of total revenue. Total breakage & loss can not exceed 0.5 %. Section heads are accountable for each of their area. * Section heads are accountable for each of their area.

Code: G 004

STEWARDING STORE REQUISITIONS PROCEDURE Service / Kitchen / Banquet Waiter/Waitress/Cook Complete Stewarding Store Room Requisition Form Obtain Dep. Head's Approval and Signature under Dept. Head Signature Request Items from Stewarding Store Room Prepare Requested Items and Complete Form under Columns: Issued, Unit Price & Amount Sign Form under Issued by: __________ Count and Verify Items Hand Items & Form to Requesting Department Stewarding Shift Leader * see attached copy of form Cost Controller

Sign Form under Received by: __________ Return signed 1. Copy (White) and 2. Copy (Red) Keep 3. copy (Yellow) for filing

Keep 2. Copy (Red) on File Send 1. Copy (White) to Cost Control Update Store Bim Card(s) Update Monthly Inventory Sheets Information by compiling all transfer forms information Receive Copy of Form Process on Expense Allocation


* Stewarding Storeroom is opened daily from 9:00 - 18:00. * Attached one copy of Store Room Requisition Form. * Transfer Form quantities and items to be added onto monthly inventory list for updating the actual inventory in each section. * Stewarding is responsible to maintain a correct par level for all operation sections.

Code: G 005

HANDLING GUEST INQUIRY PROCEDURE Restaurant - Lounge - Banquet Supervisor - GRO - Waiter/waitress Receive inquiry from guest

Booking of banquet party Repeat guest inquiry

Searching for business center Repeat guest inquiry

Searching for office tower entrance Repeat guest inquiry Say: "The Office tower entrance is at the back of the business center, let me show you the way!"

Say: "I will contact the catering department. Please wait a moment!"

Say: "The Business Center is on the first floor, let me show you the way!"

Call Catering sales and ask sales to meet with guest Inquire how many minutes it will take for sales staff to meet with guest

Escort guest to the business center

Escort guest to elevators

Connect guest with business center clerk

Ask: "Which floor please!"

While waiting, ask guest to have a seat

Say: "My colleague will help you for any further matters!"

Call elevator for guest

Say: "Catering sales will be here in 5 minutes, please have a seat first!" Connect Catering sales with guest Say: "This is Mary, the Catering coordinator. She will help you. Good bye, Sir!"

Bid farewell: "Good bye, Madame!"

Let guest enter elevator

Return to own working area

Push requested floor number

Say: "Good bye, Madame!"

Return to own working area Remarks: Code: R 017 * For any guest inquiry, do fulfill it right away and always help / escort guest to find the solution. * For matters you can not solve by yourself, ask your superior to help.

CHILDREN SERVICE PROCEDURE Restaurant GRO / Supervisor Waiter / Waitress Welcome and Greet Guests: "Good Evening, Sir / Madame. A table for four?" Repeat Number of Guests and Ask Further: "You Prefer Smoking or Non-Smoking?" Say:" This way please!" Ask: "How about this table?" Offer a Baby Chair for smaller children: "I will bring one baby chair, please wait a moment!" Help Seating Child Into his/her Chair Present Children Menu to Parents or Child Offer Drawing / Painting Sheets with Crayons to each Child Take Children Meal Order(s) Post Order into POS Remove all Standard Table Ware and Replace with Children Flat ware Prepare Drink as per POS Print-out Use Safety (Acrylic) Drink Ware for Children Drinks Prepare Cocktail Decoration and a Straw Serve Children Always First - Before Adults Serve Ketchup with Fried Dishes After Meal, offer Parents to Guide Children to play at Kids Playground Upon Departure / Settlement of Bill, Present one Small Gift to Each Child Remarks: * Always pay special attention to children, as they are often the decision maker for dining venues. * Always guarantee the safety and well-being of children. * Utilize drink, flat and food ware as per standard. Prepare Food as per POS Print-out Don't Overheat Children Plate Bartender Kitchen Cook / Chef de Partie

Provide guest with a choice of at least two tables

Code: R 018

BOTTLED WINE ORDERS & DISTRIBUTION - PROCEDURE Service Time (in minutes) 00:00 Take bottle of wine/champagne order Preparation Time (in minutes)

Restaurant - Lounge Waiter/Waitress

Bar Manager / Supervisor


Post order into POS Inform bar manager / supervisor for delivery

Receive POS print-out



Receive call from restaurant


Prepare bottle of wine Prepare bar transfer form 05:00 Receive bottle Sign bar transfer form Deliver bottle to requesting section Return to bar with signed transfer from

01:30 02:00 04:00



Present and serve bottle to guests

Keep transfer form for daily inventory and replacement requisition

Keep POS Print-out for Control Purpose


* All bottled wines are under supervision and control of beverage department. * All orders must be recorded on Bar Transfer Form.

