9.using the presuposition for this 10.

Using Cold reading techniques Cold reading involves telling a woman general statements about herself that she personalizes and accepts as valid and accurate descriptions of her. It's the tec hnique that psychics and newspaper horoscopes use. Let's look at the typical horoscope in the newspaper: "Today you'll be contacted by an old friend. At work you'll find yourself faced with a situation you've master ed before and you'll breeze right through it. Finances will playa part in your day. " 150 Let's be real1stic; unless you l1ve under a rock, the odds are that someone you' ve known for a while will give you a call or e-mail you (old friend). You'll pay a bill, receive a paycheck, or be thinking about your money situation at some point (finances). You'll also be faced with a challenge at work and you'll survive-sin ce work is challenging to some extent (if a job were easy they wouldn't pay you to do it). The reason people bel1eve this stuff is val1d is because the statements are so g eneral that anyone can find a l1fe experience to fit the statement. Everything gets fil tered and interpreted through a person's worldview, and fit to their experiences. Usin g cold reading takes advantage of this and makes it look l1ke you have deep insigh ts into people's character. People tend to think of themselves as unique (even thou gh they have many characteristics in common with other human beings), and therefore they won't see the generality in a cold read. Cold reading is a POWERFUL rapport-building technique. When you "correctly" tell a woman something deep about herself when you first meet her, she'll find it profo und and wonder how you can understand her so well. Remember though what I said at the beginning of the section about being SINCERE in your rapport building. What you say has to be at least PARTLY true to be accepte d, and for you to come across congruently. If she's a raging party maniac who talks l1ke she's on speed (she very well could be), you wouldn't say to her "You strike me as the type of person who's really calm on the inside". It would be more appropriat e to use a read l1ke "You seem to be someone who loves life and gets an adrenal1ne ru sh from being in the middle of the action." In any case, cold reading is NOT lying, it's simply a general GUESS based on som e observation of her character or behavior. You can make a cold read out of almost

"You're the sort of person who needs admiration and respect from people..any observation. Suitable for a woman trying hard to impr ess with clothes or whatever (seeking validation). but at other times she can be anothe r way." SHUT UP AND WAIT for her response. " You can talk about how there's a side of the woman that's one way... but I know better. So in what other ways are you physical?" For physical. " "I just noticed tha t . I can tell . I can tell you're someone who se es the world through her emotions". listening to the way you say things.. you want nothing to do with them.. 151 Talk about how at times she can be one way. Just use the right setup for it: "You seem to . and make it your own"... and you like to break the rules" "You never accept anyone's opinion.. but I no ticed something really interesting about you. Good one for stubborn. but in fact she's really the opposite way: ttl bet a lot of people think you're really mature. I'm an observer?) "Well. But when somebody really annoys you (point away from yourself). I can tel l from your eyes that you're really just a little girl at heart. Talk about how on the outside she's one way. unless you think about it. but there's another side of them that is its opposite: "You have such a l1ttle girl's smile. I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before. argumentative women. "Your relationships with the opposite sex in the past have given you some troubl e" Best used when the woman accused you early on of player behavior.." (What do you mean. or displayed man-hating behavior." Applies to pretty much anyone.. Law enforcement would be a good job for you . (self-point). To a girl who's free-spirited: "You often feel hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. you like to observe .. you want to spend all your time with them . 152 "You have a strong sense of justice. But I can tell from your eyes that you have a sinister side to you".." Here are some full examples: "You know. Talk about how she appears one way. it's so innocent. etc. doesn't it? To a girl with a life with very little accomplishment: "You have a lot of undeve loped potential" Anyone with a shitty life holds out hope that they're capable of much more. "You 're an observer.. "You seem to be the kind of person who when you really like someone." Translation: You're an attention-whore. while on the inside she's another w ay." "You're a physical type. She'll find this profound and wonder how you ca n understand her so well. even though this statement covers 99% of women. " "I get the feel1ng that . " "Something tells me that . "tough" chicks For shy women: .

