To all politicians, Dear Ms P de Lille and Messrs. E Rasool, K Meshoe, T Leon, M Buthelezi and M van Schalkwyk.

I am repulsed, shocked, disgusted and quite frankly fed-up with the murder, violence, tax system, economy, justice and ineffective political system in South Africa. In case you haven't noticed or care, South Africa is in chaos. Before you call this statement arrogant and impudent, let me remind you, indifference is the message you are sending us. * In the wake of the latest atrocity of child murders and bombings, I just stand in disbelief, that the government till date has not done anything. Our police force is so confused, because they get blamed for responding and not responding to crime. So what must they do? Their budget is embarrassing, they are expected to work ungodly hours and don't get properly compensated for overtime. * Taxpayer's money got wasted on a racism conference, which in my opinion was a great failure. I resent being labelled racist solely on the colour of my skin and also what happened in the past of which I had no involvement. Are we not taught that one should love his/her neighbour? The definition of neighbour is anyone (ALL RACES), you have the opportunity of doing good to. * Coming as no surprise we find ourselves yet again, with another increase in the petrol price, while our own petrol is sold to outside countries who in turn sell it for cheaper. With the increase of petrol, consumer product prices increased pushing people below the breadline. I'm not talking luxuries here, but people who budget for the bare necessities. * Offenders are excused, by getting light sentences or get pardoned in the spirit of reconciliation and human rights. Offenders have been slammed with hard sentences, but somehow walk after a couple of months. Eugene Terreblance is a good example. What about the human rights of the victims and their families? Lives are irrevocably changed. You don't see the suffering the victims go through, so don't

so we could become aliens in our own country. forgetting and living together in a country that is safe. All of you have lost my respect and trust. which innocent citizens must suffer? Forget your inconveniences. creed and gender to build a country free for all. thus each political party getting a copy of this letter. excuses. since each salary-earning all race. but you have failed us all. . 'there is no money'. Isn't that what you all say in your speeches? Why do the citizens of South Africa not see any of this in your lifestyles? Take a hard look at yourself. bitterness.think to reply with carefully worded 'heartfelt' sympathy statements. It seems like political parties have some sort of exchange-apolitician program going on. 'it's not my portfolio'. I'm calling you to accountability and to answer as to why this lovely country of ours is going to ruin and most importantly to really do something. but remember your responsibilities. they are there because they deserve it. Erica Southey. This may teach us to stand together and look past race. I don't bother keeping a list of who's who in government anymore. Yours truly. which the citizens of this country cannot keep up. 'it's apartheid'. b) Apartheid is supposed to have been abolished. a) There is money. 'so and so is mudslinging again' 'they (be it whatever political party) should mind their own business' and the list goes on. forgiving. Don't pamper them. When I read the latest in atrocities. We the people of all races elected you to look after our interests. Did hatred. power hunger and vengeance take such root in your hearts. Where is the death penalty? Prisoner's rights should be taken away. nonpolitician South African pays taxes and. c) Ministers swap portfolios like underwear. unforgiveness. I don't want to hear any more of your 'it's the police'. I couldn't but wish that South Africa gets taken away from all of us by a foreigner.

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