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Material Safety Data Sheet COLATERGE TS - 33

Page 1 of 3 Emergency Telephone # 423/837-8800 Chemtrec 800/424-9300 File: TS-33

Colonial Chemical, Inc. 225 Colonial Drive S.Pittsburg, TN 37380 SECTION I – PRODUCT INFORMATION Product Name: COLATERGE TS-33 Chemical Description: Proprietary C.A.S. No.: Proprietary Hazard Rating (NFPA Designation): Health: 1, Fire: 3, Reactivity: 0 Direct Phone: 423/837-8800


Ingredients Isopropanol

SECTION II – HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS CAS # Weight % Exposure Limits 67-63-0 5 400ppm

SECTION III – PHYSICAL DATA Boiling Point: 200°F (Aqueous) Solubility in Water: Complete (Gels at high concentrations) Specific Gravity (Water=1): 1.06 % Volatile by Volume @ 110° C: > 50 Appearance and Odor: Clear light yellow viscous liquid. Mild odor. Other: N/A SECTION IV – FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD DATA Flash Point (TAG CLOSED CUP): Approx. 85° F Fire Extinguishing Media: Carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam or water spray. Special Fire-Fighting Procedure: Use self-contained breathing apparatus in enclosed areas. Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: May involve noxious fumes upon burning, including oxides of carbon and sulfur. SECTION V – REACTIVITY DATA Stability: Stable Conditions / Materials To Avoid: Sparks or open flames Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur


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Effects of Overexposure Eye Contact: Irritating to eyes. Skin Contact: May be slightly irritating to skin. Inhalation: Low volatility minimizes inhalation exposure at ambient temperature. Inhalation of high vapor contractions may be harmful and/or irritating to mucous membranes. Additional Information: This product contains a small amount (5%) of isopropyl alcohol. Overexposure to isopropyl alcohol, although considered unlikely under normal conditions of use, has apparently been found to cause the following effects in laboratory animals: liver abnormalities, kidney damage brain damage. Overexposure in humans has been suggested as a cause of liver damage. First Aid: Immediately flush with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Consult physician. Skin Contact- Immediately flush with copious amounts of soap and water for at least 5 minutes. If irritation persists, contact physician. Launder contaminated clothing before reuse. IngestionInduce vomiting immediately. Administer 2 glasses of water. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Call physician immediately. InhalationRemove to fresh air. If necessary, give oxygen, artificial respiration. Contact physician. SECTION VII – SPECIAL PROTECTION INFORMATION Respiratory Protection: In instances where any established threshold limit value is exceeded, or vapors present a possible hazard use NIOSH-approved respirators. Ventilation: Provide sufficient mechanical (general) and/or local exhaust to maintain exposure below any established threshold limit value. Protective Equipment: Use chemical splash goggles or face shield and protective gloves in accordance with O.S.H.A regulations. SECTION VIII – SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS Steps to be taken in case material is released or spilled: Eliminate all sources of ignition. Ventilate area. Persons performing clean up should wear adequate protective equipment. (See section VIII). Contain spill and soak up excess with compatible absorbent material. Transfer to suitable containers for disposal of reclamation. Flush area with water to chemical disposal drain. Precautions to be taken in handling and storing: Avoid repeated or excessive skin contact. Wash thoroughly after handling. Store away from heat, sparks, or open flames. Avoid breathing of vapors. Containers of this material may be hazardous when empty. Since empty containers retain product residues (vapor, liquid, and/or solid), all hazard precautions given in this data sheet should be observed. Eye Contact -

COLATERGE TS-33 SECTION IX – REGULATORY INFORMATION TSCA: Listed in TSCA inventory SARA TITLE III – SEC 313: None CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: None detectable OTHER STATES: None SECTION X – WASTE DISPOSAL Waste Disposal Method: In accordance with local, state and federal regulations. SECTION XI – TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION Proper Shipping Name: None DOT: D.O.T. Hazard class: None IATA: Classification: None IMO: HM 181: Canada: TDG Class: None TDG Shipping Name: None Revised 7/31/09 B.DELAUGHTER

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The above data is for information purposes only and is accurate to the best of Colonial Chemical, Inc.’s knowledge. No guarantees or liabilities are expressed or implied.