. I'll bet you a dollar right now that I know someth ing about you that no one who's only known you for 5 minutes has EVER known . and peop le who live in the moment ..... To a hot woman who's acting arrogant: "You don't have me fooled for a minute.. You can use canned cold reads all you want. At a certain level.. You may act tough." (answer) 'rrhe thing is th is: there are two types of people: people who are observers. 156 ." "I'm about to tell you something about you that no one has ever told you ... That's what I love about women . but being able to point out something you observed personall y on the girl is much more powerful.. but it boosts my ego to have men paying attention to m e by the dozens.... but it's an ACT . <pau se pause pause> . For club girl: "1 know you go out on weekends with the mindset of ''I'm never go ing to meet Mr. an eavesdropper. You don't h ave me fooled for a minute...." The key to cold reading is to really start OBSERVING people. like yourself. "Beauty is a curse. and I love the power of shooting men down while pretending to be annoyed by it . but I know something that none of them know . underneath it all there's that endearing vulnerability . dear.. A side that none of THEM get to see.. that there's really another side of you. that vulnerability and desire to be prote cted that comes naturally from being a woman . I know that secret ly you're as sensitive as a little girL .. And I bet when you are truly having fun..." 153 If she's being cold or acting tough: "Some women may act tough... The innocent desire to find love one day. you might act like it doesn' t bother you .people ." Shows her you're onto her game! Many women harbor contempt for their beauty. it's just that most people never get to meet th at part of you ... I know that most men fall for this ' I'm beautiful and aloof and I get my way' part of your personality ..." (What are you talking about?) "Well. you're a people watcher. dear. Addressing this topic when speaking to women is VERY powerful. and I love to dance with my girlfriends and be a tease . but you'll think about it all the way home ........ and I like to have free drinks . you see it on their faces when they sleep. they're kept fr om living a real life and being closer to the real world simply because fewer and f ewer people can relate to them in proportion to how 'beautiful' they are and make themselves... and live out the fantasies she had while growing up . but you're actually EXTREMELY sensitive on t he inside. Right at a club. you can stop observing and be in the moment completely.. If someone makes a negative comment to you.... etc..

people will believe it more if they conclude it on their own without any explicit instructions. Mind Control 10 I www.. In fact. Never refer to what you are doing as a "trick". To explain this."Psychic" Cold Readings Cold Reading refers to the act of telling things about someone in such away that it appears to come form "psychic" influences. the more you can know the more you can influence. This undermines the mysteriousness of what you are doing and can tum you into a trickster instead of someone that people want to learn from.. This is merely a description of the psychic cold reading process. With . The same is true of knowledge. 7. What are the basic rules of cold reading? 1. Bill yourself as doing it only for entertainment.com 109 3.MindControIIOI. " 6. 2. consider how the higher up the levels of power you go the more you control. You can even make it more convincing by trying to persuade them not to tell anyone.. 4. In a social setting or party people will quickly find a way to talk to the psychic in the room.. If you do use magic tricks during your psychic presentation use them sparingly and only to add impact to your presentation. Practice. Do you have a spiritual practice?" can quickly lead to doing a psychic cold reading.. Never do more than three or four unless you are getting paid for your psychic reading.. Before going any further it is important to point out that this attempt at describing psychic cold reading is not to discredit those people who truly feel they are psychic. The psychic reader gathers more information from their observation than the normal person just by paying attention. That does not forbid you from allowing people to think it. 5. thinking on "a higher level". There is nothing psychic about psychic cold reading. Don't tell the reader anything directly. If you resort to some form of slight of hand or magic during the reading under no circumstances reveal how it was done. Being able to do a psychic reading creates an opportunity for any controller to meet and speak with anyone who shows an interest. Some cold reading books would tell you for ethical reasons that you should never claim supernatural powers. Simply by saying "You have very nice energy. the ability to read people at a glance and a few tricks of guile. " "The sense] get is that . Instead you can use anything like the following statements "] feel . Practice as much as you can with as many people as possible. It is strictly a skill that combines very generalized statements that most people will agree to. Psychic readings require the reader to quickly observe someone and make global assumptions about them. Doing psychic cold readings exercises a particular mental muscle that is absolutely essential for Mind Control. From that the reader finds an artful way to describe what they've learned from their quick scan and do it in such a way that the subject feels as if someone is reading their diary. but make your presentation as serious as possible. The more you practice the better you will get at reading people and being able to "talk on your feet" as if you were a psychic. " "My intuition tells me . So what does a non-psychic cold reader use to convince people of their psychic powers? The first tool is sensory acuity and being a good observer.

