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Balvvant Singh Bist


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I would like to be a part of a team where I can utilize my skills and bring an enriching experience to the team. As a Project Manager/ Project Lead/Architect, I would like to mentor and lead a team towards success of Project.

Experience Summary
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Approx 8 years of experience in Client Management, Team Management, Analysis, Design and Development, Testing & Quality Management. A Techno-Functional person, team player and Leader. Worked on different roles such as Asst. Project Manager, Project Leader, Architect, Sr. Business Analyst, Pre-sales and Business Development & User Trainer. Diversified domain experience mostly in Banking and Finance. 16 month’s onsite Client Management experience in USA with State Street Corporation, USA. Worked with some of the most reputed clients such as American Express, State Street, Wells Fargo, NCR, HDFC, KPMG, MTNL, New-Zealand Immigration department. Good experience of Agile (Scrum) Development Concept & Methodologies. Good experience of Cost and Effort Estimation of projects. Good experience in understanding & converting the Business Requirements into Technical Specifications. Very good knowledge of design patterns and application designs. Very good knowledge of Rational Unified Process (RUP) & UML for documentation. Experience of both Web & Windows Applications and Databases. Experience of conducting training sessions for End-Users & Team-Members.


MBA-Finance (part time): is a combined certification from Institute of
Technology and Management (ITM) Mumbai, India and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) USA, May 2009. Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Mumbai University, INDIA 2001.

Technical Skills
Languages Databases Web C#.NET, VB.NET, VB6, Delphi5 MS SQL SERVER, Sybase, Oracle, MS ACCESS ASP.NET, ASP, XML, HTML, DHTML, VBScript

Balvvant Singh Bist
Programming Other Tools

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TFS, SharePoint(beginner level), Visual Source Safe, PVCS, SVN, FxCop, MS Visio, FarPoint Controls, Infraregistics Controls, Crystal Reports 8.5/9.0

Experience Orion India Systems Pvt. LTD Till Date Sep 2008 –

Asst Project Manager/ Project Lead/Architect Orion is a US based organization with global presence. We are working on latest & cutting edge technologies. Client: KPMG Project: eAudit2009 eAudit2009: is a Audit management system for KPMG worldwide. We are working on Agile Development methodologies. I am managing 5 different tracks/Projects. • Current role is as an Asst Project Manager. • Working on Agile Development Methodologies. • I am leading 5 Projects with 20+ Team members. • Responsible for the technical design of applications.

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Responsible for delivery of all projects. Responsible for interaction with Client & Onsite Team.

• Status Reporting, Application Review, Testing & Documentation. Technologies: ASP.NET, VB.Net, WPF, WCF, SilverLight, SharePoint, SQL Server 2005, WORD-2K

Syntel Ltd

Nov 2005-Sep 2008

Project Lead/Team Lead/ Business Analyst/ Business Development SYNTEL INC is a CMM level 5 software development company with presence all over the world. With more than 12000+ employees Syntel is one of the fastest growing companies in the IT-sector. Highlights:

• • • • •

Worked as a Project Leader and a Senior Business Analyst. Worked with Sales Director and was involved in business development activities with State Street, CA, USA. Responsible for interaction with Client & Onsite Team. Responsible for designing and implementing the application. Documentation, Testing, Status Reporting, Application Review. Project: EMS Uplift

Client: American Express (USA)

Exposure Management System (EMS): is system which is used to manage Exposure transactions that occurs during exchange of currencies. EMS is used to manage, on an ongoing daily basis, AMEX foreign currency exposures in transactions. The major elements relate to exposures arising from cross currency Card media, but EMS also includes other significant currency exposures associated with various other activities.

Balvvant Singh Bist

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Worked as Project Leader. • Managing a Team of 26 offshore members. • Managing the task of training and getting worked done from a team where around 16 members are trainees. Technologies: ASP.NET, VB.Net, WCF, SQL Server 2005, Actuate, EXCEL-2K, WORD2K, Visio

Client: American Express (USA) Project: Common Framework Common Framework: American Express as an organization has newly adopted .NET technologies and wants to explore this in future by implementing many project in .NET technology. They want a common WCF service to take care of logging, security and rights related to all the .NET application including EMS Uplift. • Worked as Project Leader. Technologies: C#, SQL Server 2005, WCF, Visio, SVN Client: State Street (USA) Project: SSUP Process SSUP Process: State Street had adopted IBM’s Rational Unified Process (RUP) for the documentation. They came up with a mix customized blend called as State Street Unified Process (SSUP). All though they carried out an organization level training the Business Analyst team was finding the documents more complex. Also they were not able to relate the documents with the requirement types. • Worked as Senior Business Analyst. • Prepared the help documents which helped the BA team in deciding which documents should be used, what all section are optional/mandatory. • Trained Business and Technical teams and helped them with queries. • First Level of document reviews. Technologies: SSUP, RUP, Power Point-2K, EXCEL-2K, WORD-2K, Visio Client: State Street (USA) Project: CSO-KR CSO-KR: This share point site was developed by State Street in order to create a central repository for all the SDLC documents. This site has the facility to define a project, it’s document structure, approval structure, timelines etc. • Involved in the Initiation and Analysis as a Business Analyst. • Closely involved in implementation of the application throughout the SDLC cycle. • Prepared many reports and supporting documents for the rollout of the application. Technologies: Share Point, Power Point-2K, EXCEL-2K, WORD-2K, Visio Client: State Street (USA) Project: CATS Claims Automated Tracking System (CATS): provides a powerful & user friendly means for creating, locating and maintaining Claims for different clients of State Street (IMS-WEST). • Worked on supporting the application and as an onsite co-coordinator. • Responsible for interaction with Business & offshore Team. Technologies: VB6, Sybase, SQL-Server 2000, EXCEL-2K, WORD-2K, Visio, Visual Source Safe Client: State Street(USA) Project: Migration Approach