Code: R 019

HANDLING GUEST COMPLAINTS Restaurant Waiter / Waitress (In charge of guest's table) At least once per meal-period inquire guest’s satisfaction In case of guest complaint, listen carefully to the complaint Keep eye contact and appear relax Let guest to report the entire situation before responding Do not interrupt while guest is speaking
If guest is upset and his complaint (statement) might be incorrect, do not argue and defend yourself. This will worsen the situation and will not help to resolve the case professionally

Restaurant Supervisor or Restaurant Manager * Standard

For minor cases

For serious cases Inform Restaurant Duty Supervisor /
Receive information regarding guest complaint Without delay, contact with concerning (unhappy) guest

Take appropriate action/decision and compensate guest
Calm guest by saying: “ Mr. Wong, you are right, I am really sorry. Can I offer this dish for free tonight?" If guest agrees, say: "May I also offer a free cup of tea, coffee or some fruits, please!"

Say: "Good evening, Mr. (if name known), my name is Johnny, I am the manager. How can I help you?" Offer business card to guest Listen to guest complaint Respond: "You are absolutely right, I am really sorry about that. May I offer you another dish/drink, please?" If guest disagrees, say calmly: "I am really sorry, we did not do a good job, could I do something to compensate our error?" "As a token of apology, may I please offer you tonight's dinner for free?" Final closure of complaint: "Thank you, Mr. Wong, sorry again, let me solve this problem right away so it will not happen again!" Inquire actual reason and take actions to avoid future complaints Share all complaints at daily department head meeting

If guest agrees, say: Thank you!" Void the captioned item/amount (dish) within the set policy & guideline Arrange complimentary coffee, tea or fruits Report complaint in Guest Comments Log book

Remark: * In principle always work and perform proactively and anticipate guest needs. * Pro-active handling and attention to details will in many cases avoid the trouble-some impact of handling guest complaints. * All sections to provide a guest feedback log book available at the hostess desk. Handling Guest Complaint Priority: 1. Calm Guest 2. Resolve the situation and/or compensate guest 3. Inquire actual reasons of complaint 4. Take actions to avoid future complaints

Code: R 037

HANDLING OF CORKED / BAD WINES PROCEDURE Restaurant - Lounge-Banquet Waiter/Waitress Tasting of wine / champagne by host Host / Guest disapproves the wine due to cork or bad taste Say: "Excuse me Sir, let me call my manager (or supervisor) to help you!" Inform manager or supervisor Receive information Approach guest table Say: "Good evening, Mr. Wong (if name is known), my name is Johnny, I am the manager (supervisor). How can I help you?" Receive complaint from guest Respond: "May I taste the wine, please?" Arrange new glass Taste the wine After tasting and confirmation of bad taste, say: "You are right, Sir, this wine has a cork taste. May I change it to a new bottle?" "Please wait a few minutes!" Receive bad bottle of wine (Immediately) Pick-up a new bottle of wine Receive new bottle and glasses Change guest glasses Give new bottle and one fresh glass to waiter/waitress Complete Spoilage Report Store spoiled wine(s) at designated area and attach copy of spoilage report Submit all copies of Spoilage Reports related to spoiled wines to Bar Manager
If same type of wine is spoiled / corked frequently remove this type of wine from our selection


Restaurant - Lounge Manager / Supervisor

Purchasing Manager

Return the bad wine to bartender

Continue Wine/Champagne service * as per separate SOP
Once a week, every Monday

Receive all Spoilage Reports

Review Reports and sign/approve under Dep. Head Co-ordinate with purchasing for exchange of spoiled wines with new wines Purchasing inform suppliers to exchange bad wines with new wines (free of charge) Proceed arrival of new wines through the beverage store room Remark: * Purchasing needs to coordinate with supplier to get complimentary replacement of spoiled wines/champagne. * Designated spoiled wine storages is the Lobby Lounge Wine Cellar. Code: R 038