dress. " and "Even though you are often told that you are attractive you find that you are your own worst critic. When read most people agreed that it was an accurate description of their personality. The Forer Effect occurs when a very general statement that is said to describe someones personality and the person will most often agree that it is true. and practice. jewelery. especially with curly hair and freckles. will find be very likely to find this statement true for them.. while at other times you are introverted and reserved. especially women. The reader can say" You grew up knowing that something was different and you tried hard to fit in. " Very attractive women will often find this statement true. " People. " Red headed people.. "There is a concern that you try to hide about how people perceive you. never truly satisfied with what you have and always lookingfor some area that might need improvement." As an exercise begin to make a list and collect your own list of these statements . Some of these clues are: People who wear their watch on the right wrist are likely left handed. You pride yourself on being an . "You have a habit of attracting the wrong type of man.MindControllOI. the part of you that has more depth and is not so easily seen at first glance. affable. In this latter case. "Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic. Eventually what you found is that you had to find a balance between being different to meet their expectations and then deciding that what they thought was not your concern. you are extroverted. You make a point of testing out what people tell you as fact. trying to find out internally if your statements are true for them. you even got a bit of teasing when you were younger. and how they interact with people. 111 For example Forer gave a personality test to people and each person was given the same personality description below. You want to always create a positive first impression because you know how important it is and it will allow you to more easily reveal that part of you this is deeper . or they their eyes will be darting back and forth. remembering the statements that are favorable and accurate and dismissing and forgetting those statements that are inaccurate. At times. You notice how a lot of people are conformists and how you are different. You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. who were a lot of jewelry (and makeup). posture. " During a reading. sociable. This selectiveness of the human mind allows the person receiving the psychic reading to retrofit the information in order to accept it as true. and with people who are more skeptical.experience and a bit of study anyone can learn how to read someone based on their age.. the following statement can be used. will find the following statement generally true "] can tell that for you there was some trouble you had with people seeing you as being Mind Control I 0 I www. "You don't always take things at face value. The Forer Effect is a psychological phenomenon described by Bertam Forer in 1949. Based on this information the reader makes opening statements and intersperses them with statements that are likely to be true.com 110 different. hair style. people may be rapt by what you say with eyes locked on you. practice and practice.. Good generalized statements that most people will agree applies to them.

. there are certain things that do get your attention . " Except for the fact that many people wanting a reading also want to hear more than just about their personality it is possible to give the very same basic reading by simply having a script that includes these types of statements. For example it is nice to have someone who is responsive to the psychics reading and is paying attention so the reader can make that a part of the reading.. one . Your basic honesty has been getting in your way. Sex Spouse (if married) Fidelity Choice of partner (if single) Engagement Personal Appearance Health Physical Activity Physical Health Health of Other Mental Health Money How money is spent Recovery from debts Career Change Gambling Investments Property Loans Giving covert suggestions during a psychic reading A psychic reading is a great place to give embedded commands and other hypnotic like suggestions.. Disciplined and controlled on the outside. You have a strong need for other people to like you and for them to admire you. Your sense of justice is quite strong.com 112 The following is a list of the most common topics that people are interested in during a psychic reading are.. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. In fact.. you are generally able to compensate for them. Law enforcement would be another field you understand. But you are firm when confronted with obstinacy or outright stupidity. on something when it is right in front of you .. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. It would be a good idea to write a list of responses to each of these topics that will apply to most people and give good general recommendations.. You like to read books and articles to improve your mind..MindControllOI. focus in . " "People close to you have been taking advantage of you. You have an infinite capacity for understanding people's problems and you can sympathize with them. find it interesting . Many opportunities that you have had offered to you in the past have had to be surrendered because you refuse to take advantage of others. you should be.. you tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside. and you .independent thinker and do not accept others opinions without satisfactory proof You prefer a certain amount of change and variety. "You seem like someone who can really . if you are not already in some sort of personal service business. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage. Mind Control 101 www. " "Your sexual adjustment has presented some problems for you. While you have some personality weaknesses.. you become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations...