Balvvant Singh Bist

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Migration Approach: As the VB support was supposed to end from Microsoft, State Street Corporation like others thought of migrating there VB6 applications to some suitable technology. Their aim was to analyze all the options available based on time, cost, technology and available platforms. • Worked on presentations on different options available for converting a VB6 application to .NET/JAVA application. • Worked on cost & effort estimation. • Prepared presentations and presented it to the business and technical Clients. Tools: Function Point Analysis, Expert Judgment, Word, Excel, Power Point Client: Wells Fargo Bank (USA) Project: LIMS Leasing Information Management System (LIMS): The purpose of the project is to develop a new system infrastructure supporting Wells Fargo Financial Leasing (WFFL) business processes. The objective of this project is to re-engineer the LeaseWorks system using a Microsoft .Net platform. About 75% of the new application will be based on the current LeaseWorks application. Part of the remainder will be based on requirements met by the Success application but not by the current version of the LeaseWorks application. Additionally, a set of new requirements will be addressed. I worked on CPI (Cost/ Item) module. Technologies: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003, C#, Remoting, Winforms, XML, SQLServer 2000, Ms-word, Excel, Visio, Visual Source Safe. Client: Wells Fargo Bank (USA) Project: GUS General-Ledger Utility System (GUS): is an in-house developed Retail Accounting System of Wells Fargo Bank that is used to automate the reconciling and balancing process of the branch lines. It is a multi-platform, multi-language, real-time, on-line, batch and client/server system; with Power Builder based client and IBM mainframebased Server. Wells Fargo has planned to develop smart client version of GUS using Microsoft.NET technology. It will be an intranet-based system that will be used by the Bank employees for the said purpose. Technologies: .NET 2003, C#, Web services, Winforms, Mainframe, XML, Message Units, Ms-word, Excel, Visio, Visual Source Safe.

Spanco India Ltd Nov 2005
Project Lead/Team Lead/ Business Analyst/Sr.Developer

Sep 2004-

SPANCO INDIA LTD is one of the largest global telecommunication solution provider company. Highlights: • Worked very closely with MTNL, Mumbai on 2 different assignments. • Provided Training to the MTNL, Mumbai Customer Care center on the CRM tool. Client: Immigration Dept. (NZ) Project: VET TOOL

VET Tool: This project was for New-Zealand Immigration department. They had a points calculating system for all the people who apply for migration to New-Zealand. Technologies: Ms Excel 2000, Macros in VB/VBA. Client: Spanco Ltd Project: CIM

Balvvant Singh Bist

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Customer Information System (CIM): As Spanco has a no of client base spread across all over India and abroad. This online application will be helpful in customer query/ complaint management. Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, Winforms, SqlServer 2K, Crystal Report. Client: Spanco Ltd Project: HR-Portal HR-Portal: The project included all Human Resource Department’s activities right from vacancy creation to the exit interview. This is being already implemented across 8 branches Spanco Ltd & Respondez, which is a sister concern of Spanco taking care of International BPO activities. Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, Winforms, SqlServer 2K, Crystal Report, MSWord, Excel.


Mar 2004-Sep

Software Consultant NCR is no 1 organisation in providing banking solutions all over the world. I Worked as Software Consultant on Contract/Project Basis. Highlights: • • • • Installed Cheque-Mark solution at HDFC’s Chandigarh Clearing House. Prepared customized reports as per the Branch requirements. Provided training to the Business Users for 2 weeks. Prepared a non-Machine version of the Cheque-Mark solution for the HDFC back.

Client: HDFC & Other banks Project: Cheque-Mark Cheque Mark: is a Cheque processing application that is being used by the clearinghouse of a Bank to process the cheques on a particular day. Cheque Mark is a very big and costlier application with all the server and Cheque processing machines. Such big cost is justified for big clearinghouses where the cheque volume is high. But for the small centers the machine cost is not justified. I worked on the machine less version of Cheque Mark and completed the Inward and Outward Data Entry Modules. This application is being already rolled out at many clearing centers of HDFC Bank. Tools: Function Point Analysis, Expert Judgment, Word, Excel, Power Point

Vision Infosystems Mar 2004
Software Developer

Sep 2001-

This is a small Product Development firm. I worked here as a software engineer. Though a small firm but gave me an immense opportunity to implement by ideas and show my technical skills. Projects: (As I am trying to restrict the pages I am giving more details about following projects) • PayRoll • SmartInn • TheValut

Balvvant Singh Bist

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Personal Information
Name : Date of Birth : Passport No. : Balvvant Singh Bist 8th July 1979 E6185312