INTER-BAR TRANSFER PROCEDURE Issuing Department (FROM….) All staff levels Complete Inter Kitchen/Bar Transfer Form with Department Names, Date, Category, Article Description, Quantity and Unit/Measure Prepare Requested Articles and Quantities Sign Transfer Form under Issued by: _________ Sign Transfer Form under Received by: _________ Keep 3. Copy (yellow) for Filing Keep 2. Copy (Red) for Filing Send 1. Copy (white) to Outlet Manager for Approval Return Other Copies Approve / Sign under Approved by Department Head: ___________ Forward 1. Copy (white) to Cost Control Process Transfer Form's Information for Cost Allocation (Unit Price, Amount) File Transfer Form Remark: * Transfer forms to be written in a clear hand writing (English or Mandarin). * Measures/Units to write in short cuts: Bot - bottle, can = tin/can, oz - ounce, ml - milliliter, lt - liter, kg - kilo gram, gl - glass, g = gram. * Approved and signed transfer forms send to Cost Control Clerk daily before 10:00 am (except weekends). * Attached one copy of INTER KITCHEN/BAR TRANSFER FORM. Requesting Department (TO…..) All staff levels Restaurant Manager Cost Control Clerk

Request Article/Product and Quantity

Code: R 044

POLISHING CHINA, GLASS AND FLATWARE PROCEDURE Restaurant - Lounge - Banquet Waiter / Waitress Prepare hot water, fill up 5% of the Stewarding-soaking pan with boiling water Prepare cleaned, fresh and dry linen cloth Chinaware Damp one cloth with hot water. Use the damp cloth to polish the chinaware Glassware Hold the glass/stem bottom with one end of the cloth over the hot water, let the steam surround the glass Flatware Remove flatware with stains and return to steward to wash again

Remove any chinaware with stains and return to steward to wash again

Insert one corner of the glass cloth, bunched into the glass end

Group different types of cutleries in order. Hold the handles of the flatware and dip it into the hot water

For cups, hold the handle. For plates and bowls, with four fingers under lower edge and placed the thumb by the rim of the plate surface. For spoons, hold the handle

Put the right hand thumb into the glass and the fingers outside the glass

Fold the cloth into half, put left end of the cloth on the right hand. Hold the cutlery handle with the left hand using the cloth.

Move the chinaware clockwise to polish After polishing, do not touch the surface with fingers

Move the glass cloth clockwise to polish After polishing, hold glass on stem or base only, do not touch the surface anymore

Use another end of glass cloth to polish cutlery. The handle is to be polished last before putting it on the clean tray After polishing, do not touch the surface of flatware's anymore

Store glasses upside down on tray or shelves, store flatware's in service stations on clean racks, store china inside cupboards or service stations.

Remark: Standard: No FINGERPRINTS or water marks on any polished china, glass or flatware. This will represent anun-hygienic image to our customers and is against the national hygiene standards. Code: R 047

Complete Spoilage & Breakage Report clearly with venue, date, description, size and quantity Clearly indicate reason / explanation on report Submit report(s) daily to Department Head for approval

Service Bartender / Rest. Supervisor
Complete Spoilage & Breakage Report clearly with venue, date, description, size and quantity Clearly indicate reason / explanation on report Submit report(s) daily to Department Head for approval

Department Head Executive Chef / Manager

Cost Control

Financial Controller

With exception of bad / corked bottled wines (once a week)
Receive Report(s) Sign and approve Verify content and explanation Send report(s) to Cost Control For larger discrepancies or frequent spoilage / waste occurrence, take necessary actions to reduce spoilage/wastage Receive Report for Verification

Verify and Sign/Approve the Form

Forward to Financial Controller for Approval Return 2. copy (red) And 3. copy (yellow) to concerning department head Action on expense/cost allocation Keep 1. copy (white) for filing

Verify, Approve and Sign

Receive copies of spoilage reports

Return to Cost Control

Keep copies for filing

Remark: * Attached one copy of SPOILAGE & BREAKAGE REPORT FORM. * Category spoilage & wastage: Accidents and spillages, inferior F&B quality, mis-handling during preparation. * Spoilage/wastage must be kept at a minimum and can not exceed budgeted amount. Code: R 089