After a few seconds you tell her which hand she was thinking about.MindControllOl. so select that one. You can perform this effect more than once with the same person but I prefer not to.of those things is when you have a chance to learn about yourselj . Understanding personality types A little psychology can go a LONG ways when doing psychic cold readings. Tarot cards and palmistry are skills that require a certain . Keep in mind that you can segue into these effects any way you wish. These are Social Orientation: Extrovert(E) / Introverted(I) Information Gathering: Sensation(S) / Intuition(N) Decision Process: Thinking(T) / Feeling(F) Relationship to the Outside World: Judgment(J) / Perception(P) By understanding the variations in personalities a reading can quickly conclude things about people from a very brief observation Mind Control 101 www. How it is done: Take her hands in yours and then find her pulse on each arm with your thumbs. The most common is the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator that consists of four qualities of personalities that each have two possible choices. Take personality types for example. Sure. " An extroverted personality would easily accept this statement as true: "You have a great ability to enjoy the company of others. Practice different ways of introducing them to see what suits you best. Whichever hand she is concentrating on will have a quicker pulse.com 114 which can add huge amounts of content to the reading. they are going to instantly assume you've put in the time to learn this mysterious craft and know what you are talking about.put your thumbs at the top of hers and follow them down and in until you hit the pulse. It may be awkward at first from where you're sitting but what I do is 'follow her thumbs' . When people see you doing a tarot card reading. Even though you have people in your life you interact with you are most comfortable dealing with your own thoughts and feelings.. It can be used as an opener but I think it is put to better use a few minutes after meeting a woman and chatting with her. For example if someone appears reserved and introverted the following statement will be easy for them to accept as true "Time with yourself is very important. It is just enough to get you headed in the right direction. There are many different ways of categorizing personalities and any of them will be useful for you. there are times when you need to collect your thoughts and be alone. Effect: You take her wrists and tell her to close her eyes and concentrate on one hand or the other.com 113 Tricks on reading people This effect is so simple that when I first heard of it I really didn't think it would do much. There are plenty of great resources on-line and in books to help anyone learn about personality types and use them in cold readings so this description is by no means in depth..MindControIIOI. but you can easily devote your time to others and be energized by these interactions. Mind Control 101 www. Another benefit is that people tend to lose their inhibitions and openly ask for a tarot card or palm reading when they see it done to others in a social setting. " Tarot card and Palmistry Tarot cards and palmistry can be a great resource for a cold reader because they naturally give the impression of authority.

A psychic can never fail by appealing to these powerful human needs." at any time. If there is a problem they are facing you will do best to find a way to let them know it is not their fault.Mentalism Mentalism is a field of magic that appears to be mind reading when in fact it is simple magic and trickery. The subject then takes the card.com 116 Training for Unconscious Response To my knowledge. He will place his little "pinky" finger slightly over the edge of the bottom half of the cut. He then riffles through the deck telling the subject to say "Stop. When it comes to "providing hope" you will never lose out by providing someone with hope during a psychic reading. Mind Control 101 www. The reader riffles quickly through the deck of cards and asks the subject to tell him when to stop. revealing the card at the bottom of the cut that he glanced at before the cut. Am 1 right?" and. Tricks of guile . I don't recommend you tell them they've been cursed or anything like that. Many psychic cold reader use it unconsciously with great effect.MindControllOl.) When the reading is over and the reader "guesses" at what card the subject "randomly" picked it will tend to verify that the reader is "the real deal" and thus make every other aspect of the reading true and acceptable. anything in the reading that is inaccurate or unfavorable are simply attributed to "what the cards say". In other words.MindControl101. It is also a good idea to let the person know that they are in some way needed and important to the people around them. that's what the reader is holding in their hand. The reader then gives a reading to the subject describing their personality and concludes by saying "Based on that reading it is my guess that you would have pulled out the Ace Mind Control 101 www. After shuffling the deck the reader glances at the very bottom card and then cuts the deck.com 115 of Cups. (In magic this is referred to as a "card force" and there are hundreds of ways of doing them. Doing a search on line or in a book store will give a wealth of resources to incorporate a few mentalism tricks into your cold reading routine. of course. Instead reassure them that they've done all they could and that they are a good person.amount of practice but the benefit in learning these skills is that the reader gives credit to the system instead of themselves. This keeps the cut separated with the bottom card resting hidden on top of the little finger. This is especially true of the addictions of "Providing Hope" and "The Scapegoat". Here is one of the simplest mentalism mind reading tricks that always promises a good result using tarot cards. this is the first time this trick has been revealed in writing but its has been alluded to by magicians who practice mind reading and mentalism tricks. When the subject says stop the reader quickly moves the upper half of the deck forward and lifts it off. give them a scapegoat. It is called the "eye brow raise" . You can give them cautions and let them know there are things they should pay attention to but don't destroy their hope. How the effect is done is incredibly simple. If you are going to go into doing psychic cold readings make a point of reading and incorporating "The Seven Hidden Addictions" in your reading and people will naturally love what you tell them. Appealing to the Seven Hidden addictions In the section of this book you'll read in more detail about the Seven Hidden Addictions. not revealing it to the reader.

The reader starts by making asking a question that they know or strongly suspect to which the subject will answer "yes". she may be satisfied that the medium has made a connection to a dead relative. This makes it even easier because it is much easier to find someone who will agree that the reading applies to them. you are with friends . (eyebrow raise and nod not noticing a response) . noticing the watch on the right wrist the reader will ask in the tone of a statement "You seem like someone who looks at things a bit differently than others. maybe something published.. Aren't you?" but the reader will raise the eye brows and nod as if asking for confirmation. " This directs the subject to go "way back" and find a pleasant memory. and H with an N sound. Mind Control 101 www. and effort of the client to find meaning and significance in the words of the psychic.. Henry. The subject will then respond. Already the memories are being limited by the reader. Mediumship and Group Reading This is the art of working with people who want to speak with a dead friend or relative.. When they respond with a yes. The loss happened during a celebration or holiday.. Henna. books. vagueness. "This was a when you were young. this is a special occasion.. the Big-H. One such reading can be as follows: "There is some one here who has lost someone. a close friend or family member. it is an regular day but something nice is happening . You are left handed. . palm reader. or wild guessing. " (eyebrow raise) "quite young" (eye brow raise. The client will either connect these dots or she won't.. astrologer. so you are a teenager. . teaching. the month of May..MindControIIOI. M. Then look at the person who is responding to what they say. To some people it probably has no meaning. The key to a successful cold reading is the willingness. This act begins to train them to respond with unconscious signals.. Many people will do a psychic reading for a group of people.com 117 This does take some practice and experience to do well but it is surprising how simple it can be. it is not that special. maybe Michael.. " During this open reading the reader would be looking around for signs of unconscious agreement. Here is an example of "mind reading" done in this way: Reader: "I'd like to ask you to think of a memory. family members (notice which they respond to "friends" or "family members"). When the answer to a statement asked in this manner is "no" they will pause which allows the reader to back track. A medium claiming to get messages from the dead might throw out a string of ambiguous images to the client. they will also unconsciously nod their head to the eye brow raise. " This list could mean different things to different people. that's how you remember it. The odds are in favor of the medium that the client will find meaning in many different sets of ambiguous words and phrases. Clients of mediums who claim to get messages from the dead are very highly motivated clients.. If she connects just a couple of them. Many cold readings do not involve fishing.. Not only do they have an implicit desire for immortality. make sure it is a pleasant memory that you remember from way back. For example. medium.. If she doesn't find . The reader will then direct the questions based on the subjects unconscious responses to the eyebrow raise with nod. "Father figure. The reader would start by reading "someone in the group" without being specific who it is...using the raised eyebrow and head nod to get unconscious confirmation. or the like. ability. they have an explicit desire to contact a dear loved one who has died. a teenage" ( subject gives an unconscious yes nod) "okay. noting pause response) "not too young.

If you ever get a chance to see one of those psychic readers who tells people about their dead friends and relatives you willieam a lot about cold reading and watching for unconscious responses. He can suggest that some uninvited spirit guests are confusing the issue.MindControllOl. He can try another string.com 116 . the medium still wins.any meaning or significance in the string. It is a win-win situation for the medium because the burden is not on him but on the client to find the meaning and significance of the words. He can insist that there is meaning here but the client just isn't trying hard enough to figure it out. Mind Control 101 www.

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